Transitioning Early in Life


This page provides links to news and information about childhood gender variance and teen transitions.

The section on early transitions in Lynn's TS-IIa page provides additional information, including stories of teenage transitioners.

See also the comprehensive information on transitioning early in life in Andrea James' TS Roadmap website.



 Some Compelling Stories:


Johanna's Story (Germany)

العربيّة, 译者注, Español, Deutsch, Français,

 עברית, Italiano, 日本語, Magyar, Polski,

Português , Русский, Română

Danielle's Story (USA) (PDF)

Second Edition is now in print! NEW!

العربيّة, Deutsch,, Español, Français,

עברית, 日本語, Português, Tiếng Việt (New!)



Nicole's Story (Netherlands)

译者注, Español, Deutsch, עברית,

Italiano, 日本語,

 Magyar, Malaysian,

Portuguese, Русский, Română


Emerging News and Information:


Outreach Program for Children with Gender-Variant Behaviors and their Families at the

Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. (brochure for parents)


Andrea James' page on Transitioning Early in Life and links to many helpful stories there such as

Transitioning early in life: Stephanie's advice and Transitioning early in life: Kylie's advice


Lifetime Television: "A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story":


"When is it OK for boys to be girls, and girls to be boys?: Many kids want to look and act like the other sex.

For some, it's a phase; for others, it's not...", San Francisco Chronicle, 8-27-06

"Supporting Boys or Girls When the Line Isn’t Clear", New York Times, 12-02-06


"Mistakes in God's Factory: Even as children, transsexuals have the feeling of living in the wrong body.

When should they be allowed to switch genders? Two years ago, a twelve-year-old German boy became

the world's youngest person to start hormone treatments for a sex change", Der Spiegel, 1-26-07  


"'Born in the Wrong Body' - Transgender youth share their stories in an MSNBC documentary" ;

'Taylor shares her story ; Jake shares his story


"Transgender 10-Year-Old Girl and Her Family Talk to Barbara Walters", ABC News, 4-25-07:

("My Secret Self: A Story of Transgender Children", debuted on ABC "20/20" on 4-27-07)


"Girl/Boy Interrupted - A New Treatment For Transgender Kids Puts Puberty On Hold

So That They Won't Develop Into Their Biological Sex", SF Weekly, 7-11-07  (more info)

(Important article about the trend towards early interventions to help transgender kids)


"Lucy.Teen.Transsexual.In.Thailand" (GoogleVideo, 12-20-07)

A wonderful 56 minute video about the experiences of 18 year old Lucy of the UK,

as she travels to Thailand for her SRS with Dr. Suporn.


"Transgender teens: Doctors refine hormone, other therapies", Foster's Daily Democrat (NH), 1-27-08

(Article about the work of Dr. Norman Spack of Children's Hospital in Boston, 

and Dr. Edgardo Menvielle at the Children's National Medical Center in D.C.)


"Q&A with Norman Spack - A doctor helps children change their gender", The Boston Globe, 3-30-08

"My philosophy is, "Who am I to say what it's like to be transgendered

when I have people who are living with it every day?"

These kids won over the hospital, one department at a time"


"Second Nature - The Story of a Local Family Raising a Little Girl Born in the Wrong Body",

by Maximillian Potter, in 5280 - Denver's Magazine, 3-08

 A wonderful magazine article about the Boulder family who are

supporting their young child's transition (click on picture for larger photo).



"7yr. old Jazz's thoughts on being a Transgender Child"

A must-see video interview, posted on YouTube 6-27-08

Nina’s Story :- Girls are Welcome… Boys are not! Eleven year old Nina has always lived in the wrong body.

But it was a long battle with parents teachers and others before she could stop being known as "David".

Translated by Barbara Blake from an article in Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, 8-02-08 (DE, print)


"'The Transgender Child' New handbook has tips for parents whose children

don't fit the societal mold, and probably never will", San Francisco Chronicle, 9-18-08 (book)


"Sex change girl to become singing star" - Kim Petras - originally known as Tim Petras - was diagnosed

as a transsexual by doctors and started undergoing the hormonal change to become a girl

before her teenage years began" - 9-18-08 (link to Kim's MySpace page) (ES)



"Delaying puberty could help gender-confused teens," New Scientist (UK),12-05-08

"Young teenagers with extreme gender identity disorder should be given drugs to block puberty so that they

don't have to experience distressing changes to their bodies which they perceive to be out of line with their true gender.

So say draft international guidelines (pdf format) issued by the Endocrine Society this week


Transforming Family: A Los Angeles based family support group creating a positive environment

for children, adolescents and their families to explore issues of gender identity.

TransYouth Family Allies (TYFA): Dedicated to raising public awareness about the challenges

faced by children with gender variant and gender questioning identities, and the families who love them.



Link to TYFA's YouTube Channel


An overview of the work we do at TYFA to help trans youth

and gender non-conforming youth and the families who love them.


TransYouth Family Allies Board President Shannon Garcia talks about founding TYFA,

and opens up about her experiences with raising a daughter who transitioned socially at age six.


TransYouth Family Allies Executive Director Kim Pearson talks about founding TYFA,

and opens up about her experiences with raising a son who transitioned socially as an adolescent.


YouTube: "TYFA family profile: Angel", a video by Trans Youth Family Allies.

"Angel is one of hundreds of transgender children helped by TYFA.

Please help us help young people like Angel!"


"Led by the child who simply knew" (The Boston Globe, 12-11-11) :

"The twin boys were identical in every way but one. Wyatt was a girl to the core, and now lives as one,

with the help of a brave, loving family and a path-breaking doctor’s care." >  Transitioning Early in Life