A Third Woman Files
Research Misconduct Complaints
Against Bailey:
July, 23 2003
On July 23, 2003, a third trans woman filed a complaint of research misconduct against J. Michael Bailey. Anjelica Kieltyka went along with her when she submitted her complaint to the Vice President for Research at Northwestern University. The complaint package included an open letter - which was signed "anonymous" to protect the identity of the complainant - and that open letter is posted openly below.


July 23, 2003

C. Bradley Moore, Vice President for Research
Office of the Vice President for Research
Northwestern University
Rebecca Crown Center, Room 2-223
633 Clark Street
Evanston, Illinois 60208-1108


Dear Dr. Moore:

I would like to lodge a formal complaint against Professor J. Michael Bailey regarding his research conduct. I am fully aware of the other formal complaints filed against him. I wish to file my complaint as a supplement to theirs. I also participated in a research study without being informed of that status.

As mentioned in Dr. Bailey's book, The Man Who Would Be Queen , my initial contact with Dr. Bailey was as a pre-operative transexual. I was one of the transexual women Anjelica Kieltyka brought to him for my SRS approval letter. " My own recent research has focused on the homosexual type [of transexual]...most of the homosexual transsexuals I have met, I met through Cher..." (p. 177). I was not aware that the SRS interview he conducted was used as part of Dr. Bailey's "recent research" (p. 177).

I did not know I was a subject of a research study and at that time I was not asked, nor did I sign, an informed consent document.

I was recently informed, as were the other women, that your office has an interest in the protection of human subjects. I too was unaware at the time of my protections, and I am angry and troubled by the presumptions and misinterpretations he has made of me and all other transexual women. Furthermore, I participated in a series of lectures for Dr. Bailey's Human Sexuality class with Anjelica Kieltyka, as well as the other complainant. It is most disturbing and humiliating to find out that we all were misled by Dr. Bailey and misused, (again as uninformed research subjects ), as part of his "Freak Show" Demonstration of "Homosexual" and "Autogynophilic" Transsexuals. Regarding the complaints already filed against Dr. Bailey; if you, Dr. Moore, and the other administrators, as well as the rest of the Psychology Department at Northwestern don't know by now, those two classifications of Transexuals are insidiously malicious, demeaning and libelous; especially in the context in which they are presented in his book, in our SRS letters (which are part of our Medical Records), and in the context of our participation in his Human Sexuality Lecture series.

Because of the grave import and consequences his research misconduct is already having on my life and the lives of many Transexual Women represented by me, I demand your office take immediate and appropriate action to prevent Dr. Bailey from doing any future harm.

More recently in 2001, I participated in a laboratory study conducted by Dr. Bailey, and at that time I did sign a consent form. That was the first time I was informed that I was participating in a research study and was asked by Dr. Bailey to sign a consent form. I also got paid for participating.

I ask that there be a formal investigation into Dr. Bailey's conduct in the research reported in his book, as well as his conduct in providing the SRS letters and getting us to be part of his lectures. If, as I expect, he is found to be in violation of University and federal policies, I expect the University to respond appropriately.




cc. Henry Bienen, President
Lawrence B. Dumas, Provost



This page is part of Lynn Conway's
"Investigative report into the publication of
J. Michael Bailey's book on transsexualism
by the National Academies"