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The following menu contains links to our pages on trail riding and motocross racing. These pages give an introduction and overview of off-road motorcycle riding, and ideas on how to get started in riding and racing dirt bikes. Included are photos of us and our friends doing some trail riding, practicing at scrambles areas and racing at various motocross tracks, to help you visualize the dirt riding and motocross scenes.
Trail Riding in Michigan
Racing at MRA
Mounds Practice Area
Learning to Race MX
Supercross Racing
Croom Motorcycle Area

Getting started in dirt-bike riding:

It stated for us back in 1990, when we got a small off-road motorcycle to use as a shuttle vehicle for our many whitewater canoeing trips. That little bike was light, and could be carried in our van, avoiding the need for two separate vehicles. Then we discovered that Michigan has thousands of miles of marked, mapped, legal off-road trails for riding dirt bikes.
One thing led to another, and we got some enduro bikes (KDX200's), and did some practice riding at a local ORV area known as "The Mounds".  We then joined the CCC trail-riding club in Michigan, and began going on trail rides all over northern Michigan. Wow, what fun!
Lynn on her KDX200 at "The Mounds" in 1990

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Lynn practicing jumps at "The Mounds" in 1990:
"Seems ok so far - - - but now, how do I land this thing? "
Getting into motocross racing:
After a while, we looked for practice riding sites nearer home, so we could dirt ride even more frequently. We discovered that the Motocross Racing Association (MRA), a Michigan, Ohio and Ontario-based racing club, had open practice sessions on their track in Milan, MI every week. Charlie probed this first, and soon we both were practicing at "Club MRA" at Milan. The MRA runs a beginner class in practices and in racing, where enthusiastic trail riders can fit in and get started in MX.
One thing led to another, and Charlie entered some MRA races; then I did too. We also began practicing and racing at some of the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) District 14 tracks in the area, especially at Baja Acres, Iron Mustangs and Morelands. We were pretty slow at first, but found racing incredibly exciting. Age wasn't quite the barrier we thought it might be. We gradually got to where we could compete with some folks on the track, and got hooked on motocross. It's an intense physical, mental and emotional experience, where practice and skill and carefully calculated risks pay incredible rewards in sustained, joyful, thrilling experiences. And, in Michigan you can do it every week for seven months of the year, on tracks close to home.

Lynn Conway (# 590) motocross racingat MRA's

Delta Raceway, Delta, Ohio, 1996

Charlie (# 8) motocross racing at
Delta Raceway in 1996
Motocross is a family oriented sport, with kids of all ages participating. There are little tykes on PW50's, up through the blazingly fast Experts in their prime, all the way up to the "45+ Vets" class that Lynn often raced in at MRA. Competition is keen; however, it's really a form of collaboration, as everyone pushes everyone else into going lots faster than they think they could go. Off the track in the pits, there's a wonderful comraderie and a shared feeling of being part of a really special community.
Charlie taking off on a jump at
Delta Raceway, 1998
photo by Doug Ketchum
Charlie with the #1 plate he earned in 2001 in MRA's Vets 45+ Class
photo by Dave Bowman
Lynn and Charlie relaxing at
Delta Raceway, 2000

There are two key resources all motocross racers depend upon:

The first is a racing club that builds and maintains race tracks and runs the racing events. For us, the club is the Motocross Racing Association (MRA). Then you need a performance shop where bikes can always be kept in race-ready form. Our shop is Dave Bowman's Small Displacement Motorsports & Tech-Care Suspension. These outfits are both class operations. We owe them a lot for helping us enjoy many years of riding excitement and fun!


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