Package: mp

Arguments: (lock &key timeout norecursive seized whostate) &body body

This macro executes the body with lock seized. Unlike process-lock, with-process-lock protects against a single process trying to seize a lock it already owns. If executed dynamically inside another with-process-lock for the same lock, and if norecursive is nil, with-process-lock is a no-op. If norecursive is t, an error is signaled. The default value of norecursive is nil.

See also process-unlock, process-lock-locker, and make-process-lock.

See multiprocessing.htm for general information on multiprocessing in Allegro CL and see Process locks (both models) for more information on process locks in Allegro CL.

The documentation is described in introduction.htm and the index is in index.htm.

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