University of Michigan

EECS 494: Computer Game Design and Development

Final Projects

John Laird

December, 2004


These games were created for University of Michigan, EECS 494: Computer Game Design and Development in Fall 2004 and run on PCs. We had over 180 people come an play them at our end of the year showcase.


Many of the games require 3D hardware acceleration and will not run on older PCs. Some even require the newest graphics cards.


You can download .zip files of the games by clicking on the game names below. Once downloaded, you must unzip each program and then within the folder double click on the .exe file.


I’ve included a few comments on each game to give you some idea of what the game is about. The games are listed in alphabetic order. Games with at * were voted as favorites at the showcase. All games are worth a try.


Top Three Games:

1. Puck off

2. Road to Victory

3. DodgemBall3D


*Balloon Fighter

Jeremy Hammers, Shawn Lee, Felix The

Battle penguins and other enemies as you float through exotic locations, supported only by your two balloons in this truly 3D game.

1 computer, 1 player


Chronicles of the Emperor Sargosa (Volume II)

Sean Benton, Ken Kollin, Sam Serrano

Buy your fleet and then attack the enemy AI in this real-time space-based tactics/strategy game.


Cold War

Waison Cheng, Dan Giszczak, Chris Judy, Jonathan Ochmanek

Capture the power supplies and then go out after your enemy in this underground first person shooter.

2 computers, 2 players



Scott Doerrfeld, Jason Powell

Try to shoot the cross into the opponents goal (remember crossfire) but this time you can create and destroy walls that restrict the cross’ movement.

1-2 computers, 1-2 players



James Allen, Nathaniel Hramits, Nicholas Piegdon

Grab the ball and shoot it at your opponents while avoiding getting hit yourself while sliding over a low-friction surface with lots of special effects.

1 computer 1-3 players


*Dragon Warrior

Eric Cheung, Edmund Wong

Save your village by defeating the evil enemies in this truly epic quest-based 3D adventure.

1 computer, 1 player


Infect This

Brian Anderson, Kirk Kozel, Chen Leo, Benjamin Schleicher

Battle disease as you control a nano-robot that must destroy germs and other yucky stuff in this lush 2D sidescroller.

1 computer, 1-2 players



Chris Battey, James McCann, Michael Samples, Ronit Slyper

Design, build, create the control logic, and then fly/drive/steer your own vehicle through richly rendered environments. A technological tour de force.

1 computer, 1 player



Tim Ford, Andrian Marrs, Timotei Vaduva

Fight past the enemies in this 3D third-person fighter

2 computers, 2 players


*Moon Wars

David Fribley, Matthew Kish, David Ratti, Tiffany Walsh

Fight to excavate minerals on the moon in this third-person 3D adventure/fighter that has amazing graphics (requires a pretty good graphics card).

2 computers, 2 players



Martin Farren, Daniel Harris, Charles Wa

The gameplay is a classic side-scroller – run, jump and kill your enemies, but with two twists. You can be good or evil; and all of the graphics are hand drawn – somebody in this group does more than just program.

1 computer, 1 player



Jeremy Cook, Eric Drews, Matthew Pfenninger, Chris Raabe

Fly through space shooting down the AI opponents in 3D, dynamically trading off shields, power, and weapons. Make sure you have Scotty there to put everything on shields when you are under attack.

1 computer, 1 player


Prime Time Poker

Brian McCormick. Jacob Moshenko, David Yruma

Play Texas Hold’em (what else?) against savvy 3D computer opponents, but be on the look out for their “tells” (body language). Does itching his ear mean he is bluffing, or does he really have a great hand?

1 computer, 1 player


*Puck Off

Kevin Cheng, Toby Long, Andrew Roskamp

The game that is sweeping the nation. Be the first to clear all of the pucks from you area in this frantic multiplayer party game.

2/4 computers, 2/4 players


*Road to Victory

Nuttapong Chentanez, Galen Elias, Arthur Tomlin

So you like multiplayer team-based Unreal Tournament? Try this. I never would have thought this was possible in a seven week project until I played it myself. A 3D, multiplayer networked third-person team-based shooter with beautiful graphics.

N computers, N players


Robo Rumble

Andrew Lin, Jon Thorndycraft, David Wintermute

Build your own robot and then fight it out with the AIs in a 3D computer version of Battlebots.  As you progress, you can buy better weapons, better armor, bigger engines, and then finally the flamethrower (my favorite). Watch out for the lava pits or you could literally become toast.

1 computer, 2 player



Brian Bonenberger, Joseph Frikker, Brian Reiche

Paintball cannons attempt to cover targets in this turn-based 3D game. Watch out or you might learn something about physics.

1 computer, 2 players


Strike Commander

Chris Arnold

A true real-time strategy game where you try to out build and out fight 1 to 3 AI opponents.

1 computer, 1 player


System Lords

Michael Beaubien, Jeffrey Mlakar, Shukai Ro

A turn-based strategy game based on the Stargate TV show. Send you Stargate teams out to explore new worlds, while you mine Naguadah on your captured planets to build fighters and defenders. Move your ships from planet to planet as you simultaneous attempt to attack the enemy and defend your home world.

1/2 computers, 1/2 players