Top-level Command

Arguments: &optional arg&key zoom

This command and :dn move the current frame down and up the stack.

If arg is a number, this command moves the current frame pointer up the stack by arg frames, or 1 if no argument is supplied. The zoom keyword argument controls whether a :zoom is done after the current frame pointer is moved. That argument defaults to the value of the special variable tpl:*auto-zoom*.

If the specified number of frames to move is out of range, this command moves to the top of the stack and the actual number of frames moved is printed.

If arg is non-numeric, then :up and :dn behave like :find, i.e. finding the frame containing the arg string.

:up and :dn cannot be abbreviated.

See top-level.htm for more information on top-level commands.

The documentation is described in introduction.htm and the index is in index.htm.

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