Computer Game Design and Implementation
EECS 494: Fall 2012
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Fall 2012

In this course we study the technology, science, and art involved in the creation of computer games. The course emphasizes hands-on design and development of games. We study the principles of game design and game balance and how those principles apply to specific game genres, such as arcade games, action games, sports games, strategy games, and narrative games. We also study the game industry, and ethical issues that arise in the game industry.

The course includes visiting lectures from game industry experts and two individual projects and one group project. The individual projects include an arcade game and a 3D game. The final group project requires the students cover all phases of game development including system conceptualization, specification, design, implementation, and evaluation.

We assume significant programming experience and knowledge of programming language concepts. We also assume student can learn new programming concepts and systems (such as DirectX or OpenGL) on their own.

All assignments are to be handed in via cTools.


John Laird

3753 BBB

Office Hours by Appointment


Mitchell Bloch


EECS 281

Meeting Times:

M, W: 3:00-4:30
F: 3:30-4:30


1017 DOW



Characteristics of Games, Elias, Garfield, and Gutschera, 2012, MIT Press

The Art of Game Design, Jesse Schell, 2008, Morgan Kaufmann

Fundamentals of Game Design, Second Edition, Ernest Adams, 2009, New Riders

Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals:, Salen and Zimmerman, 2004, MIT Press

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