Control and Brokering Group


The CoABS Control and Brokering group shares an interest in studying the challenges of controlling the identification, allocation, and coordination of capabilities and resources in a networked agent system.


 Participating research groups include:


Carnegie-Mellon University (Katia Sycara)

Crystalize (Sankar Virdhagriswaran)

Dartmouth (David Kotz, Daniela Rus)

Stanford/SRI/BritishColumbia (Yoav Shoham, Moises Goldszmidt, Craig Boutilier)

University of Michigan (Ed Durfee)

USC/ISI (Milind Tambe)


Other group participants include:

Michael Huhns (U. South Carolina) – co-coordinator

James Lawton (Rome Labs) – facilitator

George Cybenko (Dartmouth) – coordinator for Scaling TIES (of which Control/Brokering is one)

Frank Born (Rome Labs)


Research Publications


The following are papers suggested by each participating group to get quickly up to speed with that project.  One paper (preferably, a short conference paper) per group:


Carnegie-Mellon University



University of Michigan



A comparison matrix to begin formulating the landscape covered by the group’s control and brokering technologies is also under development.