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Part-IV: Return to the Inn
Copyright @ 2002 by Lynn Conway
All photos on this page Copyright @ 2002 by Robert Jerstrom
After visiting many scenic spots all around the Island, we headed back to the Harbour View Inn to relax for a while before heading out to dinner.
We rested till 7:00, when a horse drawn taxi arrived to take us to dinner at the Woods Restaurant back in a remote wooded section of the Island. When we called ahead and made reservations at the Woods, we mentioned that we were newlyweds and would arrive in wedding clothes - so when we got there they played "here comes the bride" on the piano as we entered and they seated us in a raised area where we looked out over the lower dining area - so we could see and be seen. It was really cool, and we had a fine meal there.
After dinner the rainstorm that we'd feared during the day finally arrived, and it took a while to get a carriage ride because carriages all over the Island were very busy. But it was worth the wait. The carriage ride to the Grand Hotel was really memorable that night - we got a very special feeling from riding along in an enclosed carriage along rather dark wooded lanes with the rain clattering on the roof of the carriage. It was a very old-time, romantic setting indeed.
Upon arriving at the Grand Hotel, we went up to the Cupola Bar and spent the remaining evening time listening to very romantic piano music. Among the songs the gal there played was the old-favorite romantic ballad "More", and I must admit that by that time I cried a little bit from welling up of all the happy emotions I was feeling. After drinks and listening to music in the Cupola Bar, we took a horse drawn taxi back to the Harbour View Inn to settle-in on our wedding night.
photo by Robert Jerstrom
photo by Robert Jerstrom
photo by Robert Jerstrom
photo by Robert Jerstrom
photo by Robert Jerstrom

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