ARPA Demo C Unmanned Guided Vehicle Project

at the University of Michigan, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Mail: University of Michigan AI Laboratory, 1101 Beal Avenue, Ann Arbor MI 48109-2110, USA
Fax: (313) 763-1260

Project Description

Specific project descriptions are available for:

Research Description


Edmund H. Durfee - Primary Investigator

Terry Weymouth - Investigator

Clint R. Bidlack - Lab Engineer

Karl Kluge - Research Scientist

Patrick G. Kenny - Scientist

Jaeho Lee - Graduate Student

Marcus J Huber - Graduate Student

Mobile Outdoor vehicles:

U of M Hummer.


List of available papers:

UAI '94 - The Automated Mapping of Plans to Belief Networks.

CIRFFSS 1994 - {UM-PRS}: An Implementation of the Procedural Reasoning System for Multirobot Applications.

UM-PRS V2.0 manual.

AAAI '92 Fall Symposium - Plan Recognition for Real-World Autonomous Agents: Work in Progress.

AAAI '94 - The Automated Mapping of Plans to Belief Networks (student abstract).

IJCAI '93 - Observational Uncertainty in Plan Recognition Among Interacting Robots.

CIRFFSS '94 - The Problem With Multiple Robots.

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