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Daniel Reeves

Daniel Reeves completed his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Michigan as a student of Michael Wellman in 2005, then spent four years at Yahoo Reseach in New York City before co-founding Beeminder in 2010. His research has focused on the application of game-theoretic and computational techniques to strategic behavior in games, particularly for eCommerce-inspired market mechanisms. He is one of the creators of and top competitors in the international Trading Agent Competition. At Beeminder, he's now working on the problem of strategic behavior in one-person games, namely, how to solve akrasia, the failure to do what one wants to do. Dr Reeves is also a pro/elite-level ultra-marathon inline skater and climbs stairs competitively.

Daniel ReevesModified 2015.04.18 22:45:01 Sat (EDT)