December 11, 2003
Documentation of a formal complaint about J. Michael Bailey's
sexual exploitation of a research subject,
and of Northwestern University's apparant decision
to not investigate such egregious misconduct.

1. Anonymous's notarized affidavit, witnessed by Andrea James and Lynn Conway on 7-21-03.
2. Anonymous's formal complaint to Northwestern University, submitted to OVPR at NU on 7-23-03.
3. Page two of item 2.
4. Confidential addendum to item 2, submitted in sealed envelope along with item 2 to OVPR at NU on 7-23-03.
5. Anjelica Kieltyka's sworn affidavit submitted along with confidential item 4 to OVPR at NU on 7-23-03.
6. Anjelica Kietlyka's reconstruction of response letter to Anonymous from OVPR at NU on 11-12-03 (see also 6)
7. Response letter to Anjelica Kietlyka from OVPR at NU on 11-12-03, regarding her formal complaint (ref. in 5).


This page is part of Lynn Conway's
"Investigative report into the publication of
J. Michael Bailey's book on transsexualism
by the National Academies"