Copy of the petition protesting the nomination of J. Michael Bailey's book

for an award by the Lambda Literary Foundation,

plus an archive of the signature list.


[V 8-18-04]




In a historic development, the trans community responded with 1000 signatures in the first six days of the campaign!

Click here for more information about the trans community investigation of J. Michael Bailey.

Click here for more information about the LLF nomination of Bailey's book.



Petition now contains over 1400 signatures!

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This petition drive was successful:

LLF declares the book to be transphobic instead!



 Essay by Christine Burns summarizes the situation well:

"The Queen Who Won't Be Crowned"








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To:  Jim Marks, Exec Director, Lambda Literary Foundation

We, the undersigned, formally protest the decision by the Lambda Literary Foundation to continue listing J Michael Bailey's book, "The Man Who Would Be Queen", as a finalist in the Transgender/GenderQueer category of the 16th Annual Literary award.

As signatories to this petition we note :

(1) that the Finalists Committee has had ample opportunity to reconsider the original nomination of this book in the face of strong protests from both individual trans people and leaders of the world's major transgender support and advocacy organisations;

(2) that those protests included detailed explanation of the way in which the book in question misrepresents the lives of transsexual people and the nature of their convictions;

(3) that those letters of concern also provided LLF with details of the serious nature of investigations taking place into the author's conduct and

(4) that the Finalists committee themselves acknowledge that the author is (at the very least) misguided, stating that he "doesn't get it on some fundamental levels but he genuinely thinks he does"

As signatories WE DO NOT advocate that J Michael Bailey's book should be suppressed or withdrawn.

Nevertheless we feel that the nature of the distress and potential harm occasioned to transsexual people by the author's actions makes this work an inappropriate candidate to be honoured by a transgender-inclusive organisation and that the book should therefore be withdrawn forthwith from the list of nominees at our collective request.


The Undersigned




Archive of signatures


[1000 signatures came in in the first six days!]





We endorse the J Michael Bailey Book Petition to Jim Marks, Exec Director, Lambda Literary Foundation.


  Name Name of Organisation (if any) Country of Residence Are you a transgender person?



1460. Jessie   Canada No
1459. Barbie Lee   USA Yes
1458. Martin Quin (current legal name: Andrea Deyke)   U.S.A. Yes
1457. Greg Neumiller   USA Yes
1456. Allie Kelly   usa Yes
1455. T Wright   Fulton Yes
1454. David D. Glass   USA  
1453. Dr Rhian Cope Oregon State University USA Yes
1452. Janelle Cunningham   USA  
1451. Stephen Males   U.K. Yes
1450. Megan Berry   USA Yes
1449. Diane Logan TS and not TG USA No
1448. Monica Sanner   USA Yes
1447. Amanda Alexis TAINTD USA Yes
1446. Balazs Birtalan Five Loaves of Bread Christian Community for Homosexuals Hungary No
1445. Kristy A Quinn   USA Yes
1444. Kaitlyn   USA Yes
1443. lacey   u.s.a. Yes
1442. Heather McCabe   USA Yes
1441. joran   finnland Yes


1440. Christina Hernandez   United States of America Yes
1439. Sian Broadhurst Newcastle University LGB UK No
1438. Marc Wuchter   U.S.A. No
1437. Brandon Watrous   United States Yes
1436. Stacy Smith   USA Yes
1435. Andrea   Hungary Yes
1434. Melissa Belcher   united states Yes
1433. barry bowman   canada No
1432. Jennifer Hynes   UK Yes
1431. angela drake   uk Yes
1430. Charlotte Cornish   Australia Yes
1429. Tom Williams   USA No
1428. jenny   Canada Yes
1427. paulette bell   multnomah Yes
1426. Debbie Fortnum   France Yes
1425. Delon   France Yes
1424. darvin   U.S.A. No
1423. darvin young   U.S.A. No
1422. László Mocsonaki Háttér Support Society for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender in Hungary Hungary No
1421. Claudia Cabrera-Lara   USA Yes
1420. Solange D.   France Yes
1419. Hannah Miller Creek M school USA  
1418. Fejér Roxanne   Hungary Yes
1417. Fábián László transzexual Budapest Yes
1416. Alyssa Sparks   USA Yes
1415. Edward Piasecki   United States Yes
1414. Kitty Kaszonyi   Hungary Yes
1413. Andras Almasy   Hungary Yes
1412. Cristina Aquilina   Ontario, Canada No
1411. Robert Ikanov   Hungary No
1410. Jeff Gauthier   Canada Yes
1409. Michael (Mikki) Baker   United States of America Yes
1408. David   Australia No
1407. Aimee C Ponce   usa Yes
1406. Robert L. Ismeurt Arizona State University U.S.A. No
1405. Simon Croft   England Yes
1404. Sterling Kauhn   USA  
1403. Tobias Schofield   United Kingdom Yes
1402. Mark Stanley   UK Yes
1401. Martin Schrattenholzer   USA  
1400. Cassandra Nichole   USA Yes
1399. Chrysi K Gender Identity Center--Colorado USA Yes
1398. paula TG North and theTiffany Club. usa Yes
1397. Sandra Loren Nelson   Canada Yes
1396. Felicia Engert   USA Yes
1395. Dr. Sean Duffy Research Center for Group Dynamics USA No
1394. Sarah Ryder   UK Yes
1393. mel   usa No
1392. Alex Regh TransMann e.V. Germany Yes


1391. Steven Joyce   Canada No
1390. Denzil Adams Triangle Project South Africa No
1389. Gwen Lida Araujo   USA Yes
1388. Suzie Ann TS Webring USA Yes
1387. Angela Moreau   USA Yes
1386. Victor (Valery Jean) Meyer Gemini Gender Group United States Yes
1385. stacey steson   usa Yes
1384. Jane Britt   usa Yes
1383. Leandra Vicci UNC CHapel Hill USA Yes
1382. Je'Amour P. Matthews   USA,PA,Pittsburgh Yes
1381. Richard R. Towle Intel Corp. USA No
1380. Sarah L. Reiter   San Bernardino Yes
1379. Rosemary King   UK Yes
1378. Luxury Sabriel Callahan   U.S.A. Yes
1377. Sidney Evans   USA Yes
1376. Virginia Sanders Transsexual-UK. United Kingdom Yes
1375. Joseph McCord   USA Yes
1374. Adam Shipp   Scotland No
1373. Laura Anne Seabrook   Australia Yes
1372. Marissa Dainton   United Kingdom Yes
1370. Leigh McLellan partner of happy post-op transsexual United States No
1369. Donna Levinsohn   United States Yes
1368. Chris Norris   United Kingdom No
1367. Barbara Kreutzer   United States No
1366. Jessica Elizabeth Armstrong   Canada Yes
1365. Kate Minneapolis College of Art and Design USA Yes
1364. antony miguel   uk No
1363. elanor macleod   uk No
1362. Mila Garcia   USA Yes
1361. Penny Ann French   USA Yes
1360. Sarah Allen   USA Yes
1359. Joseph R. Heller, Ph.D.   US No
1358. Marcelo Araes de Miguel   Brasil Yes
1357. Petra Kramer Booswigte the Netherlands Yes
1356. Sarah Turner   United Kingdom Yes
1355. Greg Van Pelt   US No
1354. Wilma Ritchie   Scotland Yes
1353. Joy Watson England Yes
1352. DeeDee   USA Yes
1351. Heather Bailey friend of 30 years-postop happy transsexual UK No
1350. Joan Hallas mother of happy 30 years-postop transsexual UK No
1349. John Austin brother in law of 30 years happy post op transsexual UK No
1348. Peter Mirakaj partner of 30 years post-op transsexual UK No
1347. Susan Austin sister of post-op happy transsexual of 30 yrs UK No
1346. kelli close   n.ireland No
1345. louise sempey   n.ireland No
1344. Christopher   USA No
1343. Michelle Howe   UK Yes
1342. john nunes   USA Yes


1341. Lena Vincente None UK Yes
1340. Rachel Marshall   UK  
1339. C.A.Scott The Cassini Division United States Yes
1338. Steven R. Jones   United States No
1337. Lyn and Richard Bavin   UK  
1336. Doris Terry   England No
1335. Carol Robson   UK Yes
1333. a.cozens   uk  
1332. Clarissa Vincent   UK  
1331. Sophi   France Yes
1330. Clare Steen   England Yes
1329. Geoff Puterbaugh   Thailand No
1328. Richárd Sziráki   Hungary No
1327. Zsolt Horváth Háttér Társaság a Melegekért Hungary No
1326. caitriona collins   ireland Yes
1325. S Voysey   UK No
1324. Tobias Hill-Meyer University of Oregon LGBTQ Alliance United States of America Yes
1323. Nannette A. Colberg Rights for Female to Male Transgendered United States Of America No
1322. Aleia S. Batten   USA Yes
1321. SarahLynn GIC USA Yes
1320. Lisa Ann Estrine San Diego Transgender Coalition USA Yes
1319. Tom REUCHER GAT (Groupe Activiste Trans) France Yes
1318. Debi Lee Rose Anarchicks United Front Canada Yes
1317. Brigantia Nivatugena   USA  
1316. Roanne Sharp   United states No
1315. M. Owain Per-Lee   Peru Yes
1314. Amy Pickwell   UK Yes
1312. Doris Terry   England No
1311. helen findlay   Scotland No
1310. lewis findlay   Scotland Yes
1309. Deeba   United Kingdom Yes
1308. Cynthia Huebscher-Scott   USA Yes
1307. Wayne   uk No
1306. Karen Alletson   England Yes
1304. Elizabeth Flanagan   USA Yes
1303. HELEN SUMMERS Press For Change England Yes
1302. Angela Elliott Transsexual not TG - Big difference. United Kingdom No


1301. Adam Szabo   Hungary No
1300. Howard Miles   UK Yes
1299. Maggie Brennecke   USA Yes
1298. Anya Bozich   USA Yes
1297. Amelie Zapf   Germany  
1296. Katrina Larson Gender Action Group Belgium Yes
1295. Nagy István   Hungary No
1294. Shannon E. Ballard   USA Yes
1293. Joan Samantha   Australia Yes
1292. Julie Anne Kresnic   USA Yes
1291. douglas yost Bisexual Organizing Project USA No
1290. Dean Kotula   USA Yes
1289. Michael Mardel   Australia Yes
1288. François Proulx   Canada No
1287. Diane Ellaborn   USA No
1286. Sandra Takács TransSexual ONLINE - TS support website in Hungary Hungary, Budapest Yes
1285. Danika Trans World News/The International Transsexual Sisterhood United States Yes
1284. Crystal Connors Texas USA No
1283. Jennifer Marie Marcus Life Transformations USA Yes
1282. Meral Crane Gender Dysphoria Program of Central Ohio USA No
1281. J Laedlein   USA Yes
1280. monica sholtz lawyer canada No
1279. sarah anderson   canada Yes
1278.   Washington University in St. Louis USA Yes
1277. Kelly Madison   USA Yes
1276. Jacob-Riley Fitzpatrick Sexual Orientations United with Pride (GSA @ New England College) USA Yes
1275. Danielle Clarke celibate - 5 yr+ post-op / 4 trueLUVonly The streets of USA Yes
1274.   GAG ( Belgium  
1273.     usa Yes
1272. Gillian Selby none UK Yes
1271. Jamie D. Shiner International Transsexual Sisterhood U.S.A. Yes
1270. Joz GAG, WWB Belgium  
1269. Miss Kay Wills   Somerset Yes
1268. Peter Terry   U.K. Yes
1267. sarah   india Yes
1266. Yasmene Jabar Trans World News/ The International Transsexual Sisterhood USA and Jordan Yes
1265. Rhianna Roberts   USA Yes
1264. Heidi Schmid   U.S.  
1263. Susan Conder   United States No
1262. Debbie   USA Yes
1261. Eric Bohlman   USA No
1260. Alex Gino   USA Yes
1259. Ciaran J. McCormack   United States Yes
1258. Kayleen White   Australia Yes
1257. Jennifer Jewell   Canada No
1256. Bernice Felicia Loui   USA  
1255. Monique Monet Gender Identity Center of Colorado USA Yes
1254. Jennifer Robinson   Australia Yes
1253. Sebastian Fuller   USA Yes
1252. Miranda James   Scotland Yes


1251. Rowan Foley   USA Yes
1250. Zia Klamm   Denver Yes
1249. Lawrence Mrozek   USA No
1248. Carol Beauchemin   United Kingdom  
1247. Anders   Finland Yes
1246. Angel Moore   UK Yes
1245. linda   uk Yes
1244. Neil Burton   U.K. No
1243. Cynthia Sherman   USA Yes
1242. Robert Green   The Netherlands No
1241. Rupert Raj Sherbourne Health Centre Canada Yes
1240. Tamara Frankowski   US Yes
1237. Aubrey Ellen Shomo CU Trans-form USA Yes
1236. Valerie Nickerson   USA Yes
1235. Terry   Australia Yes
1234. John (JT) O'Neill US No
1233. ruth   england No
1232. Debra Ann Carrington   yes Yes
1231. Ivana Balen   the Netherlands No
1230. de sutter petra gender action group belgium Yes
1229. Marcee Cherree   USA Yes
1228. George Mc U.K. Yes
1227. Alexus Sheppard Inner Answers, LLC USA Yes
1226. Richard Carroll   Canada Yes
1225. Davina Trish Hovanec   United States of America Yes
1224. Jennifer Blair   usa Yes
1223. Michelle McGuire   U.S.A. Yes
1222. Anne Louise Mortenson TGSF Transgender San Francisco USA Yes
1221. Utando Baduza Siyazenzela LGBT organisation South Africa No
1220. Marylou Cameron   Canada No
1219. kate bowman   USA Yes
1218. Jessica Love   England (UK) Yes
1217. Cyndi Mickelsen   USA Yes
1216. Salva Loit   Estonia Yes
1215. Jessica Cole   UK Yes
1214. Debra Ann Kohlrust ElderTG USA Yes
1213. Margaret Cameron   Canada No
1212. Miranda Vink   The Netherlands Yes
1211. Susan Longsworth   USA Yes
1210. Cathryn C Curtis   USA Yes
1209. Margo Summers none Monterey Yes
1208. Rebecca S   USA Yes
1207. Robin Eilene Asher   USA Yes
1206. Ian McGehee   USA  
1205. Mianne Bagger   Australia Yes
1204. Chrysanthemum Hyphus   USA Yes
1203. Faye Marone   U.K.  
1202. Carolyn   Canada No


1201. Robert DeCamp San Bernardino No
1200. Louise Seliski   USA No
1199. Julie Guth   USA No
1198. Kevin Hicks CUPE 1615 Canada No
1197. Chris Hubley   UK Yes
1196. Wahida Bano   India Yes
1195. Gwyneth Morgan   USA Yes
1194. Terry Sapp   USA Yes
1193. Michelle Cabello   USA Yes
1192. Debi Skidmore   Canada  
1191. Karen Louise M   Australia Yes
1190. Jolinn B   USA Yes
1189. Pamela Ann Reed   USA Yes
1188. Charles Ellis   United States of America No
1187. Samantha Smith   Canada No
1186. Thomas E. Nolan IV   USA No
1185. Llewyn Máire McCobb   USA Yes
1184. Nicky MacLellan   Canada No
1183. Courtney Holder Conservative Transsexuals USA Yes
1182. Michele Spring-Moore   USA No
1181. Helen Mortimer   UK Yes
1180. Christianne Benedict   United States of America Yes
1179. David C. Barnett, Ph.D.   USA No
1178. Matthew Caine Garrett   USA Yes
1177. Michele Aulik   USA Yes
1176. Joseph T Francis   U S A Yes
1175. Colleen Henson   USA Yes
1174. Patience Whitworth   U.S. No
1173. Anna Walton   UK Yes
1172. Moyra Radbourne BAE England Yes
1171. Mrs Jennifer Anne Burgess   UK Yes
1170. Ashley Gardner   USA Yes
1169. samuel chudley   England Yes
1168. Alexandros N. Constansis   UK Yes
1167. Linda Rening   USA No
1166. Katie McKee   United States No
1165. Willa Young The Ohio State University USA No
1164. Yi Ping Zhang   USA No


1163. Wes Burman   USA Yes
1162. Seanne Mc Guinness, J.D.,MBA,MENSA   Hong Kong, SAR CHINA Yes
1161. Nico de Glas   nederland No
1160. Mary CDM USA Yes
1159. pod Lady Cynthia control USA No
1158. mash   south africa No
1157. Kellie Elaine   UK No
1156. Jamie Johnson   UK Yes
1155. matthew P. Asselin   United States of America  
1154. (anon)   USA Yes
1153. Davide Mantovani   UK No
1152. Connie   Japan No
1151. Davina Daniels   UK Yes
1150. Dan Hooper   Great Britian Yes
1149. Morag Grey   UK No
1148. Natalie Jones RGN   England Yes
1147. Em Rundall   u.k No
1146. Sieraaj Ahmed Siyazenzela LGBTI South Africa No
1145. Neal   UK  
1144. Leoslepidus Xanthias   The Netherlands No
1143. Jaicy Afonso   The Netherlands Yes
1142. A. von Garnier   Germany No
1141. Danielle Kreeger   USA Yes
1140. r. andrews   maricopa  
1139. Hanlie Pretorius   South Africa No
1138. Georgette Freeman   USA Yes
1137. Erika Bjune   USA Yes
1136. Sherri   USA No
1135. Dawn Anderson   USA Yes
1134. Nicole   USA No
1133. David Hall   USA No
1132. Kelly Price   USA Yes
1131. Alan Reed   United States of America Yes
1130. Sam Winter University of Hong Kong Hong Kong No
1129. Dana Beyer   US Yes
1128. Fiona Austen   Australia Yes
1127. Elizabeth Jamie Blackwell   United States of America Yes
1126. Lisa Rae Dummer   USA Yes
1125. Charlie R. Christian   USA No
1124. Lisa Estrine San Deigo transgender Coalition USA Yes
1123. Clifton C. Vial   Alaska,USA Yes
1122. Jay Warner   USA Yes
1121. Victoria Rose   USA Yes
1120. Adam   USA Yes
1119. Bill Frank   United States  
1118. Stef Band   USA Yes
1117. Kym Kovan   Australia Yes
1116. Kim R. Lee   USA Yes
1115. Lily Hahn   US Yes
1114. Bai Quan Tam   Canada Yes


1113. Alan Burton   UK No
1112. Janice Jane   United Kingdom Yes
1111. Dr Mark Sabine University of Nottingham Wales No
1110. Frances Simister University of Manchester England Yes
1109. Lynsay   UK Yes
1108. Andrea Monticue   USA Yes
1107. davin   usa  
1106. Jane Moss   UK Yes
1105. H. Deese Miller   usa Yes
1104. Jennifer   USA  
1103. Chris   United States  
1102. Gabrielle C. Blake   USA Yes
1101. Mike Dawson UK No
1100. Kim Burton   Netherlands Yes
1099. Vania Ribeiro Gendercare Brazil Yes
1098. Robert E. Baker Robert E. Baker United States Yes
1097. Andrew Gavin   USA  
1096. Trevor Roberts   UK No
1095. Christine Roberts   UK Yes
1094. Christina (aka Peter) Jenkins Firebirds, Mayflower, Beaumont Society UK Yes
1093. Mitchell Gross   United States  
1092. Sally Hines University of Leeds UK No
1090. Petra Cummings   Canada Yes
1089. Jessica Benedict   USA Yes
1088. MaryEllen Harris   United States of America Yes
1087. Stephanie Roberts   USA Yes
1086. Sherrie Cox   USA Yes
1085. Debbie Stevens   USA Yes
1084. robert moore bisexual crossdresser connecticut, usa No
1083. Tracy Cochran   USA No
1082. Michelle Madsin   USA Yes
1081. alessandro mule'   Italy No
1080. Roxxanne L. Hunter N/A USA Yes
1079. Christy Dynamite   Canada Yes
1078. danbabb   USA Yes
1077. Lorenzo Raynard Siazenzela South Africa No
1076. Jackie Sparks   USA Yes
1075. Chris Hayes   England No
1074. Karen Pattinson   U.K.  
1073. Annica Norrman   Sweden Yes
1072. Darren Simpson   UK Yes
1071. Brenda Brazil   Great Britain No
1070. Anna McPherson   UK Yes
1069. Sarah   UK No
1068. Deborah Bernat   Canada No


1067. Christine Timbrell   United Kingdom Yes
1066. Diane   UK Yes
1065. Jake Robert House   England Yes
1064. Diana Stone   U K Yes
1063. Sophia Siedlberg   United Kingdom  
1062. Joëlle-Circé Laramée C.T.F.F.R. Canadian Transexuals Fight For Rights Canada No
1061. Nicola Lamb   England Yes
1060. Estian Smit   South Africa Yes
1059. Stephany Anderson   USA Yes
1058. Rachael Elise Buchanan   United States Yes
1057. Alex Robertshaw Glasgow university Lebian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Society (Honourary Vice President) Scotland No
1056. Rianne Stam Rudolf Magnus Institute of Neuroscience Netherlands  
1055. jason howsam   United Kingdom Yes
1054. Helen Boyd   US No
1053. John Bennett BiGlasgow Scotland No
1052. Kimberly Kelly   USA Yes
1051. Bruce Glasrud Third Sector Horizons USA No
1050. jessy ian mcmullen   u.s.a. Yes
1049. Jane Bartl   United States of America Yes
1048. Dru Willcock   UK Yes
1047. Matt Kailey   USA Yes
1046. Fernanda Maria Lino   Brazil Yes
1045. Kristin Osgood   USA Yes
1044. maxwell reay   scotland Yes
1043. Brett Beemyn   U.S. Yes
1042. Sally Goldner TransGender Victoria Australia Yes
1041. Marci Lacson   USA Yes
1040. Jason Barker   UK Yes
1039. Victoria Delshire   USA Yes
1038. Liatris Studer   USA Yes
1037. Liberty Montague   USA No
1036. Dr Terri (Tess) Lomax Auckland University of Technology New Zealand Yes
1035. Dr Terri (Tess) Lomax   New Zealand Yes
1034. Aron Delaney   USA Yes
1033. Vincent Vecchietti   UK Yes
1032. Jerimarie Liesegang CT TransAdvocacy Coalition US Yes
1031. Barbara Casey   USA Yes


1030. Sophie Gordon University of Minnesota USA Yes
1029. Clara none usa Yes
1028. Amber Thompson TAVA USA Yes
1027. Kari Summers   USA Yes
1026. max arblaster   uk Yes
1025. Jed Chandler University of Wales Newport Wales Yes
1024. Kirsten Jorgenson   United States No
1023. Angela Acosta   Marin County Yes
1022. Moonhawk River Stone International Foundation For Gender Education USA Yes
1021. Dr. Jean Bobby Noble   Canada  
1020. Andre Wilson University of Michigan USA Yes
1018. Kelly Anne Marsh Transgender San Francisco (Board Member) Santa Clara Yes
1017. Billie Sue Lowry   USA Yes
1016. Karen St John   USA Yes
1015. Carrie Faulkner Rodriguez   USA Yes
1014. Leon Gunnarsson   Canada  
1013. Paige Biron   Snohomish Yes
1012. Jacqueline Nugent   USA Yes
1011. Sam.C.Hindle   United Kingdom  
1010. Nathan Kingsley   UK Yes
1009. Jude Frankau   United Kingdom  
1008. Janet Jackson   United Kingdom No
1007. Jacob Lee Jackson   United Kingdom Yes
1006. Arron   Canada Yes
1005. Jessica Park   Hong Kong Yes
1004. Charles Poppenheimer   USA Yes
1003. Alexis E. Fry   USA Yes
1002. Helen Pierce   usa Yes
1001. LA Seidensticker New York University's Office of LGBT Student Services United States No



Femina Street





Danielle Thompson





Jennifer M. Darlington










Roxanne Schuster





Adam F. Yerke





Jill Jay





Dana Brown-Owings

Member of most National GLB &T organizations




Wendy John





Helen Smith





Debra London

Capital University




Ken Stoddard





Bryan Scott





Amanda Forde





April Ashley





Windy L Farnsworth





Claire Randall


United Kingdom



Lori B. Girshick, PhD





Alison Davison

Southern Arizona Gender Alliance




Colleen Bell

CUPE 3903




980. Katrina Johnson TGNorthland United States of America Yes
979. Emma Smillie   Scotland No
978. Andrew S.J. Smyth   Scotland No
977. Abigail F. Lane   U.S.A. Yes
976. Nicolas Beger   Belgium Yes
975. G Davies   Australia Yes
974. Patty Simoes   brasil Yes
973. Chris Boodram   Canada No
972. Shauntal True Expressions, FORGE USA Yes
971. Joel E Reitz   USA Yes
970. Maria Morse   U.S.A. No
969. Robyn Learned   U.S.A. Yes
968. Jennifer Neverdahl   USA Yes
967. Nicole Kucera   USA Yes
966. david overgard   usa Yes
965. Sarah Jane Burke   USA Yes
964. candice nicole carter   USA Yes
963. Angela Brown Mae's Designs United States No
962. Janice Clanfield   Canada Yes
961. Julie Marin Transgender Community of Police & Sheriffs United States of America Yes
960. Thornton Prayer   U.S. No
959. Celina da Silva Correa   Brazil Yes
958. Thea   Canada  
957. Moon China   US Yes
956. Louise Ziegler   USA No
955. Dakota Lambert   usa Yes
954. Sean Walker   usa Yes
953. Rachael Parker Out and Equal US Yes
952. Taffy Arlene Powers Anar/Chicks United Front Quebec Yes
951. Tiffany Fox   USA  
950. Dr Elizabeth A. Warner   United States of America Yes
949. Sarah T.   Canada Yes
948. Elena Basile York University Canada No
947. Betty Anne Davis   U.S. Yes
946. Glória de Oliveira Souza Grupo Disforias de Gęnero Brasil Yes
945. Korey Hanna   USA Yes
944. Ronnie Auzston   United States of America Yes
943. Teddy Michaels Gender Mosaic Canada Yes
942. Elayne Beneford   Canada Yes
941. Rachel Hurst   Canada No
940. BC Holmes   Canada Yes
939. Michael A. Gilbert, Ph.D. York University Canada Yes
938. The Rev. Michael H. Hansen Middlesex Cluster Ministry US Yes
937. bryan krist   usa Yes
936. Shulamit Levine-Helleman   Netherlands No
935. Alinda Helleman   Netherlands Yes
934. Chris Schack   Canada Yes
933. Nancy Gobatto   Canada No
932. Trish Salah Transsexual Rep. to the National Pink Triangle Committee, Canadian Union of Public Employees Canada Yes
931. Carolyn Mikus   USA No


930. Tami Kennedy   United States  
929. Kate Sara MacKinnon   Canada Yes
928. Jne Kozak   U.S. Yes
927. dwheeler British Association of Electrolysists England No
926. Angelique Knight   USA Yes
925. stacia   canada No
924. Jessica   USA Yes
923. Bruce W. Frier University of Michigan USA No
922. Rebecca Thomas   UK No
921. Michelle McNellis   USA Yes
920. Verity Mayes   UK No
919. andy pan   Brazil Yes
918. Sandra Clark   USA Yes
917. Kleber Cordeiro Leal   Brazil Yes
916. Jenny Batchelor N.A. England Yes
915. Susan Paradise The Elizabeth Cummings Clinic United Kingdom No
914. Amy Nicoll   Scotland No
913. Felice Schraghenheim Gender Action Group Belgium Yes
912. Giorgia A. G. Stavropoulou   Belgium Yes
911. Ruth Henry Beyond Barriers UK No
910. Deborah Lambillotte Gender Action Group Belgium Yes
909. Tessa Williams   Scotland No
908. Lynsey Morgan   Scotland No
907. Erica Morris seahorse Australia Yes
906. Marisa   Brazil Yes
905. Gillian Gardner Trans Sisters & Soggy's TS partners Australia No
904. Angela J Alston   United States Yes
903. Ms Jay Monroe   Australia Yes
902. J. Truchsess Digi-Frame Inc. USA Yes
901. Amanda Catherine Gardner   Australia Yes
900. Waleria Torres Gendercare Gender Clinic; GID Journal Brazil No
899. Kenneth Dollarhide   USA No
898. Cheryl A Nicholson   USA Yes
897. Linda Groth CLCC United States Yes
896. Martin   scotland Yes
895. Miriam H. Lamb   U.S.A. Yes
894. Christy Silky   USA Yes
893. Anne Hodson   USA Yes
892. Ashley Davison   UK Yes
891. Sean McNaughton Duncan   Scotland Yes
890. Nicole Evans   Australia Yes
889. Ellen Rose Kuhfeld CLCC (City of Lakes Crossgender Community) USA Yes
888. MJ Anderson transgender activist USA Yes
887. Jordy Jones University of California USA Yes
886. Freya Morton   Scotland No
885. Amanda Lynn Collinge   Canada Yes
884. Theresa Collinge   Canada Yes
883. Andrew Lane   England  
882. Elisabeth Kellogg   USA Yes
881. Marci Lacson   USA Yes


830. Joan Waddill President: Metroplex CD club USA Yes
829. elizabeth martinez   USA No
828. Hugo Neuproler   USA Yes
827. Dr. Julie Maverick NTAC USA Yes
826. Katherine Snell   USA Yes
825. Larry Templin   USA No
824. Michael Middono   USA No
823. Phil Wells   U.S.A. No
822. Russ Hofer   U.S.A. No
821. Claire Morgan   USA Yes
820. Ekaterina Kravtchenko   USA No
819. Lisa M. Hartley, ACSW-DCSW   USA Yes
818. Razi Michael Zarchy Mishpacha, UCLA's LGBT Jewish organization United States Yes
817. steph hsieh   USA No
816. Nicole Sim   Singapore Yes
815. J Suezan Mikus   USA Yes
814. Michelle I. Eisenhart   USA Yes
813.     USA Yes
812. Rebecca L Schneider Maricopa County Library District USA No
811.     USA Yes
810. Edwina Lee Southampton Institute United Kingdom Yes
809. Andy Inkster University of Guelph Canada Yes
808. Alison Hymes   United States  
807. Keeley Cole   UK Yes
806. Jack Faid   UK  
805. Michael David Franklin University of Minnesota USA No
804. Phoenix X. Schmitz   USA Yes
803. kristen jackson   Canada Yes
802. solidad decosta   San Francisco, CA  
801. Lisa McClaskey   USA Yes
800. Daria Lynn   USA Yes
799. Lucas Lundgren   England Yes
798. Caeden Dempsey National Center for Transgender Equality USA Yes
797. Kathy Peterson   USA Yes
796. Paula   USA Yes
795. Mara Keisling Natl Center for Transgender Equality USA Yes
794. Hans-Peter Skaliks PFLAG Canada No
793. Craig Hall   USA No
792. Ethan St.Pierre   United States Yes
791. Kari Ontario Association of the Deaf Toronto, Ontario No
790. Jeff Adler   USA No
789. Martine Stonehouse The Canadian Trans - Rights Association Canada Yes
788. Amber   USA No
787. Tatiana do Ceu   USA Yes
786. tracie lovelace   united kingdom Yes
785. Michael J Zappulla   United States of America No
784. Scott Arrowood University of Pittsburgh USA No
783. Rachel McGowan   UK Yes
782. Paola Villarreal   México No
781. Anthony J. Silvestre University of Pittsburgh USA No


730. Sarah B.   United States Yes
729. Taniekha   South Africa Yes
728. Sam   UK Yes
727. Jennifer Yovino   USA Yes
726. Beth Mitchum   kitsap No
725. J. Shipley   United States Yes
724. John Vesperman Mid-Hudson Valley Transgender Association USA Yes
723. Gwen Lynn Congdon   Milw. WI. Yes
722. Beth Duncan   Canada No
721. Tanda Headrick   US  
720. Adalara, Bryant OSU school of sciences USA Yes
719. Erin   Canada  
718. Terrence van Ettinger   USA Yes
717. Jean Cawthon   United States Yes
716. Elena Vogt   USA Yes
715. Elita Frid   Canada No
714. Diana Lynn   USA Yes
713. Sarah   Canada Yes
712. Rachel Pollack   USA Yes
711. Amanda Freeman   USA Yes
710. Stephen L.   United States Yes
709. Gypsey Teague   USA Yes
708. Dorthe Troeften   USA  
707. Taver Rice   Canada  
706. Logan K.   USA Yes
705. Michelle Cooper   USA Yes
704. Donald B   USA No
703. Katy Montgomery Sexual Orientation Diversity Association United States No
702. Marcus Damion   US Yes
701. Michelle Annise Quaas   usa Yes
700. Danielle Nicole   USA No
699. Ashley Dunne   Canada No
698. Bebe Neasae   Los Angeles Yes
697. N. Gravelle Vancouver Island Health Authortity, Planned Parenthood Canada No
696. Anika   Canada No
695. River   Canada Yes
694. Jenifer Ben   USA Yes
693. Jeanne   canada  
692. Cinel DS   Canada No
691. Tei Okamoto   ca Yes
690. Tara Taylor Tara Foundation US Yes
689. Mysty Joseph   USA Yes
688. A. Monzo   USA Yes
687. Valerie Nickerson   USA Yes
686. Aleta Cristy   USA Yes
685. J Barron   USA Yes
684. Beth Richard   USA Yes
683. Dana Beyer, M.D.   US Yes
682. Mary Pearl   USA  
681. Donna Kelly   England No
680. Sara Anne Sherrard ntac USA Yes


679. Colleen Brady   usa Yes
678. JJ Dep   US No
677. Andrew McAinsh   UK  
676. Judith Halbert   USA Yes
675. David Edgar   Belgium Yes
674. Bethany Ambrose   USA Yes
673. Catherine Waddington   England Yes
672. Elizabeth Higgins   England Yes
671. Barbara Hudson   Canada Yes
670. Jose Viera   United States of America No
669. Tonya West Go to.... UKI .... SIGN the bpetition there No
668. Evi Ruse   Latvia  
667. Robi Ellen Groves   Canada Yes
666. Catherine Kimport   United States Yes
665. Louise   UK Yes
664. Michele Denber   USA  
663. Vanessa Lee   USA  
662. Pastor Robert Shaw Minister USA No
661. Nicholas Green   UK Yes
660. Chris Taylor Cloudburst Press USA No
659. Sotiria Theoharis   USA No
658. Colin R. Hempstead   USA Yes
657. sue goldstein   canada No
656. Jan Stevenson   USA No
655. Simon Wareing   Canada No
654. K. Smith   USA No
653. Deborah Crane   UK Yes
652. Natasha Yar   USA Yes
651. Kara Michelle Harkins   USA Yes
650. Honey Lynn Harlow   U.S.A. Yes
649. Pamela Ann Reed   United States of America Yes
648. Icecreamcone   us No
647. Natalie Leary   Portage No
646. Harue Terry   U.K. No
645. Michelle Steiner   USA  
644. Petula Terry   U.K. Yes
643. Catherine Jones   UK - Wales Yes
642. Janet Furman Bowman   USA Yes
641. Sidney Peters   Canada No
640. Myles Gideon   USA Yes
639. Dr. Faye Mitchell   UK Yes
638. Damon Helton   US Yes
637. Nat   UK Yes
636. Michelle Donnelly   england Yes
635. Charlie Kiss   England Yes
634. J ROSE   USA Yes
633. Dakota Lynn Johnson   North Carolina, USA Yes
632. Jeffrey A. Mittman   USA No
631. Karen Johannesson   USA Yes
630. John McCallum   Scotland No


629. Christine Withyman   UK Yes
628. Grace Nodes   UK Yes
627. Rebecca Dittman   United Kingdom Yes
626. Peter Freeman Ringo Gemini Gender Group, FORGE USA Yes
625. Amanda Angelika Berry   U.K. Yes
624. robin perry   dauval fl Yes
623. Tara Edberg SODA of OSU USA No
622. Evenstar Hebert   oklahoma usa No
621. Bowen Whiteoak   England Yes
620. Melissa Focht   USA No
619. Ann Croft UK No
618. Mark Thair   Canada No
617. Jenny Roberts UK Yes
616. Danny Focht soda and pflag united states Yes
615. Josh Redwood   England Yes
614. Paula Rollings   England No
613. Richard Plenger   United States of America Yes
612. Ayla Marie Hopkins   U.S.A. Yes
611. william m hanifen   United States No
610. Nicola James   Scotland Yes
609. dee maddox-hinton   united kingdom No
608. Jenny Betz   USA No
607. Sean O'Toole TAVA USA Yes
606. Lee T-Boys UK Yes
605. Emma   UK Yes
604. Amanda Penn   U.S.A. Yes
603. Steph Kohout York University Canada Yes
602. Andrew Astley   UK  
601. Krista Benson   USA Yes
600. J. S. Weinstock   USA No
599. Alex Griswold Compass USA Yes
598. Jamison Green   USA Yes
597. K. Scanlon Trans Programmes @ The 519 CSCC Canada Yes
596. L. Schwenk   Lee Yes
595. Michael Jones   USA Yes
594. Tyler van Vierzen   USA Yes
593. Karen Heart   USA Yes
592. Katherine A. Johnson   USA Yes
591. D. Intelisano   USA Yes
590. Brenda Rae Lombas FWTGS USA Yes
589. Noam   United States Yes
588. Nancy Nangeroni GenderTalk Radio US Yes
587. Minnie Bruce Pratt   USA No
586. Cindy Jones   UK Yes
585. Deborah Marsh   U.K. Yes
584. Susan Forrest Behavioral Health Services, Inc. Los Angeles No
583. Llewyn Máire McCobb   United States Yes
582. Steaphany Jean Waelder   USA Yes
581. Seven Neves   USA Yes
580. Lynne Whitehorn-Umphres   US Yes


579. Julie Darke   Canada  
578. Paige Kruza MA Transgender Political Coalition USA Yes
577. Kim Michelle   USA Yes
576. Andina Foster   USA Yes
575. cj riley   usa Yes
574. Ilka Wilkinson   Canada No
573. luz clarita ramsey   US No
572. Syd Ford   Canada Yes
571. Priscilla R. Smith, Ph.D. The University of Akron United States of America No
570. Verity   United Kingdom Yes
569. Jake Rich COMPASS USA Yes
568. Shayn Smulyan Twin Oaks Community USA Yes
567. bailey abbot   US Yes



Angela Moreau





Ben Hoover





Carrie Hirsch


USof A



Saey Noemie





Susan Mohler





Nate Stoeckel





J Lendon

retired teacher




Kimberly Smitz





Barbara Louise Schueler





Nick Sauer





Marian Davis





Aaron Lichtov





Corrie Bell










Niuta Teitlbaum





Koen Taillieu

Genderstichting - Gender Foundation




Timothy S. Hare




549. Anastacia Montgomery   Canada Yes
548. Ainsley W.   United States Yes
547. Nat Titman   UK Yes
546. james hoagland   united states Yes
545. Leslie Feinberg   U.S. Yes
544. Michael Greenspan   United States  
543. Korrie Bayer   US Yes
542. Josephine Marie Thane   United States Yes
541. Emma Caldwell   Scotland Yes
540. Karen Martin NTAC United States Yes
539. Patty Jean Enchante' USA Yes
538. Kiska J.   Russia Yes
537. Lynn Conway University of Michigan US Yes
536. Carol Houghton   UK Yes
535. Margaret Morris none UK No
534. vincent arthurs   canada No
533. Jane_Toddman   England, UK Yes
532. Julie Groves   UK No
531. Heather Barry   England No
530. Claire Morgan   UK Yes
529. Karen Strother u.k. angels uk Yes
528. Monica Stevens   UK Yes
527. Angelika Lindner TSDE Germany Yes
526. Barbara Ogles   USA Yes
525. Jamie Rhys McFarlane Webster   uk Yes
524. Susan Parker   UK Yes
523. Kelli Neil Richardson   Scotland Yes
522. Nicki B Roses United Kingdom Yes
521. Jill Smith   UK No
520. Dr Lewis Turner Lancaster University UK Yes
519. Sherry Joanne   USA No
518. Galen Daniel Smith   United States Yes
517. Cynthia Elizabeth Smith n/a Australia Yes


516. Skip Zalneraitis   USA Yes
515. Lauren   USA Yes
514. Kathleen M. Herrick   United States  
513. Rachel Kaub   USA Yes
512. pinkuktv2003 uk angels UK  
511. Jayne Strutt - England Yes
510. Kay Turner   UK Yes
509. Angela Mitchell   UK Yes
508. Damon Woolsey   USA  
507. Son Backes   Luxembourg Yes
506. Yoni Wolfson   USA Yes
505. Jacob-Riley Austin Rashleigh Fitzpatrick   USA Yes
504. sandhya   thailand No
503. Tana Starkey   usa Yes
502. Callista McCaig   United States Yes
501. Gloria Davies Monash University, Languages, Cultures and Linguistics Australia No
500. Daniel n/a USA Yes
499. Kimberly   usa Yes
498. Katharine Lubeck   United States Yes
497. Melanie l'Heuremaudit   New Zealand Yes
496. Emily Cie   USA Yes
495. Bruce S. Jarstfer, MD   USA No
494. Andrew kelley   usa Yes
493. Chris Wing   USA Yes
492. Ellen McGowen   USA Yes
491. nancy mcdonald   U.S. A. No
490. Anne Serene   USA Yes
489. Chris Leahy   Canada Yes
488. Molly Friedrich   USA Yes
487. Jessica A. DeMars   USA Yes
486. Gregory D. Smith   USA No
485. Courtney Sharp   USA Yes
484. Brad Bolton   USA No
483. John Krueger   USA No
482. Z Arkles   U.S.A. Yes
481. Crissie Nelson   USA Yes
480. Ruby Taylor   USA Yes
479. Jeff Parish   United States No
478. Stefanie Marlis   United States No
477. Fredrikka Joy Maxwell   USA Yes
476. Gail Harris n/a UK Yes
475. Karey Bacon   U.S.A. No
474. Lucy Wheeler   US Yes
473. Claire McNab Press For Change England Yes
472. Kelly Price   USA Yes
471. Carolyn Marie Croslin Phi Epsilon Mu USA Yes
470. Dominique Dubuc   Canada No
469. Moira J O'Brien   UK Yes
468. Eldon Hay   Canada No
467. Mist   United States Yes


466. Robert Jacobs   U.S.A.  
465. M Barusch   USA Yes
464. Valerie Little   Kenosha, WI Yes
463. Natalie Vincent   Australia Yes
462. Jessica Naomi Holm   United States Yes
461. Austin Shaw-Phillips   USA Yes
460. Sarah Stephens   usa No
459. Diana Smith   united states of America Yes
458. Carl Brensen Go to.... UK No
457. Reece Manning   Canada Yes
456. Joanna M Clark   USA Yes
455. Kelseigh Nieforth   Canada Yes
454. Melissa A Dunagan   USA Texas Yes
453. Dan Procopio   USA Yes
452. Robert Johnson   Canada No
451. Margaux Ayn Schaffer   USA Yes
450. Deirdre McCloskey   USA Yes
449. Gwen Smith   United States of America Yes
448. Christine Stinson   USA Yes
447. Joni Christian National Center for Transgender Equality USA Yes
446. Greg Daborn   Canada No
445. Vanessa Edwards Foster National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (NTAC) U.S. Yes
444. Rebecca Allison, MD   USA Yes
443. Jacqueline McConnell   United Kingdom Yes
442. dainna Gender Identity Center of Colorado USA Yes
441. Rae Strozzo   United States Yes
440. Brianna Chase   U.S.A.  
439. Brittany Brown   usa Yes
438. Andrea Cole Austereo P/L Australia Yes
437. Andrea M. von Kaenel   USA Yes
436. Terry Lleuwelllyn   USA Yes
435. Emma Draper   U.K. Yes
434. D. Lohman   USA Yes
433. Esther Brunner Transensyndikat Switzerland Yes
432. Chris Hemmings Go to... SIGN the petition there Yes
431. mandy l songer   douglas Yes
430. jenny-ann fredrick   usa Yes
429. Jayne Allyson Flaherty CU Transform United States Yes
428. David Morales   America Yes
427. Vicki Sanderson   UK Yes
426. Lesley Ann Beckmann   United States No
425. Persia West   UK Yes
424. KAREN J MARCUS, M.D.   United States No
423. Darrin C Botting   uk Yes
422. Emma Persky   England - Manchester Yes
421. Nicole Cline   United States Yes
420. Romana Annette Pernaa PFLAG,AVER,TAVA United States Yes
419. Sarah Clarke   UK Yes
418. Christine Baker   Canada Yes
417. David Gould   USA Yes


416. Carolyn Lawrenson   UK  
415. Lauren M.Jansen   USA Yes
414. Angela Brightfeather Sheedy IT-NC, State Director Wake Yes
413. Julia A Greenwood Press For Change United Kingdom Yes
412. Renee Dillon   USA Yes
411. Garry Repp   USA Yes
410. Shelly Prevost Board of Directors Transgender Silicon Valley USA Yes
409. Debra Woodward   UK No
408. Christine Battye   United Kingdom Yes
407. Andrew Murphy   UK No
406. Mark Fergusson   UK No
405. Melissa Ward   UK Yes
404. Sarah Locantore   United States Yes
403. Karen Murphy   UK No
402. Jo Mutch   England Yes
401. Natalie Murphy   UK Yes
400. Anne Robinson   UK  
399. Ian Curtis Gilmore   USA Yes
398. Douglas L. Young   USA Yes
397. Amie Davis   USA Yes
396. Pat McCormack   UK  
395. Robin Novak   USA No
394. Kelly Novak   USA Yes
393. Andrea Waddell   UK  
392. Lori   US Yes
391. M Coulter   Ireland No
390. Cassandra Taylor   UK Yes
389. Julie Ann Johnson I.F.G.E. (Past Chair) USA Yes
388. Victoria Galante   USA Yes
387. Lynette Henderson TransSisters U.K. No
386. Alex Adams   Canada Yes
385. Barbara Nash   USA Yes
384. Kathyrn   united States Yes
383. Niamh Holding   Wales Yes
382. nina larouche STGLF U.S.A. Yes
381. Dana S. Leslie Rhode Island Gender Community USA Yes
380. Bianca Neve   UK Yes
379. Cherilyn Tate   USA Yes
378. mimi vogue   Australia Yes
377. EDDY   ASIA Yes
376. Ms C L Wilson   UK Yes
375. David Evans   United Kingdom No
374. Mark McKenzie   US Yes
373. Gayle Elizabeth Hibbert   United Kingdom Yes
372. Helen Dale Chair Inner Enigma (TS support group); Counsellor, LGF UK Yes
371. Paula Butler   UK Yes
370. Kaye   USA Yes
369. Tina Livingstone   U.K. No
368. Alvin M. Schrader School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta, Canada Canada No
367. Angela Clayton Gender Trust United Kingdom  


366. Allison Medwin   USA Yes
365. Emily Roe   U.K. Yes
364. Kathleen Patricia Young VFW,DAV,AmLegion,TROA,MOAA,MarineCorpsLeague, United States of America Yes
363. Kaitlin Acres   Canada Yes
362. Sara Elizabeth Gibson Tennessee Transgender PAC USA Yes
361. Gwendolyn Howard, D.Min., M.S.W., L.I.C.S.W.   U.S.A. Yes
360. Steven Cochrane   US No
359. Penny Louise Grant   UK No
358. Helen Elllison   N.Ireland Yes
357. Nigel Roberts (Sarah)   UK Yes
356. Kristina-Maia DeMott   USA Yes
355. Paul D. Wright TAVA,DAV United States Yes
354. Ms. Mystique Leilani Brent   U.S.A Yes
353. Sara Jordan   USA Yes
352. Milly Shaw Durham University LGBT association UK No
351. Randi Jones   USA Yes
350. J. Sargeant   UK Yes
349. Suzanne Amy Antrobus   UK Yes
348. Wendy Prior   UK No
347. Sue Summersgill   England No
346. Diane Arnold South Florida Gender Coalition USA Yes
345. A. G. Casebeer   USA Yes
344. Brittney James TristateTG USA Yes
343. Stephanie   UK  
342. Kathy Guillet   U.S.A.  
341. Renee   usa Yes
340. Jennifer Cross   United Kingdom Yes
339. Janet Chandler Tampa Bay Transgendered U.S. Yes
338. John H. Otto   USA Yes
337. James Morton   United Kingdom  
336. Glenda Sharp   USA No
335. G. Plouffe   Canada Yes
334. paula Cavallucci   Wales No
333. Camino Garcia   UK  
332. Sophie Nicole Gillan Member Aust WOMAN Network Australia Yes
331. Jennifer Dew   United Kingdom Yes
329. Gina L Nye   CT USA Yes
328. Jessica Collins GLBT group founder, Penn State University branch campus; GLCC in Pittsburgh USA No
327. Shelley Whitney   UK Yes
326. Kliah Denise Mott   Canada Yes
325. Jessica Lauren   United Kingdom  
324. Celeste Rachel West   United Kingdom  
323. Aleia S Batten   USA Yes
322. Barbara Probst   United Kingdom No
321. Nicola Tee   UK Yes
320. Jennifer Usher   United States No
319. L.S.Mann   usa Yes
318. Owen Wolf   U.S. Yes
317. Kelly McAnally   USA Yes


316. susan anne lee   united kingdom Yes
315. Caitlyn L. Antrim   USA  
314. Anna Booth U.R.U. U.K. Yes
313. Alison Lloyd   UK  
312. Pamela Jean Street Dunn   Florida, United States Of America Yes
311. Michelle Collins   United Kingdom Yes
310. Teo Yother   USA Yes
309. Gina Marie Brown   United states Yes
308. Sally Phender Woman Born Transsexual not transgendered United States of America No
307. Bence Háttér Support Society for LGBT People Hungary Yes
306. E Louw None United Kingdom No
305. D. R. Yonkin, CSW   U.S. Yes
304. Glenda Adams Reconciling Ministries Network US Yes
303. Sarah Adams   United Kingdom Yes
302. Nikki Bloomfield   United Kingdom Yes
301. Theresa Davis   UK Yes
300. Michael C. Singer   US No
299. Erika Rengate   USA Yes
298. David Du Shane   USA Yes
297. M. Relf   UK Yes
296. Marie Wronko Adapt Homes United Kingdom No
295. Renee Simousek Madison(WI) Area Transgender Association USA Yes
294. Sabreena Lachlainn   United States Yes
293. Paisley Currah   US Yes
292. Sharon M Paige NY Gender Alliance Inc. US Yes
291. Joan Stratton   USA Yes
290. Ms S Haworth   UK  
289. Lee Cushing author USA Yes
288. Matthew Laing   Britain  
287. Lisa Scheps Transgender Advocates of Central Texas US Yes
286. Sabrina Collins   United States Yes
285. Ronald G. Schmitz   Hungary No
284. Ryan James   Hungary No
283. Stella Commander   United Kingdom Yes
282. A J Hicks   Canada Yes
281. Samantha Anne Perrin Gender Mosaic Canada Yes
280. Glenda Smyth   United Kingdom Yes
279. kris rose   usa Yes
278. Ed Nichols-Fauth   Canada  
277. Natalie Murray   Canada Yes
276. Stephen Webb   UK No
275. J L S   France Yes
274. Beverly Martin   USA Yes
273. Catherine Ferris Press for Change United Kingdom Yes
272. Katrina Rose   USA Yes
271. Dr Annabelle Willox   United Kingdom  
270. Maureen Horowitz   US No
269. Siani   Australia Yes
268. Jeanette M DuBois   USA Yes
267. Chanel Le Ber   Canada No


266. Julie Bell None UK No
265. Jennifer/Jordan Thiessen   USA Yes
264. Ross Maxwell   Australia Yes
263. Jan Heiland   United Kingdom  
262. Dr Brian G H Ditcham   UK No
261. Jasmin Johnson   UK Yes
260. Janett Scott Beaumont Society United Kingdom Yes
259. Alison C   Ireland Yes
258. A Stephenson   England  
257. Julie Marie Gustasson   USA  
256. Rikki Arundel Hull University LGBT Campaign UK Yes
255. Jed Bland   England Yes
254. kari edwards   usa Yes
253. Teresa Fowler   United Kingdom Yes
252. Linda Smith TSOK UK Yes
251. rachel anne cox Beaumont Society England Yes
250. Adele Marie Stevens   United Kingdom Yes
249. Sandra Robinson Beaumont Society England Yes
248. Jacqui Deering GCASA australia No
247. Gerald Small FTM London England Yes
246. Lua Blignaut   Australia  
245. jane bourne   England Yes
244. jo fenwick   uk Yes
243. Laura Herman   USA Yes
242. Kate Joester   UK No
241. Chrystian Shepperd   USA Yes
240. Barbara Laing   UK  
239. Diane   UK Yes
238. nikki williams   United Kingdom Yes
237. Jillian Bowman   UK Yes
236. Rev. Cathryn Platine   USA Yes
235. Jessica Hansberry   USA Yes
234. Rebecca Leighton   Australia Yes
233. Ryan M. Bennett   USA Yes
232. Olivia Watts Australian W-O-M-A-N Network Australia Yes
231. Natalie Jane Graham   Scotland Yes
230. E. J. Burgess   United Kingdom  
229. Penny Cox   uk Yes
228. Carolyn Campbell   UK Yes
227. Sonia John   USA Yes
226. Candice (KC) Buss College of Saint Scholastica USA Yes
224. Kyrie   Canada Yes
223. Koan Bremner   UK Yes
222. Cassondra Lynae Adams   USA Yes
221. Shannon Murray   Canada No
220. Neva Murdoch   Canada No
219. Tracie O'Keefe   Australia Yes
218. Monica F. Helms Transgender American Veterans Association, Trans=Action USA Yes
217. karen davidson   canada Yes


216. Megan none USA Yes
215. Shannon Blatt   Canada Yes
214. Barbara Clarke   Australia Yes
213. Jaimieson Cahlil - UK Yes
212. Ann Marie Knittel Madison Area Transgender Association U.S.A. Yes
211. Yvonne Stocker   USA Yes
210. Tina Sokol Women Born Transsexual USA No
209. Jan McCallburg Ry-AeroSpace usa Yes
208. Kevin Kelly Thompson   USA Yes
207. Amber Thompson TAVA USA Yes
206. Tanya Cumpston   Australia No
205. Merle Freeman   US No
204. Renee Curtis McClaskey   USA No
203. Lin Simpson   United States No
202. Danielle P.   US Yes
201. Sarah Fletcher Washington Gender Alliance USA Yes
200. Diane Logan Woman Born Transsexual not transgender USA No
199. Paula Kaye   Australia Yes
198. C Bodenbender   Canada Yes
197. Karen Gurney Australian WOMAN Network Australia  
196. Vaughn Roste   Canada No
195. Nathan Keierleber   USA Yes
194. Robyn Walters National Transgender Advocacy Coalition, HBIGDA, Transgender American Veterans Association, PFLAG TNET USA Yes
193. Heather J Knight   USA No
192. Andrea James GenderMedia Foundation USA Yes
191. Kate Clarke Australian WOMAN Network Australia  
190. Siobhan Hall   New Zealand Yes
189. Betty Kellner   Canada No
188. Suzanne M. Cooke Women Born Transsexual USA No
187. Veronica Niow   US Yes
186. Katie-Joy.S. Dowsing   Australia Yes
185. Kendra Moore   USA Yes
184. Alyssa Noelle Wolfenden The Human Race... U.S.A. Yes
183. Meghan Hamby   U.S. No
182. Jennifer Barrigar   Canada No
181. Shannon Marcus Lee International Foundation for Androgynous Studies, TransCommunityWA Australia No
180. Denise L. Swanson WebWorxLimited USA No
179. Christine Jennifer Taylor   UK Yes
178. Albert Springer N/A USA No
177. richard bieth   Canada No
176. Michelle Lee International Foundation for Androgynous Studies, TransCommunityWA Australia No
175. Martine Fyfe   uk Yes
174. Jennifer Fitzpatrick   USA Yes
173. Lisa Bainbridge   UK Yes
172. Rosemary Richards   Australia Yes
171. Reise Cail   USA Yes
170. Kathryn Alannah   USA Yes
169. Janet Laylor   USA Yes
168. K Gordon   USA  
167. Elizabeth   USA  


166. Andrea Glass Gender Identity Foundation (FIG) Spain Yes
165. Rory Gould   US Yes
164. Janice Clanfield   Canada Yes
163. Sianna Kusanagi   United States Yes
162. Felicity Walker   Canada Yes
161. Liz Stokes   USA Yes
160. Terry David Goodwin Lunenburg Family Resource Centre Canada No
159. Nancy Zeitlin   U.S.A. Yes
158. Andrew   Canada Yes
157. Harry Oughton   Canada No
156. Claire Carmichael   USA Yes
155. Andrew Jones   USA Yes
154. Len Thompson   Canada No
153. Maurice J. Sauriol   Canada Yes
152. Frank Hannah   UK  
151. Martha Cohen   USA No
150. H Maginnis   UK Yes
149. Roxanne Skelly   USA Yes
148. Michelle   UK  
147. Amanda Yilmaz   USA Yes
146. Rebecca Juro Gender Rights Advocacy Association of New Jersey USA Yes
145. Alyssa   UK Yes
144. Lissa A Guillet Gender Outreach of Oklahoma USA Yes
143. Earline Thomas   United States No
142. Trish Lynch   USA Yes
141. Kristi Ann   Oregon  
140. Lynn Lefevre   Canada Yes
139. Holly H Black   USA  
138. Luke Pfeil   USA Yes
137. B. K. Herbert   USA Yes
136. Tanya Jane Richards   England Yes
135. Kaitlyn Thomas   USA Yes
134. Tiff McIntyre TransPrisonerSupport UK Yes
133. Kathy Quinlan   Australia Yes
132. Angela N. Taylor   United States Yes
131. Julie Hyde none UK Yes
130. Makenna Flagg   USA Yes
129. elaine ransome BT Kaleidoscope England  
128. Jennifer Patterson   USA Yes
127. Kristina COLAGE ( ) USA  
126. don breen gay disabled canada No
125. Julie   USA  
124. Andrea Katz   Canada No
123. Sandra L. Samons, Ph.D., D.C.S.W. Homestead Counseling Center USA No
122. Ben Maze   Canada  
121. Karen Poulten   Australia Yes
120. Sinead Wilton R.N.   Canada Yes
119. Rebecca   UK No
118. Jess Lina Mahon   USA  
117. Laura Ellyn Taylor   Canada Yes


116. Nicole King   UK Yes
115. Stephen Lock Producer/Host-Speak Sebastian glbt Radio; Regional Director(Prairies/NWT/Nunavut)-Egale Canada; Member, Trans Issues Committee - Egale Canada Canada No
114. Linda M. Coover   U.S.A. Yes
113. Cynthia Gannett   USA No
112. Andrea J. MacFadden   Canada Yes
111. Mark Hanlon   Canada No
110. Kimberly R. Carver   US Yes
109. Abigail Brady   United Kingdom Yes
108. Antonia-Jayne Parker   UK Yes
107. Aaron Neumann   USA Yes
106. Sean McGraw   USA Yes
105. Beth Albright   USA Yes
104. Rachel Steele   USA Yes
103. kelli King none USA Yes
102. Elizabeth Fong   USA Yes
101. Denise Bates   New Zealand No
100. Rev. Barbara MacLennan Christ's Church United of NE TN USA No
99. Roslyn Manley United Church of Christ, Southern California - Nevada Conference Coalition for LGBT Concerns United States Yes
98. Hugh Mann   USA  
97. Matthew Nishii   santa ana  
96. Paula Thomas   UK Yes
95. Alexander Eastwood   United States Yes
94. Michael Lepard   canada Yes
93. Jennifer   UK  
92. Sachi Wilson   USA Yes
91. Dallas Denny   USA Yes
90. Anna Langley   United Kingdom Yes
89. Terri Morgan   USA Yes
88. The Reverend Laurence J. Roberts   UK No
87. Christine Beatty   USA Yes
86. Lonsdale Moon   Australia No
85. diane richards-hughes transgender equality network ireland ireland Yes
84. Celeste Hall   USA Yes
83. Julie West   Australia No
82. elliot   canada Yes
81. Mickey Wilson Lambda Christian Community Church/True Spirit North/Edmonton Pride Week Society Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Yes
80. Emily Curewitz N/A USA Yes
79. Tamsin Piper   UK  
78. Joanna Stuart   UK Yes
77. Aurora Stormchild   UK Yes
76. Alison Cook   Australia - I am not transgendered I AM a transsexual. No
75.     Israel Yes
74. Lizzy Davies   Canada Yes
73. Petra Henderson Eurotransgender Germany Yes
72. Sean O'Kane Sheila Na Gig UK No
71. Alison O'Kane Transwomen Europe UK  
70. Hazel Roberts   UK Yes
69. zoe (scutterbug) tnuk uk  
68. Hannah Miyamoto, J.D., B.S., B.A. Minnesota State Univ., Mankato United States No
67. Paige Reeves   England Yes


66. gail lambert N/A England Yes
65. Nora Grinberg The Aguda - National LGBT Association of Israel Israel Yes
64. Ms. Gina Large   United Kingdom Yes
63. Victoria Jefferies   UK Yes
62. Carolyn Mills   Australia Yes
61. Ruth Bramham Affirm United Canada Yes
60. gandoulas   FRANCE Yes
59. Michael Toze   UK Yes
58. Emma Shaw   USA Yes
57. Joanna Hammond   UK  
56. Barbara Bland   United Kingdom Yes
55. Deianne Whitlock self Canada Yes
54. Morwen Madrigal O.W.L.- Order of Wild Ladies USA Yes
53. Tami Starlight TDOR&TAW Vancouver, Canada Canada Yes
52. DzaDawa   USA No
51. Samuel Wong   UK Yes
50. Ray Kirkpatrick   USA Yes
49. BarbieAnn V. Rounds   USA Yes
47. Stephen Whittle FTM Network / Manchester Metropolitan University / Press For Change UK Yes
46. Zak Szymanski Bay Area Reporter US  
45. Tessa   UK  
44. Elenor Haven   United Kingdom Yes
43. Dee   U.K.  
42. Ray   USA Yes
41. Karen Hughes   Scotland Yes
40. Angela Elliott A.C.E. Productions Ltd. United Kingdom No
39. Kathleen Redding CHANGE UK Yes
38. Irene Ingram   Scotland  
37. Marion Braithwaite   GB No
36. jana lucas   New Zealand Yes
35. Zoe Clarke (Mrs) The Salvation Army and The Society for Disabled Artists England, U.K. No
34. GretchenAnn Scott   USA Yes
33. zowie davy Leeds University Great Britain Yes
32. Jan Cobb Citizens Advice UK Yes
31. Michelle Kain   England Yes
30. Elizabeth Clarke   UK Yes
29. Sue Robb   UK Yes
28. Heather Wood   Great Britain Yes
27. Anna-Jayne Metcalfe United Kingdom Yes
26. H. S.   UK No
25. Allena Tyrrell Bohemia Studios United Kingdom Yes
24. A. M.   UK Yes
23. Michelle Appleton   UK  
22. Beverley Grover   U.K Yes
21. Jacqueline Crossland North Manchester Primary Care Trust PPI United Kingdom Yes
20. Pam Sexton   UK  
19. Julie Dovey Post-Op Women UK Group United Kingdom Of Great Britain Yes
18. Lynne Janine Braithwaite Retired. EX Military (40years) England (UK) Yes
17. Ms June Stirrat BA, BSc, AMInstP Institute of Physics (London UK) United Kingdom of Great Britain Yes


16. Eleanor Lynall Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centres UK Yes
15. Jo Lumley Durham University LGBT association United Kingdom Yes
14. Ben A. Barres Stanford University USA Yes
13. Steve Harris   USA Yes
12. Jay Hayes-Light (Dr) UK Intersex Association UK Yes
11. Joan Roughgarden   United States Yes
10. Rachel Brooks na England Yes
9. Sarah Fox, Ph.D.   USA Yes
8. Tracy Dean Press for Change UK  
7. Kaela Street   UK Yes
6. Femina Street   UK Yes
5. Caroline Frankfurt   Germany Yes
4. Jenny Drake   UK  
3. Eugenia Ravens   England Yes
2. Linda Howse Depend and Mermaids UK No
1. Christine Burns Press for Change England Yes