Photos of our Landscape

by Lynn Conway

Copyright @ 2006 Lynn Conway. All Rights Reserved



North fields and pond in early morning, October 12, 2005



East Yard, Fall 2004



Front Yard, Fall 2004



West Drive, 2004



Looking north along East Berm, 2004



Looking towards East Fenceline from upper field of Lot 3, summer 2004



Road alongside the NW marsh, 2004



East Marsh, 2004



Middle Swamp, 2004



Log path across North Swamp



North Woods Road



Path through ferns on Oak Hill, 2004



Ferns beneath understory on Oak Hill, 2004



Westerly trail towards fields on the heights of Lots 3 and 4, 2004



View from gazebo, 2000



Pond and gazebo, winter 2004