Trans News Updates of 2006:


This page links to news of general interest to the trans community during 2006.  This running log of news also serves as a window into areas of media focus and public interest regarding trans issues during 2006.  Let us know if you hear of news to include in this list. To access to a wide range of trans news, we recommend "Google News", searching on keywords such as transgender, transsexual, sex reassignment, sex change, gender variance and gender transition.


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Lynn Conway

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December 2006:


12-28-06:  Inside Higher Ed: "A Room for Jack and Jill" (report about the mainstreaming of the idea of 'gender-blind' dorm rooms and rest-rooms on college campuses)


12-28-06:  Metro Weekly (Washington, D.C.): "Transgender Tragedies - A new analysis finds Washington, D.C. topping the list in transgender murders"


12-27-06:  The Jerusalem Post (Israel): "When Abba becomes Ima - transsexuals in Orthodox society" (print) (more, more)


12-24-06:  Springfield News-Sun (Ohio): "Transsexual question unique to Clark County - During the marriage license oath, couples are asked whether either person is a transsexual or has syphilis" (more)

12-24-06:  Springfield News-Sun (Ohio): "Am I a what? - County clerk deals with giggles, confusion when couples recite their marriage license oath"


12-24-06:  New York Magazine: "It's Her Thing: How a beautiful woman with a little something extra got that way—and why “straight” men are lining up to meet her"


12-24-06:  New Zealand Herald: "The Lady in Red" (Georgina Beyer retires from politics in New Zealand) (more, more)


12-22-06: The Hindu (India): "Did OCA exclude all possibilities? NEW DELHI: Did the Medical Committee of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) obtain all the necessary laboratory investigation reports before declaring athlete S. Santhi as having failed a gender verification test?" (more


12-21-06:  From Kim Perez, Asociación de Identidad de Género de Andalucía: "Communiqué about situation of trans people at Argentina" (more)


12-21-06:  Metro Weekly (Washington, DC): "A Life Remembered - The transgender community gets a new resource, honoring the memory of Tyra Hunter" (more)


12-21-06: Bradenton Herald (Washington State): "County adopts guidelines on transgender inmates"


12-21-06:  Bay Area Reporter: "Report highlights murders of trans youth"


12-20-06:  Star-Ledger (New Jersey): "Transgendered gain a shield from anti-discrimination law" (more)


12-20-06: "NY Juvenile Facility Admits Denying Care To Transsexual Teen" (more)


12-20-06: (India): "Battle for identity: Slow change for India's eunuchs"


12-19-06: WNYC - New York Public Radio: "Gender Identity Comes Out of the Closet in NYC"

12-18-06:  The Advocate: "Finding love as a transman - Loren Cameron dishes about figuring out what he likes, who he likes, and how he likes it in his years as a transman", by Loren Cameron


12-18-06:  BBC News: "Indian athlete fails gender test - A top Indian woman athlete who won a silver medal at a recent regional championship has failed a gender test, officials say"


12-18-06:  Pink News (UK): "Transsexual wins damages over ferry discrimination case"


12-17-06:  New Straight Times (Malaysia): "No jobs so they are walking the streets: Tucked away in a remote corner of Kedah is a little village that the locals pretend does not exist"

12-17-06:  Ex-Gay Watch: "Blocking LGBT Websites On Public School Computers", by Autumn Sandeen

12-15-06:  South Florida Sun-Sentinel: "Transsexuals struggle in Tel Aviv"

12-15-06:  Washington Blade: "New Congress expected to consider gay bills in ’07 - ENDA, hate crimes most likely to see a vote"

12-15-06:  Houston Voice: "His or hers? New documentary examines politics of the female-to-male trans experience" (link to film website: "Boy I Am")


12-15-06: "Transgender woman tells panel of prison abuse"

12-15-06:  Chicago Sun-Times: "Transsexual sues school district - She wants records to show name change" (more)


12-14-06: "New Jersey Lawmakers Move Toward Protecting Transgender Rights" (more)

12-14-06:  HRC via BBSNews: "New Jersey Passes Civil Unions and Transgender Protection - State Legislators Pass Civil Unions Law; Non-Discrimination Policy Protects Transgender Individuals" (more)


12-14-06:  The Sydney Morning Herald: "Long jail term for killing transvestite - A Sydney man is jailed for murdering of a transvestite prostitute, the manslaughter of another man and malicious wounding of a woman"

12-14-06:  Herald Sun (Australia): "Transsexual basher jailed"


12-13-06: (San Francisco): Sharing a New Beginning - Jefferson Award Winner: Kendra Bryn Stewardson" (story includes video interview)

12-13-06:  CNW Telbec (Canada): "Transsexual Community Members Demand Equal Health Care Access" (more)


12-13-06:  Gender PAC Press Release: "Murders of Gender Non-Conforming Youth Documented in New Report" (PDF of report)


12-13-06:  People's Daily Online (China): "Would-be woman takes further transsexual surgery in NE China"


12-12-06:  Ex-Gay Watch: "Alan Chambers: Transgender Issues Subject Matters Expert?", by Autumn Sandeen


12-12-06:  International Herald Tribune: "Prominent Malaysian transsexual sees progress in societal acceptance" (more, more, more)


12-11-06: "Sex and the City - New York City bungles transgender equality", by Kenji Yoshino (print)


12-11-06:  The New York Blade: "NYC Backs Off Allowing Trans to Alter I.D. - Health Dept. policy ‘out of touch’ say activists" (more) (NEW)

12-10-06:  International Herald Tribune: "Chinese couple seek compensation for son's sex change"


12-08-06:  Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "Gender assignment can go astray", by Bonnie Erbe   


12-08-06:  Sydney Morning Herald: "Gay daughter's pregnancy throws Cheney supporters"    


12-07-06:  US Newswire: "Controversial Leader of 'Ex-Gay' Therapy Group Steps Down as Criticism Mounts" (more


12-07-06: "On Transgender Human Rights Issues in Africa" 


12-06-06:  FOX News: "Transcending Gender Lines", by Lis Wiehl (print version)


12-06-06:  Lansing City Pulse: " Reading the fine print on the bathroom door: Battle over Lansing human rights ordinance likely to center on transgender rights"  


12-05-06:  Indymedia: "Norwegian statement on sexual orientation and gender identity:  NGOs from around the world welcomed a landmark statement on human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity, delivered last Friday at the United Nations Human Rights Council by Norway"


12-05-06: "NY Bd Of Health Rejects Transsexual ID Proposal" (more, more)


12-03-06: "Illuminating Sexual Identity In Japan"


12-02-06:  New Times (front page): "Supporting Boys or Girls When the Line Isn’t Clear" (print version)


12-01-06:  San Francisco Chronicle: "As the gender turns: New territory for TV Soap 'All My Children' breaks ground with character's male-to-female journey"


November 2006:


11-30-06: Bangkok Post (Thailand): "Transsexual fights 'mental disorder' statement" (more, more)


11-27-06:  Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Press Release: "National Gay Rights Organizations Team Up to Create 'First of Its Kind' Hospital Rating - Healthcare Equality Index Will Rate Industry on Its Treatment of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Patients" (see also this link on the HRC site)


11-27-06:  Associated Press: "‘All My Children’ features transgender role - Rocker Zarf is man seeking surgery to become woman"


11-26-06:  Ex-Gay Watch:  "Who Does (Or Could Possibly ) Identify As "Ex-Trans" (part III in a series; see these links for Part I and Part II) 


11-25-06:  Boston Globe: "Schools adjust to transgender teachers"  


11-24-06: "Bringing together the transgender family", by Gwendolyn Ann Smith

11-23-06:  The Courier Mail (Austrailia): "Hate crimes rising in Guatemala" (more


11-23-06: "Transgender Teachers Growing In Numbers"

11-22-06:  ILGA Press Release: "The Argentinean Supreme Court Recognizes Transgender Group" 


11-22-06:  Dallas Voice: "Dallas transgender group ‘drops ball’ on 5th event"


11-22-06:  Reuters: "Being transgender no longer about surgery in NY"


11-22-06:  Chennai Online (India): "Probe into death of transgender ordered"


11-21-06:  Houston Chronicle: "Transgender Discrimination Case Settled" (more)



11-20-06:  DiamondbackOnline (Univ. of Maryland): "Gender Identity: Not just biological determinism"  


11-20-06:  Major Annual Event: "Transgender Day of Remembrance, November 20, 2006"  (more, more, more, more, more, more)  


11-17-06:  Contra Costa Times: "Studies examine sexuality `sense'" (Bailey quoted yet again re 'gaydar')


11-16-06:  Gay City News: "Speaking Truth About Trans Relationships", by Carrie Davis (some important commentary on how the media - including the Gay City News - is still misreporting the 1999 murder of Army PFC Barry Winchell as a gay hate crime)


11-16-06:  Herald Sun (Australia): "Guilty plea over transsexual bashing"


11-16-06:  The Daily Collegian (Penn State): "Analyst compiles transgender study" 


11-15-06:  National Center for Transgender Equality: "NCTE Offers New Resource on Hate Crimes" (pdf: "Responding to Hate Crimes - A Community Resource Manual")


11-15-06:  The Chosun Ilbo (South Korea):  "Transgender Star to Marry New Boyfriend"  


11-14-06:  China Daily: "Parents to deal with sex change"


11-13-06:  Arizona Daily Star: "Events seek to raise awareness of transgender issues"  


11-10-08:  New York Times: "Battling for One’s True Sexual Identity" (print)

11-10-08:  Southern Voice ( "Stand against trans violence - Hate violence stats are sobering and the time has come for each of us to do something about it"  

11-08-06:  International Herald Tribune: "Hawaii elects highest-ranking openly transgender official in nation" (more-with video, more, more, more)

11-08-06: " "Incredible night" for gay equality"


11-08-06:  El Pais (Spain): "Only the Popular Party is opposed in the Congress to the law for the change of sex of the transsexuals" (translation by Jane Brook of an informative article about the new law in Spain)


11-08-06:  eitb24 (Spain): "Spain Approves bill to change sex without surgery" (more, more, more)


11-08-06:  El Mundo (Spain): "IDENTIDAD DE GÉNERO - Aprueban la ley que permite cambiar su DNI a transexuales aunque no se operen"   

11-07-06:  New York Times: "New York Plans to Make Gender Personal Choice" (election-day article about possible NY City changes in Birth Certificate policy - includes remarks by transphobic psychiatrist Paul McHugh) (more, more)  


11-07-06:  ANSA (Italy): "Luxuria takes up transsex rights - Transgender MP calls for Gender Recognition"


11-03-06: "Almodóvar's Fluid Identities"


11-02-06: "Martina Navratilova Slams 'Gay Sheep' Experiments" (more, more)  

11-02-06:  Bay Area Reporter: "Group releases transgender voting guide"  




October 2006:


10-29-06:  Japan Times: "Divorcees with gender disorder to challenge law"  


10-28-06:  BBC News (news from Italy): "Transgender MP in toilet fracas"  


10-27-06:  Amnesty International Press Release: "NYPD Must Investigate Response to Alleged Assault of Transgender Woman at McDonald's, Says Amnesty International"


10-26-06: "New Jersey court recognizes right to same-sex unions"  


10-24-06: "Soldier Convicted In Homophobic Slaying Released From Prison" (more


10-24-06:  Associated Press: "N.Y. transit authority settles case allowing transgender restrooms"


10-20-06:  Washington Blade: "Doing it for ourselves - Most researchers don’t see the value in studying trans topics, so it’s time for trans people to study themselves", by Gwendolyn Ann Smith  


10-20-06:  dpa German Press Agency: "Vietnamese censors OK first transsexual singer's musical debut"


10-19-06:  Gay City News (NY) "Trans Youth Arrests at Port Authority - Demonstration on October 25 following police bathroom harassment at bus terminal"

10-18-06:  Los Angeles Times: "Some Seek 'Pink Purge' in the GOP", By Johanna Neuman, Times Staff Writer


10-18-06:  The Dartmouth: "Yale changes nondiscrimination policy"

10-17-06:  BBC News: "Lithuania sued over transsexual - A Lithuanian transsexual has taken Lithuania to court in Strasbourg for failing to provide a legal framework for him to complete his sex change"


10-15-06:  Los Angeles Times: "'Ex-Gay' Group Draws Fire From Allies: Backers raise concerns about online postings. One advocated ridicule of nonconforming children; the other seemed to justify slavery."

10-13-06:  The Advocate: "Violence increases for Turkey's transsexuals"


10-12-06:  Gay City News: " Indonesian Gays Fight Back - Feisty new LGBT group launches campaign against Sharia-based laws"


10-11-06:  Some very sad news: transsexual pioneer Coccinelle passed away on Monday evening, Oct.10, 2006, at the age of 75. (more, more, more, more, more, more)


10-10-06:  The Guardian (UK): "Sex change experts should err on the side of caution - The General Medical Council should investigate allegations that some people have been misdiagnosed as transsexual" (see also the many reader comments at the end of the article)

10-09-06:  Palm Beach Post: "Companies more inclusive on sexual, gender issues"


10-08-06:  The New York Times: "A Spirit of Belonging, Inside and Out" 


10-06-06:  The Guardian (UK): "Listening is not a crime - Disciplinary proceedings against a leading sex-change doctor bring shame  to the medical profession", by Peter Tatchell  (see also the many reader comments at the end of the article)

10-04-06:  GayNZ (New Zealand): "Kiwi transgender inquiry a world-first"


10-04-06:  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "Transgender woman followed long road to feel at home with herself", Second of a two-part series by L.A. Johnson.


10-03-06:  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "Transgender woman hopes suit against former employer will help others - Fighting for Change: Part One, A New Life", by L.A. Johnson

10-02-06:  The "Transgender success stories - Varying degrees of “stealth” have allowed many transgender people to be quite successful in spite of the challenges", by Joanne Herman


10-02-06:  GenderPAC: "Ivy League Unanimous in Support for Gender Rights" (Yale University finally added GI&E protections, becoming the last of the Ivy League schools to do so)


10-02-06:  Organisation Internationale des Intersexués (OII) Report: "Cheryl Chase and Disorders of Sex Development"




September 2006:


9-29-06: "Trans conference draws record attendance - Southern Comfort takes closer look at trans men, workplace issues", by Zack Hudson


9-28-06:  Bay Area Indymedia: "Gwen Araujo Justice for Victims Act Becomes Law!", by Chris Daley (more, more)


9-28-06:  Bay Area Reporter: "Trans woman's asylum case re-opened"


9-28-06:  Ka Leo O Hawaii: "Tranny boom filtering into prostitution", by Candice Novak

9-27-06:  Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) Press Release: "Will Cross-Dressing Activists Come To Your School?" (PDF of full report)


9-26-06:  Organisation Internationale des Intersexués (OII) Report: "Alice Dreger and Disorders of Sex Development" (more)


9-25-06:  New York Daily News: "Change of sex IDs on city docket " (more)


9-25-06:  Washington Post: "Life at Work - For Gays, Some Doors Open Wider" 

9-24-06:  New York Time Magazine: "What if It’s (Sort of) a Boy and (Sort of) a Girl?" (print)


9-20-06:  Windy City Times: "HRC Releases Latest Corporate Equality Index" (more, more, more)

9-19-06:  The Advocate: "Corporate dominoes - The remarkable progress in corporate America's embrace and support of its transgender workers shows the U.S. competitive spirit is alive and well--and helping boost the T part of the LGBT rainbow"  

9-18-06:  The Telegraph (UK):  "Trust me, I'm a junior doctor: times are a-changing - Openess about sexuality has made so many lives better - doctors' included," says Max Pemberton 

9-16-06:  ExisTrans' press release 2006 (Paris): "WHAT CANDIDATE FOR TRANS' PEOPLE?" (Communiqué de Presse ExisTrans' 2006: "QUEL CANDIDAT POUR LES TRANS?")


9-15-06:  The Advocate: "Please don't call me "tranny" -  Not sure what is “politically correct” when speaking with a transgender person? Here's a primer on what to say."  


9-15-06:  Washington Post: "Colo. Worker Wins Transgender Bias Case" (more)

9-15-06:  New York Times: "Is This Campus Gay-Friendly?"


9-13-06:  The Spectrum (University of Buffalo): "Reassessing gender reassignment", by Gina Rosemellia


9-09-06:  The Star Online (Singapore): "Becoming a Woman" (interview with Leone Lo)


9-08-06:  Korea Times: "Screening for Sex Change Becomes More Rigorous"


9-07-06:  Rochester (NY) Democrat and Chronicle: "Transfer denied for kids taught by transsexual - Batavia school district refuses to grant requests of five parents"  

9-06-06:  Korea Times: "Applications for Sex Change Rising"


9-06-06: New York Times: "A Safe House for the Girl Within" (article on CD history)


9-05-06:  The Hankyoreh (South Korea): "Official report on transgender rights released - Toughest discrimination faced in school, military"


9-04-06:  Afrol News (Independent News from Africa): "South African bank assists on transgender IDs" (For more information about the situation in SA, see the website of new SA trans advocacy organization Gender DynamiX). (



August 2006: 


8-31-06: "San Antonio Cop Guilty Of Raping Transsexual" (more)


8-31-06:  Bay Windows: "A not-so-subtle trap," by Nancy Nangeroni


8-31-06:  Bay Area Reporter: "Trans woman seeks asylum, faces deportation"


8-31-06: "Gay conversion groups encouraging "child abuse" - Gay pressure groups have accused an "ex-gay" organisation of "inviting child abuse" after claiming children with gender identity issues should be exposed to bullying." (more)


8-30-06:  Rochester Democrat and Chronicle: "Presentation about transgendered teacher online: You can see what district will show kids", by Marketta Gregory, Staff writer


8-29-06:  The Advocate: "Forced out: A real ID problem for trans people", by Joanne Herman "Changing one’s name and gender marker privately can be tricky if you're transgender, and a new law designed to thwart terrorists is about to make it a lot trickier" (click here to see more of Joanne's columns)


8-27-06:  San Francisco Chronicle: "When is it OK for boys to be girls, and girls to be boys? Many kids want to look and act like the other sex. For some, it's a phase; for others, it's not. Parents and schools are adjusting", by Ilene Lelchuk, Chronicle Staff Writer 

8-25-06:  Washington Post (AP): "Man Gets 11 Years in Transgender Death"


8-25-06:  Gay Alliance of Genessee Valley (NY): "Kodak Worldwide Benefits has updated health plan coverage to include procedures, services, and supplies for sex transformation (gender reassignment)"   


8-25-06:  Washington  Blade: "Suspect in Ramsey murder visited sex-change clinic - Trans activists decry ‘sensationalized’ reporting on possible surgery" (more, more, more)

8-24-06:  NCTE: "Womyn's Fest Tells Trans Women to Ban Themselves" (more)


8-23-06: Seattle Intelligencer: "Bangkok a mecca for sex-change surgeries" (more, more)


8-22-06: "didnt last long.... MWMF is transphobic again (or is that "still"?)" (more)

8-21-06:  Camp Trans Press Release: "Michigan Women's Music Festival ends policy of discrimination against Trans women" (but it "didn't last long", more)

8-20-06:  The New York Times: "The Trouble When Jane Becomes Jack," by Paul Vitello (more, more)


8-19-06: "Local Latino man is national voice for transgender rights - Mark Cummings wrote book and has appeared on several Latin shows," by Phil Lapadula (more, more (es))  


8-18-06:  Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport: "CAAWS Supports Canadian Cycling Associations' Actions" 


8-18-06:   Washington  Blade: "Iranian fatwa seen as victory for trans people - But trans Muslims often face ostracism, violence", 2nd article in a series by Elizabeth A. Perry 


8-17-06:  Out & Equal:  Andrea James and Calpernia Addams to be featured speakers (on Friday September 15) at the upcoming O&E Workplace Summit in Chicago.  


8-17-06:  New American Media: "Mookey's Story -- Transgender Youths Find Support, But Challenges Remain" 


8-16-06:  Xtra West (Vancouver CA): "I Know That I Am: A horrifying glimpse into the lives of Iranian transwomen", by Denise Sheppard.


8-15-06:  Editor and Publisher -America's Oldest Journal Covering the Newspaper Industry: "Chicago Gay Paper Nixes Ad From Controversial Sex Researcher" (see also CFP Editorial, 8-09-06)

8-15-06:  HRC Press Release re: "Workplace Discrimination: Gender Identity or Expression"  


8-14-06:  National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE): "New Homeland Security Rule Would Out Transgender People at Work"


8-14-06:  New York Blade: "Trans People and Their Paths to Spirituality - Some religions more welcoming", a new series by Elizabeth A. Perry

8-12-06:  Press for Change News (UK): "23 Hours and 57 Minutes", by Christine Burns MBE. "Transsexual people change their role in order to be comfortable with their place in the world as gendered beings. So why is it that the medical protocols erected around the pursuit of that harmony are so dominated by the supposed “goal” of genital surgery? Is medicine aiming to equip transsexual people for a gendered life or only for sexual performance?"


8-10-06:  The Chicago Free Press (Editorial), 8-09-06: "Bad Science". The editors of the Chicago Free Press cancel a Northwestern University advertisement for sex research subjects, saying: "Since we cannot in good conscience steer our readers to a study that Bailey is part of, we’re canceling the ad. And in the future, before accepting any ads for research studies, our ad staff will ask who is involved. If Bailey is, we won’t accept the ads." (more, more)


8-10-06: Gay City News: "Crackdown on Turkey’s Gays - Gay magazine seized, anti-gay thugs besiege Bursa LGBT center

8-10-06: San Francisco Bay Times: "Trans Judaism", by Jacob Anderson-Minshall


8-10-06:  Metro Weekly (DC): "Political Transition - Democrat Dana Beyer fights to be Maryland's first transgender delegate" (more, more, more, more)


8-10-06: (Australia):  "The Gender Agenda - Are single-sex spaces an outmoded concept in today’s increasingly queer world?"


8-08-06:  Important new book now available: Transgender Rights (Paperback), by Paisley Currah, Richard M. Juang, Shannon Price Minter (Editors)  (, Univ. of Minnesota Press)


8-07-06:  Wisconsin - GMCC Press Release: "Economic Development Impacts Cited As Board of Directors of the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce Announces Opposition to Constitutional Amendment Banning Same-Sex Marriage" (PR PDF)


8-07-06: Seattle Times: "State tries to rule out aid for sex-change surgery" (more, more)

8-06-06:  News Today (news from southern India in English): "Sexual minorities to fight for rights" (note: the state of Tamilnadu is in southern India)


July 2006:


7-31-06:  SLAM! Sports (Canada): "Downhill mountain biker suspended for T-shirt mocking transgender rider" (more, more)


7-29-06:  The Local (News from Sweden in English): "More Swedes having sex changes" 


7-28-06:  Southern Voice: "Transgender politician quietly makes waves in central Missouri"


7-27-06:  ADC-Online: "Variations of Sex Development Instead of Disorders of Sex Development, by Milton Diamond and Hazel G. Beh, University of Hawaii  (prominent researcher Milton Diamond makes a plea for changes in the pathologizing terminology now being used for intersex people by the research community).

7-26-06:  PFC News: "Canada: Downhill Biker Descends To Unsporting low - Observers shocked when runner up displays offensive slogan on the medal podium"


7-25-06:  Mainichi Daily News (Japan): "Hokkaido sees first sex change operations"

7-24-06:  Detroit News: "Candidate is milestone for transgender Americans" (more, more)


7-20-06: "Beautiful Daughters" now available for downloading from Apple iTunes  (TV Shows>LOGO>Real Momentum>Beautiful Daughters)


7-19-06:  San Francisco Bay Guardian: "Why do killers still get away with the "gay panic" defense?" (more, more, more)

7-18-06:  Out in "Transgender Law Center Receives Grant"


7-18-06: New York Times: "A Conversation with Ben A. Barres - Dismissing ‘Sexist Opinions’ About Women’s Place in Science", by Cornelia Dean (print version)


7-17-06:  VietNamNet (Vietnam): "Gender reassignment to be legalised –Vietnamese authorities have finally acknowledged the domestic demand for gender reassignment surgery. The government is currently preparing a proposal to legalise sex changes" (more, more, more)

7-17-06:  Chicago Sun-Times: "Transgender wrestler seeks more acceptance"


7-15-06:  Southern Voice Online: "Atlanta police crack down on trans prostitution - Sting operation last month yielded 15 arrests in Midtown"

7-13-06:  San Francisco Chronicle: "STANFORD: Transsexual tackles sexism in sciences", by Keay Davidson, Chronicle Science Writer. (more, more, more, more, more, more, more)


7-12-06:  Yahoo News: "Transgender prof defends female scientists". By Lisa Leff, Associated Press Writer. News report about the article "Does Gender Matter" by Prof. Ben Barres of Stanford University, in the July 12, 2006 issue of the journal Nature 


7-12-06:  The Advocate: "Gay parents and gender-bending children"


7-12-06:  PFC News: "Goodbye HBIGDA, Hello WPATH". Although a press release has yet to be issued, HBIGDA announced in the announcement webpage for its 20th anniversary conference that it is changing its name to World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).


7-11-06: "San Francisco Dedicates $300,000 to Transgender Employees and Entrepreneurs"

7-10-06:  The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle: "Transgender man's name change denied - He must show medical proof to legally become Evan, judge rules"

7-10-06:  Miami Herald: "Gender Identity: 5-year-old 'girl' starting school is really a boy - Broward County schools' progressive policy on transgendered children will be tested by the admission to kindergarten this fall of a boy who believes that he's a girl. (CBS4 story, with video interview with Mark Cummings)


7-09-06:  The Baltimore Sun: "Dr. John Money 1921-2006, Hopkins pioneer in gender identity" (more, more,)


7-08-06:  NTAC Press Release (posted in Helen Boyd's site): "NTAC: Transgenders Claim FEMA Sex Change Scandal Was Fabricated, Fraudulent" (more)


7-04-06: (South Africa): "The Birth of Gender DynamiX - Is it a Boy? Is it a Girl?" 

7-02-06:  "Sex-change film tests Iran attitudes - An Iranian documentary about the plight of transvestites and transsexuals is being seen as a bold attempt at pushing societal boundaries" (more)



June 2006:


6-29-06:  The Age (Australia): "The B-Word"


6-28-06:  The Korea Times: "Legal Framework for Transsexuals" (see also 6-22-06, below)


6-27-08:  The Advocate: "The wonders of the female hormone", by Joanne Herman


6-26-06:  Indiana Daily Student (Indiana Univ.): "Transgender Navajo searches for safe spot - Former IU gender studies student moves to reservation"


6-25-06: The Sunday Times (Manila): "R-E-S-P-E-C-T! A personal essay on the Filipino transgendered experience", By Francis “Chuck” Gomez

6-24-06:  Seed Magazine (June-July 2006): "The Gay Animal Kingdom - The effeminate sheep & other problems with Darwinian sexual selection." This article provides a sketch of Joan Roughgarden's major new challenge to traditional Darwinian evolutionary thinking about sex. (For more, see her book Evolution's Rainbow)


6-23-06: San Francisco Chronicle: "Pride parade salute for an unlikely ally  - Police officer who reached out in 1960s to be grand marshal" (more)

6-22-06:  The Korea Herald: "Gender changes allowed - Supreme Court makes ruling" (more, more, more, more, more, more)


6-21-06:  The Korea Herald: "Nation faces dilemma on gender changes"


6-20-06:  San Francisco Bay Independent: "Gender Identity Explored in Award-Winning Photos-Documentary on Transsexuals" (article about "Jana Marcus’ work Transfigurations, a powerful, beautiful, groundbreaking photographic series on the transsexual community") 

6-19-06:  "National Activists Highlight Transgender Civil Rights Commemoration :(San Francisco, CA) – A memorial plaque commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Compton’s Cafeteria Riot was installed on June 22nd at the corner of Turk and Taylor Streets. The 1966 riot was the first known instance of transgender resistance to police harassment in the U.S." (for more on the riot, see this link) (more, more, more)


6-18-06:  Lynn  A report on "Rogue Theories of Transsexualism": By seeing a collection of such theories side-by-side, we grasp the strangeness of them all.


6-17-06: "Letter to HBIGDA on medical necessity of FFS", by Andrea James


6-16-06:  Washington Blade: "Who gets to decide a child’s gender? Nicholas was born a boy but prefers to live as a girl. Now this 5-year-old is about to start public school."  (see earlier story too) \


6-16-06:  Anchorage Daily News: "Misty Dawn was icon of transgender community" (A memorial service for Misty Dawn Espinoza is scheduled for noon Saturday June 17 at the Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery). \


6-15-06:  Resolution of the European Parliament decrys increase in racist and homophobic violence in Europe; resolution specifically refers to the torture and murder of trans woman Gisberta, in Portugal. \

6-15-06:  In the June 20th "Pride Special 2006" issue of The Advocate (on newstands now): "Our Lives Now" by Neal Broverman, with photos by Steven Lam. (Note: Andrea James of Deep Stealth Productions is featured in this article).


6-15-06:  The Advocate: "The trans catch-22", by Joanne Herman (see all of Joanne's Advocate articles at this link)


6-15-06:  Boston Globe Editorial: "Set limits on sex change"

6-14-06:  GenderPAC News:  "Dartmouth Acts: 90% Ivy League Adopt Gender Protections ~ Last Hold-out Yale ~ "


6-12-06: postings from April 2006: Videos of Begum Nawazish Ali's TV talk show  (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) (Begum is a famous Pakistani TV personality, more) )


6-12-06:  New York Daily News: "Mike calls E. Village attack 'disgrace' - Mayor Bloomberg yesterday blasted the gay-bash attack on an internationally known drag queen in the East Village" (more)

6-09-06:  Reuters: "Vatican condemns free sex change hormones" (more, more)

6-09-06:  Washington Blade: "Trans women blocked from visiting D.C. jail - Activists see pattern of discrimination in city detention facilities"

6-08-06:  The Standard - China's Business Newspaper (Hong Kong): "Police chief offers help over sex change case - Front page media reports suggesting that a transsexual police officer is facing discrimination at work has led Commissioner of Police Dick Lee Ming- kwai to offer his work force access to clinical psychologists"

6-08-06:  Toronto Sun: "With guidance and kindness, Matt took the longest stride a teen can take - - leaving life as a boy to become a girl"


6-06-06: Agenzia Giornalistica Italia: "University: Turin, Double Student ID for Transexual Students"


6-06-06: "Magazine Ranks Top Companies for GLBT Employees", (DiversityInc Magazine list)


6-03-06:  Miami Herald:  "Casting fear aside, he told his story", by Robert Santiago (link to more about Mark's story)


6-03-06:  PFC News (UK): "Spanish Campaigners Celebrate Major Step Forward", by Christine Burns. (overview, more, more, more)


6-01-06:  Las Últimas Noticias, Santiago, Chile (May 17, 2006):  "Transsexual Instructor: I Was Fired Because of Discrimination". "The instructor sued the University of Rancagua, alleging that they canceled his contract because he is transsexual. He says, "I want them to own up to it."" (en español)


May 2006


5-31-06:  "Japanese Transsexuals Slowly Gaining Acceptance", by Hiroko Tabuchi, The Associated Press


5-31-06:  Columbia University adds "Gender Identity and Expression" to its EEO and non-discrimination policies. (more)


5-29-06: "A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story"; "When your son believes he's meant to be a girl, you challenge fight accept love her".  Premieres Monday, June 19 at 9 pm et/pt.


5-29-06:  Baltimore Sun: "Retired doctor hopes to bring a new facet to House: herself; Takoma Park -- Dana Beyer is a novice candidate, but she's having no trouble schmoozing." 


5-26-06:  The Advocate: "Out of one closet and into another:  Many transgender people choose to live “stealth”—never admitting to being transgender—because of safety concerns, societal stigma, and prejudice", by Joanne Herman.

5-26-06:  The Portland Observer: "Transgender Library Breaks Isolation - Offers education, support and a good read"

5-26-06:  Dallas Voice: "Thailand holds Miss Tiffany’s Universe transgender pageant - In Thailand's tolerant society, transvestites and transsexuals glitter at annual pageant broadcast nationwide"

5-24-06:  Diagonal (Madrid): Portugal // El Asesinato de Una Transexual Moviliza a Colectivos LGTB. Grupos LGTB de Portugal relacionaron este crimen con la educación homofóbica de instituciones católicas... (The Murder of A Transsexual Mobilizes Collective LGTB. Groups LGTB of Portugal related this crime with the homophobic education of catholic institutions...) (more)


5-24-06: (Korea): "Transgender Star's Boyfriend Comes Out - The transgender celebrity Harisu has finally shown her boyfriend to the world"


5-18-06:  Mainichi Daily News (Japan): "Boy diagnosed as suffering gender disorder enrolled in elementary school as girl" (Also reported in the China Daily, more)


5-17-06:  Broward New Times, FL: "See Dick Be Jane: The country's youngest transgender child is ready for school. But is school ready for her?", by Julia Reischel

5-15-06:  Press For Change (PFC): “Collected Essays in Trans Healthcare Politics: Documenting the Scandal of How Medicine Lost The Trust Of Trans People”, by Christine Burns.  A collection of essays by the author and her associates at PFC – the UK’s only political campaign organization working specifically on behalf of all trans people (66 pages; 840 KB pdf file).

5-14-06:  India News Portal, "Transgender community explore career options", By Parul Sharma in Villupuram (Tamil Nadu, India) (In this news report, we see Hijra women in India finally becoming properly referred to as transgender and transsexual women - instead of as "eunuchs" as in British colonial times. For more on the Hijra, see the PUCL Report)


5-13-06:  New Straights Times (Malaysia): "News Focus: What makes a man? As the debate on effeminate men heats up in Parliament and the media, Malaysians should try to understand them, writes CHOK SUAT LING"

5-12-06:  The Korea Herald:  "Top court to hold sex change hearing during next week: The Supreme Court is scheduled to hold a hearing next week on whether to legally recognize the new sex of transgenders, court officials said yesterday"  


5-11-06:  Associated Press (Tokyo): "Japanese transgender community emerges: Sexual minorities enjoy limited rights today"

5-10-06:  VICTORY IN SPAIN!! The protest by Carla Antonelli and Spanish trans advocacy groups is successful (more)


5-10-06:  EL PAÍS (Madrid): "López Aguilar announces that the Government will process the Law of Identity before June 30: The law will permit the transsexuals to obtain identity documents in the name and the sex of their “felt identity”"


5-10-06: "Carla Antonelli celebrates Justice announcement and withdraws hunger strike"

5-10-06:  "US states introduce transgender protections"

5-07-06:  Press for Change News: "Journalists Add Fuel to Trans Murder Epidemic," by Christine Burns


5-06-06: (Los Angeles): "Robbery Said To Be Motive In Transgender Killing" (Another example of media trashing the identity of a trans murder victim, further intensifying the grief and suffering of her loved ones. The video in this "news" report is especially hateful in its clumsy attempt at an exposé of Romina as being a "man", even though she was clearly living as, accepted as, and loved as a woman by her family, friends and boyfriend.) (See Koan Bremner's 5-06-06 BlogHer report on similar incidents.)

5-06-06:  "Journalism and gender variance - uneasy bedfellows?", by Koan Bremner"


5-05-06:  CQ Researcher (Division of Congressional Quarterly): "Transgender Issues: Should gender-identity discrimination be illegal?", by Kenneth Jost  (NEW)


5-04-06:  NPR StoryCorps: Recording America: "For Second Act, a New Identity"

5-03-06:  The Washington Blade (dated 5-07-06): "D.C. bars discrimination based on gender identity"


5-03-06:  The Seattle Times: "Carnal Knowledge - Transsexual describes female-to-male transformation" (great article about Max Wolf Valerio and his new book The Testosterone Files)


5-02-06:  The Daily Princetonian: "U. provides new LGBT protections" (bans discrimination based on gender identity and expression)


5-02-06:  The Justice (Brandies University): "Gender non-discrimination policy approved"


5-01-06:  Sam Winter, TransgenderAsia: "The death of Tonette Lopez, Filipina activist for the Asian trans community"


5-01-06:  Washington Post (AP): "Va. Studies Medical Needs of Transgender"


5-01-06:  Kim Peres, AIGA: "Asociación de Identidad de Género de Andalucía Press Release"


April 2006


4-27-06:  The LaCross Tribune (Wisconsin): "The Transgender Life"


4-26-06:  San Francisco Chronicle: "Facing facts" (article about FFS with Dr. Ousterhout)


4-26-06:  Fortune Magazine: "Corporate America backs gay rights - Plugged In: Gay rights are good business, no matter the politics"


4-24-06:  The Statesman, Calcutta, India: "Tista's Struggle" (Tista becomes the first transsexual woman in the city to have a voters’ ID card)

4-20-06:  The Boston Globe: "Transgendered seek campus support - Many say they don't feel equal"


4-19-06:  Memri TV Project: "Sex Changes in Iran", Al-Arabia TV (Dubai), July 2, 2005. [5 min video of Dr. Bahram Mir-Jalali in Tehran and some of his transsexual patients

4-19-06:  NBC5.Com Chicago: "Transexual Found Slain In Suburban Motel - Police Looking For Killer" (more)

4-16-06:  San Francisco Chronicle: "IRS plays politics with tax code: Tortured logic behind rulings on domestic partners, transgender surgery" (more)


4-14-06:  Michigan Daily: "SACUA urges regents to add clause to bylaws: Regents have long refused to add 'gender identity and expression' to non-discrimination clause."


4-13-06:  Capital Xtra, Ottowa, Canada: "Making Ottawa safe for trans youth - Trans Youth Ottawa works to get education into high schools"

4-12-06:  UK Gay News: "Transgender Person Elected to Italian Parliament" (more, more)

4-11-06:  The Harvard Crimson: "University To Include Gender Identity in Non-discrimination Policy - Decision Comes After Months of Mounting Pressure" (more, more)

4-11-06:  Star Tribune, Minneapolis-St. Paul: "Church program won't care for woman who once was a man -A church's refusal to care for a woman who was once a man highlights a national battle over faith-based social programs"

4-10-06:  Chicago Flame (University of Illinois): "Transgender is more than a physical image, it's identity"


4-08-06:  The Salt Lake Tribune: "Candidate changes gender, politics", By Rebecca Walsh (more, more)


4-06-06:  The Advocate: "Kinder, gentler homophobia: What was up with 60 Minutes' bizarrely unbalanced report on the origins of sexuality? In part the answer is disgraced "scientist" J. Michael Bailey, who thinks gay men tend to be girly and bisexuals don't exist"


4-03-06:  The Chicago Tribune: "Transgender movement emerging from shadows"


4-03-06:  ABC 7 News (KGO-TV/DT):  "Transgender Worker Sues Employer For Discrimination, Claims On-The-Job Harassment" 

4-01-06: "Five Questions With… J. Michael Bailey", by Helen Boyd



March 2006


3-31-06:  China Daily: "Girl went under knife, becoming a man", by Yu Nan


3-31-06: ACLU Press Release: "Federal Court Rules Transgender Discrimination Lawsuit Against Library of Congress Can Proceed" (more)


3-30-06: MetroWeekly: "Trans-American - Ruby Corado on being gender queer in the nation's capital"


3-30-06: Bay Area Reporter: "Harris announces 'panic defense' conference" - San Francisco District Attorney to hold a groundbreaking symposium, "Defeating the 'Panic Defense,'" on July 20-21, 2006


3-30-06: The Advocate: "Transamerica gets real", a new series by Joanne A. Herman 


3-28-06: Seattle Times: "Civil-rights protection OK'd for transgender individuals."  Transgender individuals will now enjoy the same civil-rights protections as other minorities under legislation passed by the Metropolitan King County (more)


3-27-06: News: "Arrested justice: When LGBT people land in jail - Part one: A frightening odyssey"


3-23-06: Inter Press Service News Agency: "ARGENTINA: Transgender Community Faces Uphill Battle for Rights", by Marcela Valente


3-23-06: Amnesty International Press Release: "USA: Police abuse against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people" (more)

3-18-06: ILGA Preconference on Transgender Issues, Geneva, Switzerland, March 26-27, 2006: Program details. (more)


3-16-06: Reuters: "Nepal: 'Sexual Cleansing' Drive Continues"

3-16-06: Bay Area Reporter, CA: "TG specialists, parents ask: When is young too young"


3-15-06: Lifetime and PFLAG Press Release re Lifetime Original Movie to air in June 2006: " 'Just a Girl,' the Tragic True Story of a Boy Who Dared to Live as a Young Woman and the Consequences That Followed Her Bold Decision"

3-15-06: San Francisco Bay Guardian: "Life in hell: In California prisons, an unconventional gender identity can be like an added sentence"


3-15-06: San Francisco Bay Guardian: Transjobless: Imagine trying to find a job without a shred of work history. Welcome to the transgender job hunt.


3-12-06:  CBS 60 Minutes - Leslie Stahl reports: "The Science of Sexual Orientation.” (a program about J. Michael Bailey's "research") (more, more)


3-11-06: The Guardian (UK): "Just like a woman" (more about TransAmerica)


3-09-06:  Philadelphia City Paper - March 9-15, 2006 "Trans Mission: Can a 6-year-old make up his mind about being a her? Parents at a recent conference say "yes."" 


3-09-06: The Gay City News: "Important Transgender Wins: Gender identity protected by ’64 act; refugee’s treatment faulted"

3-09-06:  Bay Area Reporter: "DeFrank center hires trans woman as director," by Troy May. See also: "Transition easy for sellers"  


3-06-06:  New York Daily News: "Transgendered don't have to live 'Desperate' lives," by 'Dr. Judy'


3-05-06:  News24, South Africa: "Transsexuals can choose jails"  Madrid - Transsexual inmates in Spain soon will be able to serve their sentences in facilities for men or women according to their "psycho-social identity"  


3-05-06:  PRWEB: "Huffman’s Big Night Huge for Transgender Community: Best Actress nomination of Felicity Huffman opens doors" 

3-02-06:  Bay Windows: TransNation: "She was a teen hooker," by Jacob Anderson-Minshall

February 2006


2-26-06:  Indymedia Portugal: "Look in the mirror, Portugal".  Murdered trans woman "repeatedly beaten, sodomized with sticks, burned, kicked, stabbed and stoned by a group of 14 teenagers from St. José Center" a strict Catholic school for boys. Translated by Curtis E. Hinkle of OII

2-25-06:  National Enquirer, March 6, 2006 Issue: "I taught Felicity what it's like to change sex: Transsexual Andrea James, 39, was  Felicity Huffman’s coach for the Oscar nominated movie Transamerica. Here, she tells how her own life story shaped Huffman’s Oscar-nominated performance."

2-24-06: "Rally planned for transgender woman arrested at Grand Central Station" Yet another example of old-time transphobic cop culture is displayed in New York City. (more, more)  


2-23-06:  Reuters: "Drag queen says she's a serious politician: Italian will be Europe's first 'transgender' member of parliament if elected"


2-22-06:  Transgender counselor and writer Gianna Israel passes away, on February 21, 2006


2-22-06: "Hidden past, hopeful future for trans athletes: Canadian cyclist shares her struggle to be recognized as a woman"


2-21-06: Reuters: "Guatemala: Transgender People Face Deadly Attacks"


2-12-06: CARITIG Press Release (Paris): "On Monday 27th March, the ILGA has organized a unique event: A conference solely dedicated to transgender people’s rights, with the participation of delegations coming from all over the world." (Français, Español) 


2-11-06: Essential Reading from "The Medicalization of Transgenderism: Whitney Barnes ... brings us an academic work on how the medical establishment has historically treated transsexual and intersexual people and how we are beginning to wrest control of our bodies back from them."

2-11-06: “Autogynephilia: A Narrative", by Margaret McGhee. (PDF) This is an insightful reflection on the beliefs of members of the now-defunct Bailey-Blanchard-Lawrence-Arune “AG Support Group”, by one of its original participants.


2-03-06:  The Advertiser (Australia): SPORTS: "Bagger buries an awful year", by Geoff Roach


2-02-06: "First-Ever Study of LGBT-Affirming Religious Organizations Released"  (see also1-31-06)

2-02-06:  The Bay Area Reporter: "Bar says no to LeatherSIR contest," by Zak Szymanski. (A thoughtful report on issues of FtM trans exclusion/inclusion) 


2-02-06:  The Independent (UK): "April Ashley: the first Briton to undergo a sex change" (Some reflections on April's life)



January 2006


1-31-06: National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF):  "DAVID v. GOLIATH: A report on faith groups working for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality (and what they're up against)" (PDF file, 960KB)


1-30-06: "Immigration Options For Gay, Lesbian And Transsexual Individuals," by Gregory Siskind

1-28-06: San Jose Mercury News: "Big sentences in transgender slaying 2 KILLERS OF GWEN ARAUJO FACE 15 YEARS TO LIFE", By Yomi S. Wronge"


1-27-06: "Washington State Bans Discrimination Against Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Citizens" (more, more)

1-26-06: San Francisco Chronicle: "Life after Gwen",  by Sylvia Guerrero (Silvia was Gwen Araujo's mom)

1-25-06: "IRS disallows a woman's tax deduction for SRS - citing teachings in a Catholic religious journal as a basis for its decision", by Lynn Conway, (PDF version)


1-24-06: ACLU Press Release: "ACLU and Lambda Legal Challenge Law Barring Transgender People Access to Medical Treatment in Prison" (more)

1-23-06: Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Press Release: "Best Places to Work in 2006" (see this page for a listing of those best places)


1-20-06: Washington Blade: "To protect and make fun? The S.F. police video causing so much controversy could just be jackass fun, but the climate that created it isn't", by Gwen Smith

1-20-06: Chicago Sun-Times:  Roger Ebert gives TransAmerica a thumbs-up, with three stars and a glowing review of Felicity Huffman's performance


1-18-06: Denver Post Obituaries: "Pioneer sex-change surgeon dies at 82", by Claire Martin, Denver Post Staff Writer (more, more, more) (Pioneer SRS surgeon Stanley Biber passed away on Monday, January 16, 2006)


1-17-06: Reuters: "Seminal questions: As scholars question the place of nudity in marriage, Islamic clerics are hotly debating exactly what sexual practices are acceptable" (included here for comic relief)


1-15-06:  New York Times: "The Pressure to Cover", by Kenji Yoshino (This important thought-piece also announces Yoshino's major new book on this topic: "Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights")


1-13-06:  BBC International News: "Nepal transsexual 'abuse' concern: A leading human rights group has written to Nepal's government voicing concern over what it calls continuing police abuse of transsexuals"  (more, more, more)


1-12-06:  San Francisco Bay Times: "Transamerica's Secret Weapon: Deep Stealth," by Jacob Anderson-Minshall

1-03-06: "California has Most Transgender Friendly Laws in U.S."


1-01-06:  Be sure to see the new HBO Documentary, "Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She" (schedule, more






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