Fishing in Grand Isle, Louisiana

by Lynn Conway

Copyright @ 2001-2004, Lynn Conway

All Rights Reserved

Following are some photos from a great fishing trip that Lynn and Charlie made to Grand Isle, Lousiana in early September, 2001. We visited Lynn's cousin Marion and her husband Kenny, who have a wonderful fishing camp there. Grand Isle is located in the Cajun country in the very southeast part of Louisiana. It is one of the U.S.'s great fishing spots, with fabulous fishing in the local bays and out in the Gulf of Mexico offshore. This was our first trip to the area.
On this trip we made morning forays out into Barataria Bay on Kenny's and Marion's 22 foot, 225 hp fishing boat, fishing for Speckled Trout and Redfish. The local folks say that Kenny is as knowledgeable about fishing in the area as are the best local guides. We had tons of fun and lots of fishing action. Charlie caught the biggest Bull Red (28 pounds) and Lynn caught the biggest Speckled Trout (4 pounds) of the trip, and we took many great memories home with us.

An update:  We made another trip to Grand Isle to visit Marion and Kenny in May, 2003, and took more photos of the fishing-camp life-style in the area.  This link will take you to those additional photos, which include camp scenes on Grand Isle, a swamp tour in Houma, preparing fish and shrimp in camp, and enjoying a wonderful Cajun seafood cookout with family and friends


Map of SE Louisiana:

Cajun country on down d' bayou to Grand Isle

Marion and Kenny at their fishing camp on Grand Isle, Louisiana
Lynn, Marion and Kenny
Sand Dollar Marina on Grand Isle
Marion and Kenny and their toy poodle Cherie, getting ready to head out
Marion fishing in Barataria Bay
Marion catches a Speckled Trout
Charlie fishing in Barataria Bay
Charlie catches the biggest Bull Red of the trip - a 28 pounder
Another shot of Charlie's big Bull Red
Lynn caught the largest Speckled Trout - a 4 pounder
Lynn also caught a 12 pound Bull Redfish
Marion and Lynn and Cherie at the marina,
with shrimp boat in background
Charlie and Lynn at Sand Dollar Marina, in Grand Isle, LA





For more photos of camp-life in Grand Isle, see the photos of our later trip there in May, 2003



Camp Scenes

Swamp Tour

Fish Preparation

Cajun Cookout