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A synopsis of Lauren's upcoming autobiography, "DANSE SAUVAGE - The Life & Times of International Transsexual, Lauren Foster"

Like a roller coaster ride that hasn't quite screeched to a halt, "DANSE SAUVAGE" chronicles the life of an international model and jet set party girl named Lauren.

Described by Warhol Superstar Holly Woodlawn as the "It Girl" for the transgender community, Lauren emerged from a teenage labyrinth mired in gender identity issues, while growing up in colonial South Africa during the 1960s. With the love and support of her family, Lauern comes to grips with the countless challenges she faces in making the physical and emotional changes needed to bring who she really is to the surface. After enduring what was, then, a very experimental procedure, she goes on to become a successful international photographic and runway model, landing in the pages of VOGUE MAGAZINE.

Then, on the brink of stardom, the life she'd worked for is shattered when she is blindsided by the bullet of a misfired pistol.

Like a cat with nine lives, Lauren lands on her feet, picks up the pieces and goes on to rebuild her world into a glittering mosaic inside the upper echelon of New York's social scene and the international jet set. She reveals a captivating and anecdotal snapshot of life in the fast lane -- whether serving as confidante to Prince Egon Von Furstenburg and other rich and infamous regulars at Studio 54, partying at the Playboy Mansion with Hugh Hefner, stuck in a Viennese elevator with Grace Jones, dodging traffic with Boy George, modeling minks for Hollywood Wives or playing the heavy for the most powerful promoter on the gay party circuit.

This inspirational and equally provocative autobiography is not a kiss and tell tragedy, but rather a success story that's still very much a life in progress. Its' frank and highly enlightening discussion about life as a transsexual woman should be required reading for anyone facing, or working to solve, gender identity issues. Meanwhile, fans of juicy celebrity gossip will relish in Lauren's first-hand descriptions of her adventures on the "A-List" and her liaisons with movie stars and international politicians.

Lauren rounds out her roller-coaster story by discussing the life and times of a 21st century transsexual woman, detailing how perceptions may (or may not) have evolved. Never one to stray from glamour, luxury and a sprinkling of scandal, Lauren brings readers up-to-date on her marriage, her current endeavors as patient coordinator to a top New York plastic surgeon, a successful career in marketing and entertainment consultant, part-time movie star and counseling juvenile runaways facing gender identity issues.

When readers turn the final page, they will know Lauren as someone who's truly more than a woman. Her tale proves that the key to a wonderful life is always knowing and nurturing one's real self, even if fate and Mother Nature didn't.

Synopsis by: Christopher Kingry

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"A woman is sometimes her own, best muse"

Lauren and high school sweetheart. 1976. Post SRS.



Lauren was born on December 4, 1957 and attended school in Durban, South Africa. At the age of 9 she realized that her sexual identity did not match her gender. In 1974 she abandoned her male names and assumed the name of Lauren Shipton.
With the love and support of her family and friends, Lauren transitioned at the early age of 18. Lauren's SRS was by performed by Dr. Derk Crichton (A famous SRS surgeon in South Africa) She left home and began working as a model in Johannesburg.
Lauren's career took off after her SRS. From about 1979 to 1988 she was a successful fashion model, featured regularly in newspapers, magazines and advertisements. Her big break came in 1980 when she was hired by VOGUE magazine to do a 6 page fashion editorial. Lauren's illustrious career as an international model and actress spanned 12 years. She was outed by the tabloid rag SCOPE after a model in Paris divulged her secret to the press.


Vogue Magazine, 1980




Scope Magazine, 1984



She was hounded by the press, persecuted by tabloid journalists and photographers asking unbelievably ignorant questions. This was the beginning of her role as a gender activist and she was internationally recognized for her role in the trans-community.
In New York, fashion editors chose the American transsexual Teri Toye as the girl of the '80s and months later the American magazine CIRCULATE dedicated six of its' pages to the South African born model, Lauren Shipton.
She has also acted in independent movies. Having worked the velvet ropes at some of the hottest parties in Hollywood she was asked by Director Dirk Shafer to do a cameo, as herself, in his new movie "CIRCUIT". Click on this link to see Lauren in her latest role. Go to "Clips" and click on "Rick is in Rehab".
Photo courtesy of Kevin Scott Hees. 2001.



Elle Magazine (left); YSL Magazine (right)





Lauren spent 10 years as an event coordinator in Los Angeles, working with Grace Jones, Drew Barrymore, Boy George, The Pet Shop Boys and Natalie Cole, to name a few.



Lauren partying with Boy George. New Years Eve 2001.
South Beach, Miami




Lauren and Grace (l); Lauren and Angela (r)




Lauren moved to New York in 2002
(NEXT magazine interviewed her and put her on their cover)



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