Monday, August 12th
On Monday morning, we had a nice continental breakfast in the breakfast lounge in the Inn, as we would each day this week. We then walked through the downtown and over to the florist's shop. There we finalized ideas for my bouquet and for Charlie's boutonnière, and arranged for delivery at the Inn at about 1:30 tomorrow. We stopped by Rob Jerstrom's photography shop to meet him and check in on last minute details, and then did some more exploring of the State Park Historic sites downtown. On our way back to the Inn, we had a nice lunch at a great little soup/salad/sandwich shop on the waterfront just east of the yacht harbor.
The downtown area - there's lots to explore here
(click on photo for more detailed view)
On our way back to the Inn, we'd also rented two bicycles. That afternoon we rode the wonderful bicycle path that circles the Island, stopping to explore many interesting spots along the way. This wide, paved path is actually a "State Highway", and is formally designated Michigan Rte 185. About 2/3 of the way around we got caught in a brief rain shower - taking refuge under some huge trees while it passed, watching the rainstorm pass and move off across the Straits.
Renting our bicycles
Scene from our bicycle ride around the Island.
About this time we realized that the darkened skies and approaching rainstorm were going to catch us.
Later on that afternoon we went over our wedding plans and got our clothes and other things sorted out for the next day, so we could relax in the morning, and we then spent some time out on the balcony porch watching the world go by - carriages and bicycles in the street - ferry boats coming and going from the docks - and tourists strolling by on the sidewalk out front. Then in the late afternoon we ourselves went for a nice long stroll before dinnertime.
A closer-up view of the Harbour View Inn - our room was behind the two windows to Charlie's right
The view out over the harbor from the balcony porch and from our room's windows
(click on photo for more detailed view)
Monday evening we had a fine meal in the Governor's Dining Room at the Island House, sitting near a wedding party that had just arrived from a ceremony and reception that day. After dinner we strolled the town for a while, watched the sun set, and then listened to live rock/country/blues music in the lounge at the Chippewa Hotel for a while. Tomorrow would be a busy day, so we decided to go to bed early again tonight.
The sun sets over the upper peninsula of Michigan as seen from Mackinac Island.
A view from the beach to the west of Windermere Point.

Our wedding trip, August 11-16, 2002




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