Package: excl

Arguments: &key external-formats directory force

external-formats should be a list of external-formats. It defaults to the list returned by all-external-formats. directory should be a pathname. It defaults to the value of *default-pathname-defaults*. force is a boolean.

This function uses compile-file to generate fasl files which, when loaded into Lisp, fill code external-format specific templates used for Allegro CL system code. This function allows users defining their own external-formats to "pre-build" the filled-templates so that, when a filled-template is needed at runtime, the corresponding external-format's filled-templates fasl file can simply be loaded. Allegro CL autoloads this file when needed using require.

If the fasl file does not exist, the template being filled may get built using the Lisp compiler. Thus, the main advantage of using a pre-built filled-ef-templates file is that the compiler is not needed at runtime.

The external-formats argument names the external-formats for which the fasl files are built.

The directory argument names the location where the fasl files are to be created.

The force argument causes the fasl files to be regenerated if they exist. Note that if the fasl file corresponding to an external-format exists and is found to be out of date, it will be regenerated regardless of the value of force.

See iacl.htm for more information on international character support in Allegro CL.

The documentation is described in introduction.htm and the index is in index.htm.

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