Package: mp

Arguments: struct

This function returns the value stored the locker slot of lock. This value is usually the process holding the lock. If the value in the slot is nil, the lock is free. The following idiom is useful when a process wants to seize a lock but not block if it is already seized:

    (if (process-lock-locker lock)
            (...) ;; Lock not free
                  ;; do something else.

      (process-lock lock))) ;; Seize the lock. 

See process-lock, process-unlock, with-process-lock and make-process-lock.

See multiprocessing.htm for general information on multiprocessing in Allegro CL and see Process locks (both models) for more information on process locks in Allegro CL.

The documentation is described in introduction.htm and the index is in index.htm.

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