2003 Mexican Riviera Cruise
Part-VIII: Back to San Diego
by Lynn Conway
Copyright @ 2003 Lynn Conway
All Rights Reserved
Well, all good things must come to an end, and thus it was with this wonderful vacation. After leaving Mazatlan, we passed the tip of Baja California early in the morning after the first night at sea. We then had a nice relaxed day onboard as we sailed northwest up the coast of Baja, arriving in San Diego early the following morning.
We had arranged to stay an extra day in San Diego, to do some more touring there - and in particular we wanted to visit the San Diego Zoo. This is a world-class zoo with a fantastic collection of animals that is spread out over beautiful, forested hilly terrain. This gave us a chance to do some more photography, and a few of those photos are included below.
The following day we took a flight back to Detroit Metro Airport, and then drove to our country home. We were back to winter again!
Passing by the tip of Baja California in the early morning, on the way back to San Diego
Visiting the San Diego Zoo
Overlook into a steep canyon from an elevated walkway, San Diego Zoo
Alaskan Brown Bear, San Diego Zoo
Panda at the San Diego Zoo
Flamingoes, San Diego Zoo
Polar Bear, San Diego Zoo
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