Visualizing Ken Zucker’s Pseudoscientific
Academic Cult of Transreparatism (#ZPACT):

Compiled by Lynn Conway [V 2-21-16] 


#ZPACT Leaders:

Honorary Godfather: Paul McHugh

Commander in Chief:  Ken Zucker

Chief Scientist: Ray Blanchard

Head of Propaganda: J. Michael Bailey

Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith: Alice Dreger

Heir Apparent: James Cantor


#ZPACT Occupied Territories:

CAMH GIC (formerly), APA/DSM (formerly), WPATH, IASR, ASB, SSSS, SEXNET


#ZPACT Board of Advisors and Public Spokespersons:

Richard Green, Susan Bradley, Maxine Peterson, Meredith Chivers, Gerulf Rieger, Elizabeth Latty, Anne Lawrence, Candice Brown Elliott, Willow Arune, Simon LeVay, John Derbyshire, Dean Hamer, Stephen Pinker, Dan Savage, Steve Sailer, Dan Seligman, Khytam Dawood, Ben Carey, Barbara Kline Pope, Stephen Mautner + More TBI


Publicly ‘Out’ #ZPACT Members & Supporters: (509) + More TBI


Seminal Expository Investigations into #ZPACT’s Activities (2003 - ):


Documenting the Fall of #ZPACT’s Transreparatism (2015 - )  


Venn Diagram of #ZPACT from The TS Roadmap: