Timeline of the unfolding events in the Bailey investigation [update of 1-06-10]
A chronological overview of key events in the publication and promotion of "The Man Who Would Be Queen" by Northwestern Psychology Professor J. Michael Bailey,
and the subsequent charges and investigations undertaken by transsexual women he defamed in his book and other published materials.
Copyright © 2004-2010 by Lynn Conway
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Timeline Event Date # Invest Rprts Comp Med CHE HBIGDA SPLC D-NU NU LLF CR HBI Bailey NAP BBLsp Bi-attack
The National Academies (NAP/JHP) publish Bailey's book in late March, 2003. Mar-03 1 X X
National Academy Press publicist Robin Pinnel issues press release to promote Bailey's book,3-21-03 03/21/03 1 X X X X
NAP/JHP's Pinnel begins e-mail campaign to promote Bailey's book, 4-02-04 04/02/03 1 X X X
NAP distributes Bailey statement re how his book about "feminine men" is "controversial", 4-02-04 04/02/03 2 X X X
"Dr Sex: Michael Bailey gets into gay genes" - Bailey stereotypes gays in large human-sexuality courses at NU 04/02/03 1 X X X X
Pinnel & Bailey distribute naive "timeline of significant moments" in trans history" that starts in '92! 4-02-03 04/02/03 3 X X X
Bailey lectures at Emory Univ., boasting of how "scandalous" and "controversial" his book is, 4-8-03 04/08/03 1 X X X X
Lynn receives a message alerting her to the publication of Bailey's book, 4-10-03 04/10/03 1 X
Lynn alerts her friend Andrea James (webmistress of the widely-read TS RoadMap) about the book, 4-10-03 04/10/03 2 X
Lynn opens what becomes the "Bailey investigation webpage", and alerts Andrea James and Becky Allison 04/12/03 1 X X
Bailey's book published on the internet on the NAP website; 4-13-03. 04/13/03 1 X X
Bailey supporters Lawrence, Pinker and Buss rave about the book on the NAP website, 4-13-03. 04/13/03 2   X X X X
Andrea James opens the BBL web-clearinghouse to coordinate information on the situation, 4-13-03 04/13/03 4 X X  
Becky Allison begins posting information about the book in her Blog, 4-13-03. 04/13/03 5 X X
Lynn alerts a wider circle of her friends about the Bailey book, 4-18-03 04/18/03 1 X
Becky Allison posts review of Bailey's book, 4-18-03 04/18/03 2 X X
Reviews by Andrea and Becky trigger wave of reviews by prominent trans women and men, 4-18-03 04/18/03 3 X X
Lynn begins to alert the larger trans community about the dangers the book presents, 4-21-03. 04/21/03 1 X
Daily Northwestern: "Prof's Book challenges opinions of human sexualty," 4-21-03  04/21/03 2 X 1 X X
Christine Burns at Press for Change in the UK spreads the alert worldwide in the PFC News, 4-22-03. 04/22/03 1   X X
Bailey mocks gay men and trans women in psychology dept lecture at Stanford University, 4-23-03 04/23/03 1 X X X X
NAP/JHP publicist Robin Pinnel extols Bailey's research in press release of 28 April 2003  04/28/03 1 X X X
Julie Ann Johnson telephones Anjelica Kieltka, asking her "Anjelica, what have you done?" 5-2-03  05/02/03 1 X X
Bailey/NAP send copy of book to Anjelica in the mail, and she realizes he's defamed and outed her. 5-3-03 05/03/03 1 X X X X
Eyewitness report on Bailey's 4-08-03 talk at Emory University is posted on 5-04-03 05/04/03 1 X X X
Bailey's research subject Anjelica Kieltyka e-mails Lynn, 5-4-03 (begins telling her story on  web, 5-11-03). 05/04/03 2 X X
Joan Roughgarden writes open letter to the Nat'l Academies' leaders, triggering wave of such letters, 5-05-03 05/05/03 1 X X X
Christine Burns' open letter to the Presidents of the National Academies, 5-06-03 05/06/03 1 X X X
Lynn posts Anjelica's e-mail on the web. Bailey becomes aware that Anjelica has "turned on him", 5-11-03  05/11/03 1 X X
Bailey calls Anjelica; attempts to get her permission to show interview tape; she does not authorize its use.  05/19/03 1 X X X
NAS's Woolsey begins sending dismissive form-letters to hundreds of letter-writers to the Academies, 5-22-03 05/22/03 1 X X X X
Bailey reacts to his critics via his website; 5-23-03 05/23/03 1 X X
Christine Burns' 2nd open letter to the Presidents of the National Academies, 5-26-03 05/26/03 1 X X X
Lynn travels to Chicago to meet and begin interviewing Bailey's research subjects, 6-03/05-03. 06/03/03 1 X
National Academy publicist Pinnel runs deceptive ad for Bailey's book in the Advocate; 6-10-03 06/10/03 1 X X X
Bailey attacks his accuser, defaming Anjelica by showing tape w/o permission in lecture at UCLA, 6-02-03 06/02/03 1 X X X
Bailey does "science by press release": Claims discovery of brain difference between men and women! 06/12/03 1 X X X
Bailey refuses to take seriously and consider any case-studies that contradict his "science", 6-18-03 06/18/03 1 X X X
The Chronicle of Higher Education, gets the story on 'Dr. Sex'!,6-20-03, 06/20/03 1 X X X
National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (NTAC) Press Release, 6-21-03  06/21/03 1 X
Calpernia Addams & Andrea James respond to Pinnel's ad with perspective piece in The Advocate; 6-22-03 06/22/03 1 X X
Lynn Conway alerts Northwestern University's leaders regarding Bailey controversy; 6-23-03 06/23/03 1 X X X
Deeply disturbing revelations about Bailey colleague Anne Lawrence's professional misconduct; 6-23-03 06/23/03 2 X X X
Stephen Mautner, NAP Exec. Editor, posts open letter in effort to discount NAP responsibility; 6-24-03 06/24/03 1 X X
Anjelica Kieltyka creates "The Sinking of the Queen", a set of prophetic cartoons about the Bailey case. 06/28/03 X X X
Ted Barlow's report: An insight into what Bailey teaches his students about transsexualism, posted 6-29-03 06/29/03 1 X X X
Homophobe John Derbyshire writes glowing review of Bailey's book for the National Review, 6-30-03 06/30/03 1 X X X X X X X
Revelations of Bailey and Academy Press connections with homophobic writer Derbyshire, 6-30-03 06/30/03 2 X X X X X X
Diverse City Magazine: NU psychologist’s sex theories ignore experiences of gender dysphoria , July 2003 Jul-03 1 X
Anjelica Kieltyka files formal complaint with Northwestern University, 7-03-03 07/03/03 1 X 1 X
Anjelica Kieltyka reports Bailey admitted FABRICATING final scene in book, 7-10-03 07/10/03 1 X X
Leading Academics file a HBIGDA Alert, 7-14-03 07/14/03 1 X X X
HBIGDA promptly responds: Alert will be discussed in upcoming Exec. Comm. and Board Meetings; 7-14-03 07/14/03 2 X X X
Second research subject, "Victoria", files misconduct complaint, 7-14-03 07/14/03 3 2 X
The defamatory early NAP publicity for Bailey's book begins to  be exposed; 7-16-03 07/16/03 1 X X X
Daily Northwestern: "Subjects question NU prof's research", 7-17-03 07/17/03 1 X 2 X X
Chronicle of Higher Education: 2 Trans Women Say Prof Didn't Tell They Were Research Subjects, 7-17-03  07/17/03 2 X X
Bailey calls Cops to keep IASR conference attendees from meeting Anjelica!, 7-17-03 07/17/03 3 X X X
ScienceNow of the AAAS, "Transsexuality Treatise Triggers Furor"; 7-18-03 07/18/03 1 X
Bailey presents paper re “Identity politics as a hindrance to scientific truth” at the IASR conference, 7-19-03. 07/19/03 1 X
Bancroft Challenges Bailey at IASR conference: "It's NOT Science!", 7-19-03 07/19/03 2 X X
Lynn Conway and Andrea James meet with Bailey's research subjects in Chicago, 7-18/22-03 (details TBD) 07/19/03 2 X
Bailey exposed: He's not even a being member of HBIGDA! 07/21/03 1 X X X X
A third research subject files research misconduct complaint, 7-23-03  07/23/03 1 3 X
Chicago Free Press 7-23-03: Paul Varnell exposes "BAILEY ON GAY FEMININITY" 07/23/03 2 X
Daily Northwestern: "Third complaint filed against sex research", 7-24-03 07/24/03 1 X 3 X X
Chicago Tribune: "Author Ripped for Transsexual Research", 7-29-03  07/29/03 1 X
Deirdre McCloskey and Lynn Conway file a formal complaint, 7-29-03  07/29/03 2 X 4 X
A fourth research subject files a formal complaint against Bailey, 7-30-03  07/30/03 1 5 X
In the Chicago Tribune, 30 July, 2003: "Transsexuals file complaints over book" 07/30/03 2 X
Daily Northwestern: "Transsexuals file 2 more claims against Bailey," 7-31-03 07/31/03 1 X 4 X X
Stanford Prof. Ben Barrass sends open letter to NU leaders re Bailey's "Hate Speech", 8-01-03 08/01/03 1 X X
Expose of James Cantor exploiting APA DIV 44's good name in NAP promotion of Bailey's book; 8-05-03 08/05/03 1 X X X X X
HBI Founder Steve Sailer publishes "Gay Gene or Gay Germ" on VDARE, lauding Bailey's book; 8-17-03 08/17/03 1 X X X X
Academics inform OHRP at HHS re filings of research misconduct complaints against J. Michael Bailey  08/18/03 1 X X
Researcher reports Bailey & Blanchard power to prevent funding for those who disagree with them; 9-08-03 09/08/03 1 X X X
Bailey's book bombs in the marketplace, 9-09-03.  09/09/03 1 X X X
"Bad Science": Eli Coleman, Pres. of HBIGDA, slams Bailey book at symposium; 9-10-03 09/10/03 1 X X X
Anjelica Kieltyka files report on Bailey's misconduct in 6/03 public lecture at UCLA; 10-07-03  10/07/03 1 X X 6 (1a) X
Damning Reviews of TMWWBQ appear in Journal of the IFGE; posted 10-07-03 10/07/03 2 X
Fellow HBI member Dan Seligman supports Bailey's expertise in article in Forbes magazine, 10-13-03 10/13/03 1 X X X X
HBIGDA denounces Bailey for damaging trans community, in open letter, 10-20-03  10/20/03 1 X X X
Why did he do it? - Bailey's HBI affiliations and ideological associations are exposed; 10-22-03  10/22/03 1 X X X X
"Queer Science - psych confirms what he already knew", by Deirdre McCloskey, Reason Magazine, Nov 2003 11/01/03 1 X X X X X X
In a fit of anger, Bailey's mentor (and fellow HBI member) Ray Blanchard resigns from HBIGDA!, 11-04-03 11/04/03 1 X X X X
Northwestern University officials announce formal investigation of Bailey, 11-12-03 11/12/03 1 X X
Bailey spokesman and HBI'er Derbyshire defames Lynn Conway in the National Review Online, 11-16-03 11/16/03 1 X X X X X X
Daily Northwestern: "NU to launch full investigation of Bailey", 11-18-03  11/18/03 1 5 X X
ABC 7 Chicago News and Chicago Tribune (AP) news re Bailey investigation; 11-18-03 11/18/03 2 X
The "Smoking Gun": Direct evidence exposes Bailey's lies and evasions, 11-24-03  11/24/03 1 X X (1b) X
The Washington Times, November 25, 2003: "University investigates ethics of sex researcher" 11/25/03 1 X
"Junk Science And Michael Bailey": Review in Transgender Community News, Oct 2003: [posted 12-2-03] 12/02/03 1 X
Documentation filed re complaint of Bailey's sexual exploitation of a research subject, 12-11-03 12/11/03 1 X X 7 (3a) X
Chron. of Higher Ed: NU prof accused of having sex with research subject, 12-12-03  12/12/03 1 X X
Bailey defends his "science" by defaming critics as sexual paraphilics in the Chicago Reader, 12-12-03 12/12/03 2 X X X X X X
IFGE, Transgender Tapestry: "Review by Katrina C. Rose", 12-13-03 12/13/03 1   X X
December 17, 2003 in the Chicago Free Press: "NU PROFESSOR FACES SEXUAL ALLEGATIONS" 12/17/03 1 X
Dierdre McCloskey, “Transsexual Travesty”: Letter to The Editor, The Chicago Reader, December 19, 2003 12/19/03 1 X X X X
Bailey colleague sends Lynn critical new evidence of Bailey misconduct  - leading to "May 10th complaint" 12/28/03 1 X X
Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Exposes Bailey's "Queer Science" and relation to hate crimes, Winter 03 01/01/04 1 X X X X X X X
SPLC Intelligence Report: 'Disposable People' A wave of violence engulfs the transgendered; Winter 03 01/01/04 2 X X
SPLC Intel. Report: 'Rage on the Right' - "But none are so victimized as the transgender community"; Winter 03 01/01/04 3 X X
SPLC Intel. Report: 'Keeping America White': Bailey's HBI supporters exposed as right-wing racists; Winer 03 01/01/04 4 X X X X
Lynn Conway, "You Don't Know Me": Letter to The Editor, The Chicago Reader, January 2, 2004:  01/02/04 1 X X X X
Daily NU: "Bailey accused of having sex with research subject," 1-06-04 01/06/04 1 X 6 X X
January 7, 2004: Skylark hits the nail on the head in "Bailey as trannychaser" 01/07/04 1 X
Open Letter from trans women to psych faculty at NU re SPLC's expose of Bailey's "Queer Science"; 1/7/04 01/07/04 2 X X X
Anjelica Kieltyka, "I'm Not Laughing": Letter to The Editor, The Chicago Reader, January 9, 2004. 01/09/04 1 X X X X
J. Michael Bailey, "Bailey Barks Back": Letter to The Editor, The Chicago Reader, January 9, 2004 01/09/04 2 X X X
Daily NU letter to Ed.: "Bailey's research doesn't help already-suffering community", Rusty Rae Moore, 1/9/04 01/09/04 1 X 7 X
Daily NU Forum: Bailey spokesman Nadir Hassan claims "Attack on Prof. Bailey puts free speech at risk" 01/13/04 1 X 8 X X
Daily NU letter to Ed.: "Bailey enjoys his free speech but relies on flawed research", Jed Bland , 1-19-04 01/19/04 1 X 9 X
Deirdre McCloskey puts J. Michael Bailey on notice, 1-22-04 01/22/04 1 X X
Open Letter from trans women to pych grad students at NU re the SPLC Intelligence Report, 1-23-04  01/23/04 1 X X X
Northwestern University Grad Student Response to Letter about SPLC Intelligence Report, 1-23-04 01/23/04 2 X X X
The Washington Times reports: NIH director defends funds for criticized sex research 1-30-04 01/30/04 1 X
Bailey publicists get Lambda Literary Foundation to nominate his book for "GLB'T' Literary Award", 2-02-04 02/02/04 1 X X X X X X
Daily NU: "University examining Bailey's sex research,: 2-09-04 02/09/04 1 X 10 X X
"The Bailey Affair: Psychology Perverted"; commentary by Joan Roughgarden, 2-11-04 02/11/04 1 X X
Daily NU: "Office in place to investigate research-rule violations," 2-19-04 02/19/04 1 X 11 X X
To counter stereotyping, Andrea & Calpernia present "V-Day in LA" with all transwoman cast; 2-21-04 02/21/04 1 X X
Daily NU: Bailey cites "scientific findings to support his position that free will does not exist", 2-25-04 02/25/04 1 12 X
Petition drive decries LLF's nomination of Bailey's book for a gay & lesbian literary award,2-29-04 02/29/04 1 X X
"Bailey, Cochran and Sailer on Homosexuality and Eugenics," by Conway & Kieltyka, 3-05-04 03/05/04 1 X X X
Huge outpouring in a petition drive against LLF nomination of book for a "literary award", 3-05-04 03/05/04 2 X X X
The Bailey Affair: Psychology Perverted", overview essay by Joan Roughgarden, 2-11-04 [posted 3-8-04]:  03/05/04 3 X
Bailey spokesperson defames Bailey investigators on the LLF website, early March, 2004. Mar-04 1 X X X
Lambda Literary Foundation rescinds nomination of book, declaring it to be transphobic, 3-12-04 03/12/04 1 X X
"Group rescinds honor for disputed book", Gay.com / PlanetOut.com Network, 03/16/04 03/14/04 1 X X
Initial Bailey investigation committee finally begins meetings at NU, 3-17-04 03/17/04 1 X X X
March 19, 2004: UKPFC News: "Psychology Perverted" - A Response by UK Psychologists. 03/19/04 1 X
Complaint filed against Bailey for practicing clinical psychology without a licence, 4-06-04 04/06/04 1 X X 8a X
Complaint filed against Bailey for publishing clinical case histories without permission, 4-06-04 04/06/04 2 X X 8b X
Daily NU:  "Psych prof scrutinized - Bailey denies new allegation of practicing without license," 4-08-04 04/08/04 1 13 X X
National Review On-line: Derbyshire claims Bailey critics are engaging in "transsexualist terror"!  4-08-04 04/08/04 2 X X X X X X
April 15 2004:  "Lost in trans-lation: NOMINATION REVOKED / How a book award went so wrong"  04/15/04 1 X X
Chicago Free Press, April 16, 2004: TRANS ACTIVISTS FILE CHARGES AGAINST NU PROFESSOR 04/16/04 1 X
Desperation in BBL camp prods Bailey's spokespersons into dirty tricks to defame his investigators, 4-18-04 04/18/04 1 X X X X X X
In major turnaround, APA invites and publishes scientific critique of Bailey's work, 4-28-04 04/28/04 1 X
Psychologist Madeline H. Wyndzen, Ph. D. totally deconstructs Blanchard's model of transsexuality; 4-04  Apr-04 1 X
"Ethical Minefields: The Sex That Would be Science", Seed Magazine, May/June 2004 May-04 1 X
Confidential complaint filed against Bailey, based on evidence forwarded by his colleagues, 5-10-04 05/10/04 1 X X 9 X
Anjelica Kieltyka and "Juanita" interviewed by the initial Bailey investigation committee at NU, 5-20-04 05/20/04 1 X X X
Daily NU: Bailey is commented upon in "Editorial: Cheating spike merits attention", 5-24-04  05/24/04 1 X 14 X
Blanchard defames postop women as "men without penises" in Canadian newspaper interview 6-12-04  06/12/04 1 X X X X
With their old "theory of transsexualism" in disarray, Blanchard & Lawrence surface new theory, 6-20-04 06/20/04 1 X X X X
Initial Bailey investigation committee meets for the final time at NU, 6-30-04 06/30/04 1 X X X
"An Ethical Lapse? The ill-advised reliance on pseudonyms to protect identities in case-studies." 7/14/04 07/14/04 1 X X
"The Silent Treatment Continues at the National Academies," 7-22-04  07/22/04 1 X X X X
NU officials inform us in early July that the initial Bailey investigation will conclude soon, posted 8-13-04 08/13/04 1 X X X
Lynn Conway writes NU's Provost, questioning "silent treatment" given trans complainants by NU, 8-23-04 08/23/04 1 X X 9a X
"A defining moment in our history", a definitive essay on the BBL affair by Andrea James, 9-09-04  09/09/04 1 X X
Andrea James interviewed on GenderTalk Radio  re "A defining moment in our history, 9-13-04 09/13/04 1 X
Update regarding delays in the completion of the initial Bailey investigation, 10-03-04 10/03/04 1 X X X
"How J. Michael Bailey Responds to Critics," to support his viewpoints, 10-12-04  10/12/04 1 X X X X
Bailey claims gay femininity is"an important scientific fact" on ABC's 20/20 just before elections, 10-29-04 10/29/04 1 X X X X X
Bailey's book sales spike for two days, but the "Queen" then re-sinks back out of sight, 11-10-04 11/10/04 1 X X X X X
The Guardian & PFC News: Bailey supporter Dean Hamer at NIH "discovers" the so-called "God Gene" 11/14/04 1 X X X
Andrea James publishes expose of key Bailey supporter: "Simon LeVay on transsexualism", 11/15/04  11/15/04 1 X X X
Bailey's supporter Paul McHugh monstrously defames transsexual women in a Catholic magazine article Nov-04 1 X X
Chronicle of Higher Education: Bailey's supporter Dean Hamer of NIH exposed as publishing pseudoscience 11/26/04 1 X X X
Northwestern Provost Dumas reveals that NU is covering-up its findings and actions in the Bailey Case 11/29/04 1 X X X X
The Chronicle of Higher Education gets the Scoop: Bailey resigned as Dept Chair way back in October!!! 12/1/04 1 X X X X X X
"The Ups and Downs of J. Michael Bailey", IFGE "Transgender Tapestry" #104, Winter 2004 12/13/04 1 X X X
A Quiet Victory Emerges: J. Michael Bailey forced to resign as Chair of Psychology at Northwestern 12/19/04 1 X X X X
Without remorse, Bailey attacks his complainants again: "I had these people's permission to write about them" 1/19/05 1 X X 15 X
Lynn Conway writes Alice Eagly, new Chair of Psychology at NU, re the dark cloud hanging over her Dept. 1/26/05 1 X X X X X
Ms. Eagly is reported as saying that Bailey's "sudden abdication" led her to take the Interim Chair. 1/30/05 1 X X X X
Bailey and Greenberg announce a planned public defense of their 2001 writings on homosexual eugenics.  4/6/05 1 X X X X X
Article by Gary Barlow, Chicago Free Press, 5-04-05:  NU Professor defends controversial gay, trans research. 4/28/05 1 X X X X
Bailey attempts to defend his eugenics writings - to an almost empty auditorium, report posted 5-14-05 4/28/05 1 X X X X X
Dr. Eli Coleman rebukes Bailey's book at IFGE Conf, and thanks those who exposed it for what it was. 4/30/05 1 X X X
Bailey moves on, and attacks the identities of yet another sexual minority - bisexuals 7/5/05 1 X X X
Dr. Walter Bockting reviews, rebuts and rebukes Bailey's book in The Journal of Sex Research 8/1/05 1 X X
Dr. Loraine Hutchins reports on "Sexual Prejudice: The erasure of bisexuals in academia and the media" 8/22/05 1 X X
Bailey publishes "Academic McCarthyism", saying there's "nothing wrong" with having sex with a research subject 10/9/05 1 X X X
Bailey's book is quietly removed from the National Academy Press website 2/10/06 1 X X X X
“Autogynephilia: A Narrative”, by Margaret McGhee: Reflections on the now-defunct AG support group 2/11/06 1 X X X
The Advocate exposes J. Michael Bailey's "Kinder, Gentler Homophobia" 4/4/06 1 X X X
Chicago Free Press cancels NU ad for sex research subjects, and refuses any more that involve Bailey. 8/9/06 1 X X X X
LeVay uses scare tactics to bias thinking about Northwestern's gay-gene study. 10/2/06 1 X X X X
Major new report on bisexual health rips into Bailey's infamous 2005 pronouncements on bisexuality 3/13/07 1 X X X X
The so-called 'transkids' website, so highly extolled by Bailey, Lawrence and LeVay, is exposed as a HOAX!  4/19/07 1 X X X X
Zucker announces to WPATH that he will publish Dreger's one-sided history of the Bailey book fiasco in the ASB 7/3/07 1 X X X X
Dreger widely disseminates pre-publication version of her one-sided history of the Bailey book fiasco 8/13/07 1 X X X X
Ken Zucker subverts his scientific journal into a propaganda machine in vendetta against transwomen 8/14/07 1 X X X X X
"Alice Dreger: A timeline of her feud with Andrea James": Her smear campaign against Andrea is exposed 8/14/07 1 X X X X X
"Criticism of a Gender Theory, and a Scientist Under Siege" Benedict Carey defends JMB in NY Times 8/21/07 1 X X X X
"Science Subverted: scientific journal as propaganda tool in the 'science war' against trans women" 8/21/07 1 X X X X X
Alice Dreger 'defends' J. Michael Bailey in KQED Radio interview 8/23/07 1 X X X X X X
Letter to WPATH from gender therapist Wal Torres, Ph.D. 8/23/07 1 X X X
Letter to WPATH from gender therapist Sandra Samons, Ph.D. 8/23/07 1 X X X
Biologist Julia Serano, Ph.D. exposes the subversion of scientific journal by Dreger and Zucker 8/24/07 1 X X X X
"The Bailey Affair, Again", an essay by Joan Roughgarden, Ph.D.  8/30/07 1 X X X X
"J. Michael Bailey: Martyr for Academic Freedom or Thin-Skinned Quack?", an essay by Élise Hendrick  9/2/07 1 X X X X
The LLF openly reaffirms they considered Bailey's book transphobic - refuting Dreger's claims 11/12/07 1 X X X
Editor Ken Zucker devotes entire June '08 issue of the ASB to Alice Dreger's defense of J. Michael Bailey  2/1/08 1 X X X
Clinician Robin Mathy files APA ethics complaints against Dreger and Bailey for conflicts of interest re ASB article 2/27/08 1 X X X X X X
Timeline Event Date # Invest Rprts Comp Med CHE WPATH SPLC D-NU NU LLF CR HBI Bailey NAP BBLsp Bi-attack D-Z attack