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December 17, 2003

In the Chicago Free Press, the Midwest's #1 Gay Newspaper:



December 12, 2003:

he Chronicle of Higher Education:

Northwestern U. Psychologist Is Accused of Having SexWith Research Subject


December 12, 2003:

J. Michael Bailey defends his anti-transsexual "science"

in the free "alternative" newspaper The Chicago Reader.

McCloskey, Conway and Kietlyka deconstruct

Bailey's untruthful, defamatory article in "Letters to the Editor...


December 11, 2003 :

Transsexual Woman Claims Professor’s Sex “Research”

Continued Off-Campus; University Declines To Investigate Complaint


December 11, 2003
Documentation of a formal complaint about J. Michael Bailey's
sexual exploitation of a research subject,
and of Northwestern University's apparant decision
to not investigate such egregious misconduct.


December 10, 2003

Complainants Kieltyka, Conway and McCloskey

formally request to make appearances before the Northwestern

committee investigating J. Michael Bailey

November 25, 2003:

The Washington Times

"University investigates ethics of sex researcher"

Unusual level of bi-partisanship exhibited as GLBT groups and

liberals are joined by convervatives in denouncing Bailey's junk science


November 24, 2003:

The Smoking Gun: Direct evidence exposing Bailey's lies

to the media and to Northwestern University


November 18, 2003:

ABC 7 Chicago News & The Chicago Tribune (from the AP):

NU investigating whether professor got consent from transsexuals


November 18, 2003: The Daily Northwestern:

"Northwestern University officials plan to launch a full investigation

into allegations that a Northwestern psychology professor

featured stories from transsexual women in his latest book

without receiving their consent."


November 16, 2003

Bailey promoter John Derbyshire goes on the defensive!

The HBDG member tries to explain away

his exposure as a lunatic-fringe homophobe and transphobe,

by posing as a "victim" in the "culture wars."


November 12, 2003

The ad-hoc committee at Northwestern completes its work:

Northwestern University then announces that it will convene

a full formal investigation of the charges that Prof. J. Michael Bailey

did not obtain the informed consent of research subjects.


November 4, 2003:

Bailey's mentor Ray Blanchard resigns in a huff from HBIGDA!

In a fit of anger, Blanchard accuses HBIGDA of deliberately trying to bias

the investigation into Bailey's research conduct at Northwestern.

That HBIGDA took seriously the complaints of the trans community

must have been just too much for Blanchard to take!



November 2003:

An important essay reflecting on the emerging Bailey fiasco:

"Queer Science: A data-bending psychologist confirms what he already knew about gays and transsexuals",

by Deirdre McCloskey, Reason Magazine, Nov. 2003.


Why did he do it? Why did Bailey commit career suicide

by writing this ridiculous book? We look for answers in an

"Interim Report on Bailey's Affiliations and Ideological Associations",
where we uncover his motives, role models and supporters; 10-22-03


HBIGDA Officers and Board respond to Bailey's book:

"trust and mutual respect between the scientific and the transgender

communities is essential . . . to promote the health and

well-being of transgender and transsexual individuals and their families.

. . . this poorly referenced book does not reflect the social and

scientific literature that exists on transsexual people and

could damage that essential trust." 10-20-03


Damning Review also appears in Transgender Community News

of The Renaissance Transgender Association, October 2003:

"Junk Science And Michael Bailey", By Nick Sauer [posted 12-2-03]


Damning Reviews of TMWWBQ appear in Transgender Tapestry:

The Journal of the International Foundation for Gender Education

Fall 2003. Issue #103; posted 10-07-03


Anjelica Kieltyka files evidence with the Office for the Protection of

Research Subjects at Northwestern re Prof. Bailey's public showing of

a research interview tape of her without prior authorization; 10-07-03.


Evidence that in a public lecture at UCLA on June 2, 2003,

Bailey showed a 1994/95 video interview of an unwitting research subject,

so as to "prove" his theory and also defame a key critic; 10-07-03




July-August-September 2003



"Bad Science": Words by Dr. Eli Coleman, President of HBIGDA,

during his opening speech at the18th Biennial HBIGDA Symposium,

while standing under a projected image of Bailey's book; 9-10-03


Bailey's book bombs in the marketplace, 9-09-03:

Its sales-rate rankings are lower than

four recent books by trans women!


Research scientist files anonymous review on, 9-08-03:

Says it's well known that Bailey and Blanchard have the power

within North America to prevent funding of research projects and

publication of any scientific papers that discredit their views.


Academics inform OHRP, 8-18-03

regarding the filings of complaints of research misconduct

against J. Michael Bailey at Northwestern University


EXPOSED, 8-05-03: Senior Academics Alert

Division 44 of the American Psychological Association

Concerning exploitation of DIV 44's good name to promote Bailey's book


Stephen Mautner, Exec. Editor of the National Academy Press,

is challenged for allowing publication of anecdotal

research results obtained surreptitiously from human subjects

without their informed consent; 8-02-03.


Stanford University Prof. Ben Barress, M.D., Ph.D., tells it like it is,

in an open letter to Northwestern's leadership on 8-01-03:

Bailey's book is "HATE SPEECH"


The Daily Northwestern, 7-31-03:

Transsexuals file 2 more claims against Bailey


July 30, 2003: A fourth trans woman files a formal complaint

with the Vice-President of Research of Northwestern University


In the Chicago Tribune, 30 July, 2003

Associated Press Story in the WOMAN NEWS SECTION:

"Transsexuals file complaints over book"


Deirdre McCloskey and Lynn Conway file a formal complaint

with the Vice Pres. of Research of Northwestern Univ. regarding

the research conduct of J. Michael Bailey, 29 July 2003


In the Chicago Tribune, 29 July 2003:"

Author is ripped for transsexual research"

Northwestern professor taken to task over his book's findings

and whether he informed people he met that they were being studied


At the IASR Conference at the Kinsey Institute on 19 July 2003:

Read an eyewitness report from an attendee at the conference!

Bailey is openly challenged by John Bancroft: "...

it is NOT science"![posted 28 July 2003]


At the IASR sexology conference in Indiana, 7-17-03:

Anjelica reports how Bailey had staff call the cops to keep her from

handing out info about his research!! Cops arrive as Angie is giving

materials to Eli Coleman, President of HBIGDA!! [posted 29 July2003]


Articles on the Bailey controversy appear in

Science and Science magazine

on July 18th and 25th, 2003


Associated Press, 7-25-03:

"Transsexuals accuse professor of research misconduct"


The Daily Northwestern, 7-24-03:

"Third complaint filed against sex research"


Also in the Chicago Free Press 7-23-03:

Weird Science: J. Michael Bailey's “The Man Who Would Be Queen”
By Kim McNabb


Chicago Free Press 7-23-03:

Writing in the Midwest's #1 Gay Newspaper, Paul Varnell exposes



A third woman files research misconduct complaints, 7-23-03:

Her open letter is posted anonymously here.

And stay tuned for yet MORE complaints to be filed soon!!


EXPOSED, 7-21-03:

Bailey is NOT a member of HBIGDA!!!


ScienceNow of the AAAS, 7-18-03:

"Transsexuality Treatise Triggers Furor":

"This is one of the most unsympathetic portrayals

of transsexuality ever written..."

Bailey defends himself by saying: "I can't be a slave to sensitivity."


The Chronicle of Higher Education, 7-17-03:2

Transsexual Women Say Professor

Didn't Tell Them They Were Research Subjects!!


The Daily Northwestern, 7-17-03:

Subjects question NU prof's research
Women say Bailey used stories in recent book without consent


A Report to Lynn Conway by Kristin

of a recent lecture at "The Clarke Institute", 7-16-03


EXPOSED! Shockingly defamatory official publicity by the

National Academies for Bailey's book , 7-16-03


A second woman files research misconduct complaints, 7-14-03:

Her open letter is posted here under the name "Victoria".


Prompt, concerned responses come in from HBIGDA, 7-14-03,

announcing that the Alert will be discussed at the upcoming

Exec.Committee Meeting and at the Board Meeting in September.


Leading Academics Alert HBIGDA about the Bailey Controversy

and about the Charges Being Filed at Northwestern, 7-14-03


Diverse City Magazine, July 2003:

"To Call a Woman a Queen: A Northwestern psychologist’s

sex theories ignore experiences of gender dysphoria"

[Interview and photos of Calpernia Addams in same issue!]



Anjelica Kieltyka reports that Bailey admitted to her that

he FABRICATED the Key Final Scene in His Book, 7-10-03


Calpernia Addams and Andrea James perspectives column

"Transformations" in the July 22, 2003 issue of The Advocate, 7-09-03


Anjelica Kietyka's prophetic illustrated essay:

"The Sinking of the Queen"7-04-03


Anjelica Kieltyka files formal complaint with Northwestern University

about J. Michael Bailey's research conduct, 7-03-03

[see also her follow-up complaint of 9-29-03]





April-May-June 2003


Revelations of Bailey's and Academy Press' close PR connection

with right-wing homophobic writer John Derbyshire, 6-30-03


John Derbyshire's homophobically and transphobically

glowing review of Bailey's book in the National Review, 6-30-03


Lynn Conway's open letter to the administration at Northwestern Univ.

regarding J. Michael Bailey's activities; 6-23-03


Deeply disturbing revelations about Bailey colleague Anne Lawrence's

professional conduct, and her career-ending resignation in '97; 6-23-03


National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (NTAC)

Press Release about J.Michael Bailey's book; 6-21-03


The Chronicle of Higher Education, 6-20-03,

gets the nitty-gritty story on J. M. Bailey - aka 'Dr. Sex'!


Bailey's book exposed as the latest in a series of

works widely promoted as "books for dummies"


A preliminary report on Lynn's meetings in Chicago on

6-03 to 6-05-03 with Cher and other transwomen

whom Bailey "interviewed" for his book.


Monica Casper, Ph.D., Exec. Director of ISNA,

writes an open letter on 5-28-03

to the Presidents of the National Academies


Christine Burns 2nd open letter of 5-26-03

to the Presidents of the National Academies


Suzanne Woolsey's letter of response of 5-22-03

to writers to the Presidents of the National Academies


Anjelica Kieltyka's story, first posted on 5-11-03:

"Cher" of Bailey's book begins to tell "her side of the story"


Christine Burns open letter of 5-06-03

to the Presidents of the National Academies


Joan Roughgarden's open letter of 5-05-2003

to the Presidents of the NAS and IOM


The Lesson We Keep Forgetting, by Christine Burns


Report on a Bailey talk at Emory Univ., posted 5-04-03


Report on a Bailey Lecture at Stanford Univ., posted 4-25-03 



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