Trans News Updates of 2007:


This page links to news of general interest to the trans community during 2007.  This running log of news also serves as a window into areas of media focus and public interest regarding trans issues during 2007.  Let us know if you hear of news to include in this list. To access to a wide range of trans news, we recommend "Google News", searching on keywords such as transgender, transsexual, sex reassignment, sex change, gender variance and gender transition.


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Lynn Conway

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December 2007: 


12-31-07:   St.Petersberg Times: "Susan Stanton's lonely transformation" -


"Susan has met hundreds of other people like her. She was among the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people lobbying for a law that would make it illegal for others to discriminate against them.

But Susan has said all along that she's not like other transgender people. She feels uncomfortable even looking at some, "like I'm seeing a bunch of men in dresses."

Eventually, she decided it was too early for transgender people to be federally protected. People need more time, more education, she says. "The transgender groups boo me, now, when I speak. Isn't that ironic?

"But I don't blame the human rights groups from separating the transgender people from the protected groups. Most Americans aren't ready for us yet," Susan says. Transgender people need to be able to prove they're still viable workers -- especially in the mainstream.

"The biggest issue against the federal legislation is that politicians think the ladies' rooms will be invaded by guys in drag," Susan says, "instead of someone like me."


Comment: Consider those words of the inexperienced, self-obsessed individual HRC has put forward to represent our community. Is it any wonder trans people boo Stanton when she speaks?


12-30-07:  New York Times: "Effort to Block California Anti-Bias Bill" - "Conservative groups in California are gathering signatures to try to block an anti-discrimination bill because it includes language that would extend protection to public-school students based on their sexual orientation and gender identity." (more)


12-29-07:  Pink News (UK re Spain): "Spanish clerics to face investigation over gay "cure" speech"


12-28-07:  Wall Street Journal: "Crossing Over", by Naomi Schaeffer Riley - In a hateful article that demonizes transwomen, the Wall Street Journal reveals the biases of its new owner Rupurt Murdoch. It refers to several transitioned women by name as men, and quotes transphobic Catholic ideologue Paul McHugh as saying "I concluded that to provide a surgical alteration to the body of these unfortunate people was to collaborate with a mental disorder rather than to treat it."


Here's some info about Riley (who is clearly clueless trans issues and relies on McHugh on what and how to think).  Also note her conservative religious ideological preoccupations (she's author of God on the Quad: How Religious Colleges and the Missionary Generation Are Changing America). Might be a good time to alert GLAAD and to send some thoughtful letters to the editor.


12-28-07:  BBC America (on U.S. cable television): "Teen Transsexual - All Richard Parker wants for his 18th birthday is to be Lucy Parker. Richard has spent his life dealing with gender identity issues and has long dreamed of the day when he can have surgery to become a real woman. Unable to get the surgery until he turns 18 and has proven to doctors that he is psychologically committed to life as a woman, Richard has spent the last two years living as Lucy. This is her story." (Premieres December 30th at 10pm et/pt. Part of 'BBC America Reveals' series)


12-28-07:  Washington Blade: "Divisive ENDA fight dominated year in gay news - Debate over trans inclusion prompted protests"


12-27-07: "Roller Coaster Ride: 2007 Trans Year In Review", by Jacob Anderson-Minshall


12-27-07:  Xtra (Canada): "Information black hole on trans men's health risks - With little known, health centres still putting up barriers"


12-27-07: "San Francisco Transgender Empowerment Advocacy and Mentorship Announces a Collaborative Health and Resource Fair for the Transgender Community" 


12-26-07:  The Advocate: "Our Picks for Trans Young Adult Fiction - Five top novels for young adult -- and not-so-young adult -- readers looking for stories about the lives of young trans people"


12-26-07: "Gay Rights Groups File Motion to Protect Students from Discrimination" - "Equality California and the Gay-Straight Alliance Network are seeking to intervene in a lawsuit filed by anti-gay organizations that would prevent enforcement of California statutes protecting students from discrimination, harassment and bullying in publicly-funded schools"


12-25-07:  Al Arabiya News (UAE, re Kuwait): "Controversy over law for transvestites - Kuwait gives own cells to ‘bisexual cons’" - "This step came in the wake of a new law penalizing men who dress like women in the Gulf emirate. According to the controversial law, offenders are sentenced to a maximum of one year and fined not more than 1000 Kuwaiti Dinars (3646.97 US Dollars) or either of the two." (more)


12-24-07:  Manchester Evening News (UK): "My battle to be the real me" (article about PFC campaigner Christine Burns)


12-24-07:  Christian Post: "Pro-family Group Identifies Worst Offenders of Faith, Family Values" (group aligns the gender protections under California SB77 with Satanism and with the recent Colorado killings, proclaiming that: "It is clear that persecution (i.e., of Christians) has not ceased to exist in the modern era,” . . . “Defamation, which leads to marginalization and persecution, is not an irrational fear for Christians.”)


12-23-07:  USA Today: "Calif. anti-bias bill causes stir over 'gender'"


12-23-07:  Christian Post: "Half a Million Signatures Sought to Bring Pro-Gay School Bill to Voters"


12-22-07:  Daily News and Analysis (India): "Transgender to bare it all in autobiography" - "Rose, the first transgender to host a TV show in India, wields the pen to fight the system"


12-21-07: (Spain): "Sacked transexual accepts out of court settlement" (more, more- with video, more- with video)


12-21-07:  International Nepal Solidarity Network (Nepal): "Blue Diamond Society: Great victory of Nepalese LGBTI !" - "Supreme Court of Nepal issued directive orders to the Government of Nepal to end discrimination against LGBTI and ensure equal rights as heterosexual men and women in Nepal." (this is amazing news out of Nepal) (more, more, more, more, more, more,)


12-21-07:  Bay Windows: "Season’s greetings from HRC and Bitch" - "It’s a bit of an understatement to say that the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) relationship with the transgender community is a bit strained at the moment."


12-21-07:  The Hindu (India): "Court serves notice to Union Ministries on sex change issue" - "The Delhi High Court has issued notices to the Union Home and Health and Child Welfare Ministries and the Delhi Government on public interest litigation seeking guidelines for treating those who undergo natural sex change midway through their lives as a separate category with all the benefits that are available to other members of society." (print version)

12-21-07: (Australia): "The Gender Neutral Throne"


12-21-07:  Inside the Bay Area: "Accused stalker sentenced for alleged terror campaign - Prosecutors say he was sexually involved with transgender woman"


12-21-07:  Washington Blade: "Local trans gender group wary of police dealings - GLLU explains rationale behind new general order" 


12-20-07:  Flushing Times Ledger (NY): "A shelter in search of a home"


12-20-07:  Colorez (Arizona): "Transgender News in 2007"


12-20-07:  The Hindu (India): "This calendar with a difference seems all set to create a buzz"


12-20-07:  CCH News: "Transsexual job applicant can pursue Title VII sex bias claim" 


12-20-07:  Winston-Salem Journal (NC): "Transgender people on the move to find neutral bathrooms"


12-19-07: "Palm Beach Adds Gender Identity To Nondiscrimination Law"


12-19-07:  Salt Lake City Tribune: "SUU: Student must prove gender - Kourt Osborn, who is in transgender treatment, is denied a dorm room"


12-19-07:  The Advocate: "Groups Aid Transgender Student Who Was Denied Housing"


12-19-07:  Reuters: "Less invasive hysterectomy okay for transsexuals"


12-19-07:  Sydney Star Observer (Australia): "Breaking the Transsexual Myth"


12-18-07:  Deseret Morning News (Utah): "Transgender student fights denial of housing at SUU"


12-17-07:  The Eagle Tribune (North Andover, MA): "Denied at NECC" - "Northern Essex Community College has denied the use of the men’s locker room to a transgender student because of his female anatomy" (more)


12-16-07:  Indrani Kopal (Malaysia):  "She's my son (Part-1)""She's my son (Part-2)" - Portions of a 30 min documentary by Indrani Kopal -- FFF07 Winner (Tamil and English, with English and BM subtitles) - "Synopsis: Transgender issue is real, but it is a reality many Malaysian will not admit to. Treated as a sex object and often the butt of lewd jokes and social outcasts, many boys who had the urge of becoming a girl, resisted it. Suganya begs to differ. 'She's my son' tells the story of Suganya from her mother's point of view. "He", before the sex change, had the courage to face the reality and today, as "she", stroll the road confidently with her family and friends accepting the reality as she did." (please add supportive comments on the YouTube pages)


12-16-07:  Transfigurations Project News:  An exhibition of photographer Jana Marcus' Transfigurations will be held at Stanford University's Clayman Institute, Jan 3 - March 21, 2008 (click here for slide show of a portion of this wonderful exhibit).


12-14-07:  Washington Blade: "Beyer drops bid to replace Maryland delegate - Activist blames ‘trans phobia’ for withdrawal"


12-14-07:  TS-Roadmap: "Denise Tree (aka Kiira Triea) trial update" - Kiira Triea, the 56-year-old author of the hoax site, was cited in 2005 for several traffic offenses and failed to appear at trial. Triea was briefly committed in September 2007, and the case in now in trial.

12-13-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Former HRC trans business leaders pave their own path" - "Two transgender business leaders once involved with the Human Rights Campaign have taken matters into their own hands and launched their own employment education project." (For more information about Jamison Green's and Donna Rose's new project, visit


12-13-07:  Gay City News: "In the courts: Is Another Chance Possible?" 


12-13-07:  IPS News (re Cuba): "Q&A: Righting Past Wrongs - Defending the Right to Sexual Diversity in Cuba - Interview with Mariela Castro"


12-13-07:  Transgender Tapestry (new posting from Issue #112): "Learning to See - A Mother’s Journey", by Tina Marian - A mom’s story of accepting her 21-year-old transsexual daughter (see also link from TS Roadmap)


12-12-07:  Foster's Daily Democrat (NH): "Gender identity, gender change: Stratham school child case brings issue to forefront"


12-12-07:  Sydney Morning Herald (Australia re Germany): "Woman sues doctor over mistaken sex" - Christiane Völling, an intersexed woman from Germany,  is suing a doctor for having surgically assigned her male without her consent (more). (see also the press release in the OII website).


12-12-07:  Asian Week (Voice of Asian America): "A Revitalized Resource" - "TRANS: THRIVE opens under A&PI Wellness Center"


12-12-07:  World Net Daily: "'Coed locker rooms' spark citizen backlash - Law protects people with 'gender identity issues' in public accommodations"


12-12-07:  Evening Courier (Halifax, UK): "Women's World - New look and a new start"


12-11-07: "NYS Employee Accused Of Running Trans Escort Service At Work"


12-10-07:  Catholic World News (Italy): "Two Italian priests defy bishops on marriage issues" - "Yesterday, at the 11:00 am Mass, Father Santoro asked his parishioners to support the transsexual and her husband as they prepare for their church wedding."


12-10-07:  Michigan Daily: "Transgender issues unfairly downplayed"


12-10-07:  Fox-5 TV (Atlanta): "Transgender Suspect Arrested in Check Writing Scam"


12-09-07:  The Washington Post (re India): "A Transgender TV Debut - Host of Southern India's 'Yours, Rose' Seeks to Challenge Stereotypes, Social Taboos"


12-09-07:  San Francisco Chronicle: "Jonni and Angela Pettit: From husband to wife"  (photo)


12-08-07:  The Advocate (Dec 18 issue): "Gay vs. Trans in America - Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Transgender. In the aftermath of ENDA, can’t we all just get along? An Advocate round table on the state of the community now."


12-08-07:  The Advocate (Dec.18 issue): "Don't Tick Off Trans - Transgressive questions likely to be a transgender conversation-ender", by Andrea James


12-08-07:  TS "Andrea James publishes guest column in The Advocate"



12-08-07:  ISIS press release (from 9-07): "Fresh Focus: Sex-Ed Digital Video Contest - An interactive digital video contest to engage students in discussion about sexuality education" (for folks age 15-30) "Using digital video technology, tell us what your Sex Ed experience was like OR tell us how you would redesign Sex Ed for the future." (an opportunity for input re trans issues; deadline is 12-31-07).


12-08-07:  Los Angeles Times: "Report assails care of detainees with AIDS" - "The U.S. Department of Homeland Security provides inadequate care and treatment of illegal immigrant detainees with HIV/AIDS, according to a new survey by a civil rights group that was prompted by the July death of a transgender inmate at a San Pedro facility."


12-08-07:  The Jakarta Post (Indonesia): "Transvestites protest fatal raid" - "They said the officers pushed her into the nearby river and then threw stones at her until she drowned" (raid was by 'public order officers' (not police) enforcing social codes).


12-08-07:  The Independent (UK): "War in the wards as Cardinal issues hardline abortion code" - "Senior figures in the Catholic Church were enraged when it was revealed that doctors associated with the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth were not only performing abortions but also carrying out sex change operations"


12-08-07:  California Catholic Daily: "Three R’s and LGBTQ - Gay-Straight Alliance guide encourages homosexual high school students to “take over the class.”"


12-08-07:  Colorez (Southern Arizona): "Trans workers face persistent discrimination" (includes discussion by Amanda Simpson)


12-07-07:  Nashua Telegraph (NH): "Area doctor opens up Amherst practice" - "In her new practice, Dr. Madden will treat various traditional medical conditions within all age groups including pediatric well child exams, routine adult preventive health-care visits, gynecologic exams for women and care of the elderly. Having undergone gender reassignment surgery, Dr. Madden is able to offer health-care services to patients who come from alternative lifestyles, are gender variant, or who have diverse family situations."  NEW


12-07-07:  Yale Daily News: "From drag ball to panels, Trans Week reviews mixed" (Note: In a not-uncommon move by clueless GLB and women's-studies groups, Yale trans "awareness" week highlighted a drag show that stereotypes transwomen - as in the photo in this article).


12-07-07:  Guardian Unlimited (UK): "Directors quit Catholic hospital in ethics code row" - "A Catholic hospital is in turmoil after two directors resigned, refusing to accept tighter ethical codes on abortions, contraception and sex-change operations."


12-07-07:  Gay City News: "No Gotham Welcome Wagon For HRC"


12-07-07:  Columbia Spectator: "Transgender Students Search for Campus Niche"


12-06-07:  Gay City News: "Trans Library of Congress Suit a Go" - "In a curiously incomplete opinion, US District Judge James Robertson has again rejected a motion by the Librarian of Congress to dismiss a federal civil rights sex discrimination claim by Diane J. Schroer, a male-to-female transsexual denied employment by the Library."


12-06-07:  Associated Press: "Congress Drops Hate Crimes Bill" (more)


12-06-07: (re Argentina): "Argentinian teen wins sex change battle" - "A teenage girl in Argentina has become the first minor in the country permitted to undergo a sex change operation." (includes link to video interview with Nati).


12-06-07:  Gulf Daily News (Bahrain): "Sex change op is successful"


12-06-07: (France, re Thailand): "Plastic surgery: turn to the Thai scalpel"  (Français)


12-06-07:  Bay Area Reporter: ""SF ID cards to help TGs"


12-06-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Gay chamber hires transgender ED" - "With the country's LGBT community embroiled in a debate over protecting transgender people in the workplace, the nation's oldest gay chamber of commerce announced this week it has hired a post-op transsexual woman as its new executive director." (story about Katherine Dean, of Pacifica, CA)


12-05-07:  Windy City Times: Letter to the editor: "Protesting HRC" - "IGA intends to peacefully protest HRC’s event featuring Susan Stanton. We intend to send a clear message that education initiatives and paid public appearances do not compensate for national HRC policies . . ." (Illinois Gender Associates protests Susan Stanton's paid appearances on behalf of HRC).


12-05-07: "Scottsdale Extends Anti-Bias Law"


12-05-07:  Associated Press: "Transgender Ga. Politician Loses Runoff"


12-04-07:  "Argentine Undergoes Sex-Change Surgery" - "A 17-year-old Argentine has undergone surgery to become a female only months after winning a court battle in the first case of its kind involving a minor in this country" (link to earlier stories about 'Nati', more)


12-04-07:  Washington Blade: "Trans woman seeks to succeed lawmaker - Beyer could replace Maryland delegate who died"


12-04-07:  Inside Higher Ed: "The Meaning of a Transgender Homecoming King"


12-04-07:  M&C News (re Germany): "German court rules transsexual can be excluded from police"


12-03-07: (re Nepal): "Nepal Gays Threaten Gov't With Increasing Protests" - "Last year police arrested 26 transsexuals in one raid. According to Blue Diamond they were taken to the Hanuman Dhoka central police station in Kathmandu where they were held for weeks without being allowed to contact anyone."


12-03-07:  Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Judge finds no gender fraud in Riverdale election" (more)


12-03-07:  Newswise Press Release: "Surgeon Urges Colleagues to Reconsider Their Views About a Medical Procedure for Transsexual Patients" - "A prominent gynecologic cancer surgeon is urging her fellow physicians to reconsider their views about a medical procedure for transsexual patients making the transition from female to male."


12-03-07:  Entertainment Tonite (via YouTube): "ET Transgender Summit Series" 


12-03-07:  Organisation Intersex International (OII): "MY SON, MY STRUGGLE", a diary by the mother of an intersexed child (Edited and translated from the French by Curtis E. Hinkle, Founder of OII).

12-03-07:  Computerworld: "Unsung innovators: 10 people who shaped the computer industry"


12-03-07:  Computerworld: "Unsung innovators: Lynn Conway and Carver Mead - They literally wrote the book on chip design"


12-02-07: (re Africa): "Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Rights in Africa Remains a Slow Process"


12-02-07:  Sun (ME): "His? Hers? Ours? These bathrooms serve all"


12-02-07:  Times Record-Herald (NY): "The courage to make a life-altering change"


12-01-07: (UK talbloid): "Oops.. she's had a conversion - Rugby ace Danny's love Larissa WAS a boy called Darren"  


12-01-07:  IBNLive (India): "Transgenders come out, take up AIDS fight"



November 2007:


11-30-07:  ABC News: "Guy Turned Girl Seeks Love on Reality TV - 'Transamerican Love Story' Stars a Transgender Woman Picking From a Pool of Men" -

"People come to the idea of transsexual person with a lot of preconceptions. They're going to be carrying a lot of baggage from shows like Jerry Springer," she said. "When they actually see the show, they're going to be surprised. They're going to see a girl next door from the south living in L.A. and trying to date."

11-30-07:  The Advocate: "Logo Green-lights Dating Series Featuring Transgender - Logo has announced that it has green-lit a new competition dating series, Transamerican Love Story, centered on transgender activist, artist, actress, and author Calpernia Addams." -

"The show, hosted by comedian Alex Mapa, follows Calpernia Addams as she whittles down a group of eight bachelors living together in an Los Angeles–area house, with the help of her best friend and fellow transgender activist Andrea James. Addams is an out trans woman to all the show's suitors from the start of the series. The show will feature online voting at Logo's website, allowing viewers the opportunity to tell Addams whom they think she should eliminate." (more, more)


11-29-07:  NewMedia Journalism (Canada): "Transgendered Canadian Races toward Olympic history" - "It's been three years since the International Olympic Committee approved rules to allow transgendered athletes to become Olympians. A Canadian woman who was born male may become the first person to test those rules next year at the Beijing Games."


11-30-07:  American Spectator: "Flushed Out" - "I am a woman, and I'm supposed to be here." - "Imagine if you had to say that every time you entered a public restroom."


11-29-07:  Washington Blade: "Judge rejects motion to dismiss transgender discrimination case - Library of Congress charged with gender bias against trans woman"


11-29-07: (UK): "Two people arrested in trans murder case"


11-29-07: "HRC’s Polls Raise More Questions, Reveals Hubris - When Will Non-Profit Fall?" 


11-28-07:  Washington Blade: "Experts question HRC’s ENDA survey - Researcher says methodology 'doesn't make sense'" 


11-28-07:  FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting): "Transforming Coverage - Transgender issues get greater respect—but anatomy remains destiny"


11-28-07: Hindustani Times (India): "Caught between the sexes"


11-28-07:  UK Gay News (re US): "Library of Congress Can Be Sued for Discriminating Against Transgender Veteran, Says Federal Court"


11-27-07:  Echelon Magazine: "Transgender Leaders Donna Rose and Jamison Green Resign from HRC Business Council" - This article includes open letter from Donna Rose and Jamison Green to HRC.


11-27-07:  Associated Press: "Two Transgender Members Quit Group — saying the group's support of an employment nondiscrimination bill that excluded transgender workers put them "in an untenable position." (more)

Jamison Green and Donna Rose's resignations from the business council of the Human Rights Campaign are effective immediately, according to a joint letter. "Considering recent broken promises, the lack of credibility that HRC has with the transgender community at large, and HRC's apparent lack of commitment to healing the breach it has caused, we find it impossible to maintain an effective working relationship with the organization," they said. 


11-27-07:  Pink News (UK, re Bahrain): "Gulf authorities to pay for gender reassignment"


11-27-07:  Gulf Daily News (Bahrain): "Let me lead a normal life" - "A woman about to embark on the rest of her life as a man has appealed to the people of Bahrain for acceptance"


11-27-07:  Daily Illini (Univ. of Illinois): "Community feels transgender care, services lacking"


11-26-07:  Wimbledon Guardian (UK): "Transexual's death now treated as murder"


11-26-07:  The Stanford Daily: "Meeting covers gender-blind housing plans - Students call for policy change in University dorms"

11-25-07:  CAMH (Canada): "Have you: Received services at CAMH’s Gender Identity Clinic? - We’d like your feedback" - The infamous Blanchard-Zucker Gender Identity Centre at CAMH (aka 'the Clarke Institute') comes under scrutiny in upcoming trans-community focus-group meeting in Toronto. (PDF)


11-25-07:  Diverse - Issues in Higher Education: "Columbia Law School’s Sexuality and Gender Law Clinic Sets a Precedent"


11-25-07:  San Gabriel Valley Tribune: "Fighting for the throne - Transgender student elected" 


11-24-07:  Pattaya City News (Thailand): "Democratic Party leader visits Tiffany’s Show Theatre" - "to address the Transsexual Community of Pattaya to discuss his intentions for improving their rights and recognition"


11-24-07:  The San Francisco Sentinel: "Why the transgender community hates the Human Rights Campaign" 


11-24-07: The Tribune (India): "Different strokes" - "She’s had the courage to acknowledge her alternate sexuality, accept it and finally declare it to one and all. Arup Chanda meets Rose, who was Ramesh Venkatesan a year ago, and is today all set to be the first transgender host of a television talk show in the country"


11-23-07:  The "GLBT minus T equals discord"


11-23-07:  New York Times: "Transgender Politician Faces Fraud Lawsuit"


11-23-07:  Lavender Magazine: "Show Girls Doc: An Interview with Jeremy Stanford and Maria Roman"


11-22-07:  Washington Blade: "HRC cancels trans memorial event - Relationships with some activists strained after ENDA fight"  


11-22-07:  Organization Intersex International (OII): “Alice Dreger, have you no shame?” - In attempts to defend her “disordered” terminology for intersex people, Alice Dreger has begun giving seminar talks entitled: "No Matter How You Slice It? Parsing Intersex".


OII responded that her talks expose “The Dark Side of Dreger's DSD Activism.”. . . “That title reveals an insidiously hateful side of Dreger’s character: For someone who prides herself in being ever so clever with words, she had to know how hurtful that title would be to intersex people (especially those who've been "sliced" physically and emotionally by the system Dreger represents, and who don't appreciate being referred to as "it" either).”

11-22-07:  TS "Alice Dreger’s “slice it” joke riles intersex activists" - "Alice Dreger recently returned to her alma mater . . .  to deliver a lecture titled “No Matter How You Slice It: Parsing Intersex.” Intersex activists quickly pointed out that the title’s pun made light of “normalizing” surgery many intersex people endure and suggests that intersex people are neither he nor she, but “it.”" 


11-22-07:  AOL Sports (re Germany): "Pole Vaulter Yvonne Buschbaum Retires, Plans to Change Genders" (more, more)


11-22-07: (Michigan): "Michigan governor's order bars bias against transgender employees" (more, more, more)


11-22-07: (Maryland): "Leggett signs transgender discrimination ban into law"


11-21-07:  Gay City News: "Politics: Voices of Inclusion Ask, 'What Next?'"


11-21-07:  Oregon Daily Emerald: "One voice, one cause - The transgender community speaks out about struggles on Day of Remembrance"


11-21-07:  South Florida Sun-Sentinel: "Palm Beach County bans transgender discrimination" (more, more)


11-20-07:  The Nashua Telegraph: "Dr. Jennifer Madden Opens Souhegan Family Practice" - "In her new practice, Dr. Madden will treat various traditional medical conditions within all age groups including pediatric well child exams, routine adult preventive health care visits, gynecologic exams for women and care of the elderly. Having undergone gender reassignment surgery herself, Dr. Madden is able to offer healthcare services to patients who come from alternative life styles, are gender variant, or who have diverse family situations."


11-20-07:  NGLTF: "Task Force Commemorates Transgender Day of Remembrance"


11-20-07:  The Harvard Crimson: "Vigil Mourns Transgender Victims" (more, more, more)


11-20-07:  USA Today: "S.F. approves ID cards that exclude gender" 


11-19-07:  San Jose Mercury News: "Events spotlight violence against transgender community" - "Throughout the nation, supporters of the transgender community will unite Tuesday to speak out against intolerance and violence" - in the National Transgender Day of Remembrance.


11-19-07: "Julia Serano: There’s Something About “Deception” " - "Few attempts to blame the victim are more blatant than when trans people are accused of “sexual deceit” or “sexual assault” simply because other people have chosen to express their attraction toward us."


11-19-07: "Court dodges whether sex stereotyping theory applies to transsexuals"


11-19-07: "University of Southern Maine Sanctions Transgendered Public Bathrooms"


11-19-07:  Pink News (re Argentina): "Argentina's sixteenth Pride event is great success
- "We must work against all types of discrimination and especially on this day against homophobia, and also pursue the rights not afforded to us; for example, the identity of transsexual people."


11-19-07:  Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Transgender candidate misled voters, suit alleges" (more, more)


11-19-07:  Asian Pacific News (re India): "Sex change cyclist" 


11-19-07: "Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Elders Search for Safe Havens"


11-18-07:  San Francisco Chronicle: "Two Cents: Has your thinking about transgender individuals changed?"


11-18-07:  San Franscisco Chronicle: "Gender identity and the chemical delay of puberty - A call for more clinics and treatment for children at an early stage in their growth", by Stephanie Brill and Herbert Schreier.


"Herbert Schreier practices child psychiatry in Oakland and is co-founder of a support group for parents of gender-variant and transgender children. Stephanie Brill, the other co-founder of the support group, also founded Gender Spectrum Education and Training ( and is program director of Gender Odyssey Family (, a national conference for families with a gender-variant or transgender child."


11-18-07:  Gay City News: "Two Spirits Better Than One" - "Native American activist Harlan Pruden can move instantly from a furious passion to heartfelt tears as he discusses the challenges of trying to educate people about the needs and struggles of members of his community who identify as two-spirit, or queer."


11-18-07:  Edmunton Sun (Canada): "Take a trans on them"


11-18-07:  Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland): "Press banned from tranny job bias case"


11-17-07:  EarthTimes (re India): "Transgender to campaign for gender justice in education"


11-16-07:  Pegasus News/Dallas Voice: "Dallas human rights fundraiser could be showdown on transgender issues" - "That's because leading transgender activist Donna Rose will be there, and so will Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese"


11-16-07:  The Arizona Republic: "'A lot of issues' spurred Human Relations panel into action"


11-16-07:  Daily Orange (Syracuse Univ.): "Office honors transgender victims with ceremony"


11-16-07:  Daily Princetonian: "Students observe National Transgender Day of Remembrance"


11-16-07:  The Hindu Business Line (India): "Cry inclusive - With very little support coming their way, transgenders have decided to speak up for their rights"


11-15-07:  The Appalachian (Appalachian State Univ.): "Committee considers transgender housing in residence halls"


11-15-07:  KITV-Honolulu: "Sultry Blond On ABC Show Is Hawaii Transgender"


11-15-07:  The Badger Herald (Univ. of Wisconsin): "Transgender activist shares struggle"


11-15-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Transgender drop-in center is reborn"


11-14-07:  Bay Windows: "Remembering victims of violence"


11-14-07:  Le Provocateur: "Gender is not a hobby - It is a fact for Finney Boylan" 


11-14-07:  AthletesCAN (Canada): "AthletesCAN heads Sport Canada-funded transitioning/transitioned athletes project" "AthletesCAN, in partnership with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) and the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS), is heading up a Sport Canada-funded project entitled Promising Practices: Working with Transitioning/Transitioned Athletes in Sport."


11-14-07:  The BG News (Bowling Green State Univ.): "Living in a transgender world - Q&A clears up confusion in terms of gender" (print)  "Joelle Ruby Ryan encouraged any and all questions. Ryan, founder of Transcendence, the University based transgender support group, said workshops will be held throughout the week to further educate people on transgendered people and the obstacles they must overcome"


11-13-07:  ABC News: "Transgendered Actress Breaks Hollywood Barriers" (story about Candis Cayne and her husband Marco McDermott).


11-14-07:  The Arizona Republic: "Bar owner, transgender patron settle yearlong bathroom battle"


11-13-07: (GLAAD Press Release): "In Honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance, GLAAD Releases a Powerful Message Calling for Dignity and Respect"


11-13-07:  Washington Blade: "Mont. Co. approves trans bias bill - Bars discrimination in housing, employment, accommodations" (more)


11-13-07:  The Vanguard (Portland State): "More transgender bathrooms in rec center, please - Equality task force asks for more gender-neutral restrooms to accommodate a wider variety of students"


11-13-07: (Madison, WI): "Transgender Awareness Week at the UW"


11-12-07:  Lambda Literary Foundation: Open posting of Letter to the New York Times, Sept. 20, 2007:  "In your recent article on J. Michael Bailey and his book, The Man Who Would Be Queen (“Criticism of a Gender Theory, and Scientist Under Siege” by Benedict Carey, August 21, 2007), your journalist reported, “The Lambda Literary Foundation, an organization that promotes gay, bisexual, and transgender literature, nominated the book for an award.” Mr. Carey failed to disclose that the Foundation later withdrew the award nomination in response to our judges’ assessment of the book, which they ultimately considered transphobic and inappropriate for a Lambda Literary award. . . ." (more)


Thus we see yet another independent third party expose Alice Dreger promoting exaggerations and unsupported innuendos from her self-proclaimed "scholarly history" of the Bailey book fiasco. (more)


11-12-07:  Los Angeles Times: "TV gives a role to transsexuality - With taboos being erased, story lines involving transgender characters have been emerging on prominent shows"


11-12-07:  The Oregonian: "Care needs of prisoners put Oregon in a bind - The state must provide community-level services to a population with growing demands"


11-12-07: "The producers and the cast of "t" invite you to join us for a celebration and a screening of the trailer. november 14, 2007, 7pm to 9pm, lucky chengs, 24 First ave (btwn 1st & 2nd), NYC " (more, more)


11-12-07: (India): "Nose Ring As Thorn - He was unhappy with his body. Now, more comfy in her skin, Rose awaits her TV talk show"


11-12-07:  The Korea Times (South Korea): "Male-Turned-Female Actress Appears in ‘Sex Is Zero’ Sequel"


11-12-07:  GWHatchet (George Washington Univ): "Exploring sexuality"


11-11-07:  AFP (re Thailand): "Thai crowned world's transsexual beauty queen" (more, more, more, more, video, video)


11-11-07:  Seattle Times: "On TV, being gay is so passé; now transexuals are in"


11-11-07:  Washington Post: "Montgomery Wisely Keeps Anti-Discrimination Law For Transgender People Out of Public Restrooms" (columnist Marc Fisher applauds move to keep transgender people out of public restrooms of their choice).


11-10-07: (Singapore): Media Release: Transsexual Author Leona Lo Ejected from Popular Singapore Bar for being "Lady Boy" - Leona Lo is the author of My Sisters, Their Stories, a book about transwomen in Singapore and Thailand, and recently published her autobiography, From Leonard to Leona: A Singapore Transsexual's Journey to Womanhood. (Leona's website; more about Leona's story)


11-09-07: (Maryland): "Montgomery County Council acts to quell protests over transgender bill" - "After a vigorous e-mail campaign attacking the public accommodations section of a bill designed to protect transgender people from discrimination, a Montgomery County Council committee has decided to remove that portion of the bill."


11-09-07:  Phoenix Business Journal: "Bar association to create commission on sexual orientation" - "The ABA said Friday it was creating a new commission on "sexual orientation and gender identity." The national Bar said it wants to eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the legal profession as well as the justice system"


11-09-07:  Pridesource (Michigan): "Suicide of transgender youth in Holland (MI) raises questions"


11-09-07:  New York Times: Editorial: "An Overdue Step for Equal Justice"


11-08-07:  Time Magazine: "The Gender Conundrum"


11-08-07:  Gay and Lesbian Times: "Transgender Veterans: Beyond ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ transgender vets face different discriminations in the armed services"


11-08-07:  San Francisco Chronicle: "House approves bill banning bias against gays in workplace" " . . . but the celebration was muddied by miscalculations by Democratic leaders and recriminations among many of those the bill is intended to help" (more)


11-08-07:  Queerty: "ENDA: The Day After"


11-08-07:  Falls Church News Press: "Anything But Straight: HRC's Broken Promises", by Wayne Besen 


11-08-07:  Gotham Gazette: Civil Rights: "New York Plays Key Role in Fight for Transgender Rights"


11-08-07:  Arizona Republic: "Finding her true self - After difficult metamorphosis, transsexual woman just wants to fit in" 


11-07-08:  NGLTF Press Release: "Task Force, Inc., responds to House passage of non-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act"


11-07-07:  PRNewswire: "PFLAG Commits to Increasing Congressional Education Efforts on the Need for Gender Identity Protections in the Workplace - Organization Disappointed that Massive Groundswell of Family Voices Supporting a Fully Inclusive ENDA were not Heard"


11-07-07: "ENDA Passes House Without Trans Protections"


11-06-07:  PageOneQ: "ENDA to hit House floor tomorrow without Baldwin Amendment vote"


11-06-07: "Solidarity On ENDA Trans Inclusion Unravels"


11-06-07:  Chennai Online (India): "Vijay TV presents Ippadikku Rose"


11-05-07: "Why Is The Catholic Church Hatin' On Transpeople?", by Monica Roberts - ". . . the Vatican was being advised by a 30 year enemy of the transgender community: Dr. Paul McHugh.. . . A man with a personal axe to grind against transgender people . . . He has used that position to turn the Catholic Church into an intolerant bastion of transphobia, at least at the leadership level. . . . McHugh has ruined not only the lives of many transpeople in the United States, but is now setting up the conditions to spread his hatred through an institution that impacts people around the world."  NEW


11-05-07:  TYFA: "TransYouth Family Advocates announces campaign for transgender suicide awareness"


11-05-07:  Gay City News: "BREAKING NEWS -- ENDA Heading to Floor This Week"  


11-05-07:  Human Rights Watch (re South Korea): "South Korea: Rights Bill Excludes Many"


11-05-07:  Reuters Africa (re Bahrain): "Declared a woman, Bahraini man battles Arab norms"


11-05-07:  Washington Square News (NYU): "Here and nationwide, bathrooms that aren't his or hers"


11-05-07:  Bangkok Post (Thailand): "Thailand's secret history - An Australian academic is trying to preserve the story of Thailand's gay, lesbian and transgendered communities in the face of official opposition"


11-04-07:  The Houston Chronicle: "Pushing the transsexual envelope"


11-04-07:  The Nation (Thailand): Editorial: "Towards equality for the 'third sex' - A decision on granting transsexuals the full legal rights due their chosen gender requires careful consideration"


11-04-07:  WoodTV8 Grand Rapids, MI: "The struggles of transgenders"


11-04-07:  The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia): "Transsexual fights for her lesbian rights"


11-03-07:  The Times (UK re India): "Transsexual host breaks TV taboo"


11-02-07:  The Daily Mail (UK): "My husband became my best girlfriend"


11-02-07:  Mark Angelo Cummings: "Ian you will be missed - A tribute to a young FtM brother whose life ended too soon", by Mark Angelo Cummings.


11-02-07:  Hindustan Times: "Transsexuals want space, acceptance" 


11-01-07: "Arizona Bar Ends Ban On Transsexuals"


11-01-07:  San Franscisco Bay Times: "Fabulous: Transtasia" (re a documentary about a trans beauty pageant held in Las Vegas)


11-01-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "ENDA rumors swirl"


11-01-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Filmmaker defends The Gendercator"


11-01-07:  Rocky Mountain Chronicle: "ALL OR NOTHING - Gay-rights organizations demand a bill to protect gays, lesbians and bisexuals from workplace discrimination"


11-01-07:  IBN-Live (India): "Meet Rose, India's first transgender TV show host"  (more, more, more)


11-01-07:  The Philippine Daily Inquirer (Philippines): Commentary: "Transsexual women" 



October 2007:


10-31-07:  The New York Times: "The Ghosts of Halloweens Past", by Jennifer Finney Boylan  NEW


10-31-07:  The Advocate: "Methodists Vote: Transgender Pastor Can Stay" (more, more, more)


10-31-07:  Hindustan Times (India): "LOST IN TRANSITION: The attempted suicide by athlete Santhi Soundararajan, stripped of her Asian Games silver after failing a 'sex test', has brought to light the plight of transitioned athletes. Danish golfer Mianne Bagger and Canadian cyclist Kristen Worley, both transitioned sportspersons, talk about their fight to ensure justice for Santhi in an exclusive chat with HT", by Ajai Masand.

(This entry links to a scan of the article, which includes a wonderful sketch) (for links to the online interviews, see the following news items):


10-30-07:  Hindustan Times (India): "'Who decides what is the definition of a woman?'" (Ajai Masand interviews Danish golfer Mianne Bagger regarding the Indian Olympic Association's defamatory outing of athlete Santhi Soundarajan)


10-30-07:  Hindustan Times (India): "'IOC biggest threat to future of global sport'" (Ajai Masand interviews with Canadian cyclist Kristen Worley regarding the Indian Olympic Association's defamatory outing of India's athlete Santhi Soundarajan)


10-30-07:  TransActive Education & Advocacy: "Tragic News: A Child Lost"  ". . . a 16-year old transgender boy committed suicide yesterday."


10-29-07:  AlterNet: "Non-Discrimination Bill Leaves Out Transgendered People - A debate over whether rights for transgenders should be included in the Employment Non-Discrimination Act is opening the possibility for a profound shift in the gay movement." 


10-29-07:  ILGHRC Urgent Action Alert (re Argentina): "Argentina: Investigate Transgender Murder and Protect Activist in Salta Province" (please write letters).


10-29-07: The Times of India (India): "Youth to speak their mind on sexuality"


10-29-07:  Reuters (UK re Japan): "Japan sex-change parents can't change records"  (more)


10-29-07:  The Stanford Daily: "Housing task forces consider Draw reforms" ". . . the new policy would not require students to explicitly say they were transgender"

10-28-07:  Brisbane Times (Australia - re Malaysia): "Malaysia's transexuals battle sex change woes" (print)


10-28-07:  UK Gay News (re Uganda): "Historic Gay, Lesbian Rights Meeting Held in Uganda"


10-28-07:  Guardian Unlimited - Observer Magazine (UK): "Nothing extraordinary for Jo Normal"


10-26-07:  Washington "Advisers urge Bush to veto ENDA Gay - Frank fears Dems will bump bill to ’09; Kennedy to introduce Senate version" (detailed overview of the present ENDA situation)


10-25-07:  Gay & Lesbian Times: "Born in a bind: treating transgender children" - This article provides a good update on this important issue. Sadly, the Gay & Lesbian Times made a serious "insensitivity" error, and the family interviewed for the article became very upset: Their little trans daughter was referred to throughout the article by a male name and male pronouns. Trans Youth Family Associates helped bring this to the attention of the G&LT editors, who demonstrated journalistic integrity and a willingness to learn and then apologized to the family.


10-25-07: "A TransAmazon Takes on The Man", by Jacob Anderson-Minshall - This article discusses Alice Dreger's sudden personal attack on graduate student and Point Foundation Scholar Joelle Ryan, and how Joelle has stood her ground. (extended version of earlier SF Bay Times article) (more) PDF


10-25-07:  Mansfield News Journal: "Transgender advocate lauds OSU"


10-24-07:  Windy City Times: "Trans-Rights Activists Picket Pelosi Appearance"


10-24-07: "Blaming the trannies - Gender bias sweeps the gay punditocracy"


10-24-07:  Hindustan Times (India): "Canadian cyclist 'paddles' for Santhi" - "Kristen Worley and Santi Soundarajan have never met. They live continents-apart, Worley in North America, Santhi in India. But Worley . . . is fighting for the cause of Santhi and other victims of Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS), which results in the external physical characteristics typically associated with women despite having XY chromosomes, and wants the Indian athlete to get her Asian Games silver medal back" (more, more)


10-24-07: "Call for Transsexual Narratives" - "I am currently working on a paper (which I plan to submit to a peer-reviewed psychology journal) that challenges psychologist Ray Blanchard’s causal theory of “autogynephilia.”. . . This theory posits that all transsexual women who are not exclusively attracted to men transition to female because we are sexually aroused by the idea of being or becoming women. . . . To refute the assumption that “autogynephilic” fantasies *cause* transsexuality, I am hoping to collect applicable narratives from MTF transsexuals who are lesbian, bisexual or “asexual” in orientation." (Please see Julia Serano's call for narratives, and participate if you can). 


10-23-07:  Lynn News (UK): "More cash to fund extra sex changes"


10-23-07:  The Advocate: "Paper Finds Controversial Northwestern Researcher Acted Appropriately" (More in Dreger's media blitz to resurrect Bailey's "ruined" career).


10-23-07:  Prenatal Diagnosis Journal (7-20-07): "Case Report: Prenatal diagnosis of a fetus with androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS)"  A new diagnostic technique can detect androgen insensitivity syndrome in utero. In this case study the fetus was aborted, in an example of intersex eugenics. The article recommends that the "appearance of fetal sex on ultrasound should be compared with genetic sex" (insinuating that mismatches be "terminated", as done in this case). (more)


10-23-07:  Science Daily (10-20-07): "Sex Hormone Signature Indicates Gender Rather Than Just Chromosomes" - "Help with assigning gender could one day be at hand for intersex individuals whose genital phenotypes and sex chromosomes don't match, thanks to the discovery of a stable sex hormone signature in our cells."  (more)


10-23-07:  The Star (Malaysia): "Battling stigma - A Singaporean transsexual fights the ‘culture of shame’ in Asia"


10-22-07: "Federal Lawsuit Challenges Wisconsin Anti-Transgender Law" - "Lambda Legal and the ACLU are suing the state on behalf of five transgender women incarcerated in Wisconsin"


10-22-07: (Philippines): "SC junks transsexual’s plea for gender, name change" - (In an incredibly defamatory statement, the Philippines' Supreme Court refers to a trans women by using male pronouns while denying her petition)


10-21-07:  The Mail (UK): "'A year ago I was Ian, 16 stone with 14-inch biceps, a Captain in the Paras. Today I'm Jan, 11 stone and size 12" , by Jan Hamilton. NEW


10-21-07:  CBS News: "LGB Rights Bill: Hold The "T"? - Congress May Exclude Transgender Rights To Drive Tough Bill Forward" (print version)


10-21-07: "Legal troubles for Denise Tree (aka Kiira Triea) expose more lies" - J. Michael Bailey's supporter and co-author Kiira Triea (author of the fake "" website) is in trouble with the law. She is now out on $5000 bond and faces a court in Baltimore on Dec. 10, 2007.  Court records reveal that Triea has lied about her past, openly exposing her as an unreliable source. Please contact Andrea James if you're in the Baltimore area and would like to attend Triea's court appearance.


10-21-07:  Chicago Tribune: "Gender-neutral facilities stir campus debate" - "At, users can search for "gender free" bathroom locations by city and to add locations to the list."


10-20-07:  The Globe and Mail (Canada): "Free to be she - or he", by Deirdre McCloskey  (local link) NEW


10-20-07:  San Francisco Bay Times: "A TransAmazon Takes on The Man" - This article discusses Alice Dreger's internet attacks on graduate student Joelle Ryan, and how Joelle has stood her ground. (published 10-18-07)


10-20-07: "Terri O'Connell races toward the checkered flag" - "Daniel Weil, a contributing editor to, was granted an interview with Terri O'Connell, the only transgender race car driver in NASCAR." (A wonderful interview originally posted 10-18-07).

10-20-07:  Washington Post (Religion section): "Explanation for Transgenderism Continues to Elude Scientists" 


10-19-07:  International Herald Tribune (Ireland): "Ireland violated transsexual's right to new birth certificate under EU law, judge rules" "This is such a wonderful breakthrough after such a long, long time," said Dr. Lydia Foy, a 60-year-old dentist who began her case in 1997, five years after undergoing a sex-change operation to become a woman." (This is a landmark ruling for Ireland's transpeople, who've been greatly oppressed up to now). (more, more)


10-19-07:  Bay Windows: "Baldwin, Frank disagreed on vote count"


10-19-07:  San Francisco Chronicle: "Rift deepens among gays as rights bill moves to House floor"


10-19-07:  Chicago Tribune: "Gay-rights milestone draws transgender activists' outcry - Anti-discrimination protections in bill won't cover group"


10-19-07: (Vietnam): "Government considers transsexuality"  - "The Ministry of Health will allow local qualified clinics to perform transsexual surgeries, according to the draft decree on redefining sexuality that has been submitted to the government for consideration" - We're seeing signs that Vietnamese surgeons are hoping to emulate the successes of surgeons in Thailand; right now the reported average cost of SRS in Vietnam is only $1,250 US.


10-19-07:  USA Today: "Transgender pastor prompts uneasy questions for Methodists"


10-19-07:  Daily Northwestern: "Report clearing prof leaves critics unsatisfied" - Yet more propaganda in the BBL media effort to resurrect Bailey "ruined" career.


10-19-07:  Washington Blade: "Trans pastor’s future may be in Holsinger’s hands Gay - Bush’s surgeon general nominee to vote on Methodist minister’s reappointment"


10-19-07:  Detroit Free Press: "Health, social issues focus of transgender-youth conference" - "Lance Hicks will be one of about 50 teenagers in Ferndale this weekend to talk about equality, activism and health issues as a part of one of the largest gatherings of transgender youth in the Midwest...The Midwest Trans Youth Conference is the brainchild of Laura Sorensen -- youth services coordinator at Affirmations Community Center in Ferndale -- and Jay Botsford, who works with transgender youth at Project Q in Milwaukee."


10-19-07:  Southern Voice: "Riverdale official targeted on anti-trans website" 


10-18-07:  Chicago Tribune: "Gay-rights milestone draws transgender activists' outcry - Anti-discrimination protections in bill won't cover group"


10-18-07: "Athlete Fights for More than a Spot at 2008 Olympics" (article about Canadian cyclist Kristen Worley).


10-18-07:  Washington Post: "Quandary Over Gay Rights Bill: Is It Better to Protect Some or None?"


10-17-07:  Windy City Times: "HISTORY MONTH: Stonewall wasn’t the first LGBT riot"  NEW


10-17-07: "Lesbian Lawmaker Offers ENDA Compromise" 


10-16-07:   Huffington Post: "Barney Frank Says It's "Unrealistic" to Expect Representation from our Representatives"


10-16-07:  The Chronicle-Herald (Halifax, NS, Canada): "Dirty Sexy Money and transgender stereotypes"


10-16-07:  NPR News: "Transgender Woman, IRS Fight over Tax Deduction"


10-16-07:  Thannien News (Vietnam): "Doctor: Vietnam hospitals capable of chopping and changing" - "Some leading hospitals in the country are “technically” capable of performing sex change surgeries at relatively low cost"


10-16-07:  Blackpool Gazette (UK): "Sex-change carer's fury over complaint"


10-15-07: "Pam Bennett for Aurora City Council" - Pam Bennett is an out and proud transgender woman running for city council in Aurora, Colorado. According to Newsweek, she is the only transgender person running for city council in the United States. (Press Releases). 


10-14-07:  The Times of India (India): "Transsexual barred from namaz" - "Syed Rehan Firdous was not allowed to offer namaz as clerics did not permit him into the prayer room. His fault? He was a woman earlier."


10-14-07:  The Times of India (India): "After sex change, man barred from idgah"


10-13-07:  Daily Mail (UK): "The beauty queens with rather surprising a-genders"


10-13-07: "Groups Slam 'Deal' On ENDA"


10-13-07:  The Boston Globe: "On TV, shows confronting transgender stereotypes" (interesting article about Candis Cayne's role in ABC's new TV series "Dirty Sexy Money")


10-12-07:  Japan News Review (Japan): "Dondake?! Transvestite TV-star IKKO releases single" NEW


10-12-07:  Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "Assault of transsexual investigated as hate crime"


10-12-07:  San Francisco Chronicle: "Gay rights champ Rep. Barney Frank lashes out at critics"


10-12-07: The Daily Battalion (Texas A&M): "Transgendered Aggie tells her story"


10-12-07:  Daily Camera (Boulder, CO): "Couple marks Coming Out Day - Duo says they wrestle with same issues as heterosexuals"


10-11-07: "Transgender people are not beggars at the civil rights table set by gay and lesbian activists. They are integral to the struggle for gender freedom for all." By Susan Stryker


10-11-07:  San Francisco Bay Times: "Athlete Fights For More Than a Spot at 2008 Olympics" (story about Canadian cyclist Kristen Worley)


10-10-07:  ValleyWag (Silicon Valley Blog): "Transitions: Microsoft's Sex Change" - "Michael Wallent, a general manager at Microsoft, will return to work in January as Megan Wallent. He came out to colleagues as transgender last month, first in person and then by email." (more) NEW


10-10-07:  Gay City News: "Boys Don't Cry" by Paul Schindler -- Editor-in-Chief


10-10-07:  Gay City News: "Barney Steps Up ENDA Rhetoric"


10-10-07:  Los Angeles Times: "Civil rights for LGB . . . and T  -  Democrats tried to get away with a discrimination bill that left out transgender persons. Big mistake." By Christine Daniels


10-10-07:  Left in "It’s Your History—Use It! Talking Points for Tran-Inclusive ENDA Activists" , posted 10-02-07 by Susan Stryker. In this powerful essay, Susan Stryker provides a valuable resource to activists in the ENDA struggle: "My contribution to this effort, as a historian of our community, is to provide other activists with talking points that can be used to educate people who might be inclined to support us if they understood our situation a little better, and who need to counter some of the misconceptions perpetuated by Frank’s skewed view of transgender civil rights activist history."

10-10-07:  Kelley Winters, Ph.D.: "Response to Rep. Frank's speech of Oct 9". In this open letter, Kelley reminds Rep. Frank that the transgender community should not be faulted for the unjustice that we suffer;  those who promote egregious false stereotypes have created our obstacles to civil justice:  ". . . You implied that transgender people are somehow unworthy of employment protection, possessing only “… few years of advocacy on the transgender issue.” In fact, Mr. Frank, my transgender sisters and brothers fought alongside my lesbian and gay sisters and brothers at Stonewall and have struggled with courage and distinction for understanding and basic human dignity each day since. It is not a lack of diligence by transgender Americans that is to blame for our denial of civil justice; rather it is obstacles posed by horrible false stereotypes, unprecedented among other minorities. Sadly, Congressman, you yourself have promoted some of the most degrading of these. In 2003, you were quoted by the Concerned Women for America, maligning transsexual women as, “people with penises who identify as women [who want] to be able to shower with other women. . . . ” (link to PDF)

10-09-07:  The EDGE (Boston): "Roberts Provides A Brief History of the Trans / HRC Schism"


10-09-07:  New York Times: "Ejection of a Woman From a Women’s Room Prompts Lawsuit" 


10-09-07:  The Advocate: "What It Means to Be Trans - LGBT leadership just went on record in a big way by insisting that ENDA should be trans-inclusive. Maybe now it's important to know what "transgender" really means"


10-09-07:  The Advocate: "At HRC Gala, Pelosi Shines, While ENDA's on Everyone's Mind"


10-08-07: (India): "Transgender to host TV show on Star Vijay" (more)


10-08-07:  The Edge (Boston): "Barney Frank, Gay Rights Group Spar Over Employment Non-Discrimination Act"


10-08-07:  Medical News Today: "Gay And Lesbian Medical Association Urges Inclusion Of Transgender People In Federal Workplace Discrimination Bill"


10-08-07:  Gulf Daily News (Bahrain): "A woman's fight for her manhood"


10-07-07: "How did the T get in LGBT? - The 30-year fight for a federal gay civil rights law may fail because activists insist on including rights for transgendered people too. Has gay inclusiveness gone too far too fast?", by John Aravosis (another gay man who opposes a trans-inclusive ENDA)


10-05-07:  Common Press Release: "150 Organizations to Announce Launch of United ENDA, a Nationwide Campaign to Ensure Transgender Protections Remain in Employment Non-Discrimination Act" (see


10-05-07:  San Francisco Bay Times: "A Movement Gets Trans-Jacked - Gay Americans will go without workplace rights or other legal protections because of the trans-or-bust strategy on ENDA", by Chris Crain (a gay man who opposes a trans-inclusive ENDA)

10-05-07:  Philadephia Gay News: "Mother speaks out on behalf of wounded trans child - As a young transgender woman clings to life with a bullet in her head, her mother is speaking out about violence against the trans community"


10-05-07:  Washington Blade: "ENDA creates rift among gays Gay - Pelosi delays vote on bill; trans activists to picket HRC fundraiser"


10-04-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Controversy dogs sexuality researcher" (more). Further interviews regarding Alice Dreger's histrionic revisionist "history" of the Bailey book fiasco, with some valuable commentary by Julia Serano and Susan Stryker. In this article, J. Michael Bailey confirms that he wrote and promoted TMWWBQ for financial gain, and that "at that time I was pretty broke, so it had a special appeal". Susan Stryker says that Dreger's history "was "misguided and misframed" and in the end "what Alice does is reproduce the very things that people are angry about."

10-04-07:  The Advocate: "Trans HRC board member tells why she quit" (Donna Rose discusses her resignation from HRC's Board of Directors in protest after HRC fails to oppose non trans-inclusive ENDA legislation).


10-04-07:  United ENDA: "United opposition to sexual-orientation-only employment nondiscrimination legislation" - New collective of over 200 organizations join forces to call for inclusive ENDA legislation.


10-04-07:  NTAC Press Release: "NTAC, Transgenders and Allies To Picket Over ENDA Betrayal" - "The National Transgender Advocacy Coalition is issuing a call to join numerous individuals and members of other organizations in protesting the lavish October 6th annual HRC National Dinner in Washington, DC. Representative Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, will be featured as Keynote at the event."


10-04-07:  Gay City News: "No ENDA Without Trans Protections "


10-03-07:  Pam's House Blend: "Donna Rose resigns from HRC board" - "The only transgender member of the Human Rights Campaign board, Donna Rose, has stepped down. Her statement is below the fold." (includes complete text of Donna's letter of resignation to HRC).


10-03-07:  San Francisco Chronicle: "Gay rights bill snags on blurred perceptions of identity, orientation"


10-01-07:  Gay City News: "As ENDA Heads to Committee, HRC, Task Force Say 'Slow Down' "


10-01-07:  HRC Back Story: "Human Rights Campaign signs ENDA letter to Capitol Hill" (HRC reverses itself and supports a combined bill that protects gay, lesbian, bisexual AND trans people) 


10-01-07: "Revised ENDA Also Reduces Protections For Gays Legal Group Says"


10-01-07:  National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Press Release: "More Than 90 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Organizations Tell Congress: Don't Leave Transgender People Behind!"


10-01-07:  Washington Post: "Woman Suing IRS Over Sex-Change Tax Claims - Case to Test if Procedure Is Deductible"


10-01-07:  Bangkok Post (Thailand): "Are you man enough to be a woman? - A group of politicians is drafting a bill that will legally recognise male-to-female transsexuals as women"


10-01-07:  Press for Change: "European Union Transgender & Transsexual Discrimination and Inequality Study - Press for Change are carrying out a major research project to document and compare the conditions for trans people across modern Europe. As part of the project we would like people to tell us about their own experiences through a detailed questionnaire which we have translated into a wide variety of languages." (Request for European participation)



September 2007: 


9-30-07:  Washington Blade : "THE Q : Washington Blade's Viewer Poll - Should gay rights groups support ENDA if transgender protections are removed? (a) Yes, we need to win rights incrementally, (b) No, we should stick together, (c) Who cares? Bush is going to veto it anyway" - Results as of 7:40pm EST on 9-30-07:  (a) 10%, (b) 88%, (c) 2%.


9-30-07:  Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland): "Death threat terror of sex change couple"


9-30-07:  Gulf Daily News (Bahrain): "Final op for sex change woman - A woman fighting for the right to be legally recognised as a man will travel to Thailand in December for her final sex change operation."


9-30-07:  South Bend Tribune: "Darkness, love and laughter mark show - Transgender actress stages her unique life in musical" - ""Before I Disappear" is a one-woman autobiographical play starring transgender actress Alexandra Billings -- a comic, dramatic and honest piece told through story and song."


9-30-07:  New Zealand Herald (New Zealand): "Transsexual MP offered granny role in film of life"


9-29-07:  National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF): "LGBT community refuses to abandon transgender inclusion in ENDA"


9-29-07:  Bay Area Times: "Genderqueer Student Hopes to Change Health Care Field" (story about Point Foundation scholar Emily Williams)


9-28-07:  Gay City News: "Tammy Baldwin Withholds Name From ENDA Stripped of Trans Protections"


9-28-07:  San Francisco Chronicle: Senate OKs hate-crimes bill protecting gays, lesbians - But House Democrats weaken employment legislation for transgender people"


9-28-07:  Yahoo News: "Our Fight For Anti-Discrimination Laws" - Rep. Barney Frank's "explains" the removal of trans protections from ENDA legislation.


9-28-07:  HRC: "Statement from Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese on recent ENDA developments"


9-28-07:  The Hindu (India): "Focus on need for bringing the transgendered to mainstream"


9-28-07:  The Washington Post (editorial): "A Civil Rights Law - Employment discrimination against gays and lesbians should be outlawed" - "It requires time and patience to educate the public and lawmakers about how prejudice harms some people. That's what gays and lesbians have been doing in their quest for equality for nearly 40 years. And that's what transgender people will have to do" (Translation: We're not to be included in the main ENDA legislation) (more , more, more)


9-27-07:  The Edge: "U.S. Senate Passes Hate Crimes Bill by Huge Margin, But Bush Veto Looms" (We're included in this one, but it is likely to be vetoed). (more, more)


9-27-07: "Academic Attack Against Trans Graduate Student by Alice Dreger of Northwestern Univ." - An open letter to the WPATH Board of Directors (PDF)


9-27-07:  USA Today (AP): "Court awards Argentine teen with transgender surgery" (see also story at 9-21-07)


9-27-07:  Oregon Daily Emerald (Univ. of Oregon): "Closing one door now opens many others - New gender-neutral changing facilities help the rec center welcome the entire campus population"


9-27-07:  The Sun (UK): "Sex-change kid becomes model"


9-27-07:  The Economic Times (India): "Indian companies should have policies to prevent transgender bias"


9-27-07: "Baldwin Impressed With Transsexual Co-Star"  "Ironically, with all the dysfunction going on in our show, people who have watched episodes two through six are saying that the most sweet, normal and most functional relationship on the show is the one between her and I. She's the hottest woman on set. Every time she walks across the set or across the lot, she has Teamsters that are veering off course and crashing their golf carts."


9-26-07:  "Candis Cayne breaks ‘Dirty Sexy’ boundaries - Born Brendan McDaniel, she portrays a transgender character on the show"


9-26-07:  Southern Voice: "ENDA hits snag over transgender inclusion - HRC 'did not assent' to dropping gender identity provision"


9-26-07:  The Guardian (re Iran): "Sex change funding undermines no gays claim - Ahmadinejad account rejected in Iran - Homosexuality illegal but transsexuals tolerated" (more)


9-26-07:  Pam's House Blend Online Magazine: "Has Alice Dreger Now Become the Bill O'Reilly of (Pseudo)Academia?", by Katrina Rose. (a further enlightening discussion about Alice Dreger's mass e-mail attack on a graduate student's efforts to organize a women's studies conference panel-discussion about the Bailey fiasco).


9-25-07:  Life After Gonzales - Legal and Political Commentary: "With "Defenders" Like This...Alice Dreger Destroys Academic Freedom in Order to Save It," by Élise Hendrick - On 9-17-07, Joelle Ryan, a grad student at Bowling Green State University, issued a call for papers for a panel about "The Bailey Brouhaha: Community Members Speak Out on Resisting Transphobia and Sexism in Academia and Beyond" (to be held at the NWSA conference in June 200). Bailey defender Alice Dreger of Northwestern University responded with an e-mail to the entire NWSA listserv that appeared quite threatening to Joelle's future career in academia. As Élise reveals in her essay, Dreger "actually attempts to defend her fanciful version of academic freedom by using intimidation and defamation to stifle an academic discussion of Bailey’s work!"


9-25-07:  Alert from grad student at Bowling Green State University: "Subject: Academic Attack Against Transwoman by Alice Dreger". Graduate student Joelle Ruby Ryan reports that Bailey defender Alice Dreger sent a mass e-mail to a women's studies listserve condemning Joelle's effort to organize a panel discussion about the "Bailey Brouhaha".


9-25-07: "Mom, I need to be a girl" by Just Evelyn has now been compiled in PDF format for easy hardcopy printing. This wonderful little book is great resource, especially for young trans teens who are trying to come out to their parents. Many give the book to parents and relatives as part of the process of reaching out for help. PDF's of the translated versions will also be compiled sometime soon. (html version) (PDF version; 77 pages; 970 KB)


9-25-07:  BBC News, Buenos Aires (Argentina): "Argentine boy sex change approved - A court in the central Argentine province of Cordoba has for the first time agreed that a sex change operation can be carried out on a minor" (more) (see also story at 9-21-07)

9-25-07:  Reuters (re Singapore): "Leonard to Leona, Singapore transsexual bares all" 


9-25-07:  Pink News: "Transsexual actress joins mainstream American drama" (more)


9-24-07:  South Florida Sun Sentinal: "Transgender community works to gain protections in South Florida - Policies would seek to protect civil rights"


9-23-07:  BBC News (UK): "Sex-change patients' op success - Most patients undergoing male to female sex-change surgery say they are happy with the results - despite significant complication rates, a survey suggests"


9-23-07:  The (Australia): "Sex-change woman in ID crisis"


9-22-07:  Medical News Today: "U.S. Medical Students Urge Passage Of Employment Non-Discrimination Act" - "The healthcare community should be concerned as discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is a major stressor to members of the LGBT community and has major implications on their mental and physical health" (print)


9-21-07: "The fire zone of gender theory - A scientist writes a book about the transgender phenomenon and ends up losing his university job" NEW


9-21-07:  Southern Voice: "Gay leaders address transgender conference - First trans career expo an ‘unprecedented success’"


9-21-07:  La Voz (Argentina) (story of 8-23-07, translation by Sonia John): "Surgery for "Nati" is Imminent" - An important news story from Argentina about a teenage transitioner who has been approved for surgery, setting a very important precedent there. (PDF)


9-21-07:  La Voz (Argentina) (story of 8-23-07): "Sería inminente la cirugía para "Nati"" - Noticias importantes desde la Argentina sobre una transicionista adolescente que recientemente fue aprobada para la cirugía de reasignación sexual, lo que establece un precedente en ese país. (PDF)


9-21-07:  ABC7News (Denver): "Transsexual Bus Driver's Federal Lawsuit Dismissed" (more, more)


9-21-07:  AFP (Thailand): "Please call me "Miss," transgendered Thais say" 


9-21-07:  Pattaya City News (Thailand): ""Plans to form Transsexual Association of Pattaya discussed at City Hall Meeting"


9-21-07:  The Michigan Daily: "Regents approve addition to clause - After four years, change comes with split vote". At long last, the University of Michigan adopted protections for gender identity and expression.


9-20-07:  The Michigan Daily: "From the Daily: Delayed acceptance" - "For a university that consistently prides itself on being on the cutting edge of equality issues, the newest amendment being considered to the University's non-discrimination policy is reprehensibly overdue."


9-20-07:  The Dallas Observer: "Teenage and Transgendered - Liz and Amber were just friends until Liz became Jay"  (NEW)


9-20-07:  San Francisco Bay Times: "Trans Youth Advocates for His Peers"


9-20-07: "Ten Minutes with Rebecca Romijn" (actress who plays 'Alexis' on the Ugly Betty TV show).


9-18-07:  The Michigan Daily (Univ. of Michigan): "Change to policy goes to regents - If board approves, non-discrimination clause would expand" - "After years of pressure, the University Board of Regents will vote on whether to add the phrase "gender identity and expression" to the non-discrimination clause of the University's bylaws."


9-18-07:  The Stanford Daily: Transgender rights added to policy revision - Nondiscriminatory Policy expands to include gender identity"  - "But some students and faculty said Stanford still has a long way to go in ensuring transgender rights. Biological Sciences Prof. Joan Roughgarden expressed concern about the phrasing of the Statement of Nondiscriminatory Policy. “The second sentence, in which ‘gender identity’ is mentioned, says only that Stanford will do whatever is required by the law,” Roughgarden said. “The first sentence is where the principle of non-discrimination is stated, and ‘gender identity’ is conspicuously missing there. This revision is an evasion of responsibility.""

9-18-07:  The Spartan Daily (San Jose State Univ.): "Gender ID study excludes SJSU" 


9-18-07: (re Austrialia): "Australian Transsexual In 'Catch 22' -  A transsexual who transitioned from male to female in 2002 has been handed a difficult choice by Australia's Federal Court - either divorce your wife or keep your male designation of official documents." (more, more)


9-18-07:  CNW Group Newswire (Canada): "Special TVO television-web event promotes understanding of the transgender community" -  Girl Inside - WORLD BROADCAST PREMIERE
10 pm on TVO and at, Wednesday October 3, 2007.

9-18-07: "Gendersafe in a World of Gender Stereotypes"


9-18-07:  San Jose Mercury News: "San Franciso supervisor introduces municipal ID legislation"


9-17-07:  Call for papers: "The Bailey Brouhaha: Community Members Speak Out on Resisting Transphobia and Sexism in Academia and Beyond" - CFP for a panel at the National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) conference, June 19-22, 2008 in Cincinnatti, Ohio.  NEW


9-17-07:  Earthtimes/PRNewswire/USNewswire: "New Report Finds Unprecedented Growth in Employer Policies for Gay and Transgender Workers" "The Human Rights Campaign Foundation today released the sixth annual Corporate Equality Index showing an unprecedented 195 major U.S. businesses earned the toprating of 100 percent, up from 138 last year - a 41 percent increase." (HRC-CEI, full report PDF)


9-17-07:  The Sun Online (UK): "Calendar boys are transtastic"


9-17-07:  Associated Press: "Gay Activists Hopeful on Job Bias Ban"


9-16-07:  Los Angeles Times: "Transitioning into new jobs and genders - At the first transgender career expo, men and women meet companies that accept them for who they are becoming."


9-15-07:  In Los Angeles Magazine (Sept 7-21 issue): "Making Insurance Work for Transsexuals", by Erika Ervin


9-15-07:  Baltimore Sun: "City's chronically homeless on rise" Report notes that "About 7 percent of the homeless youth identified themselves as transgender - having a gender identity that does not match the body they were born with. Pierson said that these young people are often forced to leave their homes after their gender identity becomes known."


9-14-07:  NBC4 TV (Washington, DC): "Police Investigating Hate Crimes Against Gays: Authorities Arrest 17-Year-Old  --  Police said Friday they were investigating a series of hate crimes targeting gay and transgender people"


9-14-07:  NBC4 TV (Washington, DC): "Transgender Woman Attacked In D.C. --  Witnesses: Woman Thrown Through Window"


9-14-07:  Washington Blade: "Lambda Legal joins Maryland curriculum fight"


9-14-07:  Pink News UK (re US): "Corporate America recognises gender identity discrimination" 


9-13-07:  GenderPAC: "230 Major Corporations Adopt Gender Protections"


9-13-07:  UK Gay News (re Ireland): "High Court “Required” to Find Against Government in Transgender Case, Say Students"  - "“The Government is deeply culpable having refused to allow Dr Foy to amend her birth certificate, which violated her rights guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights. Dr Foy and other transgender individuals have been effectively dehumanised by the Irish State"


9-13-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Seattle confab honors three SF trans men"


9-12-07:  Benita-Benita Live Journal (Malaysia): "Transsexual: I was treated like a hardcore criminal", by Soon Li Tsin. (New posting of an Aug 10, 2007 story from Malaysia, illustrating the terrible treatment accorded to muslim transwomen by the "Religious Affairs Department" there). (printable PDF).

9-12-07:  The Star (Malaysia): "Ladylike man bound over for not having IC" (note how The Star, which ran very positive articles about transwomen on 9-09-07, cannot bring itself to refer to the person in this article as trans).  


9-12-07: "Nigeria: Wave of Repression On So-Called 'Amoral' Behaviour"


9-12-07:  Catholic News Service (re UK): "Bishops seek exemption to British proposal on transsexuals' records"


9-12-07:  Stanford News Service: "Gender-identity language added to university’s nondiscriminatory policy". Stanford University finally added policy protections for gender identity. (See also the earlier Mercury News article of 9-05-07)


9-11-07:  European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Press Release (re Lithuania): "CHAMBER JUDGMENT L. v. LITHUANIA". "The Court held - by six votes to one, that there had been a violation of Article 8 (right to respect for private life) of the Convention" (more information)


9-11-07:  AFP: "Nepali transsexuals press for increased rights ahead of polls" (more, more)



9-10-07:  BusinessWire: "Sixth Annual Out & Equal/Harris Interactive/Witeck-Combs Communications Survey Explores Workplace Attitudes toward GLBT People" 


9-10-07:  The New York Times: "A Stir, but No Crisis, From Principal’s Gender Change"


9-09-07: (India): "Santhi Soundarajan: Sport, Gender and Suicide in India" (reflections on the horrible mistreatment of Santhi in 2006 by the sports establishment in India and her further ostracism and suffering since then). NEW


9-09-07:  The Star (Malaysia): "He’s my daughter - Appalled by how transsexuals are generally mistreated by society and even their families, the third winner of FreedomFilmFest07 hopes to change mindsets by showing how a mother’s love and acceptance can make all the difference" (printable PDF)


9-09-07:  The Star (Malaysia): "Seeking acceptance"  (printable PDF)


9-09-07:  The Star (Malaysia): "Giving Voice to Others"  (printable PDF)


9-09-07:  AFP: "Singapore transsexual battles culture of shame"


9-09-07:  The Hindu (India): "This business of desire - In a world where the inequities of globalisation are often countered by a hardening conservatism, female-to-male transgenders are forced to hide their inclinations. An NGO in Bangalore offers them the chance to be themselves"

9-09-07:  The Brooklyn Rail: "Wedding Bell Blues - She’s Not The Man I Married" (story about Helen Boyd and her husband Betty)


9-08-07:  The Globe and Mail (Canada): "‘I'm a woman on the move'" (story about Canadian cyclist Kristen Worley)


9-08-07:  Guardian Unlimited (UK re China): "Revolution in the blood - Feeling trapped in an alien body, Jin Xing underwent one of the first sex changes in China. The Red Army colonel who dared everything to become a prima ballerina tells her story" (print)


9-07-07:  Pravda (re India): "India's sex test failure leads runner suicide attempts"


9-07-07:  The Seattle Times: "Mall-restroom evictions raise transgender ire"


9-06-07:  WPATH Symposium: Femke Olyslager and Lynn Conway present paper "On the Calculation of the Prevalence of Transsexualism"


9-05-07:  San Jose Mercury News: "Stanford safeguards transgender students" Stanford University finally added policy protections for gender identity, but was very quiet about it when doing so. The announcement was finally published in a small note in the Stanford News Service on 9-12-07.


9-05-07:  WPATH 20th Biennial International Symposium, Chicago, Illinois, September 5-8, 2007 (Link to brochure for pre-conference healthcare-provider training sessions; Link to Symposium Program). 


9-04-07:  The Advocate: "Why the Bailey controversy won't die soon", by Joanne Herman


9-02-07:  Life After Gonzales - Legal and Political Commentary: "Science and Ideology II: The J. Michael Bailey Affair in the New York Times - Martyr for Academic Freedom or Thin-Skinned Quack?", by Élise Hendrick. (A further deconstruction of the 'science' of BBL, including the role of the New York Times and other media in purveying J. Michael Bailey's transphobic thinking) (See also Élise's first article in this series at this link).


9-03-07:  Minneapolis-St.Paul Star Tribune: "When kids question gender - If a child is confused about his or her sexual identity, there are sources for help"


9-02-07:  Scientific American Science News (re Malaysia via Reuters): "Malaysia's Muslim transsexuals battle sex change woes"


9-02-07:  Mother Jones Magazine: " Gay by Choice - If science proves sexual orientation is more fluid than we've been led to believe, can homosexuality still be a protected right?", by Gary Greenberg  (In the Sept/Oct issue; 8-27-07 posting)


9-01-07:  Rocky Mountain News: "Undercover in all ways - Detective Rick Grahn dropped a bombshell on his chief:  He wanted to keep his job-but not his gender" (print)



August 2007:


8-31-07:  Kansas City Star: "Kansas governor expands job bias protections to cover sexual orientation, gender identity for state workers"


8-31-07:  Xtra (Canada): "Trans activists demand political action - ONTARIO ELECTION / Liberals & Tories noncommittal"

8-31-07:  Seattle Times: "Whoever he becomes, that's OK because that's who he is" (story about gender variant children and the Gender Odyssey Family Conference in Seattle this weekend, Sept. 1-2, 2007).


8-31-07:  Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Blog: "A Big Fan of Trans Week"


8-31-07:   California Catholic Daily: "Abnormal in Normal Heights - “We saw this woman with blonde hair and pink leopard print pants who was stumbling and acting weird, always looking back. As the person got closer, we realized it was a man.”" (Read for yourself how trans women are being portrayed in Catholic media in California).


8-30-07: "The Bailey Affair, Again", by Joan Roughgarden, Ph.D. "What I concluded in 2004 seems as pertinent today as it was then: I wonder if many psychologists fully grasp the image some of their colleagues are projecting---psychology as a discipline without standards, nourishing a clique of dumbly insensitive bigots. These psychologists don’t seek to help people, but to dominate them by controlling the definition of normalcy. Their bogus categories and made-up diseases are intended to subordinate, not to describe. I dream of the day when new leaders in academic psychology step up, leaders who condemn homophobic, transphobic, racist, and sexist theories, leaders who defend our cherished freedom of speech from perversion by their bigoted colleagues." - Joan Roughgarden

8-30-07:  Cosmos (Australia): Magazine Feature: "Intersex: The space between the genders"


8-30-07:  Gay City News: "Sweeping Marriage Victory in Iowa District Court" (print)


8-30-07:  The Chronicle (Duke University): "Transgender student leaves Craven dorm - Shakeup follows parent's protest"


8-30-07:  Bay Windows: "Trans tax trial concludes" 


8-30-07:  Sydney Star Observer (Australia): "THRILLER WITH A MESSAGE" ( Story about transwoman Dee McLachlan's major new film "The Jammed", about the sex trade in Australia).


8-30-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Onetime JonBenet murder suspect began gender transition"


8-29-07: (Durham, NC): "Parents Don't Want Children to Learn of Teacher's Sex Change"


8-29-07:  Arizona State 'Web Devil': "Trans-Arizona - Our society is fixed on the idea of two genders. What is it like for a student in between?"


8-29-07:  Pink News (UK): "BBC3 commissions new teen transexual documentary"


8-28-07:  The Advocate: "GenderPAC updates report on gender identity in school" - "Although all eight Ivy League schools have inclusive nondiscrimination policies, the press release notes a few omissions from “Top 25” schools, including Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif.; the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Mich.; and Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., which all lack protections for gender identity and expression."


8-28-07:  Life After Gonzales - Legal and Political Commentary: "Science and Ideology: The Blanchard-Bailey-Lawrence Model of Transsexuality", by Élise Hendrick . (A deconstruction and analysis of the 'science' of BBL).

8-28-07:  ABC11TV (Raleigh-Durham-Fayetteville, NC): "Duke Transgender Student Moved Out of Dorm" (includes video of "outraged parent" whose complaint led to the student being moved)


8-28-07:  The Daily Iowan: "UI a leader in gender-ID nonbias" (article reflects on the University of Iowa's vanguard role in providing nondiscrimination protections for transgender people - then exposes the University of Michigan and Northwestern University as holdouts amongst major universities in providing such protections).


8-28-07:  The Advocate: "GenderPAC updates report on gender identity in school" (includes list of top twenty-five universities, noting which ones provide gender identity protections).


8-28-07:  The Nation (Thailand): "'Miss' proposed for transsexuals, transvestites - The Gay Political Group of Thailand is to propose allowing both transsexuals and transvestites to use the title Miss to the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) today"


8-27-07:  The East Valley Tribune (Arizona): "Transgender band changes venue after protest threat in Scottsdale"


8-27-07:  Inside Higher Ed: "Momentum for Gender Neutrality"


8-27-07:  Philadelphia Gay News: "Disclosure thwarted adoption, trans man says" 


8-27-07:  New American Media (Sing Tao Daily News Feature from Hong Kong, transl. by Eugenia Chien): "Finding the Real Me - Advocate Pauline Park, an Asian transgender woman who was adopted by a Caucasian couple, says she has finally found a sense of belonging."


8-25-07:  The Edge (Boston): "Death of HIV+ Trans Woman in Immigration Custody Sparks Protests - Victoria Arellano was apparently not given her HIV medications while in custody of U.S. immigration officials"

8-24-07: "Friday guest blogger: Julia Serano". In this essay, Julia Serano exposes the subversion of science and the media involved in the recent attempt of Ken Zucker and Alice Dreger to resurrect J. Michael Bailey's disgraced career. (Julia Serano is an Oakland, California-based writer, spoken word performer, trans activist, and biologist. Julia's new book, Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity, is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the transgender experience)


8-24-07:  The Globe and Mail (Canada): "The explosive rethinking of sex reassignment" (This article aligns J. Michael Bailey and Alice Dreger alongside Paul McHugh in the pathologization of transwomen as being mentally ill sexual paraphilics. It poses Dreger as being an independent ethicist "brought in" (but doesn't say by whom) to investigate what happened to Mr. Bailey. It then portrays the Bailey-Blanchard-McHugh 'science' as now supporting the stoppage of SRS). (G&M link; requires subscription)


8-24-07:  Washington Blade: Blade Blog: "Semantics tricky when editing trans stories"


8-24-07:  China Daily (China): "China bans cosmetic, sex change surgery on TV" (more, more)


8-24-07:  Washington Blade: "Confusion over inmate’s gender raises questions"


8-24-07:  The Moscow Times (Russia): "Peruvian Transsexual Surprises Kidnappers" 


8-24-07:  International Herald Tribune: "Lawyers attack credibility of U.S. tax agency witness in sex-change case" (The O'Donnabhain case continues: "Attorneys were given a Nov. 6 deadline to file briefs to Judge Joseph Gale. There was no word when he will decide the case")

08-23-07:  WPATH: E-mail Letter to WPATH membership from gender therapist Wal Torres, Ph.D. re the Bailey affair.


08-23-07:  WPATH: E-mail Letter to WPATH Membership from gender therapist Sandra Samons, Ph.D. re the Bailey affair.


08-23-07:  KQED, San Francisco Bay Area Public Radio: "Alice Dreger 'defends' J. Michael Bailey" in KQED Radio interview, with Bailey deferring to Dreger to respond to questions he can't find answers to.


8-23-07:  The Edge (Boston): "Transgender Bostonian Has Her Day in Court: Verdict Due Today"


8-23-07:  The Washington Post: The TV Column: "'Nip/Tuck' Creator's New Series Tackles Transsexualism"


8-23-07: The Mirror (UK): "Sex Change Hospital, C4, 10.30pm" (pointer to UK television program about Dr. Marci Bowers practice in Trinidad, Colorado).

8-23-07:  Metro Weekly (DC): "Gender Confusion - With few answers in gender mix-up case in D.C. jails, activists look for solutions"


8-23-07:  San Francisco Bay Times: "Taking His Clothes Off Gains Trans Artist Prestigious Award"


8-23-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Bi social club bars some trans women"


8-23-07: (re Argentina): "Buenos Aires Transvestites Push Neighbors to Share Rose Garden"


8-22-07:  Now Toronto Magazine (Canada): Book Reviews - Girl talk, by Zoe Whittall: "Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Feminity, by Julia Serano"


8-22-07:  TS Roadmap: Transcript of Alice Dreger defending J. Michael Bailey on KQED Radio


8-22-07:  San Francisco Public Radio KQED: MP3 of interview with J.Michael Bailey and his defender Alice Dreger.


8-22-07:  Lifesite: "Academics, Transsexuals Try to Ruin Psychology Prof Over Book on Transexualism" (conservative Catholic website defends Bailey)


8-22-07:  The National Post (Canada): "The perils of transgender politics" (Note: The Toronto-based National Post is Canada's conservative newspaper)


8-21-07:  YouTube: "Beautiful Daughters (2006 - LOGO): strong transwomen" - this is a really nice 10-minute video about Beautiful Daughters by TheDragonGuy


8-21-07:  The Washington Post: "Transvestite Court Drama Stuns Nigeria - Protesters Stone Alleged Cross Dressers and Courthouse"


8-21-07:  The Korea Times (Korea): Transgenders to Receive Humane Physicals


8-21-07:  PlusNews: "ASIA: No room for transgender people in HIV funding"


8-21-07:  International Herald Tribune: "For sex researcher, a never-ending backlash"


8-21-07: "Science Subverted: How a scientific journal became a propaganda tool in the "science war" against the social emergence of transgender women": A report on how Zucker and Dreger subverted the Archives of Sexual Behavior and then with Carey exploited the New York Times in an attempt to defend Bailey, Blanchard and Lawrence and promote their hate-science against transgender women.

8-21-07:  New York Times: "Criticism of a Gender Theory, and a Scientist Under Siege" (science journalist Benedict Carey, an ardent Bailey supporter, attempts to resurrect Bailey by citing Alice Dreger's one-side 'history' of the Bailey book fiasco)


8-20-07:  RTE Entertainment (Ireland, re UK): "Corrie's Hayley to be brutally attacked - 'Coronation Street's Hayley Cropper is set for a dramatic storyline in which she is brutally beaten up"


8-19-07:  WPATH: " Spanish Translation of WPATH Standards of Care Now Available!" (announcement of 8-17-07): "It is with great pleasure and deep gratitude that we announce the availability of a Spanish translation of the Sixth Edition of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health's Standards of Care for Gender Identity Disorders, giving the world’s 3rd largest language group full access to this valuable information.


This translation was expertly performed by Sonia John (E.U.A.) and Andrés Ignacio Rivera (Chile), and graciously paid for by Lynn Conway. We are most appreciative of their efforts and grateful for this contribution to the international dissemination of the Standards of Care: Las Normas de Cuidado Para Trastornos de Identidad de Género, Versión SextaTraducción al Español por Sonia John (E.U.A.) y Andrés Ignacio Rivera (Chile)Traducción Patrocinada por Lynn Conway.

The full downloadable text (22 pages) in PDF format may be found on the WPATH web site under Publications/WPATH Standards of Care, or via this link: Please share this information with your colleagues!"


8-19-07:  The Boston Globe: "Freeing Up Deborah - When Dr. Roy Berkowitz-Shelton decided to live as a woman, he gambled that his marriage and medical practice would survive the change. In the conclusion of our two-part series, Dr. Deborah Bershel emerges and confronts her new reality"  


8-19-07:  The Age (Australia): "Singer's cousin in sex-op imbroglio - says new federal laws will force Australians seeking sex-change operations overseas to risk humiliating body cavity and strip searches." (more) (


8-17-07:  MSNBC (AP): Brazil to provide free sex-change operations - Court rules the surgery is a constitutional right for residents"



8-16-07: "The Woman Who Would Be Scribe" by Marti Abernathey (An essay re Dreger's self-proclaimed 'scholarly' history of the Bailey affair)


8-16-07:  Huffington Post: "Can Professors Say the Truth?" (Proclaims that "The most impressive professorial truth-telling in my lifetime has been The Man Who Would Be Queen"; goes on to extoll Dreger's 'history')


8-14-07: "Zucker subverts his scientific journal into a propaganda machine" by publishing Dreger's one-sided history of the Bailey affair as part of his own personal vendetta against women who exposed him as running a reparatist clinic in Toronto. Zucker's clinic preys upon gender variant children and pressures them into conforming to gender norms, so as to “avert homosexual development” and to avoid what Zucker considers “bad outcomes” such as transsexualism.


8-14-07: "Alice Dreger: A timeline of her feud with Andrea James": In this report, Alice Dreger is exposed as orchestrating a bizarre smear-campaign against Andrea James (including attempting to stop Andrea from speaking at Northwestern), in order to suck up to her colleagues Zucker, Bailey, Blanchard and Lawrence. In return, Dreger became the front-person who was paid to write their hilariously one-sided history of the Bailey book fiasco (just pre-published by Zucker for the ASB).


8-14-07:  The Philadelphia Inquirer: "Hearing to decide fate of mural" 


8-13-07:  The Jerusalem Post (Isreal): "New Reform manual adds blessings for sex changes" 


8-12-07:  The Star (Malaysia - re Thailand): "Thailand considers law allowing transsexual to claim title of adopted gender" (more)


8-12-07:  Chennai Online (India): "Fights all odds to become top artiste" (story about dancer Narthaki Nataraj) (more)


8-12-07:  The Boston Globe: "A Family Doctor's Journey From Man to Woman - And what it means for his family of patients" (Part 1 of a 2-part story; includes video)


8-12-07:   Bangkok Post (Thailand): "Varsity rector throws open dormitories for transsexuals"


8-11-07: (Japan): "When you're the boss, you can be yourself"

8-11-07: "Insider: More clout for transgendered"


8-11-07:  San Franciso Chronicle: "New immigration rules will force undocumented workers to be fired" (The Bush administration has announced that employers will be required to fire people having "no-match" Social Security records. Aimed at undocumented immigrants, the new rule could result in mass firings of transgender citizens whose SS gender markers do not match those in their employers' files)


8-10-07:  CNN Larry King Live (Transcript): "Sex Change Surgery", Aired August 10, 2007 - 21:00 ET"  


8-10-07: "Is your index finger longer than your ring finger?" (J. Michael Bailey is in the news again - but  also look at readers' comments at the end of the story)


8-09-07:  Shanghaist (China): "Phoenix Princess to undergo sex-change operation soon"  ("the pre-op transsexual who was detained in Shenzhen early last month for her demonstration on the streets . . .just yesterday announced through a Youku video that if nothing goes wrong, she will undergo sex-change operation very soon")

8-09-07:  The Globe and Mail (Canada): "Family and Relationships: You can't keep your cross-dressing in the closet"


8-09-07:  Chennai online (India): "Hospital demands clear-cut rules: With transgenders queueing up for sex change operations, the doctors . . . have demanded that the government come out with "clear-cut" rules for performing the surgeries"


8-09-07:  San Jose Mercury News: "Jewish guide has transgender blessing", by Eric Gorski, AP Religion Writer


8-09-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "New TLC leaders aim to widen agency's reach"   


8-09-07:  SX (Australia): "An amendment to the passport legislation to plug a loophole allowing same-sex marriage compromises trans people's safety. Katrina Fox reports"   


8-09-07:  Gay City News: "Self-Castration Moves Court " (see also article by Prof Arthur Leonard (more), which documents Anne Lawrence's role in taking the side of the prison in this case - in which she made declarations about whether or not a prisoner experienced gender dysphoria without having ever met the prisoner).


8-09-07:  The Eagle (Texas A&M University): "Changes suggested for A&M center") 


8-09-07:  WMDT (Maryland): "Methodist court to consider case of transgender pastor" (more


8-08-07:  East Bay Express: "Embracing the Spectrum - Gender educator Stephanie Brill has a mantra to spread: Let your kids be who they want to be" "Many of the families in our group recognize that when you see a suicidal four-, five-, or six-year-old and you shift one thing, such as a pronoun, or what clothes they're allowed to wear, all of a sudden their mental health and well-being completely turn around. You realize that maybe it wasn't any kind of an emotional disorder that they had, but really, that they weren't able to be themselves."   


8-08-07:  Baptist Press: "White House promises hate crimes bill veto"; "President Bush will veto legislation to expand hate crimes protections to homosexuals and transgendered individuals, even if he has to reject a defense authorization bill, the White House says"  


8-08-07: "Reform bless tranny Jews - In a groundbreaking move to recognise the experiences of transgender Jews, the American Reform movement has published several prayers for sanctifying the sex-change process" "The first Hebrew blessing praises God as "the Transforming One to those who transform/transition/cross over." A second blessing, intended to be said after completing the transition process, praises God, "who has made me in his image"-- a reference to the description in Genesis of the creation of Adam. A final blessing is the familiar Shehechiyanu, traditionally recited to mark special events or notable firsts. The midrash, classical Jewish exegesis, adds that the adam harishon, the first human being formed in God's likeness, was an androgynos, an intersex person," Kukla writes in a brief introduction. "Hence our tradition teaches that all bodies and genders are created in God's image whether we identify as men, women, intersex, or something else.""


8-08-07:  The Advocate: "A big year on the small screen - While a lot of work remains to be done, the 2006–2007 television season saw some important milestones for transgender people," by Joanne Herman


8-08-07:  The Arizona Republic: "Mayor to meet with gay-rights group"


8-07-07:  International Herald Tribune (re Spain): "A new secular civics class riling Catholic Church" ("Catholic headmaster and head of the Madrid Association of Private Education Companies...said he was worried about textbooks that put heterosexuality on an equal footing with homosexuality, bisexuality or transsexuality")  


8-07-07: Chicago Sun-Times: "Cliks' transgender singer wasn't looking for hook"


8-06-07:  The Arizona Republic: "Bar owner seeks help in transgender fight"


8-06-07: (UK): "Oxfam charity store caters for 'transgender community'"


8-06-07:  Workers World: "Cuba's CENESEX proposes ground-breaking transsexual rights", by Leslie Feinberg.


8-06-07:  KXMC (Minot, ND): "Is The New Transsexual Police Commissioner In San Francisco The Right Woman For The Job?"


8-06-07:  National Law Journal: "Protecting gender identity - Special to The National Law Journal"


8-05-07: "Reflections on J. Michael Bailey’s research: Claims of ‘scientific results’ versus unanswered methodological questions".


During this year, J. Michael Bailey continued his practice of making 'scientific' pronouncements about sex in national media. This new report documents Bailey's splashy claims of scientific discovery in press releases and media interviews, and investigates the work behind them. We have determined that he has never made a single scientific contribution that has been confirmed by others, nor has he ever received any form of award or recognition - not even a minor one - for his research or teaching. In the process, we documented numerous violations of scientific method and abuses of institutional power, abuses that Bailey has exploited to create his media-presence as a famous "sex researcher". We also find that Bailey's teaching has consisted almost exclusively of two large undergraduate 'service courses', namely "Introduction to Psychology" and "Human Sexuality".  Thus Bailey's also stands exposed as being "teaching faculty" rather than a serious university researcher (for he has not been teaching advanced graduate courses in an area of expertise).



8-05-07:   Sentinal-Sun (Florida): "Time to give transgenders rights, not ridicule" (story about transman Mark Cummings 


8-05-07:  The Arizona Republic: "Schools should laud diversity, target bias"


8-05-07:  The Times of India (India): "Help at hand for sexual minorities"


8-04-07: The Standard (Hong Kong, China): "Gender bender stole brother's ID card to get job at Wing On"


8-04-07:  Miami Herald: "GLBT rights activist pulls back on the `T'"  


8-03-07:  Leonard Link (by NYU Law Prof. Arthur S. Leonard): "Horror Show in Idaho Prison - TG Man Driven to Self-Castration" (This article reveals that Anne Lawrence was hired by the prison as an "expert witness" and took the prison's side in this case:  "An interesting feature of the lengthy opinion is the magistrate's description of the expert testimony offered in support and in opposition to the motion. Gammett, who now has the backing of various organizations in this lawsuit, obtained the services of two experts, doctors experienced with GID issues, George Brown and Denise Taylor, both MD's. Both experts examined Gammett and concluded that he does have GID and needs treatment. By contrast, the Idaho prison system did seek out two credentialed experts in GID, Lori Kohler and Anne Lawrence, who are both touted as being members of the Harry Benjamin Association (normally seen as the gold standard where TG diagnosis issues are concerned), but did not have these experts personally examine Gammett. Rather, they seem to have been retained for the purpose of reviewing the files and opining on whether the prison's own medical personal had made defensible decisions, which they did."  It turns out the court decided against the prison, and ordered them to provide female hormones to Gammet.)


On reading this news item, prominent trans advocate Kathy Padilla of Philadelphia commented re Lawrence that: "There are some deep dark recesses man was never meant to know of - She is the Cthulhu of our community. To look at her mind ...this way leads only to madness...""



8-03-07:  San Francisco Chronicle: "Transgender ex-inmate loses suit against prison employees - They were accused of failing to protect prisoner from rape"


8-03-07:  Washington Blade: "Trans drop-in center ‘swamped’ by youth - Funding for D.C. facility expires in September"


8-02-07:  Bay Windows: "Tussle over tax deduction continues" (John's Hopkins psychiatrist Chester Schmidt testified for the IRS in the O'Donnabhain case.  Schmidt, who admitted that he "has not personally treated a patient with GID since the 1980s" told the court that "he does not ever recommend sex-reassignment surgery as a treatment for GID")  (New)


8-02-07:  San Francisco Bay Times: "Not Queer Enough?" (an important essay by Jacob Anderson-Minshall)


8-02-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "East Bay hosts trans health care forum"


8-02-07: "More Employers Include Gender Identity in Policies"


8-02-07:  Sun-Sentinel (Florida): "Oakland Park commissioners back transgender protection"


8-02-07:  Agenzia Italia News (Italy): "Transsexual Killed in Rome: One Arrested One Wanted"


8-01-07:  Sun-Sentinel (Florida): "Timing of transgender protection effort divides gay leaders in Broward"


8-01-07:  BBC News (UK): "Are sex change operations justified? - Many people who have been through sex change operations say it was the only solution to a distressing condition. But a leading feminist campaigner claims that sex reassignment surgery is based on unscientific ideas"


8-01-07:  Pink News (UK): "Gender reassignment same as aversion therapy claims Bindel"


8-01-07:  The Guardian (UK): "My trans mission - Sex-change surgery is the modern equivalent of aversion therapy for homosexuals"  


In this article, UK lesbian feminist Julie Bindel sketches her views on transsexualism, echoing the old-time views of Janice Raymond and Germaine Greer. For insights into the thinking of people like Bindel, see Julia Serano's new book "Whipping Girl"



July 2007:


7-31-07:  San Francisco Bay Guardian: "Curious and curiouser" (print version) (some interesting Q/A commentary by SFBG sex columnist Andrea Nemerson)


7-30-07:  Washington Post (AP): "Transgender Inmate Wins Hormone Therapy"


7-30-07:  The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (August Issue): "New Jersey Joins A Growing Number Of Jurisdictions In Expressly Prohibiting Discrimination On The Basis Of Gender Identity Or Expression - Part II" (see also Part I of 6-29-07)


7-30-07:  Electric News (Singapore): "Accepting me as a person = opening unacceptable gate? S'porean transsexual mulls over tough question" (more)


7-30-07:  Anchorage Daily News: "Co-worker's sex change is upsetting"


7-26-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Former trans prisoner's trial opens"


7-26-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Officer charged for sexual misconduct with TG prisoner"


7-26-07:  Metro Weekly: "Simon Says: Simon Aronoff just wants equality -- for everyone"


7-26-07:  Edge (Boston): "Experts at tax trial explain gender identity disorder" (print version)


7-26-07:  Bimarz Network (Iran): "Interview with an Iranian transgender" (originally posted on 7-15-07 by Bimarz, the Intn'l Organization of Iranian Refugees) (New)


7-26-07:  Press Trust of India (India): "Transgenders protest delay in sex-change surgeries"


7-26-07:  Associated Press (Puerto Rico): "Sex-switch candidate named to ballot list"  


7-25-07:  Reality TV World:  "Fox Reality to debut UK's 'There's Something About Miriam' October 31"


7-24-07:  HRC Press Release: "New Report Shows Major Increase in Basic Workplace Protections for Gay, Transgender Employees - Among Fortune 500 Companies, Transgender Protections Quadruple Since 2003" (click here to download "State of the Workplace 2006-2007" report; 1 MB PDF) (more)


7-24-07:  HRC DVD released today: "Understanding Transgender Issues: Donna Rose's Story" (also links to video online)


7-24-07: "Transsexual's Landmark Lawsuit Against IRS Begins" (see also earlier news of 7-16-07)


7-24-07: (India): "Allahabad College in dilemma over a student's claim of change of sex"


7-24-07:  The Star (Malaysia): "Devotees from Malaysia and Singapore fulfil vows to deity for transsexuals"


7-24-07: "'Trans'-forming Corporate America - From General Motors to Google, more companies are agreeing to protect transgender people from discrimination"


7-23-07: "Beating the Odds - Q&A with Terri O'Connell, NASCAR's only trans driver"


7-23-07:  Daily Mail (UK): "Transsexual trucker is 'hounded out' for wearing make-up"


7-21-07:  Sudbury Star (Canada): "Transgendered; A look at the lives of two individuals who have a strong desire to become members of the opposite sex"


7-20-07:  Southern Voice (Atlanta): "YouTube vs. Midtown sex workers - The Midtown Ponce Security Alliance's efforts to improve the neighborhood risk being overshadowed by increasingly vigilante tactics" (more)


7-20-07:  Washington Post: "Transgender Inmate Sues Over Prison Rape" (more)


7-20-07:  ABC News: "For Transgender Singer, It's All About the Music - Lucas Silveira Aims to Inspire and Educate With Cliks’ Latest Release" 


7-19-07:  Guardian Unlimited (UK): "Portugal's cross-dressing 'general' dies after 20 years as a man"


7-19-07:  Tucson Citizen: "Transgender patron files complaint over bar ban"


7-19-07:  Gay City News (NYC): "Transgender Lawsuit v. MTA Goes Forward"   


7-18-07:  The Villager (NYC): "Meat Market: A proliferation of clubs and restaurants, many with sidewalk cafes, like Pastis above, have made the Meat Market’s sidewalks inhospitable for transgender prostitutes - Hookers have been replaced with hubbub and hype"   


7-17-07:  EDGE (Boston): "Restrooms Become Gender-Identity Battleground"


7-16-07:  Boston Herald: "Massachusetts woman sues IRS over denial of tax deduction for sex-change operation"  (Please VOTE in poll regarding whether SRS should be tax deductable; See also the GLAD blog of 7-23-07) (more)


Note: See also the following report on this important case: "IRS disallows a woman's tax deduction for SRS - citing teachings in a Catholic religious journal as a basis for its decision", A Report by Lynn Conway, 1-25-06  


7-16-07:  Columbia Missourian: "Art and Transition - A Columbia photographer illuminates the lives of the transgender community" (more)


7-13-07:  PFC News (UK): "Row Erupts Over LGBT Health Summit Community Awards", by Christine Burns with Analysis by Stephen Whittle. (This intriguing story reveals that a major LGBT award in the UK has been named in honor of a transphobic academic. It seems that many in the UK's gay and lesbian communities remain clueless about transwomen, along the lines exposed in Julia Serano's important new book "Whipping Girl" - which is a must read in order to put these issues into perspective.)


7-13-07:  Los Angeles Times - Entertainment News: "All in this together - Two Outfest films see gender reassignment as a group transition", by Christine Daniels


7-13-07:  SF Weekly: "UCSF Transgender Research Drama Puts Future of Academic Program in Question"


7-12-07:  Metro Weekly (Washington, DC): "Seeing the 'T' in GLBT - D.C. marks the first-ever Transgender Awareness Month"


7-12-07:  Radio (Jamaica): "Suspected transsexual’s body found off Old Hope Road - The Matilda's Corner Police are probing an alleged hate crime"


7-12-07: The Salt Lake Tribune: "Self-emasculating inmate sues for female hormone treatments" (more)


7-12-07:  Gay City News: "Trans Discharge Appeal Nixed"


7-11-07:  SF Weekly: "Girl/Boy Interrupted - A New Treatment For Transgender Kids Puts Puberty On Hold So That They Won't Develop Into Their Biological Sex", by Lauren Smiley (print version) (an important article about the trend towards early interventions to help transgender kids)


7-11-07:  SF Weekly: "FEATURE Follow-Up: More Info for Gender Variant Children and Their Parents"


7-10-07: The Hindu (India): "Suicide due to Police harassment: High Court asks TN to act" - "The Bench also directed the State Government and Commissioner of Police, to initiate action against the police officials responsible for the treatment meted out to Pandian which resulted in Pandian committing self-immolation on June 12, 2006 and succumbing to burns on June 29"


7-10-07:   Sofia News Agency (Bulgaria): "Bulgarian Arrested for Pimping in Italy"


7-09-07:  MTI - Hungarian News Agency (Hungary): "Police search for attackers of gay rights marchers" (more)


7-09-07:  Chicago Sun-Times: "Center on Halsted a win for true rainbow coalition"


7-09-07: (AP): "Transgender Singer Makes Statement" (more)


7-09-07:  American Medical News: "AMA meeting: Anti-discrimination policy expanded to transgendered"


7-09-07:  Bookslut (July 2007): Review of Parrotfish, a book about a transgender FtM teen by Ellen Whittlinger


7-06-07:  Daily Mail (UK): "Britain's vanished Tour de France champion reappears - as a woman" "Known as "King of the Mountains", cyclist Robert Millar was Britain's best performer in the Tour de France . . . Then, four years ago, he simply disappeared" (In this article, the Daily Mail has taken upon itself the hatchet job of widely outing Phillipa York, who has been living quietly in retirement - including stalking her in public and taking surreptitious photos of her) 


7-06-07:  PinkNews: "Trans prisoner settles landmark civil rights lawsuit" (more)


7-06-07: "Women on the Verge - "Cruel & Unusual," the groundbreaking and award-winning documentary that chronicles the lives of five transgender women incarcerated in men's prisons across the United States" 


7-05-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "City provides new trans services - San Francisco is taking the initiative and providing new services to transgender individuals"


7-05-07: (India): "Sex reconstruction surgery postponed in Tamil Nadu - The sex reconstruction surgery proposed to be performed on eight transgenders at the Government Medical College hospital here today has been postponed indefinitely due to lack of adequate facilities"


7-05-07: (India): Eunuchs help flood-affected villagers in Gujarat - A group of transgenders has taken the lead in providing relief to thousands of flood-affected people in about eight villages of Junagadh district of Gujarat"

7-04-07:  The Nation (Thailand): "Novotel will apologise to transvestite - After a week-long boycott campaign by gay networks, Novotel Siam Square will today formally apologise to Sutthirat Simsiri-wong, a transvestite who was barred entry to a nightclub at the hotel two weeks ago" (more) (see earlier story of 6-28-07)


7-03-07:  WPATH: "Call for Peer Commentaries" - In this e-mail to WPATH members, Kenneth Zucker announced that a "history" of the Bailey book fiasco will be published in IASR's journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. Zucker is ASB's editor; he also runs the trans-youth-reparatist clinic at CAMH and considers gender transitions to be "bad outcomes". The announced report, an "inside job" sponsored by funding from the sex research consortium at Northwestern University, includes an accusation that "a small number of transwomen (particularly Lynn Conway, Andrea James, and Deirdre McCloskey) worked to try to ruin Bailey".


Note: There's no doubt that Bailey's career is in ruins, as a result of the widespread exposure of his misdeeds in the court of public opinion. However, the transwomen named above simply coordinated the massive trans community investigation that exposed those misdeeds. To suggest otherwise is like blaming the cops for “ruining the lives” of criminals they catch.


7-03-04:  The Advocate: "Empires that won't fall", by Joanne Herman - "A short film was recently pulled from San Francisco's Frameline film festival because it was said to reinforce transphobic stereotypes articulated in Janice Raymond's 1979 book Transsexual Empire. The question is, How has her oversimplified thinking survived?"


7-03-07:  Fox News: "Lesbian Says New York Eatery Ejected Her for Looking Masculine" (with video) (more, more)


7-02-07:  ChennaiOnline (India): "Sex reconstruction surgery on transgenders" ("The surgeries will be performed free of cost following a government order issued by the Social Welfare Department in April last")

7-01-07:  Shanghaiist (China): "Transsexual detained in Shenzhen for demonstration" (includes link to video) (New link to video on YouTube) (" Two days ago, a pre-op transsexual went on a one-(wo)man demonstration on the streets of Shenzhen, holding a placard that says, "I want a sex change, even if it means death!" (我要变性!死了都要变!) She attracted a huge crowd around her before she was eventually led away by someone from the public security bureau") 


7-01-07:  Palm Beach Post: "Assault case adds twist to hate-crime tag"


7-01-07:  Denver Post: "Trinidad's transgender rock star" (story about Marci Bowers, M.D., and her SRS surgical practice in Trinidad, Colorado)



June 2007:


6-30-07:  KoreAm Journal (June 2007): "Crossing The Line - Korean American transgender people step beyond cultural stigmas to share their stories", by Michael Woo (major feature story in the Korean-American community's leading magazine)  


6-30-07:  GLMA Press Release of 6-28-07: "Gay and Lesbian Medical Association Lauds American Medical Association's Adoption of Transgender Nondiscrimination Policies"  (On the AMA website: "Recommendations to Modify AMA Policy to Ensure Inclusion for Transgender Physicians, Medical Students and Patients" (Word, 68KB))


6-30-07:  New York Daily News: "Lesbian riled by boot from ladies room"


6-29-07:  Pak Tribune (Pakistan): "SC orders for release on bail two girls involved in same sex marriage" "Justice Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan observed it was incomprehensible to him if both were girls then why one of them was sent to male ward and other in female ward . . . and remarked this all was done by the judge in anger"

6-29-07:  GenerationQ: "Transvestite Pharoah Discovered - One of the most powerful Egyptian Pharoahs has been found and it is a woman, who liked to dress as a man"


6-29-07:  PlanetOut: "Review: "Red Without Blue"" ("Red Without Blue" - An honest portrayal of a family in turmoil, RWB follows a pair of identical twins as one transitions from male to female. Captured over a period of three years, the film documents the twins and their parents, examining the Farley's struggle to redefine their family)


6-29-07:  Reuters: "BANGKOK: Gays to get equal status under new Thai charter - Writers of Thailand's post-coup constitution agreed on Friday to give gay, lesbian, transgender and transvestite groups official status in the new charter to try to end discrimination"


6-29-07:  The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (July Issue): "New Jersey Joins A Growing Number Of Jurisdictions In Expressly Prohibiting Discrimination On The Basis Of Gender Identity Or Expression - Part I"  (PDF version) ("The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (MCC) is a monthly professional practice newspaper for more than 35,000 primary readers -- reaching corporate counsel in the entire United States -- including the general counsel and corporate law departments of Fortune 1000 companies")


6-29-07:  New Zealand Herald (New Zealand): "Transgenders make plea for acceptance", by Joy Liddicoat


6-28-07:  Dallas Voice: "Lambda Legal to honor U.S. congresswoman, transgender teen - Johnson has been an advocate for LGBT rights for decades; Fort Worth girl stood up to high school administrators"


6-28-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "TG prisoner sues corrections dept"


6-28-07:  WE-TV: "Cruel and Unusual: Transgender Women in Prison" (program to air on July 2, 3)


6-28-07:  The Nation (Thailand): "Gays take on Novotel in club row - Global campaign planned as hotel is accused of barring transvestites"


6-28-07:  France24 (France): "Spanish capital a haven for young gays from Latin America"


6-27-07:  Trans Youth Family Associates alert: "Tune in CNN on June 27th for the latest story of a TYFA family. Paula Zahn will be interviewing TYFA Advocate and Board Member, Shannon, her husband John, Ashley (7 year old affirmed female daughter), and several siblings"


6-27-07:  Windy City Times: "Trans Rocker’s A Little Bit Country"


6-27-07:  The Philidelphia Inquirer: "Transgendered, she fought bias. Woman honored for her courage" )


6-26-07:  PlanetOut: "Review: "Alexis Arquette: She's My Brother"  


6-26-07:  The Advocate: "Crystal Vera's quest for the crown - High school senior Crystal Vera created a lot of buzz when she ran for prom queen. Now the trans girl is ready to tackle the future"


6-26-07:  New York Indymedia: "A March for Transgender Justice - TRANSJUSTICE led a rally for transgender rights Friday"


6-25-07:  Press For Change (UK): "Stephen Whittle OBE - Interviewed by Christine Burns"


6-25-07: "Trans editor of 'Baseball Prospectus' tells her story"


6-24-07:  Daily Times (Pakistan): "‘She’ couple’s sexual status being found - Final report on Shumail and Shahzina delayed" (more)


6-24-07: Video: "Sex vs. gender - What is transgender? CNN's Rick Sanchez reports on the growing social and political awareness of this group"

6-24-07: Video: "Mom let daughter live as boy to save his life"


6-24-07: Video: "CNN's Rick Sanchez tells the story of an unrepentant transgender pastor who may lose his church"


6-23-07:  Trans Youth Family Associates: "REMINDER! - TYFA Advocates Shawn and Kim Pearson will be featured on a CNN Special, Sunday, June 24th at 7 PM ET. We do not know the name of the segment at this time but encourage everyone to tune in . . . the piece will be contrasting trans youth on the streets with trans youth who are supported by their families"


6-23-07:  Colorado Springs Gazette: "Finding a friendly restroom tougher than it might seem"


6-22-07:  San Francisco Sentinal: "San Francisco Transgender Pride 2007 - Let Us Be: A New Transsexual Identity Discovered in San Francisco", by Pat Murphy, Sentinel Editor & Publisher (includes a remarkable series of videos documenting the emergence of the trans community in San Francisco) (New)

6-22-07:  Press For Change (UK): "Douglas Ousterhout interview"  


6-22-07:  Press For Change (UK): "Contemporary Campaign Issues by Christine Burns"


6-22-07:  Press For Change (UK): "Jamison Green interview"  


6-22-07:  Press For Change (UK): "Joan Roughgarden interview"


6-22-07:  Press For Change (UK): "Kate Bornstein interview"    


6-22-07:  NOW Magazine (Canada): "Gender schmender"


6-21-07:  Press Release - Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (Canada): "Nurses call for end to homophobia and heterosexism in health care" ; Related link: RNAO Position Statement: Respecting Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (PDF)


6-21-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Community pushes for TG health coverage"


6-21-07:  Seattle Times: "Media image of transgendered evolves" (more)


6-21-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "TG pioneer Claire Skiffington dies"


6-21-07:  Globe and Mail (Canada): "A delicate transformation - Unstoppable Award recipient credits loving parents in journey from Rodney to Nina" (Nina's website)


6-21-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Lyon-Martin drops 'women' from name"  ("Currently, about one-third of the clinic's 1,500 clients are transgender, both male to female and female to male . . . and trans patients are a fast growing part of the clinic's client base")


6-21-07:  Boston Globe: "Study:  Health benefits of estrogen outweigh risks - Prior research warned of danger of taking hormone" (link to abstract in NEJM)


6-20-07:  NY1 News: "Pride Week: Free Health Clinic Provides Services To Transgenders" 


6-20-07:  "A real dialogue on trans issues - Intolerant film "The Gendercator" brought out the best in community response," by Zak Szymanski" (print version) (excerpt: "As Rae Greiner . . . points out, "You can't foster genuine discussion when you demonize your subjects or when you intentionally forego nuance in favor of stereotypes, false accusations, and outdated perceptions"") (more, more)


6-19-07:  San Francisco Bay Guardian: "Whipping Girl, What Becomes You, and Love, Castro Street"


6-19-07:  Trans Youth Family Associates: "CNN to Feature Two TYFA Families on Upcoming June Shows"


6-19-07: The Village Voice: "Bye, Bye, Boobies - Fundraising parties for trans surgery are all the rage, but don't tell Kerry Downey that"


6-19-07:  New York Magazine: "The Science of Gaydar"   


6-19-07:  New India Press (India): "A boon to members of third sex - Now, transgenders can be allowed entry into co-educational colleges"  


6-17-07:  San Francisco Chronicle: "Transsexual finds sexism in feminism" (article about Julia Serano's important new book "Whipping Girl - A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity" (more, more) (New)


6-17-07:  Asbury Park Press: "Gender identity added to state's anti-bias law - Violators may face stiff penalties"


6-16-07: "N.J. Transgender Law to Go Into Effect"


6-16-07:  San Francisco Chronicle: "Identical twins walked divergent paths - Pair's tough teen years, one brother's sex change chronicled in documentary at gay film fest"


6-15-07:  American Psychiatric Association: "From the American Psychiatric Association: The DSM-V Process - New disorders? Revised disorders? Better differentiated disorders?"  The APA has just announced that the DSM revision process is underway. By deeming trans people to be mentally ill, the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV)  has been a major factor in the pathologization and marginalization of trans people worldwide. The revised DSM-V may pathologize transpeople even more deeply, because the APA has been under intense pressure to do that from Zucker, Blanchard, Bailey, Lawrence, Cantor and others associated with the Clarke Institute (now CAMH).  For background on the bizarre pathologizations of trans people by the psychological and psychiatric establishments, see "Rogue Theories of Transsexualism". For information about efforts to reform this situation, see the GID Reform website.


6-15-07:  Hartford Courant: "The Fact And Fiction Of Being Transgender" (reflection on the great increases in visibility of trans people in the media in 2007)


6-15-07:  Khaleej Times (article re Spain): "Mothers, transexuals allowed to compete in Miss Spain pageant" (more)  


6-15-07:  The Timaru Herald (New Zealand): "Noeleena facing new future"  


6-14-07:  Gay City News: "Transgender Health Fair Draws 150"


6-14-07:  The Star (Malaysia): "Different and diverse - By embracing diversity, we can learn to understand, and not fear, each other"


6-14-07:  San Francisco Bay Times: "Sean Dorsey: Dancing on Razor’s Edge"   


6-13-07:  Pink News (UK): "New equality proposals "oblivious" to needs of trans people"  


6-13-07:  Pink News (UK): "Trans time on ITV"   


6-12-07:  Turkish Daily News (Turkey): "Former prostitutes struggle to run for Parliament" (


6-12-07:  The Dong-A Ilbo (South Korea): "Adoption by Transgenders?"  


6-11-07:  RH Reality Check: "Religious Leaders Must Support Justice for All" (On June 4, 2007, the Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing issued an Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Sexual and Gender Diversity (PDF) that challenges religious leaders to use the pulpit to address the complex realities of sexual and gender diversity and to advocate in secular and faith-based contexts for justice and the full inclusion of LGBT people)


6-11-07:  NJBIZ: "Companies Grapple with New Sex-Change Rules - Few small businesses appear to be prepared to comply with legislation"


6-11-07:  Winnepeg Free Press (Canada): "Struggle for support, acceptance - Pride Day puts focus on transgendered"  


6-11-07:  The Electric New Paper (Singapore): "Inside the Broken Lives of Orchard Road's Ladyboys - Dad Left Family Because of Me"  (example of local media's prurient story-selection and clever negative spin re transgender women in Singapore - by focusing only on sex workers the article gives the impression that most transitioned women there are sex workers) (Part 2: "Sisters Mark Their Turf", 6-12-07)


6-10-07:  PFC News 6-04-07 News item (UK): "US: Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity"  (additional 6-09-07 PFC News item) ( link to Julia Serano's important new book) (New) 


6-10-07:  Salt Lake City Tribune: "Empowered with pride"  


6-10-07:  Ventura County Star (CA): "Bill seeks gender identity guideline - Measure would guard against harassment"  


6-09-07:  The New York Times: "A Castro Strives to Open Cuban Society’s Opinions on Sex" (article re transsexualism in Cuba)


6-08-07:  New York Blade: "Nothing Wrong With ‘Censoring’ Transphobic NewFest Film" (excerpt: "To characterize Catherine Crouch’s short film “The Gendercator,” screening as part of the NewFest, as “controversial”—and the community reaction to it as a “disagreement”—implies that there is actually a discourse present, or that a legitimate argument is being made. Taking a cue from the right wing, Crouch revives the tired, anti-intellectual tactic of launching an attack, then claiming that the attack is actually a “discussion” and that any refusal to make room for that discussion is “censorship.”) (New) 


6-08-07: (Australia/International): Focus on gender politics: Is changing gender as simple as changing clothes? - Newsweek recently painted a sympathetic portrait of women imprisoned in men's bodies. Such people need a psychiatrist, not a surgeon"  (Catholic oriented "ethics magazine" cites Paul McHugh, Ray Blanchard, J. Michael Bailey, Anne Lawrence and Renée Richards in article pathologizing transwomen)


6-08-07:  Times & Observer (North Carolina): "Minister knows transgender issues - Formerly a man, she will speak at a conference this weekend at the Church of Reconciliation in Chapel Hill" (more)


6-08-07:  St. Petersberg Times: "It's official: Steve is Susan" (more, more)


6-07-07:  The Christian Post: "Interview: Transgenderism Emerging on the Heels of Homosexuality in Media"


6-07-07:  Press Release: "Gender Odyssey Presents Conference Dedicated to Families Raising Gender-Variant Kids (8/31-9/02/07)" (Gender Odyssey website; conference information)  


6-07-07:  LatinAmericaPress: ""CHILE - Transgender murders go unpunished - Hate crime is on the rise"  


6-06-07:  ALERT from Dr. Sam Winter about the jailing of Shumail Raj and his wife Shahzina in Pakistan - including pleas for letters of support  (please write letter of support if you can)


6-06-07:  SX (Australia): "Blending genders - The transgender liberation movement in the West came into its own in the 1990s, but other cultures have their own take on sex and gender diversity"  


6-05-07:  The Advocate: "Jesus, the transgender terminator?", by Joanne Herman  


6-04-07: "Anti-discrimination law applies to transgendered"


6-03-07:  St. Petersburg Times: "Editorial- Largo's leaders need to get back to business" (the Largo city government is still obsessing over the Stanton firing - with bitter recriminations, allegations and internal politics taking much of its time) 


6-03-07:  The Roanoke Times: "Jaclyn Meridth's lost identity - The government seems sure Jaclyn Vivian Meridth is a fraud. Many church members seem sure Meridth is genuine" (more: "Seeking Identity" - audio interview and photo gallery)


6-02-07:  The Peninsula (Qatar): "Pakistan Panorama: Amid judicial crisis, a telling case" (additional important insights into the sad case of Shumail Raj and his wife Shahzina Tariq, in Pakistan) (more)


6-01-07:  New York Blade: "Trans Health Fair Debuts at Center" (Trans Health Fair to be held at the LGBT Center in Manhattan on June 6)


6-01-07:  New York Blade: "Pride in the Bronx - On East 149th Street, neighborhood LGBT youths find a comfortable home"


6-01-07:  KMBC-TV (Kansas City): "KC's First Transgender Police Officer Speaks Out" (with video) (more, more)

6-01-07:  Kansas City Star: "First transgender officer on KC's police force looks to the future"



May 2007:


5-31-07:  Ireland Online (Ireland): "Transsexual wins landmark identity case" (more)  


5-31-07:  Metro Weekly (Washington, DC): "A Pride Trans-formation - D.C.'s trans community organizes its first dedicated Capital Pride event"


5-31-07:  Orlando Sentinal: "City turns down transsexual - The fired Largo manager finishes 3rd in the running for a Sarasota job" (more, more)  


5-31-07:  New "Helpline to reduce violence against transgender people"


5-30-07:  PFC News (UK):  "A BBC Radio 4 'Hecklers' Debate at The Royal Society of Medicine"  (Julie Bindel, freelance journalist, will propose that “Sex change surgery is unnecessary mutilation”) (The debate to be held on July 18th will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on August 1st at 8 pm, UK time)  


5-30-07: (Spain): "Spain local election sees first transsexual woman as councillor"


5-30-07:  Bradenton Herald (Florida): "Susan Stanton seeks to ease concerns about transgender spotlight"


5-30-07: (Western Australia): "Report calls for sweeping changes to Equal Opportunity Act" ("The Commissioner noted that Western Australia is now the only state or territory in Australia that does not recognise gender identity or transsexuality discrimination . . .") (link to PDF of the complete report)


5-29-07:  Chapel Hill News (North Carolina): "Church to hold transgender forum - Male-to-female minister will preach at service"


5-29-07:  Organisation Intersex International (OII): Comment and Opinion: "Circus Freaks and Alice Dreger’s Hermaphrodite Show - Alice Dreger, one of the most well-known intersex activists (who is not intersexed) will be giving a lecture relating to Disorders of Sex Development (the term she has advised doctors and professionals to call us). This lecture will be part of Kresge Art Museum's "Circus: The Art of the 'Strange & Curious' " exhibit. The exhibit will end with a showing of the film “Freaks”".


5-29-07: "Pastors Seek 'Clarification' Of Transsexual Minister" (more)


5-29-07: (India): "Transgenders in Tamil Nadu get more than government help - While the state has banned discrimination against transsexuals, two agencies are offering free courses"


5-28-07:  The Times of India (story from Pakistan): "Pakistan sex change couple jailed" (more, more, more, more)


5-28-07:  The Santiago Times (Chile): "Suspect Nabbed in Transgender Murder Case"


5-27-07:  Ex-Gay Watch: "Zucker and Bradley" (further exposé of the reparatist gender identity clinic run by Ken Zucker at CAMH in Toronto, Canada, formerly known as The Clarke Institute) (see also the earlier story: "Drop the Barbie")


5-27-07:  Associated Press: "Clergy ask for review of decision to reappoint transgender pastor"


5-26-07:  Transsexual UK Press Release: "STANDING SHOULDER TO SHOULDER WITH DR. REID" (In view of the judgement made by the General Medical Council this week, Transsexual UK urges trans people in the UK and around the World, whether they have received treatment or not from Dr. Reid, to strongly consider leaving a message of support at the blog site, found at


5-25-07:  Burlington Free Press (Vermont): "Transgender bill gets governor's signature" (more)


5-25-07:  United Methodist News Service: "United Methodist pastor speaks of transgender experience"


5-25-07:  Southern Voice: "New initiatives seek jobs for trans people - Sparked by crackdown on trans prostitutes, activists seek ways to find legal employment"


5-25-07:  UK Gay News (story from Russia): "She Promises, She Delivers – Vladimir Luxuria in Moscow for Gay Pride"  


5-25-07:  The Guardian (UK): "Sex change doctor guilty of misconduct" (list of key figures) (see also the PFC News item by Christine Burns regarding "The Comments The Guardian Declined to Print")  


5-25-07:  The Guardian (UK): "Letters: Regrets - but only a few - about gender reassignment"


5-25-07:  WBAL-TV (Baltimore): "Transgender Methodist Minister Reappointed To Baltimore Church" (more, more)


5-24-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Frameline yanks film" "After watching the film and hearing the director's comments, I do feel like it is a classically transphobic film. It repeats all of these stereotypes that have been kicking around for 40 years now," said (Susan) Stryker... "It is basically the same stereotypes of trans people articulated in The Transsexual Empire by Janice Raymond in 1979 that said transsexuals are in collusion with politically reactionary forces."


5-24-07:  The Cambridge Evening News (UK): "Pride as duo take chains of office - MESSAGES of support have flooded in for Jenny Bailey and Jennifer Liddle as they become Cambridge's first transgender mayor and mayoress today"


5-24-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Chicago SM club under fire for anti-trans policy"


5-23-07:  Ramapo College News Release (New Jersey): "Transgender Workplace Diversity Workshop will be Held at Ramapo College" (Wednesday, June 27, 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m) Dr. Jillian T. Weiss, an assistant professor of Law and Society at the college, will moderate the workshop for human resources and legal professionals throughout the state, and will address New Jersey Bill S362, which takes effect June 12. The bill adds “gender identity or expression” to the list of classes protected from discrimination) (link to workshop page)


5-23-07:  India Times (India): "Howazzat! 'Female' cricketer is a man?" (yet another case of overzealous 'gender testers' ruining the life of a young intersex athlete by public declarations that "he is a man")


5-23-07:  Southern Voice: "Vt. gov. signs non-discrimination bill into law - Gender identity now included"


5-23-07: (Wales, UK): "I paint to drive out my pain, says sex-change artist"


5-23-07:  The Christian Post: "Media Bias on Transgenders Raising Concerns"


5-23-07:  MCV (Australia): "Trans ban in St Kilda - Two women-only rooming houses in St Kilda have been granted the right to refuse access to transsexual tenants"


5-23-07: blogsite: "Marvel Comics' Ultron is World's First Transsexual Cyborg"


5-23-07:  More4 TV (UK): "Sex Change Hospital - On More4 Wednesdays for six weeks from 23 May 2007 at 10pm. The six documentaries follow patients through sex change surgery in the sex change capital of the world, Trinidad, Colorado." (more, more)


5-23-07:  Daily Mail (UK):  "First sex-swap mayor to be sworn in - and the mayoress used to be a man too!"


5-23-07:  St. Petersburg Times: "Stanton stars at a fundraiser - Equality Florida benefits from the former Largo official's presence"


5-23-07:  The Guardian (UK): "Mistaken identity"  


5-21-07:  Toronto Daily Star (Canada): "Youth no barrier to gender change - New guidebook offers support as decision to `transition' being made earlier in life"


5-21-07:  The Guardian (UK): "Sex change doctor rushed treatments, GMC rules"  


5-21-07:  Daily Times (Pakistan): "Couple held for lying about transsexual husband’s gender" (more, more, more)


5-21-07:  Scientific American (June 2007 issue): "Going beyond X and Y - Babies born with mixed sex organs often get immediate surgery. New genetic studies, Eric Vilain says, should force a rethinking about sex assignment and gender identity"  


5-21-07:  Sarasota Herald Tribune (Florida): "Minister's calling magnified by his 'journey' "


5-20-07:  Charlotte Sun-Herald (Florida): "City candidate Steve Stanton's toughest test: Susan's debut - Sarasota played key role in former Largo manager's transition"


5-19-07:  Dallas Morning News: "Transgender teen free to be herself"


5-19-07:  Xinhua News Agency: "S Korean transsexual singer Harisu married" (more, more


5-18-07:  The Stanford Daily: "Sick Sad World: The first transgender Prom Queen"   


5-18-07:  New York Blade: "New Yorkers Join National Fight for Trans Equality" 


5-18-07:  Washington Blade: "Susan Stanton makes D.C. debut Gay - Ousted Fla. official joins trans lobbyists to push ENDA, hate crimes bills"


5-18-07:  Associated Press: "Bathrooms At KSU To Accommodate Transgender Students"


5-17-07: "Transsexual Wins Battle Over Surgery Payment"  


5-17-07:  The Enquirer (Cincinnatti, OH): "Governor to restore rights- Gov. Ted Strickland planned today to sign an executive order that bans discrimination in state employment on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity"


5-17-07:  Bangkok Post (Thailand): "Lady boys become a business"


5-17-07:  The Dominion Post (New Zealand): "Hermaphrodites who don't know it" (article about the work of Dr. Milton Diamond)


5-17-07:  The Ledger (Lakeland, FL): "Stanton's Newfound Celebrity Giving Her Greater Influence" 


5-17-07:  The Edge (Boston, MA): "Trans lobby day gets 120 participants"


5-17-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "UCSF gives up nearly $1M in trans funding"


5-17-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Transsexual parade Film - The beauties of 'Trantasia' come out"


5-15-07:  St. Petersburg Times: "Susan Stanton debuts in D.C. - She will join a large group to lobby Congress today for transgender rights" (more)


5-14-07: (India): "Nepal family stigmatised for child's indeterminate sex"


5-14-07:  Asahi Shimbun (Japan):  "Saitama Medical University stops sex-change operations" ("...after professor Takao Harashina, a surgeon specializing in plastic surgery, retired at the end of April") (more)


5-14-07:  Peninsula Daily News (Olympic Peninsula, WA): "Esprit conference returns to Port Angeles for 18th year"


5-14-07: "Mystery of Gender: What Makes Us Male Or Female?"


5-13-07:  Santa Cruz Sentinal (Santa Cruz, California): "Aptos preschool teaches grown-up subject of gender identity"


5-13-07:  Newsweek: "(Rethinking) Gender - A growing number of Americans are taking their private struggles with their identities into the public realm. How those who believe they were born with the wrong bodies are forcing us to re-examine what it means to be male and female" (link to photo gallery)


5-13-07:  Newsweek: "It's Not as Simple as Pink or Blue - Join NEWSWEEK's Debra Rosenberg for a Live Talk on Wednesday, May 16, at noon, ET, on the changing definitions of gender"


5-13-07:  Newsweek: " 'I Had To Fix My Life' - A NASCAR champion gave up everything to become a woman. Can she reclaim her racing life?"


5-13-07:  Newsweek: "'It Stuns Me' - Christine Daniels wasn't eager to tell her readers at the Los Angeles Times about her new life. Then the e-mails came in"


5-13-07:  Newsweek: "Making a Difference - A former Air Force sergeant (and former man) on running for office as a transgender candidate"


5-13-07:  Newsweek: " 'None of Us Are Safe' - Actor Alexis Arquette on the politics of gender in America"

5-13-07:  Newsweek: "No Big Deal - A veteran of corporate America says big companies are leading the way in helping transgender social reform"


5-13-07:  "Crowning moment - Roosevelt prom queen a transgender pioneer" (more)


5-13-07:  The Oregonian: "BSU takes heat for 'transgender bathroom' - The label upsets conservatives; the school says the unisex restroom is for all"


5-13-07:  St. Petersburg Times: "Stanton lobbies Congress Tuesday"


5-13-07:  St. Petersburg Times: "Introducing Susan Stanton - In February, Steve Stanton's secret was out. He lost his job as Largo city manager. Then the world came calling. But not for Steve"


5-13-07:  The Open Press (Free Press Release News Wire): "Tiffany Club of New England Announces Tiffany on Saturday Night"


5-12-07:  Reno Gazette-Journal: "Organization trying to end spiritual, legal discrimination to visit Reno"


5-12-07:  San Francisco Chronicle: "Transgender pioneer rises to powerful spot" (Transwoman Theresa Sparks has been elected president of the San Francisco Police Commission, beating out Mayor Gavin Newsom's pick for the job!) (more)


5-12-07:  The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio): "Critics block health talk on transsexuality"


5-12-07:  South Asian Women's Forum: "In burst of glitter, Thailand names most beautiful transsexual - A 21-year-old student and aspiring social worker was named Thailand's most beautiful transsexual late Friday, in a pageant bursting with glitter and sequins that has become a national spectacle"  (more, more, more)  


5-11-07:  Washington Blade: "Hate crimes bill faces uphill fight Gay - ‘Historic’ outcome in House unlikely to survive a Bush veto" (more, more )  


5-11-07:  Entertainment Tonite: "Alexis Arquette's Transgender Summit" (includes links to videos; more video)


5-11-07:  Pegasus News (Dallas, Texas):  "Few school districts have rules on transgender students"


5-10-07:  San Francisco Bay Times: "Dignity for All" By Jacob Anderson-Minshall (Profile of transgender activist Pauline Park)

5-10-07:  ABC News: "Making Change: The Cost of Being Transgender - Cast Out of Their Homes and Unable to Find Work, Many Transgender Young People Turn to Prostitution to Buy Illegal Hormones" (print version)


5-10-07:  Gay City News: "Change Sex Or Die" (important story about the tragic situation of gays in Iran, many of whom opt for sex reassignment with later regrets)


5-10-07:  International Herald Tribune (Pakistan): "Pakistani court orders arrest of sex-change groom and his bride" (more)


5-10-07:  The Advocate: "Transgender deceiver - Former Largo, Fla., city manager Steve Stanton attended a conference at city expense and dressed as a woman for two seminars without telling the city. Was he deceiving the citizens of Largo or just being incredibly prudent?" By Joanne Herman


5-10-07: (Malaysia): "Mak Nyah Cry For Compassion - Their cries and pleas to be treated with respect and dignity keep falling on deaf ears" 


5-09-07:  Kaleej Times (UAE): "Sex correction centre to come up at Jeddah" 


5-08-07:  Globe and Mail (Canada): "Agents of change -Transgender Canadians are coming out at younger ages, raising a host of new and sensitive issues" [important story from Canada regarding the fact that "Transgender Canadians are coming out at younger ages than ever before. Support groups for transgender teens report growing memberships, and are sprouting up beyond the major cities in areas such as Kitchener, Ontario, and the Niagara region". 


In a break with past Canadian media traditions, this article makes NO mention at all of the gender clinic run by Kenneth Zucker at CAMH (formerly known as The Clarke Institute). Functioning as a reparatist center for parents who wish to suppress transgender identities in their children, Zucker's clinic is irrelevant to the emerging movement to support the health and well-being of trans youth in Canada. For more about Zucker's clinic, see "Drop the Barbie"]


5-08-09:  KGO-TV (San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose): "Berkeley City Council Passed Transgender Study - Committee Could Add Surgery To City's Health Plan" (more)  


5-08-07:  Arizona Daily Star: "Transgender meeting is in Tucson next April"


5-08-07: "‘Miss Transgender’ crowned in Nepal"


5-07-07:  PR Leap: "Transgender Law Deadline Approaching as New Jersey Businesses Watch and Wait"


5-05-07:  Southern Poverty Law Center:  "Face Right - Black Religious Opposition to Gays Rising", Spring 2007 Intelligence Report (SPLC exposé of the role of prominent black ministers in hate-mongering against GLBT people)

5-05-07:  Southern Poverty Law Center: "The Preachers: Mini-Profiles", Spring 2007 Intelligence Report. (further list of homophobic/transphobic black ministers active in the anti-GLBT movement)


5-05-07:  Inside Bay "Berkeley employees may receive sex-change benefits - City looks into cost for insurance coverage for its 1,500 workers" 


5-05-07:  The Advocate: "Vermont lawmakers pass bill banning gender identity discrimination" 


5-04-07:  Michigan Daily: "For transgender community, House pleases where ‘U’ falls short" (for the past three years, the Board of Regents at the University of Michigan have completely dismissed numerous appeals for addition of 'gender identity and expression' to the University's bylaws - refusing to even vote on the matter) 


5-04-07:  Southern Voice: "Demagogues of defamation - Where is the outrage when cable TV’s talking heads trash trans people?", by Simon Aronoff (more) (link to Simon's "Trans Media Watch")


5-04-07: "CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE: Transsexual writer is the brave one" 


5-03-07: (UK & Ireland): "Micron obeys vote to add gay protections" (however, the Micron Board of Directors refused to add gender identity protections)


5-03-07:  San Francisco Bay Times: "Fighting the Bathroom Blues"


5-03-07:  Sarasota Herald Tribune: "Fired transsexual city manager is a front-runner for new job"


5-03-07:  India e-News (India): "AIDS initiative takes root at transgender festival"  


5-03-07:  Arizona Daily Star: "Tucson to host transgender summit" (IFGE will hold its annual conference in Tucson on April 1-5, 2008)  


5-03-07: (Dallas/Ft.Worth): "Cross-Dressing Student Returns To School"


5-02-07:  New York Times: "After Working the Streets, Bunk Beds and a Mass"  


5-02-07:  Deepstealth Productions: "Deep Stealth Visits Cocoon Guest House" (A video tour of Cocoon Guest House, the Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) recovery facility used by Dr. Ousterhout's patients in San Francisco)  


5-02-07:  BBSNews: "Raging Against Matthew Shepard Inspired Anti-Hate Crime Legislation - James Dobson and "Concerned Women for America" Rail against legislation making it a federal crime to attack people based upon gender identity" (see for example the 'cartoon' page posted by the Traditional Values Coalition)


5-02-07:  India e-News (India): "Transgenders show high awareness about HIV/AIDS: Survey"  


5-02-07:  Asbury Park Press: "Cliks look to downplay transgender issue"


5-01-07:  Chiang Mai City Life (Thailand):  "Can't Live with Him, Can't Live without Him"


5-01-07:  The Ledger (Lakeland, Florida): "Two Brothers Share How They Coped With Their Dad's Decision To Become A Woman"  


5-01-07:  The Badger Herald (Univ. of Wisconsin): "Ultimate battle of the sexes"


5-01-07:  San Mateo County Times: "Lesbian, transgender couple become mystery writers" (article about Diane and Jacob Anderson-Minshall)


5-01-07:  New India Press (India):  "All roads lead to Koovagam - All roads lead to a tiny hamlet Koovagam, near Ulundurpet, a holy place for the transgenders"



April 2007:


4-30-07:  Springfield News-Leader (Springfield, MO): "Sportswriter's sex change brings out others' insecurities" 


4-30-07:  The Star (Malaysia): "Gender bender dancer - A former military colonel, Jin Xing acknowledges that it was her sex change that propelled her to stardom"


4-29-07:  The Oregonian:  "It's either (sex) change -- or die" 


4-29-07:  The Oregonian:  "A memoir of gender change analyzes 'not fitting the picture' "


4-27-07: ABC News: "'I'm a Girl' -- Understanding Transgender Children - Parents of Transgender 6-Year-Old Girl Support Her Choice" 


4-27-07:  KXAS-Fort Worth, Texas: "Cross-dressing Teen in Texas Suspended" (with video) (more, more)


4-27-07:  The Washington Blade:  "D.C. man sentenced to 26 years for transgender murder"


4-27-07:  The Huffington Post: "Alexis Arquette On Being Transgender" 


4-27-07:  Los Angeles Times: "A writer's transformation makes the personal public - Mike Penner's account of becoming Christine Daniels liberates the columnist and strikes a chord with readers". By James Rainey, Times Staff Writer (more)

4-26-07: "I Am NOT A 'Queen' "


4-26-07:  Los Angeles Times: Sports: "Old Mike, new Christine", by Mike Penner, Times Staff Writer (more, more, more)


4-26-07:  The Advocate: "Micron Technology, Inc. refuses to heed shareholder vote on antidiscrimination protection"

4-25-07: "West Palm Beach To Protect Trans Residents"


4-25-07:  Gay Wired, CA: "HRC and National Center for Transgender Equality Release Groundbreaking Guide About Coming Out as Transgender" (more; PDF of coming out guide)  


4-25-07:  The Advocate: "Barbara Walters on transgender children - This Friday on 20/20 the veteran newswoman sits down with children who are struggling with gender identity and their families. She gives us the exclusive first interview"  


4-25-07:  Catholic World News: Rome, Italy: "Italian health minister backs coverage for sex changes "


4-25-07:  ABC News: "Born With the Wrong Body - Transgender 10-Year-Old Girl and Her Family Talk to Barbara Walters" (Watch "My Secret Self: A Story of Transgender Children" this Friday on "20/20" at 10 p.m. EDT )


4-25-07:  New India Press (India): "Southern News - Tamil Nadu: Statewide survey of transgenders begins"


4-25-07:  Chicago Sun-Times: "Legislation is no laughing matter - House leaders yuk it up over bill on changing gender on birth certificates"


4-24-07:  ACLU Press Release: "ACLU Praises Introduction of Employment Non-Discrimination Act" (ENDA: more, more)  


4-24-07:  EDGE Boston: "HRC and National Center for Transgender Equality Release Groundbreaking Guide About Coming Out as Transgender" (link to PDF of guide)

4-23-07:  Duke University News and Communications: "Equity Policy Expanded to Include Transgender People - New wording aims to promote safe and welcoming environment"


4-23-07:  GW Hatchet (George Washington Univ.): "Pitch switch: Transsexuals get speech therapy" (print version)


4-23-07:  PFLAG announcement re upcoming show: "Tune into ABC's 20/20 for a very special program with Barbara Walters Friday Night, April 27th, 2007. This program will portray the true meaning of unconditional love as Barbara intimately explores the lives of three incredible families and their transgender children" (click here for more details on the three children)

4-23-07:  Oregon Daily Emerald (Univ. of Oregon): "Senate passes Oregon Equality Act, granting rights, outlawing discrimination" 


4-22-07:  American Chronicle: "Pathologies of the Diagnostic Statistics Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)" 


4-21-07:  MSNBC: "'Born in the Wrong Body' - Transgender youth share their stories in an MSNBC documentary" ("Born in the Wrong Body" debuts on Sunday, April 22, at 9 p.m. ET on MSNBC ) (more links to videos)


4-21-07:  MSNBC: "Photos: 'Born in the Wrong Body' - Images: Meet Tayler, Jake, Alex, Angelika and Deasja"


4-21-07:  MSNBC: "Growing up trapped in a man's body - Subject of documentary about transgender youth shares her story" 

4-21-07:  MSNBC: "'I never felt like a girl' - Subject of documentary about transgender youth shares his story"


4-21-07:  The Evening Standard (UK): "Sex swap Para to sue after Army withdraws £45,000-a-year post" (more)  


4-21-07:  Associated Press: "School changes policy to allow transgender student to run for prom king" (more)


4-21-07:  ThinkSpain (Spain):  "Transsexual becomes first to stand at Spanish election"


4-20-07: "San Francisco LGBT Community Center Center Announces Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative")


4-20-07:   Transgender Workplace Diversity (Jillian Weiss blogspot) : "600,000 Transgenders "Could" Push Diversity Envelope for Some Employers" (see also this link to an earlier article) (New)


4-20-07:  The New York Blade: "Trans Marriage Poses Immigration Glitch"  


4-19-07:  TS "Kiira Triea (Denise Tree) and the "transkids" hoax": "Triea is the owner and author of, a website created in December 2004. It promotes a taxonomy of transwomen proposed by Ray Blanchard, J. Michael Bailey, and Anne Lawrence. Bailey and Lawrence had links to it on their sites within minutes of its publication, suggesting a coordinated effort between Triea, Bailey, and Lawrence. Triea claims the material is written by "homosexual transsexual" (HSTS) children she knows." 


[In this report the so-called "transkids" site is exposed as a hoax created by a transphobic intersex woman. The site owner's credibility is undermined by a mass of evidence, and scientific references to the site as being authoritative now appear groundless.


4-19-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Body of trans woman dressed as boy at viewing" (Note: Transpeople who pass away without wills are often claimed by transphobic families and buried in their birth name and gender. Thus it is VERY important to write a basic will and name an executor who has legal authority to make final one's arrangements.) (New)


4-18-07:  Medical News Today (UK): "Groundbreaking Principles On Sexual Orientation And Human Rights Released"   


4-18-07:  Michigan State University: "Gender Identity Added to MSU's Anti-Discrimination Policy": "On April 13, 2007 MSU’s Board of Trustees approved revisions to Article II of the University’s Anti-Discrimination Policy (ADP) to add “gender identity” to the nondiscriminations of the ADP"


4-17-07:  Chicago Tribune (Assoc. Press): "Illinois lawmakers joke about sex changes during debate": "Several Illinois lawmakers mocked sex changes and the idea of debating the subject Tuesday before rejecting a measure that would have made it easier to get a new birth certificate after switching genders." (Note: gender transitioners cannot presently obtain revised Illinois BC's if their SRS was performed by a foreign surgeon) (more, more)  


4-17-07:  The Gaurdian (UK): "Stephen Whittle: Body of work - The law lecturer tells Chris Arnot how being a transsexual has put him at the forefront of a political movement" 


4-17-07:  The Japan Times (Japan):  "Rikkyo lectures to examine gender identity disorder issues" (article about Masae Torai)

4-17-07:  RTÉ News (Ireland): "Transgender dentist continues legal fight"


4-16-07:  Chico Enterprise Record: "Transgender softball player a conundrum for recreation district"


4-15-07: "Groundbreaking Yogyakarta principles released - Groundbreaking international legal principles on sexual orientation, gender identity, and international law have been released by 29 international human rights experts" (full text of principles)


4-15-07:  St. Petersburg Times: "With change, acceptance is key - Two brothers share how they coped with their dad's decision to become a woman"


4-14-07:  Orlando Sentinal: "Ex-Largo manager: I won't sue"


4-13-07:  PFC NEWS (Canadian story): "CA: Sports Medicine Body Promotes Presentation on Gender Variant Athletes" (note the great contrast in the strides being made by trans people in the sports medicine community vs the ongoing pathologization of trans people by the psychiatric community)


4-13-07:  XTRA (Canada): "Boys will be girls / Gender idenity clinic event disrupted by trans activists", a 4-12-07 article by Audrey Gagnon. (see related story: "Drop the Barbie")


"On the morning of Mar 29 a group of trans activists crashed a celebration honouring Susan Bradley, the founder of the Child AndAdolescent Gender Identity Clinic at Toronto's Centre For Addiction And Mental Health (CAMH).
The featured speaker of the event was Kenneth Zucker, a psychologist and current head of the gender identity clinic. He's known for promoting reparative therapy for gender-variant children, which teaches kids to conform to society's expectations of female and male behaviour. His work is heavily promoted by notorious ex-gay group the National Association For Research And Therapy Of Homosexuals.
"Dr Zucker has never left himself in a position where the community could ask him questions," says trans activist Tina Strang. She and 519 Trans Programs coordinator Kyle Scanlon had issued a call to action via e-mail two days before the event, urging trans people and their allies to attend the lecture and voice their concerns."  (see full story...)


4-13-07:  The Chosun Ilbo (Korea): "Transgender Star and Fiancé Pose for Wedding Photos" 


4-13-07:  The Emory Wheel (Emory University): "Campus Life: Emory Adds Protection for Gender"


4-12-07:  Lavender, Minnesota's GLBT Magazine: "GLBT: The “T” Is Not Silent"  


4-12-07:  Mainichi Daily News (Japan): "Gender identity disorder Novelist Masae Torai lectures at Rikkyo University" (more


4-12-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Memorial set for kari edwards"


4-12-07:  Xtra (Toronto, Canada): "Hot Docs: Girl Inside - Love across the spectrum"  


4-12-07:  The Times of India (India): "Drag queens want to lead a dignified life"  


4-12-07:  Daily Princetonian: "Ask the Sexpert...This week, she asks questions about testing and "trans" terminology" 


4-11-07:  Telegraph (UK): "Eddie lives his American dream - Eddie Izzard is big news in America but he's had to go easy on the cross-dressing" 


4-11-07:  The Herald (UK): "The Worst Cut is the Cheapest: The world's worst sex change surgeon"


4-11-07:  Web Devil (Arizona State Univ.): "Changing 'that little M' into an 'F' isn't so easy - Transgender community speaks out about financial difficulties and the need to be treated as the sex they identify with"  


4-10-07: "The New York Times yet again features odd pronouncements on bisexuality by J. Michael Bailey" (a Trans News Update summary by Lynn Conway)  

4-10-07:  The Advocate: "Trans not on board(s): Most gay and lesbian organizations have become LGBT organizations in recent years. If their missions now include transgender people, why don’t their boards?", by Joanne Herman 


4-10-07:  St. Petersberg Times: "Stanton ready to go national - He will discuss his case on Larry King Live on Thursday" 


4-10-07:  Reuters: "British transsexual causes stir at Indian temple"


4-10-07: (Spain): "First transsexual to change sex without op"

4-10-07:  Virginian Pilot - "Transgendered opera singer settles into new identity"


4-09-07:  China Daily (China): "Wannabe woman aided by transsex beauty"


4-09-07:  Turkish Daily News (Turkey): "Turkey's gay-lesbians on their way to be recognized" 


4-08-07:  Boston Globe: "When She Graduates as He: There's a battle brewing at the Seven Sisters over the growing population of transgender students. The question at its core: What kind of women's college awards diplomas to men?" (Note the reported prevalence: Student reports indicate that there are about 6 to 12 transmen among the 1300 undergrads at Bryn Mawr, and at least 30 transmen among the 2500 undergrads at Smith) (print version)  


4-08-07:  NewIndPress (India): "Now, a Tamil movie with transgenders in lead"


4-05-07: "EMU passes policy aimed at protecting transgender students"   


4-05-07:  Gay City News: "Trans ID at Issue in Custody Case" 


4-05-07:  PFC News and "A 2001 Magazine Article Revisited in 2007: "Drop the Barbie! If You Bend Gender Far Enough, Does It Break?"" (documenting the failure of Zucker's reparative therapy methods at CAMH (extolled by NARTH) to be adopted by other clinics - in contrast with the current emergence of much more modern, humane care-centers for gender variant children and teens in many of our large cities)

4-05-07:  San Francisco Bay Times: "TransNation: Gay Trans Man Collaborates With Feminist Mom"


4-05-07:  Aurora Sentinal (Colorado): "Pam I Am - Transgender woman steps into political spotlight hoping for council seat" (more)


4-05-07:  Daily News & Analysis, India (story about Spain): "First transsexual in Madrid to request change in identity" 


4-04-07:  Jackson Citizen Patriot, MI: "Student newspapers pulled" (The Citizen Patriot gets the scoop that Spring Arbor University confiscated student newspapers during the Nemecek case) 


4-04-07:  Pink News (UK): "Employers challenged over trans policies" 


4-04-07:  St. Petersberg Times: "The whole truth about the Stanton story"


4-04-07:  Michigan Daily: "From the Daily: An acceptable step - Allowing preferred names must be just the beginning"


4-03-07:  Think Spain (Spain): "Sex-change prisoner requests transfer to female jail"  


4-02-07:  Poynteronline: "Profiling a Transgendered Life: Q&A with a Features Award Winner" ( The Poynter Institute is a school for journalists, future journalists, and teachers of journalists. It also serves as a source of information on journalism ethics, and provides an "on-call" ethics service at this link.)   


4-02-07:  The Michigan Daily (Univ. of Michigan): "'U' makes your name your choice - Transgender activists hail decision on 'preferred' names"   


4-02-07:  The Daily Illini (Univ. of Illinois): "Sex changes, alimony, and the true meaning of progress" (print) (thoughtful commentary on the Florida alimony case)  


4-01-07:  The Santiago Times (Chile): "TRANSGENDER MURDERS IN CHILE INCREASING"  


4-01-07:  St. Petersberg Times: "Stanton and the Times were never 'in cahoots'" (newspaper exposes false accusations made by Baptist Minister at the Stanton hearing)  



March 2007:


3-30-07:  CNW TELBEC (Canada): "Vancouver teachers contract first in province to include support for transgender employees"  


3-30-07:  Catholic World News: "UN officials advance radical stand on homosexual rights"


3-29-07:  LifeSite: "UN Officials Draft Document Re-Interpreting 29 International Law Rights to all Include Homosexual Rights" ("document authored by several UN human rights officials that claims even the youngest children are capable of discerning their sexual identity. It adds they should be given governmentally protected free reign to express that identity") 


3-29-07:  Winston-Salem Journal: "Transgender surgeon has close connection to patients" (article about Marci Bowers, M.D.)


3-29-07:  Washington Post Columns-Blogs: "Transgender, Gay Marriage, Divorce, Oh My! - Does a Sex Change Operation Negate Alimony?"  


3-29-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Friends mourn Ruby Ordeñana" 


3-29-07:  Pink News (UK): "18-year-old to reveal trans experience in TV documentary"

3-29-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Memorial Tuesday for Nadia Cabezas"


3-28-07:  PR Newswire: "L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center Launches Landmark Employment Program for Transgender People"  (more,


3-28-07:  The Valparaiso Times (Chile): "MOVILH WARNS TRANSGENDER PEOPLE TO STAY OUT OF REGION V" (Chilean advocacy group warns of dangers of attacks on transgender people in Valparaiso area).


3-28-07:  Pattaya City News (Thailand): "Police round up Ladyboys working on Pattaya Beach"


3-28-07:  The Valparaiso Times (Chile): "MURDERS OF CHILE'S TRANSGENDER PEOPLE MOUNT"


3-27-07:  SignOn San Diego: "Florida man argues his ex-wife's sex change should end his obligation to pay alimony" (more, more)


3-26-07:  Chennai Online (India): "Transgenders seek houses"


3-26-07:  Washington Blade: "Maryland transgender rights bill dies: Measure sought to combat discrimination"


3-25-07:  The Electric New Paper (Singapore): "OY! Are You Men or Are You Girls? This Thai transgender girl band may be popular, but it's no stranger to rude questions"


3-24-07:  CNN: "Florida city official seeking sex change fired" (with link to video from last night's meeting) (more)


3-24-07:  Orlando Sentinal: "Largo reaffirms firing of transgender official" 


3-24-07:  Sarasota Herald-Tribune (Assoc. Press):  "Commissioners vote to fire transgender city manager"


3-23-07:  Orlando Sentinal: "Transgender city manager will try to get job back - The Largo leader has 3 hours to convince commissioners that he should be reinstated" (Commissioners will meet at 6 p.m. to give Steve Stanton three hours to make his case for why he should be allowed to return to the job he held for 14 years)


3-22-07:  Bradenton Herald: "Florida suburb prepares for transsexual rights showdown"


3-22-07: "Italy media chief denies soliciting transsexual" (more, more, more)


3-22-07:  Australian Broadcasting Corp.(Australia): "Ex-police choir member jailed for sex with transsexual teen"


3-22-07: "Women in Engineering Event Has Gay Presence"  


3-22-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Political Notebook: Coloradan is state's first TG commissioner"


3-22-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Trans woman found dead" (more)  


3-21-07:  Media Matters: "Savage called transgender murder victim a "psychopath" and a "freak" " (Report that nationally syndicated radio talk show host Michael Savage "read a sentence from the article (about a San Francisco murder victim) stating that "it appeared the victim had been in the process of becoming a woman," to which Savage replied: "Yeah, process of becoming a woman -- psychopath. [She] should have been in a back ward in a straitjacket for years, howling on major medication"" , and his comments go downhill from there.) (more, more)


3-21-07:  Atlantic Free Press: "The New Eugenics: Theofascism in America"


3-20-07:  NARTH: "Gender Identity Disorders In Childhood And Adolescence: A Critical Inquiry And Review Of The Kenneth Zucker Research", by the NARTH Scientific Advisory Committee (NARTH lauds the infamous Ken Zucker's reversion therapy at CAMH (aka The Clarke Institute), in which he psychologically intervenes to "cure" childhood GID, seeing it as a way to "cure" homosexuality too. The article concludes:


"Zucker’s priority is “helping these kids be happily male or female,” but he also acknowledges that the treatment process does, in some cases, apparently avert homosexual development . And in support of parents’ rights to avert a homosexual outcome for their children, Zucker cites a persuasive quote from Richard Green: “The right of parents to oversee the development of children is a long -established principle. Who is to dictate that parents may not try to raise their children in a manner that maximizes the possibility of a heterosexual outcome?""


3-20-07:  St. Petersberg Times: "Like no one else, they know - In Largo City Manager Steve Stanton, members of a support group of transgender men see themselves" (a group of Florida transmen discuss the Stanton case)


3-20-07:  FindLaw: "Recent Firings Serve as a Reminder of the Employment Struggles Unjustly and Sometimes Illegally Faced by Transsexuals", by Joanna Grossman


3-20-07:  Nashua Telegraph (NH): "Transsexuals want equal coverage"


3-19-07:  KTVU-TV (San Francisco): "SF Police Investigating Mysterious Transgender Death" )


3-19-07: "For the Christian Right, Gay-Hating Is Just the Start," by Chris Hedges (see also Hedges' book American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America )


3-18-07:  The Washington Post: "The Problem, in A Fundamental Nutshell: 'Is Your Baby Gay?' " (report on the eugenics proposals of Albert Mohler. See also earlier article in "Southern Baptist Leader Calls For Genetic Cleansing Of Original Sin" 


3-18-07:  Christian Newswire: "Schenck Asked by Washington Post About Cure to Homosexuality - Interview Follows Controversial Blog by Southern Baptist Seminary President Albert Mohler" 


3-18-07:  DNA India: "Mrs Doubtfire wants to be Miss India"


3-18-07:  The New York Times: The First Man-Made Man by Pagan Kennedy, reviewed by Mary Roach: "Girls Will Be Boys: Michael Dillon wanted nothing more than to be invisible, to be one of the guys. Problem: he was born with a woman’s body."  (posted 3-17-07) (more)


3-18-07:  The New York Times: "Excerpt from the First Chapter: The First Man-Made Man" (print version) (posted 3-17-07)


3-18-07:  Burlington Free Press: "My Turn: Transgender bill rife with problems" (argument against trans protections based on psychiatrists' declarations that transsexualism is a "mental disorder", showing how the DSM is used against us)


3-17-07:  From Kim Perez (Spain): "New Law of Gender Identity in Spain now in effect, the most progressive in the world. Full wording of the law is now available (in Spanish)" (see also entry on 3-01-07)


3-17-07:  ARTCAL (New York City): "Tejal Shah - Thomas Erben Gallery: Continuing her work with the hijras (MTF transsexuals/transgendered), the Bombay-based artist Tejal Shah presents to us . . . photographs which elaborate the fantasies of individual members of this community"  (3-23 to 4-21)


3-16-07: "60 Seconds: Holly Woodlawn"


3-16-07:  St. Petersberg Times: "Steve Stanton's transition plan - Editor's Note: This is a typewritten copy of an early draft of Steve Stanton's transition plan that was presented to his transition team, including Mayor Pat Gerard"


3-16-07:  Southern Voice: "Ga. Senate committee passes hate crimes bill - Measure would toughen penalties for crimes based on sexual orientation, gender identity"


3-16-07:  Rutland Herald: "Vt. Senate passes bill banning gender identity discrimination"


3-15-07:  Largo Leader: "Stanton given three hours to plead his case" (with details regarding the upcoming hearing on March 23)


3-15-07:  Gay City News (New York): "More Albany Sponsors for Transgender Rights"  


3-15-07:  Bay Windows: "Trans people tell their stories on All My Children"


3-14-07:  The Phoenix: "In Bods we trust - Kennedy’s new book explores the first F-to-M sex change" (the story of Michael Dillon, more, more, more)  


3-14-07:  Windy City Times: "FLORIDA HEAT: CITY FIGHTS TRANS POL"  


3-14-07:  Detroit News: "Transsexual professor to leave school" (the Nemecek case is settled at Spring Arbor Univ.)  


3-14-07:  The Advocate: "Transsexual regret" by Joanne Herman (including a discussion of the Renee Richards case)   


3-13-07:   National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Press Release: "New groundbreaking report on bisexual health addresses critical health needs, dispels myths, answers frequently asked questions"  (Includes a discussion on p.35-37 of J. Michael Bailey's infamous 2005 pronouncements in the New York Times, and recommends that "Researchers and journalists should avoid sensationalizing stories and research and should include bisexual people’s perspectives") (143 page, 4.2MB PDF)


3-13-07: "Southern Baptist Leader Calls For Genetic Cleansing Of Original Sin" (Click here to link to original article by Southern Baptist Albert Mohler, posted 3-03-07) (J. Michael Bailey will love this idea, more, more)  


3-13-07:  Houston Chronicle: "Gay Advocates Demand Apology From Pace" ("I believe homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral and that we should not condone immoral acts," – Gen. Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff )


3-13-07:  International Herald Tribune (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia): "Muslim couple to be separated if Malaysian court finds husband was once a woman"


3-13-07:  St. Petersberg Times: "Empathetic with Stanton - An interfaith service gathers those who support transgender people."  


3-12-07:  Detroit News: "Outlaw discrimination against individuals who want to change sexes" 


3-11-07:  Marci Bowers Latest News: "Mekah Gordon is coordinating Biber Girl / Boy Reunion & Get Together, May 4-6, 2007, around Dr. Biber's birthday (May 4)" (a reminder)




3-11-07: Chennai Online (India): "In a move that could change the lives of thousands of transgendered persons in the state, the Tamil Nadu government has passed an order ensuring equal opportunities to them in the society"


3-10-07:  Old South Church in Boston: "Letter from Old South Church to the City Commissioners of Largo, Florida" (This letter of 3-04-07 provides a good pattern for other Churches to follow)


3-09-07:  Boston Herald (AP): "Fla. city manager put on leave after announcing plans for sex change says he’ll appeal" (more, more)


3-09-07:  NBC11 (San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland): "Cinequest Film Chronicles Bay Area Transgender Murder - An infamous Bay Area murder is the subject of a documentary that makes its world premiere in San Jose this weekend" (more)


3-09-07:  Southern Voice: "Kimmel’s trans-gression - Talk show apologizes for jokes on transgender beauty"


3-08-07:  Evesham Journal (UK): "Transsexual’s heartfelt job plea" (report on a young transman in the UK who's having difficulty finding employment because of rampant discrimination there)  


3-08-07:  Tampa Bay Newspapers (Florida):  Sampling of letters to the editors about the Stanton case, posted today. (There are some excellent letters here. Of special interest is the part played in the firing by Pastor Ron Saunders and his flock at Largo's "Lighthouse Baptist Church")  


3-08-07:  The Phoenix (Swarthmore College): "New clause guarantees equal opportunity on campus" (Swarthmore adds gender identity and expression to its equal opportunity policy)


3-08-07:  City on a Hill Press (Univ.of Calif., Santa Cruz): "Gender Bending and Bathroom Safety"  

3-08-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "UCSF to close trans programs"


3-08-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "Trans TV host dies"  


3-08-07:  Large Leader (Florida): "Sex change issue continues to divide community," by Dave Shelton

3-07-07:"Steve Stanton's story - 'I can't walk away, it's not in my nature': An interview with Largo's suddenly famous transsexual city manager"

3-07-07:  Introducing WritLargo, the official blog of and a central collection point for all the commentary and venting regarding the firing of Steve Stanton, the transgender city manager of Largo, Florida. Welcome! You're invited to post at (New) 


3-07-07:   Des Moines Register (Iowa): "Anti-bias bill moves to full Senate"


3-07-07:  The Daily Collegian (Univ.of Mass.): "Beyond the gender binary," by Jackie Hai     


3-06-07:  Toronto Sun (Canada): "Transgender rights push - More protection needed in provincial code, group says" ) 


3-06-07:  Poughkeepsie Journal: "Gender identity law considered in New Paltz"  


3-05-07:  Chennai Online (India): "GH can do operation on transgenders"


3-05-07: "Does Sex Change Therapy Warrant Firing From Job? Take the Poll at" (to go to XFuseNews site, click here - poll buttons are in the right-hand column)  


3-04-07:  Jackson Citizen Patriot: "Transgender debate: Heat, and yes, light" (more)  


3-03-07:  St. Petersburg Times: "Survey: Largo unfair to Stanton - A majority of adults in Largo and Pinellas County say the Largo City Commission was wrong to move to fire City Manager Steve Stanton this week, a St. Petersburg Times survey has found" (more, more, more)


3-03-07: "Hate crime in Kokomo?" (more)


3-02-07:  PFC News (UK): New Research Report on Trans people's life experience of inequalities and discrimination: "Engendered Penalties: Transgender and Transsexual People’s Experiences of Inequality and Discrimination"  (PDF)

3-02-07:  NCLR Letter from Kate Kendell : "Out for Justice -The City of Progress" (NCLR to legally represent fired Florida official in battle to keep job) (more, more)

3-02-07:  Newsweek National News: "A Painful Pink Slip - Largo, Fla., city manager Steven Stanton faces firing after it was revealed that he plans to become a woman" (print version) (more)

3-01-07:  Important News from Spain: "New law for Transsexuals passed in Congress today" (From Kim Péres: "On March, the 1st, 2007, the Cortes Generales (Parliament) of Spain, have passed definitively the Law of Gender Identity, the most progressive in the world. This Law allows the change of identity just by proving a medical treatment for two years, and a medical or psychological certificate, proving a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. People having had SRS shall not be required for these two certificates.") (more, more, more)


3-01-07:  Playbill Arts: "Newly Discovered Letter Suggests (to Some) That Richard Wagner Was Cross-Dresser" (report on the famous 19th century German composer) (more, more)

3-01-07:  Gay City News (New York City): "Right to Sex Change Upheld" (see more at 2-25-07 below)


3-01-07:  Gay City News (New York City): "Trans Woman Bests Loehmann's"


3-01-07:  San Francisco Bay Times: "Las Vegas Showgirl" (story about Las Vegas legend Jahna Steele, more)


3-01-07:  Zeek - A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture: "Hearing Beneath the Surface: Crossing Gender Boundaries at the Ari Mikveh", by Tucker Lieberman


3-01-07:  St. Petersberg Times: "Stones fly in Largo; society is thus saved", by Howard Troxler (an excellent column to read and ponder)


3-01-07:  Boston Globe: "Fla. city leaders vote to fire transsexual - Manager revealed sex-change plan" (more on this unfolding story, NCTE Call to Action, HRC Press Release, more, more, more) )



February 2007:


2-28-07:  NCTE Petition Drive: "Support the Hate Crimes Prevention Act" (PLEASE SIGN ONLINE PETITION)


2-28-07:  Florida Times-Union: "'2 people that had one wonderful soul' - At her funeral, friends and family remember the boy and the woman he transitioned into"


2-28-07:  Associated Press: "CHANGING GENDER -- Counselor, surgeon, transgender doctor" (story about Marci Bowers, M.D.)  


2-28-07:  NCTE Call to Action: "NCTE outraged by discriminatory action taken against Largo City Manager - Clear Example of Employment Discrimination"  


2-28-07:  San Francisco Bay Guardian: "Transgender help - A new project called the Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative"


2-27-07:  Orlando Sentinel (AP): "Largo votes to fire city manager who wants sex change" (more, more, more, more)  


2-27-07:  Report Commissioned by The Equalities Review (UK): "Engendered Penalties: Transgender and Transsexual People’s Experiences of Inequality and Discrimination", by Stephen Whittle, Lewis Turner and Maryam Al-Alami" (122 page, 934 KB PDF file)  


2-27-07:  Korea Times (Korea): "The Korea Times : Man to Be Registered as Woman After Operation"


2-27-07:  Daily Trojan (USC): "Gender-identity proposal spans mind-body divide"


2-26-07:  Event Announcement (Singapore): "On March 17, 2007, Transsexual Woman Leona Lo Holds First-Ever Diversity Talk in Singapore to Shatter "Culture of Shame" Surrounding Transsexuals" (see Leona's story in the TS successes pages)


2-25-07:  New York Post: "Free to be He-She - City Paid Gender OP: A judge has ordered taxpayers to foot the bill - up to $20,000 - for a sex-change operation that will make a 21-year-old man into a woman" (Important story about a young trans woman who'd been in the care of New York's Administration for Children's Services since age 6. Sadly, the tabloid chose to ridicule her in the article's title and by calling her a "woman wannabe", etc.) (more, more)


2-25-07: Chennai Online (India): "Training programme for transgender persons - For thousands of transgender persons in India, working in an office has always been a dream -- but a city-based firm is all set to make this a reality."


2-25-07:  Livingston Daily (Michigan): "Four years later, 'Nikki' murder still a mystery"  (police believe murder of 19 year old Nikki Nicholas was a hate crime - and are seeking help in finding her killer)


2-24-07:  Ocean County Observer (New Jersey): "Transgender boy, 13, outs self on TV — A Toms River Intermediate South student chose a national television talk show to reveal his transgender identity " 


2-24-07:  EDGE (Boston): "Students Hit the Road to Combat Anti-LGBT Colleges"

2-24-07:  Associated Press: "Gay Rights Advances Likely in Congress - Historic breakthroughs expected for gay-rights bills in Congress" (more)


2-23-07: Gulf Daily News (Bahrain): "Sex change woman faces cash crisis"


2-23-07:  QDPX: "Safe 2 pee -  Those nice folks over at the Bathroom Liberation Front have started a new site, called Safe 2 Pee, dedicated to letting us all know where we can find accessible, gender-neutral bathrooms that are safe for anyone within the queer community" (originally posted 1-30-07)


2-23-07:  The Washington Blade: "A glass half full - The fight for trans equality isn’t over by a long shot, but the progress we’ve made is undeniable" by Gwendolyn Ann Smith

2-23-07:  Harvard Crimson: "Locked Out- Limited gender-neutral housing should go to those that need it"


2-23-07:  Alligator Online (Univ. of Florida ): "Transgender alum works for equality"


2-23-07:  The Wildcat Online (Univ. of Arizona ): "Co-ed dorm rooms not on agenda ... yet - UA debates as gender-neutral housing grows more popular"  


2-23-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "ABA (American Bar Association) expands bias policy, includes TGs"


2-22-07:  Workers World: "Sex-changes in Cuba will be no-cost, like all health care - Cuba’s National Assembly of Popular Power has agreed to discuss making sex-reassignment surgery free of cost to all “transexuales” on the island who request it"

2-22-07: "AMC ("All My Children") casts transgender actors, including Jennifer Boylan" (March 9)

2-22-07:  St. Peterberg Times: "Largo official plans sex change - Largo City Manager Steve Stanton disclosed on Wednesday that he is undergoing hormone therapy and counseling in preparation for a sex-change operation" (more, more, more)


2-21-07:  Chosun Ilbo (Korea): "Transgender Star to Tie the Knot in May - The transgender celebrity Harisu will be a May bride"


2-21-07:  Current TV: "Made in God's Image - One Trans Man's Journey", by Mark Angelo Cummings.  An online educational video regarding one transsexual man's journey into manhood, including interviews with a surgeon and therapist.


2-21-07:  Detroit News: "City puts brakes on cross-dresser - Engine builder vows to sue Wyandotte for blocking club for men who dress as women"


2-20-07:  The State News (Mich. State Univ.): "Academic Council approves gender identity clause"


2-20-07: "Thai Spice girls preach transsexual power" (more, more)

2-20-07:  Ex-Gay Watch: "Can One Be a Transgender Christian?"


2-20-07: "Religious Teachings on Sex Can Throw Young Into Crisis"

2-19-07:  Equality Forum Press Release (Philadelphia): Barbara Gittings, Gay Pioneer, Dies at 75 - Mother of the GLBT Civil Rights Movement".  Barbara Gittings, a seminal gay activist, died on Sunday, February 18. She was 75 and resided in Wilmington, Delaware. Her death was announced by her partner of 46 years, Kay Tobin Lahusen.

2-18-07:  San Francisco Chronicle: "Transvestites fear the police in Nepal city" (podcast)

2-17-07:  PRWEb Press Release: "MGH Institute of Health Profession's Non-Discrimination Policy Updated to Include Gender Identity"


2-16-07:  WFMY-TV (Winston-Salem, NC): "Transgender Teen Faces Discrimination - 17-year-old Devon McCauley started dressing like a girl last year" (more)


2-15-07:  GayCityNews: "Free Name Changes for NY Transgenders"


2-15-07: "NYC Transsexual Settles Discrimination Complaint" (more)


2-15-07:  Malta Star (Malta): "Transsexual gets Court's blessing to marry - A 25 year-old transsexual was granted the right to marry by the Civil Court of Malta, enabling other transsexuals the right to civil marriage" (more, more)

2-15-07:  New Zealand Herald (NZ): "Parliament farewells first transsexual MP" (more, more, more)


2-14-07:  NEWS ALERT re AETNA "Clinical Policy Bulletin 0615: Sex Reassignment Surgery" (see this follow-on page)


2-14-07: (UK and Northern Ireland): "NHS slammed over trans abuse"


2-14-07: (UK and Northern Ireland): "Northern Ireland hosts trans summit" (BBC News)


2-12-07:  Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "He's just what the marriage debate needs - Sometimes we sorely need pranksters"


2-12-07:  The Toronto Star (Canada): "Gender Bending 101: Cross-dressing philosophy professor makes bold political fashion statement"

2-11-07:  Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram: "Gender lines blurring in college dorms"

2-10-07:  Hindustan Times (northern India): "Gender identity disorder cases on rise in Bihar"


2-09-07:  Southern Voice: "Transcending MLK’S Dream - Local activist Tracee McDaniel speaks her truth in an attempt to spark change" - "Tracee McDaniel is the first transgender individual to deliver a speech during Atlanta’s MLK festivities"

2-09-07:  Washington Blade: "New national Latino gay group forms - Unid@s directors to focus on human rights issues" (Note: there are four transgender people on the board of Unid@s, including Ruby Corado of Washington DC)


2-08-07: (Australia): "Dictionary publishers exclude gender terms"


2-07-07:  DeepStealthNews:  "GLAAD nominates trans-themed media for 2007 awards"


2-07-07: (India): "Transsexuals look for space, and a different view" (more)


2-06-07:  South China Morning Post (Hong Kong): "Gender trap - YOU WOULD THINK banking transactions would be a piece of cake for a financial services manager, yet Kelly dreads facing a bank teller. The problem is, Kelly is transsexual and proving her identity can be torturous." (posted in Sam Winters' TransgenderAsia website)  


2-04-07:  The Independent (UK): "Trapped in the wrong body - Jenny Kirk, 27, almost felt jealous when she heard that a 12-year-old in Germany had been diagnosed as a transsexual and was receiving treatment"  (excerpt: "It was like being reborn . . . "Gosh, this is what people who aren't transsexuals must feel like."")


2-04-07:  Kantipur online (Nepal): "Trans-gender obtains citizenship" ("Nepal Issues First Citizenship ID For Transgender Persons", more, more, more)


2-04-07:  The Citizen Patriot (Michigan): "University firing transgender prof" (more, more, DetNews, Inside Higher Ed, more, more, more)  


2-03-07:  The Daily Telegraph (UK): "Sex-change delusion" (letter to the editor from psychiatrist Joseph Berger of the University of Toronto, about the recent news of the young transitioner in Germany)


2-03-07:  The Star (Malaysia): "‘Katoeys’ hit the music scene - Venus Flytrap is Thailand's first ladyboys band to sign a record deal. The five members were picked from over 200 applicants."

2-02-07:  The Dartmouth (Dartmouth College): "Redman: 'gender-neutral' housing likely Fall term"


2-02-07:  Southern Voice: "‘Butch is a noun’ - Author S. Bear Bergman redefines gender identities with new book"


2-02-07:  Eastern Echo (Eastern Michigan Univ.): "Session defines gender identity - Transgender expression could add diversity"


2-02-07:  Globe and Mail (Canada): "Transsexual loses battle in top court to help at rape clinic"


2-01-07:  New York Times: "The Lady Regrets" (As if failed-transitioner and notorious publicity-hound Renee Richards hadn't already done enough harm to transwomen, look at what she is doing now. Here's an excerpt from the Times article:  "She calls the 2004 decision of the International Olympic Committee, which allows transsexuals to compete, “a particularly stupid decision"". And then this: "Better to be an intact man functioning with 100 percent capacity for everything than to be a transsexual woman who is an imperfect woman.”") (NPR interview) (more)


2-01-07:  Traditional Values Coalition: "12-Year-Old Boy To Undergo ‘Sex Change’ Operation In Germany" (TVC chairman Louis P. Sheldon uses Lawrence's equating of GID and BIID to attack medical care for young transitioners)


2-01-07:  Bangkok Post (Thailand):  "Justice and equality for all - One person's fight against being branded as suffering from a 'mental disorder' by the Thai army"  

2-01-07:  The University Star (Texas State Univ., San Marcos): "Transgender students’ trials documented in TransGeneration"  



January 2007:


1-31-07:  San Francisco Chronicle: "More U.S. employers cover sex transition surgery - Large corporations follow city's lead in offering benefit"


1-31-07:  San Francisco Chronicle: "Few gay rights groups insure for sex changes"

1-29-07:  Austin-American Statesman: "Transgendered in Coahuila" (northeastern Mexico)


1-29-07: "Boy, 12, Given Questionable Sex-Change Therapy after “Diagnosed” as Transsexual - Leading US psychiatric researcher strongly criticizes such procedures" (transphobic psychiatrist Paul McHugh cited by Christian reactionaries opposed to medical care for young transitioners) (more, more)

1-26-07: "Anti-gay, anti-trans Inquisition in the Americas - Colonialism: the real ‘Apocalypto’", by Leslie Feinberg

1-26-07: "GREER LANKTON, A MEMOIR", by Julia Morton (a compelling retrospective of the glamorous but tragic life of the artist Greer Lankton)

1-26-07:  Der Spiegel (Germany): "Mistakes in God's Factory:  Even as children, transsexuals have the feeling of living in the wrong body. When should they be allowed to switch genders? Two years ago, a twelve-year-old German boy became the world's youngest person to start hormone treatments for a sex change"  (Part 2, Part 3, Print version) (Sunday Telegraph, Daily Mail, ABCNews, PlanetOut, more)


1-26-07:  The Chronicle (Duke University): "Harrassment policy to include 'gender identity'"


1-25-07:  International Herald Tribune: "Mexican lawmaker proposes giving transsexuals constitutional protection"

1-25-07:  Burlington Union (MA): "Strutting their stuff"


1-25-07: "Soldier Sex Change: "I Do My Job...So Why Kick Me Out?" (including link to video)


1-25-07: (Kentucky): "Ft. Campbell soldier undergoing sex change (story about a transman in the U.S. Army)


1-25-07: The Hindu (India): Tamil Nadu - Chennai: "Crisis intervention centre for transgenders"


1-25-07: (San Francisco): "Santa Cruz Mom Questions Transgender's Death" (more)

1-24-07:  Yes! Weekly (Greensboro, NC): "New life as woman brings discrimination for transgender youth"

1-24-07:  Redditch Advertiser (UK): "Transsexual barred"  


1-23-07:  Associated Baptist Press: "Groundbreaking conference gathers transgender Christian advocates"

1-23-07:  The Japan Times: "Gender identity transformed from 'freak' into rights issue:  Japan looks to respect rights of those with gender disorders, but even progress carries its own set of risks"


1-23-07:  Winnepeg Free Press (Canada): "Transgendered community faces abuse, discrimination: survey"


1-22-07:  Lebanon Western Star (Ohio): "Gender identity policies changing - State rules against discrimination will be broadened to include cross dressers, transsexuals"


1-21-07:  Kaleej Times (UAE): "Iran’s transsexuals: religiously acknowledged, but rejected"

1-20-07:  Tapei Times: "Teacher in sex-change drama"


1-19-07:  KRISTV: "Former Officer sentenced for violating transsexual's rights - A former San Antonio police officer was sentenced to 24 years . . . in federal court Friday for the rape and beating of a transsexual" (more, more)


1-19-07:  Philadelphia Gays News: "Historical Commission: Mural must go - In a 6-4 vote, the city’s Historical Commission last week ordered the obliteration of a transgender-themed mural . . . " (link to an earlier 8-07-02 story about Dee Rosado's mural)


1-19-07:  Indymedia: "CA's First Openly Transgender Administrative Law Judge to be Sworn-In"  


1-19-07:  Southern Voice: "Kennedy mum on new version of ENDA - Trans-inclusive rights bill faces unclear future in Congress"  


1-19-07:  Baltimore Examiner: "State correction officials not sure where to house transsexual inmate for faking death"  


1-19-07: "Protection Against Discrimination Measure Includes 'Gender Expression' in Bulgaria"


1-19-07  China Post: "Taiwan - MOE probes discrimination against sex-change teacher" (more)


1-18-07:  Ex-Gay Watch: "NARTH's Rosik Comments On Apotemnophilia And GLBT Civil Rights", by Autumn Sandeen (more)  


1-18-07:  Bay Area Reporter: "First ever trans religion summit this weekend"  


1-18-07:  Lavendar Magazine (MN): "Reed-ing Between the Lines" (article about pioneering transman Reed Erickson)  


1-17-07:  Excaliber Online (York University): "Canada’s health-care system ‘don’t do transexuals’ - Patient turned away because of her sexual orientation", by Lauren McKeon, Canadian University Press


1-17-07:  Philippine News: "Monica Bauer finds her family" (story of NY nurse Monica Bauer, a transwoman, who has adopted two Philippine girls) (more)

1-16-07:  Camp (Kansas City): "Transmission – Kansas City Crossdressers and Friends (KCCAF)"

1-16-07:  UK Gay News: "European Transgender Groups Unite" (more)

1-15-07:  The New Standard: "Transgender People Face Violence, Obstacles" 


1-15-07: "Harassed Transsexual Spared Prison"


1-13-07: (posted earlier this month): January Special Feature: "Transsexuals of Brazil" (see also "Slideshow")  


1-13-07:  Pride Source (MI): "Transmissions: The year of fear", by Gwendolyn Ann Smith  


1-12-07:  Diario SUR (Spain): "Malaga’s Carlos Haya hospital has carried out 172 sex change operations since 1999"  (more)  


1-12-07: (DC): "Vigil Held For Victim In Shoplifting-Murder Case - Man Accused In Killing Of Transgender Woman"  

1-12-07:  China Daily: "Sex-change singer wants new job"  


1-12-07:  icBerkshire (UK): "Transsexual loses dismissal claim"  


1-09-07:  NARTH:  "Clinical And Theoretical Parallels Between Desire For Limb Amputation And Gender Identity Disorder", Reviewed by Christopher H. Rosik, Ph.D. (Here we see the infamous NARTH organization promoting A. Lawrence's pathologization of trans women as having an "amputation fetish"


1-09-07:  Bangkok Post (Thailand): "Somewhere to turn to - A first-of-its-kind counselling centre in Pattaya offers respite for members of the city's transgender population"  


1-07-07:  LOGOonline: LOGO network releases "Beautiful Daughters" documentary in its entirety for free viewing online.


1-07-07:  San Francisco Chronicle: "Shaking up transgender assumptions"  


1-06-07:  Press For Change News (UK): "Canadian Sportswoman Battles For Return of Indian Athlete's Medal"  


1-06-07:  The Chronicle Herald (Canada): "Canadian mounts fight for runner who failed sex test" 




1-05-07: "It's a trans world" (story about Cris Beam's new book on transgender teenagers in Los Angeles: "Transparent: Love, Family, and Living the T with Transgender Teenagers,")  


1-04-07:  Gay City News: "Thompson Broadens Gender Effort" (NY City comptroller presses shareholder resolutions that include "gender identity" as Equality Principles)


1-04-07:  EDGE Boston: "Transgender People Face ID Dilemma", by Peter Cassels  

1-04-07:  Gay City News: "Are You Now or Have Your Ever Been Transsexual?"  


1-03-07:  The New York Times: "When She Speaks, He’s Breaking All of Islam’s Taboos" (about Ali Saleem of Pakistan; also see YouTube videos: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)


1-03-07:  Times Online (UK): "Birds do it, bees do it . . .Our correspondent reports from Oslo on a new exhibition that appears to debunk the theory that homosexuality is an exclusively human preference"


1-03-07:  Windy City Times: "Rage Against the Machine - Transsexual Men Discover Differences Are More Than Skin Deep"


1-03-07:  New Straight Times (Malaysia): "Kuala Lumpur: For transsexuals, cost is never an issue as what matters most is looking good"

1-03-07:  Windy City Times: "A Cayne-Do Attitude - On Jan. 24, Candis Cayne helps mark an important step for the media industry as she takes on the portrayal of a trans character on the Prime Time CBS crime drama CSI: NY" (photo)


1-03-07: "Japan Court Refuses To Amend Transsexual's Birth Record"


1-02-07:  Times of India: "Sex change ops no longer uncommon" 

1-02-07:  Burlington Free Press (Vermont): "Transgender bill being redrafted"




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