Bailey's book is among the latest in a series of
Wilson Devereux agency "book for dummies":

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"The Wilson Devereux Company has a strong concentration in popular science books for the trade market. In the publishing vernacular "Trade" pertains to the retail marketplace, as opposed to the professional and academic markets.

The best trade science books are written in an engaging narrative style. They tell a story and make the reader feel a part of that story. Often, the book is less about science than the people who explore and expand our horizons."


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Mars: Uncovering the Secrets of the Red Planet
Stephen P. Maran - Astronomy for Dummies and Space Odyssey
Tom Siegfried - The Bit and the Pendulum amd Strange Matters
Richard C. Henry - The Universe Does not Exist
John D. Cox - The Weathermen, Weather for Dummies
Michael Carlowicz - Storms from the Sun
Ramon Lopez - Storms from the Sun
Phil Plait - Bad Astronomy
Christopher Wanjek - Bad Medicine
Michael Bailey - The Man Who Would be Queen
Stephen T. Wiegand - American History For Dummies
Peter Haugen - World History For Dummies

"Transphobia for Dummies" reveals insights into the author's mind

Consider the line above: "Often, the book is less about science than the people who explore and expand our horizons." My, oh my, how prophetic.

As unfolding events are demonstrating, Bailey's book seems to be more about his own midlife crisis and his own internal demons, and the ways in which they cause him to view every aspect of human motivation through the lens of sex - sex devoid of love, companionship, partnering or committment - than it is about scientific research regarding transsexual women.

Bailey does nothing to "expand our horizons" regarding transsexualism. Instead he merely gives us glimpses into and reflections of his own sexual thought-preoccupations - as he struggles to cope with his own sexuality while voyeuristically observing and then caricaturing the gender metamorphoses of transsexual women.


*Who is B. Devereux Barker IV?

Barker IV's father is B. Devereux Barker III, of old-moneyed, Newport, Rhode Island, yachting fame. Here is a short bio for Barker III from the Encylopedia of Yacht Designers website.

"B. Devereux Barker III ~ Dev Barker was an editor at Yachting from 1962 - 1972 and edited the Design Section for five years. He's raced to Bermuda 12 times, ran an America's Cup in 1970 as chairman of the NYYC Race Committee, is on the Board of the American Sail Training Association, and a member of the America's Cup Hall of Fame Selection Committee. - - - "

Barker IV's hobby job is posturing as "Managing Partner" of the Wilson-Devereux enterprise, a company that has promoted all of twelve books (wow). Hope this gives you some idea of the sort of character who is now heavily into promoting Bailey's "Transphobia for Dummies".