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The ACS-1 MPM Instruction Manual

This webpage contains a table of contents and links into the ACS-1 MPM Instruction Manual, which describes details of the ACS-1 instruction set. The links access PDF's of the various parts of the original document (ranging in size from ~100 kb to 600 kb):

Table of Contents:

Part      Title

             Registration (cover)

             Table of Contents (details)

1.          Load and Store Operations

2.          Move Operations

3.          Floating Point Operations

4.          Integer Arithmetic

5.          Index Arithmetic

6.          Compare Operations

7.          Shift Operations

8.          Logical Operations

9.          Branch at Exit Operations

10.        Input/Output Operations

11.        Tag and Directory Operations

12.        Special Registers



The ACS-1 MPM Instruction Manual can also be accessed as a single PDF document, at the following link (enabling convenient print-out):


             The ACS-1 MPM Instruction Manual  [164 page PDF] (2.67 mb)


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