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October-November-December 2004



December 19, 2004:

A "Quiet Victory" emerges when, in an unprecedented action,

J. Michael Bailey is forced to resign as Chairman

of the Psychology Department at Northwestern University.



December 1, 2004:

In further follow-on to NU's announcement,

The Chronicle of Higher Education gets a Scoop:

Bailey had already resigned as Chairman of the Northwestern's Psych Dept,

vacating the position under pressure way back in October!



November 30, 2004:

In a follow-on to NU's announcement,

Christine Burns discusses the cover-up in a news report for Press for Change News:

"Northwestern to discipline J. Michael Bailey in secret"



November 29, 2004: 

It's a Catholic-Church-like cover-up!

Northwestern's Provost Lawrence B. Dumas announces

"I have taken action that I believe appropriate for handling such matters",

without revealing either the Bailey investigation's findings

or what action has been taken by NU in response!



November 26, 2004

The Chronicle of Higher Education:

Bailey's supporter and funder Dean Hamer of NIH is exposed as

publishing pseudoscience in his new book "The God Gene"



November 2004:

Bailey's supporter Paul McHugh, Vatican advisor on sexual matters

and member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences,

monstrously defames transsexual women in a Catholic magazine article.

McHugh also claims credit for the "two-type theory of transsexualism",

relegating Blanchard's role to that of merely confirming his ideas.



November 19, 2004:

Northwestern University's findings in the Initial Bailey Investigation

are to be released soon (this coming week).



November 15, 2004:

Andrea James publishes expose of key Bailey supporter:

"Simon LeVay on Transsexualism"



November 12, 2004:

Timeline-Spreadsheet of unfolding events in “The Bailey Case”:

An interactive research-tool for journalists, research-overseers,

ethicists, students and scholars of the history of science
[Link to description and user's-guide]



October 29, 2004:

In efforts to gain notoriety and enhance sales of his book,

J. Michael Bailey proclaims gay femininity is "an important scientific fact"

on ABC News' "20/20", just before the national elections



October 12, 2004:

How J. Michael Bailey Responds to Critics:

Investigative report filed in BBL Clearinghouse  (pdf file)



October 3, 2004:

Update regarding delays in the completion of the initial Bailey investigation

(Stay Tuned for Results) (more recent Oct. 26 update)





July-August-September 2004



September 13, 2004:

Andrea James is interviewed on GenderTalk Web-Radio regarding

BBL claims that gender variance is a sex-fueled mental disease:

"A defining moment in our history:

examining disease models of gender identity"



September 9, 2004:

"A defining moment in our history", by Andrea James.

"BBL will be regarded as an interesting curiosity from the waning years

when our community was considered disordered and diseased."



August 23, 2004:

Lynn Conway writes Lawrence Dumas, Northwestern's Provost,

questioning "silent treatment" given trans complainants by NU:

Request for response and meeting regarding the “May 10th Complaint”.



August 13, 2004:

Northwestern University officials inform us that the
Initial Bailey Investigation will conclude soon.

We also learn details of the investigation process and timeline.

Stay Tuned for Results


July 22, 2004:

"The Silent Treatment Continues at the National Academies:

Report on encounters at the National Academy Press, July 22, 2004":

NAP director Barbara Kline Pope refuses to even speak to Prof. Lynn Conway.

Investigative report filed in BBL Clearinghouse  (pdf file)


July 14, 2004:

"An Ethical Lapse?  The ill-advised promotion of simple reliance

on pseudonyms as the means for protecting individual’s identities

in clinical and research case-study reports."





April-May-June 2004



June 20, 2004:

With the theory of autogynephilia in disarray,

Blanchard and Lawrence surface a new theory of transsexualism,

by "lumping" GID, BIID and apotemnophilia!


"Ethical Minefields: The Sex That Would be Science",

By Julia M. Klein, Seed Magazine, May/June 2004

"His book...has sparked both a bitter ideological dispute

and an ongoing university investigation

that will likely have ramifications far beyond the Bailey case."



Daily Northwestern, May 24, 2004:

Editorial: Cheating spike merits attention:

"Academic and professional dishonesty is a part of life, especially in the

21st century. But that doesn't mean it comes without consequences --

just look to the New York Times' Jayson Blair or even the

accusations against our own psychology Prof. J. Michael Bailey"


May 10, 2004:  The "May 10th Complaint"

A new, confidential formal complaint of research misconduct

is filed against J. Michael Bailey at Northwestern University,

based on evidence put forward by and validated by Bailey colleagues.


May/June 2004: Stanford Magazine: "On the Originality of Species:

 Biologist Joan Roughgarden has studied nature’s ‘exceptions’

and thinks the rule needs to change. That means challenging Darwin on sex."

Widely respected biologist Joan Roughgarden's new book challenges

the very foundations of evolutionary psychology on which Bailey's work is based.



April 28, 2004: 

In a major turn-around of earlier apparent political support for BBL,

Division 44 of the American Psychological Association invites and 

publishes an open scientific critique of Bailey's and Blanchard's work:

"A Personal & Scientific look at a Mental Illness Model of Transgenderism",

by Madeline H. Wyndzen, Ph.D.


April 18, 2004:

Desperation in the BBL camp prods Bailey's spokespersons

into defaming the trans women who've filed complaints against him.



April 15 2004:  "Lost in trans-lation:

NOMINATION REVOKED / How a book award went so wrong"

Story by Kyle Scanlon / Xtra!


April 14, 2004: Article in the Chicago Free Press:

"Trans Activists File Charges Against NU Professor", by Gary Barlow

Armand Cerbone, a psychologist and incoming president of the Illinois

Psychological Association, said the allegations raise serious questions.


April 8, 2004:

Right-wing homophobe John Derbyshire instantly jumps

to defend fellow HBI member Bailey against new formal complaint,

publishing an article in the National Review Online

that declares Bailey's critics are a "gang of pseudo-academic

fascists" engaging in "transsexualist terror"!


April 08, 2004 in The Daily Northwestern:

"Psych prof scrutinized:

Bailey denies new allegation of practicing without license"

However, a spokeswoman for the Illinois

Department of Professional Regulation said that a record of

Bailey's license did not appear in the department's computer system



April 6, 2004:

Evidence and complaints filed against J. Michael Bailey

for practicing as a clinical psychologist without a license, 

and then subsequently publishing confidential

clinical case-history information without permissions




January-February-March 2004



March 19, 2004:

UKPFC News: "Psychology Perverted" - A Response by UK Psychologists:

"We are particularly concerned that Bailey's work will be seen as

representative of scientific psychological research . . .

. . . the danger that Bailey's expressed anti-trans opinions

might be confused with scientific evidence is particularly high"



March 16, 2004:

"Group rescinds honor for disputed book":

"The specific issue was whether the book was transphobic,"

Marks told the Network.

"The judges looked at the book more closely and decided it was."



March 14, 2004:

"The Queen Who Won't Be Crowned", by Christine Burns:

"The last two weeks have witnessed the largest ever public display of

united disaffection by the entire world's transsexual people, their families, their friends

... who have been quick enough to spot a wrong when they see one."



March 12, 2004: 

The Lambda Literary Foundation announces that

"The Man Who Would Be Queen" has been REMOVED

as a 16th Annual Lambda Literary Award finalist.



March 8, 2004: Scientists in Psychology challenge

J. Michael Bailey and The Man who would be Queen:

The Science of Gender Bending and Transsexualism



"The Bailey Affair: Psychology Perverted"

By Joan Roughgarden, 2-11-04 [posted 3-8-04]:

Psychology seen as a discipline without standards,

nourishing a clique of dumbly insensitive bigots



March 5, 2004: Petition drive protesting

Lambda Literary Foundation's  nomination of Bailey's book

Tops the 1000 mark in just six days!

And we ask, are there one thousand liars, or just one?



On 3-02-04, Lynn Conway and Anjelica Kieltyka

expose Bailey, Cochran and Sailer's work on

the "gay-gene gay-germ" theory of homosexuality,

and the eugenics implications of that theory



Petition drive undertaken on 2-29-04 decrying LLF's

nomination of Bailey's book for a gay & lesbian literary award,

and again demanding withdrawal of the nomination:

A huge outpouring of signatures comes in just in the first few days!



In the Daily Northwestern, February 25, 2004:

"Profs Morson, Bailey discuss existence of human soul"

"Bailey, psychology department chairman, cited scientific findings

to support his position that free will does not exist

because human choices are constrained by the evolution of genes..."


Lambda Literary Foundation announces on 2-24-04

that Bailey's book will remain on Lambda Literary Awards Finalists List



In the Daily Northwestern, February 19, 2004:

"Office in place to investigate research-rule violations"


The Daily Northwestern, February 09, 2004:

"University examining Bailey's sex research"

In a shift of rhetoric from the university, a top official now

has said psychology Prof. Michael Bailey is being investigated

by a committee in connection with allegations of research misconduct.



**The Gay and Lesbian "Lambda Literary Foundation"

Disses all Transsexual Women on 2-02-04

By Nominating Bailey's Book for a Major Literary Award!

It looks like Fourattist and Raymondist stereotypes of trans women

are still alive in the old-guard gay & lesbian community...



**Evolution, Gender and Rape: Reviewed in Ethology, January 2004.

An expose of another outrageous book by evolutionary psychologists,

a book having many similarities with the Bailey book,

reveals many deep problems in the field of academic psychology.


January 30, 2004:

The Washington Times:NIH director defends funds for criticized sex research

NIH is "clueless" said University of Michigan professor Lynn Conway.

"Taxpayer money is not just being wasted in sex research

at Northwestern University — it's being used to exploit and defame

transsexual women in the name of science..."


January 23, 2004: Open Letter from

Anjelica Kieltyka, Lynn Conway, Andrea James and Calpernia Addams

to graduate students of Psychology at Northwestern University,

re theSPLC Intelligence Report on Transgender Hate Crimes


January 22, 2004:

Deirdre McCloskey puts J. Michael Bailey on notice:

One more "remote diagnosis" of the "mental illness" of autogynephilia

without ever even having met her, and she will sue him for libel


January 7, 2004:

Open Letter fromAnjelica Kieltyka, Lynn Conway, Andrea James and Calpernia Addams

to faculty of the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University, re the

Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report on Transgender Hate Crimes,

and How Pseudo-Science Fuels The Hate



January 7, 2004

Skylark hits the nail on the head in "Bailey as trannychaser"

"...what the charge really does is reinforce my view

of bailey's utter contempt for his subjects,

and cast the relationship between him and them starkly

in terms of sex and power..."



January 6, 2004

In The Daily Northwestern:

"Bailey accused of having sex with research subject


January 1, 2004

The Southern Poverty Law Center exposes Bailey and Blanchard:

Queer Science: An 'elite' cadre of scientists and journalists

tries to turn back the clock on sex, gender and race
By Heidi Beirich and Bob Moser of SPLC


January 1, 2004

The Southern Poverty Law Center exposes widespread anti-trans violence:

'Disposable People': A wave of violence engulfs the transgendered,

whose murder rate may outpace that of all other hate killings
By Bob Moser of SPLC


January 1. 2004

Rage on the Right: A rage is growing on the right.

Before it is done, untold numbers of men and women may have to die,

casualties in America's ongoing culture wars.
By Mark Potok, Editor, SPLC Intelligence Report



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