TG/TS/IS Information Links and References
by Lynn Conway
(Version of 3-20-10; partial update - more to follow)
The following links provide access to a wide range of information about transgenderism, transsexualism and intersexualism. Included are basic introductions to the subject (Gender 101 Links), detailed information on TG/TS support sites, information on gender transition in the workplace, listings of companies and jurisdictions that provide anti-discrimination protections for transgendered people, information on medical standards of care, public health issues, legal issues, information about the prevalence of transgenderism, and links to stories of gender transitions having successful long-term outcomes.
These websites are useful sources of information and support for TG/TS people and their families, friends and allies. These sites are also useful references for government, industry and university community members who interact with transgendered people.



Gender 101 Links

Books and other references

Transgender youth issues and resources

MtF transgenderism and resources for TG/TS people born male

FtM transgenderism and resources for TG/TS people born female

Intersex Information and resources for people born intersexed

Information about Intergenderism, Androgyny and Alternative Identities

Medical Issues and Standards of Care

Transition in the workplace

Companies that have extended anti-discrimination protections to transgendered people

Cities that have extended anti-discrimination protections to transgendered people

Colleges and universities providing anti-discrimination protections to transgendered people

Public Health Issues

Legal Issues

Advocacy Groups

International Support and Information Sites


Trans comic strips!




Gender 101 Links:

Human Rights Campaign (HRC): Transgender 101

Introduction to Issues Surrounding Gender Identity and Expression



By Alexander John Goodrum (1960-2002)


GENDER 101 (MtF)

An MtF primer from TransFamily of Cleveland


GENDER 101 (FtM)

An MtF primer from FTM International



Books and other references
The Uninvited Dilemma : A Question of Gender,
by Kim Elizabeth Stuart
Gender Loving Care: A Guide to Counseling Gender-Variant Clients,
by Randi Ettner, George R. Brown
Trans Forming Families: Real Stories About Transgendered Loved Ones,
by Mary Boenke

True Selves : Understanding Transsexualism-For Families, Friends, Coworkers, and Helping Professionals,
by Mildred L. Brown, Chloe Ann Rounsley


The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals,

by Stephanie Brill and Rachel Pepper

Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity,

by Julia Serano


Gender Madness in American Psychiatry: Essays from the Struggle for Dignity
by Kelley Winters, Ph.D.


Trans-Sister Radio: A Novel ,
by Chris A. Bohjalian


The Last Time I Wore a Dress: A Memoir,
by Daphne Scholinski

Transmen & FTMs: Identities, Bodies, Genders & Sexualities,
by Jason Cromwell
Sexing the Body: Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality
by Anne Fausto-Sterling
Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us
by Kate Bornstein
Trans Liberation: Beyond Pink or Blue,
by Leslie Feinberg

Wrapped In Blue: A Journey of Discovery
by Donna Rose


Branded T

by Rosanlyne Blumenstein


Hidden in Plain Sight

by Leslie Townsend


Becoming a Visible Man

by Jamison Green


Mark 947: A Life Shaped by God, Gender and Force of Will

by Calpernia Sarah Addams


My Husband Betty

by Helen Boyd


Pinned Down by Pronouns

Toni Amato and Mary Davies, Editors


GenderTalk Radio
The leading talk radio program on all issues of gender.  Here you can listen - at any time - to over 260 inspiring, entertaining and informative programs covering every aspect of gender. Each week they add another program, and they're all easily accessible right here.



Transgender youth issues and resources


TransYouth Family Allies

TransYouth Family Advocates is a coalition of parents, friends and caring adults dedicated to educating and raising public awareness about the challenges faced by children with gender variant and gender questioning identities and the families who love them.


Supporting the loving and caring relationship between Transgender Parents and their children.


Mermaids (UK)

Family support group for children and teenagers with gender identity issues.


Gender Spectrum Education and Training / Gender Spectrum Family

Gender Spectrum is dedicated to the education and support of families raising gender variant, gender non-conforming, gender-fluid, crossgender, and transgender children and adolescents.


The Antijen Mail List

Support site for young TG/TS people


Transitioning Early in Life (MtF)

Very informative page by Andrea James.


Outreach Program for Children with Gender-Variant Behaviors and their Families

at the Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C.


Teen transsexuals: When do children have a right to decide their gender? article by Maria Russo

"Girls will be Boys"

Article by T. Eve Greenaway discussing the sudden emergence of FtM trangenderism out of the shadows and into the open in many U.S. colleges and universities.


About a Boy Who Isn't

New York Times Magazine article by Benoit Denizet-Lewis about an FtM teenager who finds support at school.


I am never going to be a man, mummy, when I grow up it will be as a woman,
The Sunday Express (UK) article focussing on children who want to change sex, by Gerard Greaves,


"Transgender 10-Year-Old Girl and Her Family Talk to Barbara Walters", ABC News

"My Secret Self: A Story of Transgender Children", debuted on ABC "20/20" on 4-27-07.


"Girl/Boy Interrupted - A New Treatment For Transgender Kids Puts Puberty On Hold

So That They Won't Develop Into Their Biological Sex", SF Weekly, 7-11-07  (more info)

Important article about the trend towards early interventions to help transgender kids.


Mom, I Need to be a Girl, by Just Evelyn  

On-line book documenting the story of a teenager's MtF gender transition.

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MtF transgenderism and resources for TG/TS people born male
Basic TG/TS/IS Information: Part-I (Gender basics and transgenderism)

Basic TG/TS/IS Information: Part-II (Transsexualism)
TS Roadmap to Transition (MtF)

Medical Resources for Transsexual Women

TG Forum



FtM transgenderism and resources for TG/TS people born female

FtM International


Jamison Green's website


TransMan's Information Project


FtM Resources & Links


Transmen & FTMs: Identities, Bodies, Genders & Sexualities, by Jason Cromwell


Intersex Information and resources for people born intersexed

Organisation Internationale des Intersexués (OII)


Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group (AISSG)


Bodies Like Ours - Intersex Information and Peer Support


Klinefelter Syndrome Support Group Home Page


Turner Syndrome Society


Welcome to CAH Our Voices and Our Stories


Information about Intergenderism, Androgyny and Alternative Identities
Some Concepts and Terminology
Androgyne Online
Two-Spirit People in Native American Cultures, (more, more)

Medical Issues and Standards of Care

 The World Professional Organization for Transgender Health is devoted to the understanding and treatment of gender identity disorders [sic], and has approximately 350 members from around the world, in the fields of psychiatry, endocrinology, surgery, law, psychology, sociology, and counseling. The organization was formally known as The Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association (HBIGDA), changing its name to WPATH in 2006.

In the Standards of Care (SOC) for Gender Identity Disorders [sic] (English PDF, Spanish PDF) WPATH publishes recommended medical protocols for those transgendered and transsexual people who seek medical assistance and treatment.


 The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) website discusses the current scientific consensus on gender dysphoria, and includes a synopsis signed by most of the world's most experienced researchers in this area. 

GID REFORM.ORG: A resource for the reform of language regarding "gender disorders" in the medical community's DSM manual. This site contains well-reasoned essays that challenge traditional psychiatric stereotypes of gender diversity. The online magazine of health and fitness for transsexual and transgendered people.


Transition in the workplace
More Transsexuals Start New Life, Keep Old Job
Washington Post article, 12-28-2000
Workplace Guidelines for Transgendered Employees
These guidelines were initially developed at Lucent Corporation, and are now widely applied elsewhere too.
Transgender at Work website

Human Rights Campaign (HRC)Workplace Project

A national source of information on workplace policies surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity


Out & Equal Workplace Advocates



Companies that have extended anti-discrimination protections to transgendered people
In recent years there have been many successful on-the-job gender transitions in high-tech companies such as Lucent, Intel, Apple, HP, Compaq, American Airlines, Xerox, Microsoft, etc.  Many of the top 'Fortune-500' firms are now openly supportive of TG/TS transitions and provide equal employment opportunities for transgendered people, as part of a larger corporate-diversity movement in the modern corporate world.


As of October 19, 2005, seventy-three (73) Companies in the Fortune 500

provide HR/EEO protections for transitioning and transitioned employees, as follows:

[Source: HRC-CEI, 2005]


Aetna Inc., Agilent Technologies Inc., Air Products & Chemicals Inc., American Airlines, American Express Co., Apple Computer Inc., AT&T Corp., Avaya Inc., Best Buy Co. Inc., Borders Group Inc., Capital One Financial Corp., Charles Schwab Corp., Chevron Corp., Chubb Corp., Cisco Systems, Citigroup Inc., Cooper Tire & Rubber, Corning Inc., Cummins Inc., Dell Inc., Dominion Resources, Inc., Dow Chemical Co., Eastman Kodak Co., Estee Lauder Companies, Ford Motor Co., General Mills Inc., Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co., Illinois Tool Works Inc., Intel Corp., International Business Machines Corp., J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Johnson & Johnson, Keyspan Corp, Lehman Brothers Holdings, Levi Strauss & Co., Lexmark International Inc., Lincoln National Corp., Lucent Technologies Inc., Mellon Financial Corp., Merrill Lynch & Co., MetLife, Inc., Microsoft Corp., Molson Coors Brewing Company, Motorola Inc., Nationwide, NCR Corp., Nike Inc., Nordstrom Inc., Owens Corning, PacifiCare Health Systems, PepsiCo Inc. Pfizer Inc., PG&E Corp., Prudential Financial Inc.Raytheon Co., SBC Communications Inc., Sears, Roebuck and Co., Sprint Corp., Staples Inc., Sun Microsystems Inc., SunTrust Banks Inc., Tech Data Corp., Toys "R" Us Inc., Unisys Corp., US Airways Group, Viacom Inc., Walgreens Co., Washington Mutual, Inc., Wells Fargo & Co., Whirlpool Corp., Xerox Corp.



Cities that have extended anti-discrimination protections to transgendered people
As of November 2005, six states (California, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, New Mexico, Rhode Island), and many cities and other jurisdictions have extended anti-discrimination protections to transgendered people. For a full list, see the Transgender Law and Policy Institute's list of jurisdictions. There are also links at that site to pdf files containing a map of those jurisdictions and a timeline of these policy actions.
The year 2002 will be remembered as the watershed year for transgendered rights: During that year, New York City, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston and Chicago all extended anti-discrimination protections to include "gender identity and gender expression". The precedents set by these major cities then affected policies in many other cities in the U.S. in subsequent years (with 64 cities providing trans protections by the fall of 2005).

Colleges and universities providing anti-discrimination protections to transgendered people

Many colleges and universities provide anti-discrimination protections for lesbian and gay students, and many schools have active LGBT offices and LGBT campus groups, and wider information available on campus climates for LGBT students to help students make well-informed decisions on which colleges to attend. In the past few years a number of these schools have extended the anti-discrimination protections to also protect transgendered students, including the following schools (as of Sept. 2006), as listed by TPLI (including date of policy change):


American University (02), Arizona State University (04), Brandeis University (06), Brown University (01-02), Bryant University (05), California College of the Arts, California Institute of Technology (04), Carnegie Mellon University (03), Central Washington University (05), City College of San Francisco (05), City University of New York system (02-03), Colby College (05), College of Santa Fe (05), Colorado State University (04), Columbia University (06), Community College of Rhode Island, Connecticut College (05), Dartmouth College (06)DePauw University (99), Drake University (04), Evergreen State College (06), Golden Gate University School of Law (05), Harvard University (06), Iowa State University (05), Johns Hopkins University (05), Kalamazoo College (00), Knox College (01), Lehigh University (03), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (03), Middlebury College (03), New College (06), New York University (05), North Carolina State University (05), Pennsylvania State University (06), Princeton University (06), Occidental College (06), Ohio State University (04), Oregon State University (05), Parkland College (06), Rhode Island College, Rochester Institute of Technology (05), Rockport College (00), Sarah Lawrence College (06), Syracuse University (05), Tufts University (05), University of Arizona (05), University of Baltimore (06), University of California System (04), University of Illinois System (05), University of Iowa (96), University of Maine system (06), University of New Hampshire (05), University of Oregon (05), University of Pennsylvania (03),  University of Puget Sound (02-03), University of Rhode Island (03-04), University of Southern California (04), University of Vermont (05),  University of Washington, University of Wisconsin system (05),Wesleyan University (02), Whitman College, Williams College (06), Yale (06)


Many major universities and colleges now also fall under state and city laws that extend protections to transgendered people (in six states and 64 cities by the fall of 2005).


Public Health Issues
American Public Health Association's Public Policy 9933
This new policy identifies the need for acknowledging transgendered individuals within medical research and clinical practice.


Legal Issues


Transgender Law and Policy Institute Website


Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD)


NCLR Transgender Law Project


State-by-state instructions for changing birth certificates


Laws (includes many links re LGBT and human rights issues)


Immigration Issues (more, more)




Advocacy Groups


National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE)


Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)


TransYouth Family Allies


National Transgender Advocacy Group (NTAC)


Human Rights Campaign (HRC)


Out & Equal Workplace Advocates


Press for Change (PFC)-UK


Gender Education and Advocacy (GAIN)


International Federation for Gender Education (IFGE)


Organisation Internationale des Intersexués (OII)





International Support and Information Sites



Andrea James list of international links (many countries)


Wikipedia list of transgender-rights organizations (many countries)


Asociación Travestis Transexuales Transgéneros Argentina (Argentina)


Transgender Asia (Asia)

W-O-M-A-N Network (Australia)

TransAustralia (Australia)

The Gender Centre (Sydney) (Australia)

TransX: Verein für TransGender Personen (Austria)

Trans-Action (Belgium)

Transgender Health Program (Vancouver) (Canada)

Organisation Internationale des Intersexués (OII) (Canada)

Canadian Transsexual Fight For Rights (Canada)


European Transgender Network (TGEU) (Europe)


European TS (surgeons) (Europe)


Bistouri Oui - Oui !  (France)


CARITIG (France)


Groupe Activiste Trans' (France)


Sans-contrefaçon (France)


Syndrome de Benjamin - le site de Tom (France)


 Deutsche Gesellschaft für Transidentität und Intersexualität (DGTI) (Germany)


Háttér Support Society for LGBT People (more) (Hungary)


Trans Support Ireland (Ireland)


Tranniehaven (Ireland)


Crisalide AzioneTrans (Italy)


Trans-Net Japan (Japan) (Japan)


Kawagoe Circle (Japan)


Comunidad Transexual Guadalajara (Mexico) (Mexico and Latin America)


Recursos transexualidad en México (Mexico)


The International Transsexual Sisterhood (Middle-East)


Landelijke Kontaktgroep (Netherlands)


Humanitas (Netherlands)




Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP) (Phillipines (more))


ªt. * Associação Para O Estudo e Defesa Do Direito À Identidade de Género (Portugal)


ACCEPT (in English) (Romania)


TransHelp (Russia)


Síndrome de Benjamin (Spain)

Fundación para de la indentidad de género (FIG) (Spain)


CTC: Colectivo de Transexuales de Cataluña (Spain)


A.E.T. Transexualía (Spain) (Spain)


Ýnsanca Yaþam Platformu (Turkey)


Press for Change (PFC) (UK)

The Beaumont Society (UK)


The Gender Trust (UK)

Mermaids (UK)

Gender Identity Research and Education Society (UK)

Depend (UK)

 Gendys info (UK)

GRS-Wales (Wales, UK)






Transgenderism and transsexualism are far more common than previously recognized. Recent calculations indicate that transsexualism is at least 100 times more prevalent than the very-outdated numbers listed in current medical publications, and affects 0.2% to 0.3% of all people.


The wider range of transgender conditions probably affect at least 2% to 3% of all people. The realization that these are not "extremely rare conditions" and are not even uncommon adds urgency to efforts to provide support systems for TG/TS people.




Trans Comic Strips!

After all, we need to keep our sense of humor about all this stuff!


"VenusEnvy" (The adventures of “Zoe”, by Erin Lindsey)


"T-Gina" (The adventures of a trans gal, by Gina Kamentsky)


"Trans-Generation" (cool FtM comic strip by Matt)





Photos and links to the stories of many successful TS women
This site documents the lives and stories of many postop TS women.
Photos and links to the stories of many successful trans men
This is a similar site documenting the lives of many successful TS men. > TG/TS/IS Information > TG/TS/IS Links