Huge thanks to everyone who donated for 2005: Reid and Sheila Hansen, Chris (Kapoo) Kapusky, Mike Springborn, Beth Mach, Mark Farnsworth, Jeff MacKie Mason, Julie Muszynski, Brandon Chase, Geoff Schrock, Victoria Fossum, Bob and Judy Soule, Barbara and Dick Dingle, Andre Pillichody and family, Gabe and Fran Hayos and family, Dave Morris, Rob Felty, Elizabeth Klimek, Brian Shicoff, Cheri Diederich, Mike van Erp, ... (and each other, as those of us going have pledged for each other and ourselves as well).

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For details or to sign up for our team in 2006, see our sponsor's page.

Another skater/philanthropist is offering $1000 in Tanglewood scholarships for people who contribute to the Road Skating Wikipedia entry.

Danny, A2A 04 Martin, A2A 04 Steven, A2A 04 Bee steals third, Spokane 05 Erica, Outlaw Race 05
Mark on an Ann Arbor FNS Mike at the Hines time trial 05 Danny, Eddy, Erica; Outlaw Race 05 Mark at the Hines time trial 05 Laurie on an Ann Arbor FNS
Bee learning to skate in Seattle Danny, Outlaw Race 05 Erica, Hines time trial 05 Mike on an Ann Arbor FNS I think that Erica is cold.
(Huge thanks to Bethany for laying out this page!)

On 2005 September 24-25 I will be skating 90 miles in 2 days to raise funds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. 51% of funds raised by this tour will go into programs and services to directly aid people living with MS. 34% of funds raised will go towards research and national programs. Some funds will be used to rebuild the Louisiana headquarters destroyed by Katrina (I'm a bit hazy on the breakdown of the destination of the funds but either way they are needed and will do much good).

Joining me are my dad, Martin Reeves; my brother, Steven Reeves; my mom, Laurie K Reeves (cycling), my cousin, Erin Evans (cycling), and friends Bethany Soule, Mark Carpenter, Erica O'Connor, Katherine Gresens, Alex Petniunas, and Mike Smith. (Most of us are pictured above.) If you'd like to sponsor us you can use the form below or send the money straight to the MS Society by clicking on the name of the skater you want to sponsor below.

Danny Reeves
Martin Reeves
Steven Reeves
Laurie K Reeves
Erin Evans
Mark Carpenter
Bethany Soule
Erica O'Connor
Katherine Gresens
Alex Petniunas
Mike Smith

Or better yet, buy yourself a pair of socks from Gatorback Skate and they'll donate the money to the MS Society in one of our names (just be sure to specify who in your order).

If you'd like to join our team, email me (

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