Transsexual Woman Claims Professor’s Sex “Research” Continued Off-Campus;
University Declines To Investigate Complaint
Chicago, IL (December 11, 2003)
Allegations of sex with a transsexual research subject have surfaced against Northwestern University Psychology Department Chair J. Michael Bailey.
The professor has been under fire since he published The Man Who Would Be Queen in March. Bailey’s book on gender variance cites his "study" in which he concludes “prostitution is the single most common occupation” among his transsexual research subjects.
What Bailey does not mention is that the "study" was conducted mainly by cruising Chicago bars frequented by sex workers. He then exploited young transsexuals who came to his office to get letters of approval for sex-reassignment surgery, socializing with them and at the same time using them as research subjects without their knowledge.
One research subject/patient featured in the book says Bailey had sex with her prior to the publication of the book and after the professor had written the psychologist's letter she needed for medical treatment. Northwestern is formally investigating charges that Bailey did not obtain the woman's informed consent as a research subject. However, she recently learned that the University apparently does not plan to investigate charges that Bailey had sex with her while she was a research subject.
"This is all unbelievable, yet it will all prove to be undeniable....", says Anjelica Kieltyka, a mentor and advocate for transsexual women. "This investigation and Bailey Controversy is going to get national exposure and have consequences far beyond Northwestern, a 'meek and mild mannered' sex researcher (with an eye for transexual women) and his stupid Queen book."
"J. Michael Bailey’s unethical behavior is staggering," said Professor Lynn Conway, an outspoken critic of the National Academy Press' publication of Bailey's book. "As a scientist and as a transsexual woman, I find Mr. Bailey’s behavior beyond all bounds of decency. It appears he was writing these therapist letters for young trans women, all the while being sexually obsessed with them. He exploited them further by featuring information shared during therapy in his book. He then concludes in his 'research' that young transsexual women 'are especially well suited to prostitution.' "
"This sort of bigotry and bias in a labcoat needs to be dealt with by his peers in psychology and sex research, by his publisher, and by his employer," said Conway. "If such institutions can’t police outrageous behavior masquerading as science, we need to find institutions that can."
For more information please contact the following women
who've filed formal complaints with Northwestern University
regarding J. Michael Bailey's research misconduct:
Anjelica Kieltyka
Lynn Conway
Deirdre McCloskey
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