IDE Menu

The Windows menu (new in release 6.0) includes any existing non-shrunk top-level windows that are in the IDE, which means, owned by the invisible main IDE owner window which is the value of (development-main-window *system*)) and which are not otherwise accessible from the IDE menubar without causing other side effects.

Choosing an item from this menu exposes the window and gives it the keyboard focus. A window may be selected with the keyboard by first typing Alt-W to drop down the menu, finding the desired window in the list, and then typing the single-letter at the left of the menu item.

Windows on this menu will include forms and their running windows when the Run | Run Form command is used, any windows created programmatically by the user in the IDE when the parent arg defaults to (development-main-window *system*), and some of the standard IDE dialogs when the usual command for invoking the dialog causes effects other than simply exposing the dialog. The right-click shortcut menu on the IDE Background Window (when it is present) continues to list the windows that are accessible from the Windows menu as well as from other pull-down menus (especially the View menu), since it is an alternative to using the menubar altogether.

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