Our Wedding Day Photos
Part-II: Carriage Ride
Copyright @ 2002 by Lynn Conway
All photos on this page Copyright @ 2002 by Robert Jerstrom
Our horsedrawn carriage arrived at the Harbour View Inn at 3:30, shortly after our wedding ceremony. It was an ornate, authentic, original 19th century carriage and a very handsome one indeed.
When we boarded it and began our ride towards downtown, Rob Jerstrom followed behind us on his bicycle. Rob has done a lot of this type of photography, and is somehow able to follow a carriage and take photos with his Nikon with one hand while steering his bicycle with the other hand. This way he can get a lot of candid shots during the ride in addition to the many posed shots he takes of wedding couples at various scenic spots.
photo by Robert Jerstrom
photo by Robert Jerstrom
I had worried about intense sun exposure during a long carriage ride, especially since I didn't want to dose-up with sunscreen under the makeup I wanted to wear for our wedding. I solved this problem the old-fashioned way - I bought a pretty little parasol from sarasparasols.com. It was white with a baby blue trim that matched my eyes and little decorations on my dress. This parasol only cost $35, and was a very practical device for sheltering from the sun and adding a bit of Victorian authenticity to our carriage-ride photos.
photo by Robert Jerstrom
Our ride took us to many beautiful locations all over the Island. The carriage ride was quite an experience. It was like a one-vehicle parade. Everyone and everything stops to watch! Many folks waved, shouted congratulations and took photos of us. On weekends there are often a dozen or two wedding parties taking carriage rides. During the week there are only a few each day, so we got a lot of attention from the crowds.
For those considering a small ceremony on Mackinac, you must realize that even small weddings are an "event" on the Island. Everyone seems to be thrilled at the idea of weddings there, and you'll get lots of attention wherever you go. Everyone wants to get a look at and congratulate the newlyweds, not only the tourists but also the Islanders. The Island's has a reputation as being a "special place for couples" and there always seems to be a hint of romance in the air. Weddings seem to bring this feeling into the open even more.
photo by Robert Jerstrom
photo by Robert Jerstrom
photo by Robert Jerstrom
photo by Robert Jerstrom
photo by Robert Jerstrom

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