Generic Function

Package: common-graphics

Arguments: system

Returns the configuration associated with the argument system. The current system is the value of *system* so the current configuration is the value of (configuration *system*). The configuration is a data structure holding values for many configurable aspects of the working environment, such as the values of global variables.

All of the configuration options may be edited in the inspector by using the Tools | Inspect System Data | Configuration Options menu command. Most of them appear on the Tools | OptionsOptions dialog as well, in a friendlier format. A configuration option may also be changed programmatically by setf'ing the option, which is a property of the configuration object, for example, displaying of tooltips can be disabled with the form

(setf (show-tooltips
(configuration *system*)) nil)

All configuration options are saved in the file (in the Allegro directory) when the Tools | Save Options Now command is used, or when the IDE is exited if the Tools | Save Options On Exit option is enabled (as it is by default). If this file is deleted or renamed, then all configuration options will revert to their defaults in the next lisp session.

configuration is a property of the system class.

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