Sunday, August 11th
On Sunday August 11th, after an excited period of last-minute preparations and packing, Charlie and I left our home in southern lower Michigan and drove north to Mackinac City. After having lunch there, we took an early afternoon ferry over to Mackinac Island. We took a lot of stuff with us - almost as if we were going on an extended cruise. A porter from the Harbour View Inn met us at our ferry and transported all our luggage to the Hotel for us. We strolled from the ferry dock to the Inn and were soon settled into our wonderful front upstairs room (Room #1207).
The Harbour View Inn
That's Charlie on the balcony porch, just outside our room with it's spectacular view of the harbor.
(click on photo for more detailed view)
That afternoon we had a chance to relax on the balcony porch, and then took a walk into town to explore some of the shops. We stopped at the Mackinac Island State Park Visitors' Center in the downtown to purchase one-week "combo passes" that can be used for multiple entries into Fort Mackinac and the many other Park exhibits on the Island (and also the historic State Park exhibits in and near Mackinac City). These tickets are a bargain if you plan to stay in the area more than a few days. It was a beautiful day, so we strolled up the hill to the Fort for a visit there, stopping at the veranda Tea Room for some refreshments.
On the walk back to the Inn, we stopped in at the Island Books bookstore (in the little mall under the Lilac Tree Hotel) for a newspaper and some souvenir books about the Island. This is a neat bookstore with lots of stuff, including lots of books and pamphlets about the Island. We also stopped in one of the Island's many fudge shops to get some of the great fudge made on site (you can watch them make it). Ryba's and May's each have a number of fudge shops on the Island, and Ryba's also has excellent ice cream. This wasn't a time to worry about calories - it was a time to have fun and really enjoy ourselves.
A quaint little shop on a side-street in the downtown area
Carriages for hire, lots of bicycle riders, and tourists checking out the local shops - a typical downtown scene.
The weather was moderate in temperature today - and stayed mostly in the high 70's and low 80's during the daytimes and in the low 60's at night all during our trip. It was mostly fair and sunny this week, with a few periods of brief showers and one overnight thunderstorm. It was quite humid the first few days, but then turned drier later in the week. All in all it was really nice weather and rather typical for the Island in summer, although we were a bit worried for a while that it might rain on our wedding day, this coming Tuesday.
That evening we had a nice dinner at the Yankee Rebel Tavern, and then continued on with an evening stroll to get better reacquainted with the downtown area. Later on we enjoyed drinks and live musical entertainment at the lounge in the Chippewa Hotel. We then went to bed early, looking forward to getting out and around town tomorrow and also to confirming various arrangements for our wedding.

Our wedding trip, August 11-16, 2002




Wedding Day