Wednesday, August 14th
On Wednesday the 14th, we did lots of walking and shopping and had a fun day exploring more of the town. We walked to the Grand Hotel and took the tour there. If you are not a guest, you have to pay $10 admission during the daytime to gain entry into the Grand Hotel. But this way you can explore the Hotel and its wonderful grounds, and get familiar with things before coming back later for the evening entertainment there (during the day casual clothes are OK). We took lots of photos today. The weather was spectacular today - sunny and in the high 70's, with only medium humidity - so it was a great day for lots of walking and touring of the Island.
The Little Stone Church on the road to the Grand Hotel.
This is another popular site for wedding ceremonies on the Island.
On the walking path leading up to the Grand Hotel.
The cupola on top the Hotel, where the Cupola Bar is located, offers great views.
A quiet side-street downtown. There are flowers everywhere.
As we walked the streets of the town, many people recognized us as the wedding party of the previous day. We received many complimentary comments and best wishes, and were regaled with numerous tales of the efforts of strangers to add our special day to their vacation photos.
In the garden of the Harbour View Inn
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Lynn and Charlie on the balcony porch of the Harbour View Inn
We had dinner on Wednesday night at the Iroquois Hotel's main dining room - it was a really fine meal. Later on we got dressed up nicely and strolled to the Grand Hotel. We were early enough to watch the sunset from the Cupola Bar - a truly memorable sight - and then enjoyed the dance band in the main ballroom later in the evening. The weather was still really nice that evening, so we decided to take the long walk back to the Harbour View after dinner, along now quiet streets.


Lynn on her honeymoon at the Harbour View Inn the next day, August 14, 2002
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Our wedding trip, August 11-16, 2002




Wedding Day