By Lynn and Charlie
Charlie and I do a lot of travelling around the United States, both for fun and on business, visiting many major cities and recreation areas each year. We often travel in order to enjoy our many hobbies and outdoors sports activities - and also to visit friends all around the United States. Between business and recreation, it seems like we're always winding down from our last trip, and getting ready for the next trip. We're often found in airports on or the road to somewhere!
In the past, we've often travelled in the spring and fall to run whitewater rivers in the eastern and midwest U.S. We've often travelled to Wisconsin, Western Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia to run whitewater in our solo white-water canoes. You can see some photos from those travels in Lynn's Whitewater Canoeing page.
During the summers we now often travel to motocross tracks in Michigan, Ohio and Ontario, and to trail riding areas in northern Michigan to enjoy motocross racing and trail riding on our dirt bikes. In the winter time we've often travelled to Florida to do practice riding and trail riding there. See our Motocross Pages for scenes from those racing adventures.
In addition, we enjoy travelling around the country to visit friends, and often visit the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Boston, and various recreational areas in Florida and Louisiana. For some scenes of a recent fun trip, check out our Fishing in Louisiana page.
In 1998, we went on a memorable travel vacation that arose from our interest in amatuer astronomy. This was a Caribbean cruise to see the total eclipse of the sun on the February 26th near the island of Curacao, just off the coast of Venezuela. The cruise itself surprised us, it was such a marvelous experience, and stimulated an interest in cruising just for fun and relaxation.
Sometimes our trips are for special adventures, such as our wedding trip to Mackinac Island in August, 2002. We'd visited the Island a number of times before, and it was the perfect place for a romantic journey.
In January of 2003 we went on another cruise, sailing out of San Diego and going down the west coast of Mexico. It was a wonderful mid-winter break, and provided an opportunity to take some neat photos of scenic places. We're hoping to do more travelling in the future, as we now have even more time for vacations together. Meantime, when we aren't travelling somewhere else, we enjoy having our friends visit us at our country home in Michigan.
Here are links to collections of photos from some of our past travel adventures:
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