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Gina Kamentsky

Comic book artist, Animator, sculptor, toy inventor and musician; Gina Kamentsky is well known in the Toy Industry as the creator of the hit game "Chicken Limbo". During her career, which has spanned over two decades, she has collaborated on design of a miniature golf course, invented interactive candy, dolls, card games and wacky kinetic sculpture. She resides and works in Somerville, Massachusetts with her Siamese Cat Buttercup. Her studio is located equadistantly between two Dunkin Doughnut shops.

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"T-Gina": Gina's comics site

Gina's Story:

Gina Kamentsky, sculptor, toy designer, inventor, musician and teacher has spent most of her work life designing objects for the amusement of children and adults. Brought up in a household where creativity, and the study of science and art was a priority, Gina found an ideal outlet for her talents in the study of Industrial Design. After receiving a BSID. from Philadelphia College of Art where she developed a line of innovative infant toys for her Senior Thesis, Ms. Kamentsky began working as a designer for Fisher Price Toys in Buffalo New York. During her tenure there she produced a number of award winning toys for preschool children.

In 1985, feeling limited by the corporate world and the art scene in Western New York Gina moved to Boston¹s vibrant Fort Point art community where she set up shop as an independent Toy and Game inventor . When not concentrating on her commercial endeavors, she began creating mechanical contraptions and illuminated sculptures using found metal objects . After showing in galleries such as Society of Arts and Crafts in Boston, the Decordova Museum in Lincoln and creating lamps for the East Coast Grill in Boston, Gina was featured in an article in the "style makers" section of the New York Times. This was followed by a landslide of publicity in publications including Metropolis, LA Style, and Home Magazine, and architectural commissions and sales to collectors throughout the United States.

Several years later, tiring of commissioned work, Gina turned to larger scale mechanical pieces which perform "practical" tasks. One of these, "Incense Clock" , created using refrigerator and toaster parts stands over six feet tall and burns a different stick of incense every hour enhancing the smoke using light and motion. Other large pieces at this time included "Interactive Water Wall" and "Hydraulic Elevator" for the Acton Science Museum and "Sand Trap" for the Decordova Museum's "Strokes of Genius" miniature golf course.

Meanwhile , Ms. Kamentsky developed a worldwide reputation in the toy industry as a stellar inventor creating classic games including Chicken Croquet, Fraidy Cats, Totally Twister ,Cookie Cop and Chicken Limbo which has sold millions of pieces worldwide.

At the present time, Gina is working on a series of electro - mechanical sculptures combining sound, motion and light. She is also author of "T-Gina", The tale of a fabulous Transgendered gal and her search for validation and a decent cup of coffee. Her comics can be found in print and viewed on the web at .



When not inventing , Gina can be found playing bass fiddle in the hillbilly band "The Fritters" or zooming around Massachusetts with the East Coast Biker Chicks.


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