1998 Solar Eclipse Cruise
by Lynn Conway
Copyright @ 1999-2003 Lynn Conway
All Rights Reserved
Following are some photos from a rather memorable travel vacation in 1998 that arose from our interest in amatuer astronomy. This was a Caribbean cruise to see the total eclipse of the sun on the 26th of February that year near the island of Curacao just off the coast of Venezuela, sailing on Holland America's Statendam. It was a marvelous experience:
Charlie & Lynn
Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

Getting equipment ready for the eclipse


Total Eclipse
of the Sun
just offshore Curacao, in the Netherlands Antilles
26 February 1998


 Holland America's Statendam
offshore of
Half Moon Cay,
 In the control room of the Statendam

 Night sailing from Willemstad, Curacao
This was a trip to remember:
 Lynn and Charlie
Holland America's
March 1, 1998