Links to Early Bailey Investigation Files:

by Lynn Conway

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These blog pages at the links below were compiled on-the-go in the spring and summer of 2003, during the early phases of the Bailey book investigation. The blog-pages were posted to document and help coordinate of the overall investigation, in a close collaboration with Andrea James' compilation of the BBL Clearinghouse.




The book and how it is being presented in psychology classes:

The alternative GID paradigm

Images of the two viewpoints: GID vs Sexual Deviancy

First impressions count 

The gradual social propagation of the modern "GID" view of trans people



My field trips to begin carrying out this investigation

Thoughts about how Baileyan theory and this controversy arose

How BBL got caught in a paradigm trap

But why on earth did the National Academies publish this junk science?

How would you feel if psychologists had this stigmatizing power over YOU?

Education: The key to spreading understanding of GID and of trans people



A-1: Early reviews and comments by transwomen and transmen 

A-2: Quotes of Bailey stereotyping gays and lesbians

A-3: How you can help this investigation*

A-4: Media articles about the controversy surrounding Bailey's work

A-5: Richard Green, M.D., J.D. cautions J. M. Bailey on his use of language.

A-7: Reports on Bailey lectures and seminars

A-8: Bailey does "science by press release"

A-9: Bailey refuses to interact with trans women who counter his teachings

A-10: Bailey's book is among the latest in a series of popular "books for dummies"

A-11: The Barlow Report: What Bailey teaches his students about "transsexuals".

A-12: Page of Direct Quotes from Bailey's book that show how he defames trans women.



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