TS Women's Successes:

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by Lynn Conway



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April Ashley (UK)

Model, Entertainer, Socialite (more, more)

Transsexual Pioneer from the UK

Transitioned at age 21-25, SRS in 1960

Age.com interview

 Joan Roughgarden, Ph.D.

Biologist (more, more)

Evolution's Rainbow: Diversity , Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People (more)

PFC Interview

Becky Allison, M.D.


Dr. Becky's list of gender therapists;

State by state instructions for changing

name and sex on  birth certificates.


Dana International (Israel) 

Singer, Entertainer

Transitioned at age 17-22




Prof. Lynn Conway

Computer Scientist (en español) (more)

shown with her husband Charlie*

Lynn transitioned at age 20-30, SRS in 1968


  Aleshia Brevard 

Stage, Film and TV Actress

Transsexual Pioneer SRS in '62 at 24

(read her amazing story; more photos)

Link to Aleshia's new book!

Melanie Anne Phillips 

TS Support-Site Authoress



 Andrea James

TS Support-Site Authoress (TS Roadmap)

Writer, producer, director, activist (more)

Consumer advocate, Link to photos of Andrea

Stars in "Transamerican Love Story"


Ellie (Etella) (Belarus)

Computer Programmer


Deborah Davis (Australia) 
Teenage Transitioner
Christie Lee Littleton 
Beauty Shop Owner/Operator
(on her wedding day)
Emily Hobbie
Writer, future teacher
 Doctoral student, applied mathematics
Alina Petrova (Russia)
Computer Programmer,
System Administrator, Musician
Young transitioner, SRS at age 27
TS information
Kristine Holt
Jan Morris (U.K.)
SRS in 1972
 Sister Mary Elizabeth
Episcopal Nun, Director of AEGIS
SRS in 1975 (more)(more)(more)
Erin Swenson
Presbyterian Minister (more)
Family and Marriage Therapist
 Gwendolyn Ann Smith
Graphic Designer, Writer, TG Activist
With her partner Bonnie, and kitty Idgie.
Gwen is widely honored for her webpage:
"Remembering Our Dead"
Lauren Foster (S. Africa, US)

Model, Actress.
Transitioned early, at age 18.

She lives in Miami Beach with her husband Jim

 Rachael Wallbank (Australia)

Attorney, N.S.W., Australia

Rachael represented "Kevin & Jennifer"

in a landmark marriage-validity case (more)


 Harisu (Korea)
Model, Entertainer (more, more )

Teenage Transitioner (more, more)

Her pioneering Korean surgeon.

SRS at age 19, Married in 2007 (more).
 Colette Berends (Netherlands)
Beauty Shop Owner, Former Entertainer,
Prize-Winning Artist, Transitioned when young

SRS by Dr. Burou in Casablanca, in 1971

Updated with wonderful photos of her art


Stephanie Langhoff, Ph.D.

Physical Chemist

Chief Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center

Madeleine Williams

Systems Engineer

DzaDawa (Spain)

Reiki and Yoga Instructor



Michela Ledwidge (UK)


Film-maker and Systems Architect

Transitioned at 25, SRS at 30;  Trans-blog


Marie France (France)

Entertainer (more)


Michelle J.

Property manager


Sarah Jane (UK)
Air Cargo Pilot

Monica Green (U.S., Mexico)

Reknowned Chef and

Restaurant Owner (more, more)

Helen Hill

Therapist, speaker, artist (more)

Helen has a therapy practice in LA



Yasmene Jabar (Jordan/US)

Homemaker;  Married in 2003.

Early-transitioner;  Trans-Advocate

Aka Diana Salameh


High School English Teacher

Transitioned on the job as a teacher.





Kalki (India)


Sahodari Foundation



Global Account Manager;


Nong Tum (Thailand)

Thai kick-boxing instructor (more)

"Beautiful Boxer": The movie (more, more)

2006 Comeback story, with video (photos)








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*Lynn and Charlie have been together for over 20 years,

and were married on August 13, 2002:



Click here for photos of their wedding trip.




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