by Lynn & Charlie
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For many years now we've enjoyed racing at the Motocross Racing Association's (MRA) tracks in Michigan, Ohio and Ontario. MRA has an extensive racing program, including many day races on weekends, and races every Friday and Saturday night in season. The tracks are very well maintained, safety is excellent, and the programs are run very smoothly. This page provides an overview and photos of the MRA racing scene. For more info about MRA, their track locations, racing schedule, etc., you can visit the MRA website.
Vets 35+ and 40+ racers in the starting gate at MRA's track at Milan Cycle City, 1998
Charlie is on the #4 bike
And they're off!
MRA has two tracks that we particularly enjoy: Milan Cycle City in Milan, Michigan and Delta Raceway in Delta, Ohio. Milan is a soft-terrain track, where the riders must be aggressive in order to rip through the loose dirt. Delta is a firmer intermediate terrain, with many technical, "supercross-like" jumps and turns. Racing on these tracks in the prime summer season is under the lights on Friday nights (at Milan) and Saturday nights (at Delta). This has many advantages over day-racing, because you don't have to tie up your whole day to go racing (thus you can race more often!), and the whole racing scene at night is cooler and more fun for riders and their friends and family members than the hot summer daytimes.
MRA provides all riders with opportunities to practice at their "Club MRA" open practice riding sessions at Milan Cycle City. Club MRA runs every Wednesday from 4 pm to 10 pm, from early May to through late September (weather permitting). Club MRA is a great way for intermediate trail riders to come out and see what it's like to ride on an MX track (way cool fun!). If you like it, you can continue coming to practices until you feel ready to enter a beginner class race - and then continue on coming in order to develop your skills. Club MRA is also a great way to meet other riders at a time of less pressure than race nights - and hook up with riders of who can mentor you a bit and help you get started in MX racing.
If you'd like to see what motocross is all about, head to Milan Cycle City on a summer Friday night, or Delta raceway on a summer Saturday night. Both tracks provide great facilities for spectators. You'll see intense racing action from elevated racing stands right next to the track, and be able to see whole packs of riders fly over the jumps together right in front of the stands.
Lynn (# 590) racing her Suzuki RM250 in the 45+ Vets Class
at Delta Raceway, in 1996
Charlie (# 8) racing his RM 250 in the 40+ Vets class
at Delta Raceway in 1996
If you've been trail riding on dirt bikes in northern Michigan, or play riding at places like the Mounds, these MRA tracks are great places to get started and make the transition into motocross racing. Following are some photos to give you an idea of what it all looks like. If you come on out and watch a few races at MRA, you'll be amazed at the fun and excitement of it all, and you'll likely get the itch to have a go at it yourself!
Lynn racing her Suzuki RM125 in the 125cc Beginner Class at Milan in 1993
Lynn gets her first trophy, in 1993
 Lynn was racing as a "125 beginner" then,
competing with the young folks
Charlie gets his first MX trophy at Milan Cycle City
on his RMX250 enduro bike, in 1993
Charlie over the Tabletop Jump at Delta Raceway.
It's near dusk on a Saturday evening in '97
photo by Doug Ketchum
Lynn over the Tabletop at Delta Raceway.
It's now dark, on a Saturday night in '97
photo by Doug Ketchum
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