Package: ff

Arguments: foreign-callable &optional index-or-reuse convert-to-c-types

This function has been renamed register-foreign-callable. Please use that name in new code. This name is maintained for backward compatibility only. The description of register-foreign-callable says:

The name argument must be a symbol defined with defun-foreign-callable (the new name of defun-c-callable).

The index-or-reuse argument can be a fixnum to select a specific table entry to replace, or the symbol :reuse to specify that if a function with the same name is already registered, the function will be replaced at the same index.

If convert-to-c-types is specified, then an attempt will be made to convert the return value to a foreign value, otherwise the return value is returned unchanged. It is important to note that thought the default is nil, most often the desired effect is obtained by setting this option to t. The default of nil is retained for compatibility reasons. This is described in a little more detail in the description of defun-foreign-callable.

Returns 5 values

See ftype.htm for information on foreign types in Allegro CL and foreign-functions.htm for general information on foreign functions in Allegro CL.

The documentation is described in introduction.htm and the index is in index.htm.

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Created 2000.10.5.