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April 27, Families and their transgender childen

Tune into ABC's 20/20 for a very special program With Barbara Walters Friday Night, April 27th, 2007. This program will portray the true meaning of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE as Barbara intimately explores the lives of three incredible families and their transgender children.

These pioneering families are members of a support group for families of transgender children of all ages sponsored by PFLAG affiliate TransFamily of Cleveland. This group currently encompasses nearly 400 families from all over the United States, Canada, England, and Australia. All three have children who have been diagnosed by medical professionals as transgendered, and all are under continuous observation by professional family therapists and medical support staff.

Raising a transgender child involves the usual problems of raising children, with the added burden of trying to understand what transgender entails - and explaining it to your family, neighbors, family physician, and school administrators. There is the constant threat that someone will attempt to remove your child - or even all your children - from your home - as has happened to some families in the recent past. There is the sure knowledge that there will be questions, comments, and probably harassment by other children, both in school and at play.

Tune in, watch, and learn how these three families are coping as they demonstrate the true meaning of unconditional love for their child

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