Anjelica Kieltyka's Travels to the IASR Conference to
Deliver Information to Attendees about Bailey's Research
Bailey's crew call the Police
In a Frantic Effort to Keep Attendees from Meeting Anjelica!
by Lynn Conway and Anjelica Kieltyka
Copyright @ 2003 by Lynn Conway and Anjelica Kieltyka
An overview of the events:
by Lynn Conway
Our community is amazingly large and we have our ears to the ground and have friends everywhere. Our strength is that there are countless thousands of us. We are found in every segment of society, we're talented, we're organized, and we're all equally pissed off about the way Bailey has characterized us. On May 27, 2003, one of our team members alerted everyone about the upcoming IASR conference in Bloomington, IN. At once it was immediately apparent what a great venue this might be to expose Bailey to his colleagues as the fraud that he is - if we could pnly get the goods on him by then. Time passed and we wondered if we'd be able to exploit this opportunity.
Seizing the opportunity:
In the week before the conference, especially after issuing the HBIGDA Alert on July 14th and getting an almost instant reply from the leaders there, we all realized what a pivotal opportunity existed for conveying recent information about the controversy right into Prof. J. Michael Bailey's research community. The conference was occurring on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the famed Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, and Prof. Bailey was the conference Secretariat this year. This was the moment to expose him to his community.
We had many recent important events to report on to conference attendees, events that we felt they truly should know about. Andrea James and I and others (including the woman who'd raised the first alert about the conference) worked very hard at the last minute to prepare special "memento pens", tri-fold flyers summarizing the issues, folders of hardcopy handouts of all the recent information, and floppy discs containing the files of that information.
The folders and files included the recent and important HBIGDA Alert of July 14th, the NTAC Press Release of June 21st, Joan Roughgarden's Letter to the President's of the National Academies of May 5th, a Diverse City Magazine article in the July issue on the controversy, Anjelica's formal complaint to Northwestern University of July 3rd, the July 10th story about Bailey admitting he'd made up some parts of his book, and a set of cartoons illuminating the controversy.
Angie's mission to Bloomington:
On Thursday July 17th, 2003, Anjelica Kieltyka drove from her home in Chicago, Illinois down to the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. She was on her way to convey all that information to the attendees of the 29th Annual Meeting of the International Academy of Sex Research (IASR). It was about a 4 hour drive, and she had time to reflect on the past few days of frantic preparations - as people in California, Michigan and elsewhere prepared hardcopy handouts, tri-fold pamphlets, floppy discs and some special pens, and rushed them at the last minute by UPS overnight to Angie in Chicago. She left home with 50 sets of these artifacts, and they gave her confidence for facing the uncertainties ahead. As she hit the road for Bloomington, she worried about her 20 year old car - hoping it wouldn't break down before accomplishing this important mission.
Arriving at the University, Angie parked her car, unloaded some of the materials, and headed for the Memorial Union building. She envisioned entering into the lobby of the Union, and as a "student" (she's a Northwestern University student) handing out her materials to conference attendees there during breaks in the program. She was armed with webbased information on the layout of the student Memorial Union at Indiana University, and could visualize pretty well how she might manage this. Even so, she worried about whether she'd be able to meet with many of the attendees that way, but hoped for the best.
As we'll see in her report below, some incredible coincidences occurred: The very first person she met upon entering the building was Eli Coleman, the President of HBIGDA - Angie saw him standing there with an IASR badge and asked if he was there for the conference and if he'd like some materials. Eli asked "are you Anjelica?" Stunned, Angie asked how he knew - and then connected that Eli of course had seen the HBIGDA Alert and was well aware of the controversy.
Angie was able to give out materials to a few other people, but soon Bailey realized that she was in the lobby and began frantically pulling Union staff together to figure out how to get rid of her. Meantime, Eli Coleman had asked Angie to be sure to meet with the HBIGDA archivist, who was also at the conference.
After a while, Angie and Eli Coleman and the HBIGDA archivist got together and Angie gave more materials to the archivist. By now Bailey and the Union staff were in an uproar. Angie noticed staff members coming towards her, so she quickly slipped out the front door of the Union. No sooner had she done that when police cars pulled up outside the building and officers came rushing towards the lobby. As it turns out she had just managed to avoid being arrested!
Bailey's support crew had called the cops to keep any more conference attendees from meeting Anjelica!!! Gadzooks can you believe it???!!!
This was a most astonishing and unexpected contingency. What on earth was this senior professor so afraid of? What was he feeling so guilty about that upon seeing Angie he was frightened to death? We wonder what he could have been so afraid Angie might tell his colleagues? - - - ?
Was he worried that his colleagues might learn some facts for a change? Or learn how deadly serious the controversy had suddenly become?
Why was the only thing he could think of doing was having the Union staff call the cops? This was obviously a move made in desperation - the move of a totally panicked coward.
Anjelica had gone to Bloomington on her own. She was not there to demonstrate or to protest. She was simply trying to get some basic information about our questioning of Bailey's research methods and results in front of his colleagues.
And what does Bailey do? Bailey, who often lies to the media in accusations that we are trying to censor him, called the cops to keep Angie from handing out her information!!! He is the ultimate censor here!!
Under the threat of arrest if she reentered the Union building, Anjelica started on what would be a long drive back to Chicago.
In northern Indiana she drove into a vicious thunderstorm, driving for what seemed endless miles in intense rain, tailing closely a truck whose tail lights barely kept her on the road. Just as she cleared the storm, all her engine lights lit up and her car broke down! Luckily for her it didn't happen during the storm, for she might have either run off the road or been hit from behind if that had happened. Even so, it was hours before she finally got her car towed and then fixed. Finally, about 14 hours after leaving Bloomington, she arrived back home.
Anjelica wondered if all the effort and all the emotional energy, which ended up in her only handing out about 10 of the sets of information, had done any good. It did seem miraculous that she'd met Eli Coleman. Was this a signal? Did we have Karma on our side? After all, HBIGDA was already showing signs via e-mails of taking the Bailey controversy extremely seriously. But was the trip successful, or was it in vain? She didn't know and couldn't guess. Exhausted, she crashed into bad and went into a deep sleep.
Little could Angie know what her "guerilla attack" would trigger, following as it did on the heels of our HBIGDA Alert, and our other recent team efforts: Two days later, on Saturday July 19th, Bailey was finally confronted by reality . In front of all the conference attendees, he finally had to face the fact that his ship, "The Queen", had "hit an iceberg"!
But that's another story. For now, let's listen to Anjelica Kieltyka as she retells the actual events of July 17th, in her own words:

Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003
To: Lynn Conway
From: Charlotte Anjelica Kieltyka <>
Subject: In the Eye of the Hurricane
Dear Lynn, ......Did you hear the one about the 150 pound female Guerilla that attacked Dr. Bailey at the Sex Conference.....It was one of Bailey's research animals that was mightily pissed off at Dr. Sex for some reason....even the cops could not restrain her.....Angie
And now my report on the Guerilla attack on Baily at the IASR conference:

Dear General Lynn "Ike" Conway.....Field General Anjelica "Patton" Kieltyka reporting "mission completed".....Just returned from my "Guerilla attack" on Bailey at the Sexology Conference otherwise known as IASR.....more on that later, but it did include a totally synchronistic and Karma driven "accidental" and most positive encounter with Eli Coleman, El Presidente of "Harry's People" (HBIGDA - Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association).....the very first person I handed our "revolutionary" pamphlet to, inside the Student Union....the conference center...
I had barely composed myself, settling down after the 4 hour drive, calming down, bringing the "Eye of the Hurricane" down from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois down to University of Indiana, in Bloomington, Indiana. It is quite possible the weather service was tracking this queer hurricane as it moved southward , across America's Heartland, carrying the hearts and minds of America' Transexual community, carrying its calmness and chaos to center, dramatically and momentarily, in Southern Indiana.....
The revolutions of this storm cloud, stirred up, woken up by the Bailey book controversy carried with it a strange parallel in time, place and history to another revolutionary movement....The American Revolution of Independence. Driving down from Northwestern, driving Northwestern down to University of Indiana, I was filled with historical precedent and historical perspective....I've been here before....This has always been northwestern territory...more historically, Northwest Territory of 1776 - 1779. I've been here before .....same place, but another revolutionary time......I was part of Capt. Joseph Bowman's Company, Illinois Regiment, under the heroic leadership of General George Rodgers Clark, who led us in that famous guerilla raid on the enemy forces fortified at Vincennes, Virginia Territory on the Wabash River, not far from Bloomington, on the White River, as the crow flies. We were a group of "rag tag" revolutionary fighters who were led by Gen. Clark on that famous surprise raid on the enemy and turned the tied of the war in the Northwest Territory............
Dr. Coleman stopped me in mid sentence..." Is your name Anjelica ?" ....."Yes" I answered ......
Karma was with me .......I knew it the moment Eli Coleman and I connected....over time and space and these queer circumstances. We would meet again before my mission was complete and Karma would be there too......
But I had come to wage war against that Bailey bastard. I had come to prevent the Baileys and Blanchards and Bastards of the world from establishing control of my Northwestern Territory and Sexual Wilderness.......Like Patton, myself in another re-incarnation, I had read the malignant bastard's book.....I was the reason for that malignant bastard's book, and I wanted my life and identity back......This was going to be psychological warfare and I was going to psych Bailey out I and the Eye of the Hurricane must find Bailey and face him eye to eye.......
He would not be hard to find....A dark cloud hovered over him everywhere he went. He carried an inner turmoil within him that was like a black hole of personal chaos and contradiction ....A man confounded by his own inner demons and confounding everyone with his seemingly calm, controlled psycho-analytical persona......
I was certain my surprise attack on his citadel of sexology would render him dysfunctional and impotent and I was right.......The look on his face - seeing me crashing his big party - was worth the trip .......In that moment , I could see what he saw : his life and career crashing down around him....He was shaken to the core.
I will spare you the details of our face to face meeting for now, but to say his world was turned upside down is not overstating it....This is true of all revolutions....The British in our War of Independence had a tune called "The World Turned Upside Down". Our transexual revolution was standing Bailey and his DEVOLUTIONISTS on their heads.......It wasn't just seeing me, it was knowing what and who I represented and the valuable information I carried with me.
At that moment I and the Eye of the Hurricane represented "Ground Zero" of the Transexual Revolution ...A self-centered revolution of Identity that was clear and focused and no longer confused. Our \centeredness is like the peak experiences of self-actualization where the "I" becomes the center of the world, but not full of oneself , like Bailey, but selfless and certain of position and purpose....
Bailey's ego-inflated self was imploding and collapsing in on itself and his royal facade was disintegrating.....( I am not sure if it was a kingly or queenly facade that was falling apart ) .It was unfortunate that I would not be there to see the condition of his/her royal [f]ARSE two days later when he/she was giving his/her keynote address!
I sensed it was time for truth and beauty to leave the belly of the beast and kiss it good bye and good luck. Things had gotten' hot and heavy and pretty sweaty inside the student union......Oh, not for me, mind you.....I was cool, calm and collected - a centerpiece of "Grace Under Fire".......Whereas, Baily and his dis-coordinated coordinators were scrambling around in a discordant cacophony of chaos; desperately trying to do damage control on the gaping hole in their Queen Mary, aka. Titanic, aka. H.M.S. Bailey, inflicted by one dissonant coquettish courier of BAD NEWS : BAILEY AND BLANCHARD'S FICTIONAL THEORY HAD COLLIDED HEAD-ON WITH THE HARD FACTS OF LIFE - THE REALITY OF TRANSEXUALS' LIVING NORMAL NON-PATHOLOZIGED LIVES.
So I took my one woman guerilla band outside to rendezvous with Dr. Coleman as planned earlier.......
What wasn't planned was our meeting being abruptly interrupted by three squad cars and a phalanx of cops - called to the scene of a crime most heinous and harmful that Bailey and his henchmen had to call in the "Goon Squad" .....
But it was too late....The trans coup had begun !!
What followed was an unbelievable scene of non-chaos, non-violence, non-unrest and non-arrest......I had learned a long time ago how to charm my way out of an arrest from some of the best drag queens in Chicago.....that and how to keep your wig in place when charm fails and you are subsequently dragged off to jail.....Is that where the term "Drag Queen" originated ?.....
The cops, Eli Coleman and I hit it off famously and charmingly.....Karma again was on our side......( I wonder if Karma and Charm come from the same root word ? - I bet it does....and my bets have been paying off big time lately ! )
All in all, for Anjelica and "Cher", a totally symbolic and excellent adventure , if I do say so myself......I did not know it then, but I had delivered the "goods" for a successful coup d'`etat in this coup de [guerrilla] theatre of the absurd.....All that was left was the COUP DE GRACE and Karma, Grace and I, ( as Karma Miranda ), may have played a small part in that also.......
After bidding "Adieu" to my new-found friends Eli Coleman and the cops, and "Hasta La Vista, Baby !" to Bailey and his ship of fools, I packed in my protest paraphernalia (not to be confused with paraphilia - which is what Bailey had ) and began my journey homeward bound.
I had not quite left the student union parking lot when I caught a glimpse of a little old man, Asian and Zen-like, sitting peaceably on a park bench in the shade of a big oak tree. He had one of those "IASR" Conference name tags around his neck and something about his serenity made me turn the car around, park and ask if I could sit and have a moment with him in the shade of the old oak tree. His face intrigued me....It was the face of Wisdom, my Grandfather and Don Ameche all rolled into one.
The old gentleman listened intently to my brief protest speech and looked at the stupid cover of Bailey's stupid book that contained all those stupid and hurtful remarks about me and all of the other women misrepresented in the book. He told me he was the retired president of the Kinsey Institute, merely a figurehead position at this point, not very active in current affairs and I thanked him for listening to my story.......
I bid him and the University farewell, got back into my car and drove off.........Karma drove me and the hurricane down from the Northwestern part of the "Northwest Territory" and Karma most certainly was driving my car through the horrific storm of the "Northwest Passage" on the way back....I barely made it back in one piece but my car did not....It broke down near Gary, Indiana, while Mike Bailey, in denial, broke down in Bloomington, Indiana......
It seemed my Karma had run over his Dogma.....
Anjelica Kieltyka,
a.k.a. "Cher"
P.S. My mom always said I would get what was coming to me - what I deserved....
........and so would Professor Bailey....and soon......his comeuppance and "Fall From Grace".......

This page is part of Lynn Conway's
"Investigative report into the publication of
J. Michael Bailey's book on transsexualism
by the National Academies"