Friday, August 16th
On Friday, August 16th, we got up early , did our packing and then had breakfast in the Harbour View's cafe area. We checked out and said our goodbyes, and walked down to Shepler's dock to take the 9:30 ferry to Mackinac City. The Harbour View folks brought all our bags down to the ferry and we were soon on board and headed towards the mainland. Thus we were able to start our drive home by about 10:15-10:30. We had a nice leisurely drive in sunny high-70's weather, which made for a really pleasant trip back home.
A morning ferryboat leaves the Island, heading for the Mackinac City on the mainland.
This was a truly romantic wedding trip, almost magically so, and will always be in our memories. We look forward to returning to the Island on special occasions in the future, to strolling the now-familiar lanes and visiting special places there again, and to quietly reflecting back upon our past romantic adventures there.
Lynn's wedding bouquet
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Our wedding trip, August 11-16, 2002




Wedding Day