TS Women's Successes:

Links and Photos


by Lynn Conway






Trish McCurdy 
U.S. Customs Officer (more)
Trish and her husband Richard
married in March 2003!
Nicole Hamilton
Software Entrepreneur
Nicki's FFS Page
Caroline (Australia)
Aerobics Instructor,
Welfare worker/student
Track and field athlete
 Calpernia Addams

Writer/Producer/Entertainer (more)

Transitioned when young

Subject of Showtime movie "Soldier's Girl"

Stars in "Transamerican Love Story" (more)

Calpernia's book: Mark 947

Jackie McAuliffe (UK)
Young Transitioner
Record Artist
Television Personalilty

Caroline 'Tula' Cossey (U.K., later US)

Actress (photos, more photos, '91 TV interview, '05 update)

Transitioned at age 18-20

(Now lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband David)


Jamie Clayton

Makeup artist, transitioned when

young , SRS at 25 (more, more)

Star on VH1 show "Transform Me"



Transitioned during her teens,

with her Mom's support

(en espaņol)

Diane Hutchinson

IT Dept. Manager in a large corporation

(with her husband Nick on their wedding day )

Marci Bowers, M.D.

Obstetrician, Gynecologist,

SRS Surgeon , (more, more)

TWN Interview


 Karen J.


See Karen's new book!


Paula R.

Systems Analyst,

Transitioned on the job


Natsuko Okuda (Japan)

Nightclub Owner


Samantha Adams

Instructor, mental retardation field.

Links to Samantha's film work

 and to Samantha's book

Business Administrator.
Kimberli transitioned when young.
She is married and has adopted 4 children.
Maria Rohlinger (Germany)
 Sociologist and Politician


Legal Secretary
Historia de Maria (en español)
Transitioned when young

Rosalyne Blumenstein, MSW

Social worker, counselor and writer (more)

See her powerful book: Branded-T

Transitioned when young.

 Gabrielle Schaffer

Actress, Esthetician

Transitioned when young

[link to new homepage]

Candi Stratton (Australia)

Airline stewardess and entertainer

Transitioned when young, SRS at age 26.

Married her husband Mathew in 2003.

Candi interviewed on LOGO (NEW)


Real Estate Agent

Transistioned when young

(en español)

Shown here (r) with her sister and niece,

she transitioned when young (more, more)



Electrologist, Cosmetologist,

Transitioned when young.

SRS in 1975


Jenny Scott (Australia)

Content Services Librarian at

State Library of South Australia





 Jessie Chung (Malaysia)

Educated in Canada, Transitioned

when young, Married in Nov. 2005

 Gina Kamentsky

Comic book artist, Animator, sculptor

Toy inventor and musician

 Link to Gina's kinetic sculptures

Kim (UK, US)

Brand Marketer



Dana Zircher

Software Design Engineer

[photo of Dana and her daughter]




Participated in V-Day in LA


"Roni" (U.S., Phillipines)

Recently became a US citizen with the

help of her attorney Michael Gurfinkel


 Yvette Hirth

Software author, helicopter pilot

 Rachael Padman, Ph.D. (U.K.)

Physicist (more)


 Sarah Fox, Ph.D.


Engineering Manager
Anne married a wonderful guy in 2003.
Sara Kristine Becker, M.D.
Family Physician, Gender Counselor


Leslie Townsend
Model , Comedienne, Author.
Leslie transitioned when young, and
only much later emerged from stealth.
More re V-Day , Beautiful Daughters
Gloria Gray (Germany)
[ photo by Riccardo Desiderio ]
Actress, Entertainer



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