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Research Areas at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) program at the University of Michigan comprises a multidisciplinary group of researchers conducting theoretical, experimental, and applied investigations of intelligent systems. Research in the AI laboratory tends to be highly interdisciplinary, building on ideas from computer science, linguistics, psychology, economics, biology, controls, and philosophy. In pursuing this approach, laboratory faculty and students work closely with colleagues throughout the University. This collaborative environment, coupled with our unusually diverse perspectives leads to a valuable interchange of ideas within and across research groups.

The following broad classifications provide a starting point into the various research areas within the AI lab.

Computer Games John Laird
Computer Graphics Igor Guskov Lee Markosian
Human-Computer Interaction Mark Ackerman David Kieras Elliot Soloway
Knowledge Representation Bill Rounds Rich Thomason
Machine Learning Satinder Singh
Multiagent Systems Ed Durfee Michael Wellman
Music Understanding Greg Wakefield
Natural Language Dragomir Radev
Planning Martha Pollack
Robotics Johann Borenstein

Research Projects and Web Sites

The following list provides a starting point into the various research projects at the AI lab.

Computer Graphics Computer Graphics Group at UMich


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