Package: excl


This function returns the pathname of the bundle file, the file where the autoloaded portions of the Lisp library are kept. You may use setf to change the pathname but be sure that the bundle file is at the new location before changing its path in Lisp.

Note that code can be libfasl loaded from the bundle file (as it can be from any fasl file or collection of fasl files). When code is libfasl loaded, partially loaded functions (also called stub functions) contain a pointer to the location of the file where the remainder of the function definition can be found. This function-specific information is not changed or updated when the location of the bundle file is changed. Unless the bundle file is also kept in its original location as well (so stub functions can be fully loaded when necessary), errors may occur. See the discussion of libfasl loading in Libfasl loading and the general discussion of Allegro Presto in The Allegro Presto algorithm, both in loading.htm.

The documentation is described in introduction.htm and the index is in index.htm.

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