TS Women's Successes:
Links and Photos

by Lynn Conway





Terry Noel

Terry transitioned when young and worked

as a showgirl in famous FI venues.

She then went on to marriage and a career

as a computer programmer/analyst.

NEW: QueerMusic Interview with Terry (more)


Marisa Allen (Belgium)

Producer, director, entertainer

Marisa transitioned when young,

and is now married.




Bulent Ersoy (Turkey)

Singer, Turkish transsexual pioneer

She is now arried to Cem Adler. 

Transitioned in her teens; SRS at 24.

Romy Haag (Germany)

Actress and Entertainer

Underwent SRS in the early 80's

Lauren Manzano
Transitioned at age 16-22
Champion Cyclist
Certified Massage Therapist
 Julie Peters (Australia) 
Authoress of
i DREAM therefore i AM
Prof. Jennifer Boylan
Novelist, screenwriter, teacher
Christine Burns (U.K.) 

Vice-President, PFC 

Interview, Campaigner Bio

Reflections on campaign issues

Jennifer Martin
Musician, conductor, educator
Margaret Stumpp, Ph.D.
Senior managing director,
Prudential Investment Management


Liching (Taiwan)

Popular TV auction hostess comes out.

SRS at age 22 in 1984; married in 2002.

(photos of Liching, more, more)

(en español)


Sandra (Canada)

Computer systems instructor



Veronica (Philippines)

Businesswoman, Trans advocate

Chairperson, Society of

Transsexual Women of The Philippines

 Jessica Mills (Australia)

aka Deanna Blake,

showgirl and homemaker.

shown here with her partner Jefrey

Leandra Vicci


Microsystems Lab Director 


  Georgina Beyer (NZ)

Politician; Webpage; Bio;

POV Documentary


 Natta Klomklao (Thailand)

Showgirl at Simon Cabaret in Pattaya

Int'n'l Patient Asst., Dr. Suporn Clinic

Began hormones at 11, SRS at 16



Nun Udomsak (Thailand)

University Student

Former Showgirl at the Calypso in Bangkok

Began hormones at 13, SRS at 20


Janet Furman Bowman 

Founder of pro audio equipment
manufacturer Furman Sound, Inc.

Amateur Bass Player

Runner's World Article


Lynn (Canada) 

Computer Networking Expert


Jennifer O'Connor 

Computer Programmer

TS Support site Authoress

Sally Mursi (Egypt)

Entertainer, dancer (more).

Sally was forced to leave medical school

when she transitioned in 1988.


A woman in stealth
tells her story





Canary Conn

Writer, composer, singer;

Canary transitioned in the early 70's

and wrote an autobiography in '74.


Aida Banaji (India)




Phoebe Smith

Transsexual pioneer who published

the Transsexual Voice Newsletter,

helping many in the 70's and 80's.

Antonia San Juan (Spain) 

Film and Stage Actress

AntoniaSanJuan.com (en español)

(with her husband, Luis Miguel Seguí) 

Transitioned at age 20-29

Veronique Renard ("Pantau")

(Thailand, India, Netherlands)

Writer, Free-Tibet Activist

Her books: Pholomolo, Pantau in India.

Transitioned when young; SRS in 1984 at 19.

She is married and now lives in Thailand.


Bibíana Fernández (Spain)


(a.k.a. Bibíana Andersen)

Transitioned when young


IT entrepreneur & UK business woman

GIRES Exec. Comm Member and Trustee

Sunday Times story, more, photos




Femke Olyslager, Ph.D. (Belgium)

Professor of Electrical Engineering and

Applied Physics, Ghent University

Collaborator with Lynn Conway

on studies of trans prevalence (more)



Carlotta (Australia)

Showgirl at 'Les Girls'

Transitioned when young, SRS in '72


 Jenny Hiloudaki (Greece)

Model, Actress

Transitioned at age 13-20


Zhang Lin (China)

First transsexual woman to marry in China;

Shown here with husband Yang Qicheng



Amanda Lear (France) 
Singer, Entertainer (more)(more)
Transitioned when young
(Sadly, her husband of 20 years died in 2000) 

Holly White

Entertainer; hairdresser; performed at both

Finocchio's and Le Carrousel. Photo/links

with permission of David de Alba (more)

Roberta Close (Brazil) (updated links)

Model, Actress (more, more)

Transitioned when young

News about important court decision in Roberta's case in Brazil in April 2005

Christine Jorgensen 

Famous Transsexual Pioneer (more, more)

Christine transitioned in her 20's:

She began taking hormones in 1950,

undergoing SRS in stages, in '52-54


Coccinelle (France) 

Entertainer at Le Carrousel de Paris

Transsexual Pioneer

Transitioned when young., and was one

of the first to undergo the modern form of SRS

by Dr. Georges Burou in Casablanca, in 1958.



Marie-Pier Ysser ("Bambi") (France, Algeria)

Transsexual pioneer and famous performer

at  Le Carrousel de Paris (more, more, more),

Marie-Pier went on to become a professor of literature.

She transitioned when young, during the 1950's

English, Español, Français


  Lili Elbe (Denmark)

Artist,  Transsexual Pioneer (more,more )

Lili underwent early form of SRS in 1930

Her story, "Man into Woman"

is now in print again!






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